Legendary Planet - an Adventure beyond this World

Game Master Zesdead

The 'Legendary Planet' Adventure Path from Legendary Games.

Book 2, 'The Scavenged Codex'

...in which our heroes, seeking an ancient artefact, arrive upon Rythes...

Party Health
Zoreck the Unclean: 63/63HP (nil Temp HP), 3 Hero Points
Rikkan Anardi: 47/47 HP, 3 Hero Points
Drancis Mordaron: 50/54 HP, 6NL, 3 Hero Points
Ravboom: 22/50HP, 3 Hero Points
Palomia Kasic: 48/48HP, 3 Hero Points
Relas: 42/42HP

List of technological, phantasmagorical and arcane wonders... plus some junk.

St. Albats - the Underneath

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Honestly, I'm not terribly keen on playing in an all-goblin party. If I don't make Team 1, I'll simply wish everyone else a splendid time.

I could maybe come up with a goblinoid in the form of a hobgoblin, who could easily play the "straight man" to a few lunatic gobbos.

Well, goblins are pretty awesome, so...

I could try to hook up a Hobgoblin to run with some goblin pals, but my current concept wouldn't translate well to that race change- I'd rather do something totally different in that case. My first thought runs to a too-serious-for-his-own-good stick-in-the-mud Hobgoblin Monk, probably using their racial Ironskin Monk archetype... or maybe a Goblin Brawler, like a horrible, teeth-gnashing Scrabby Doo that picks fist-fights with pets and children, or somethin'.

That second idea is so horrible that I kind of love it.

§parky wrote:

I would also love to try and get into the main table, but: If all else fails, Blast them %&*$ goblins to space!

So ya, this would be a yay from me :)
Had the thought that if it was all goblin, then I would try and submit Moneez Instead, he is a goblin Feral Gnasher, grappler extreme. He also eats everything in sight and lvl 3 would be the perfect level for him, but I think Ill stick with sparky :)
Edit: I do have a question tho, if you do run a table of all goblins, would the setting be much different? Would we still be going to Holver's Ferry and "helping" the local residents with their problem? Would the local residents want a horde of goblins "helping" them with their problem? Would the alignment of the party reflect a traditional party or more of the naturally chaotic goblins alignment? I can easily make Sparky CN, as he is TN right now
So I guess more then 1 question :)

The Goblin Table won't be at Holver's Ferry - I will rework it for an affliction affecting a goblin settlement elsewhere in Varisia...

...I will take the positive response as encouragement to run two tables - and, even then, I know I will be turning away really good characters!!!

I'm not sure I can come up with a goblin character idea I'd like to play, so I'll just stick to the team 1 application.

Actually, I usually play more serious minded characters. If I don't make party one, anyone object to me just making a goblin sorcerer that just likes. to. kill. things? It's been a very long time since I've played something that can just 'cut loose' as it were.

Edit: Maybe a monkey goblin...

Haladir wrote:
Honestly, I'm not terribly keen on playing in an all-goblin party. If I don't make Team 1, I'll simply wish everyone else a splendid time.


If Bolo isn't choose for the first table, I'll make a goblin to submit to the second.

I would be willing to pitch a goblin character but would much prefer my alchemist as is :D

Also sorry for the uber late delay I was out of town for a little bit.

And we have lift-off!!!

Congratulations to the following folks who have a date with destiny at Holver’s Ferry…

  • Zoreck the Unclean, a Kellid exile from the Stellen hills of Numeria – a man with a weapon that he does not / cannot hope to understand… but yet… Human Barbarian (Savage Technologist) played by Haladir.
  • Shieldmaiden Illona, an enigma - a knight and a servant of Ragathiel… with no past. Android Paladin (Divine Defender / Hospitaler) played by Johnnycat93.
  • Rikkan Anardi, a ratfolk nomad… and a compulsive collector. Ratfolk Alchemist (Preservationist) played by Gerald
  • Locke Lestrange, a half-elf compelled to travel and to savour the ways of the world – now returned to the place of his birth. Half-Elf Bard, played by the Pale King.
  • Astraea, a woman struck by a falling star at a young age who, touched by the heavens, seems destined for a life of travelling. Aasimar Oracle (Stargazer) played by Budd the C.H.U.D.
  • Drancis Mordaron, a young man with occult powers – chased from Riddleport and embarking on the life of an adventurer. Human Kineticist (Aether Element) played by Eric Swanson.

This has – quite easily – been the most difficult recruitment selection I have ever done. Everyone submitted well thought out characters and wrote great characters and stories that were a pleasure to read. Sadly, it was always the case that not everyone would be able to get a seat…

Those who have been selected, I shall connect a discussion thread shortly and I will give you some time to discuss if and how you want to interweave your character’s backstories…

Awww, tartar sauce... Ah well, them's the breaks. Good luck and have fun those who made it!

GM, are you still going to go with the goblinoid campaign?

Ninja'd by those who have avidly been 'Watching the Skies'!!!

However, all is not yet lost!!!

There WILL be a second table with the following three folks already selected…

  • Kaloora Plimp, Goblin Gunslinger
  • Ravboom, Goblin Barbarian
  • Sparky, Goblin Rogue

I will be looking to add up to a further three characters to this table (this table will be running a slightly modified version of the adventure where the affliction has affected a Goblin Village rather than Holver’s Ferry).

Having thought about it in more detail and recognising the amount of effort that went into creating your characters, I am going to give folks two options: either propose a goblin / goblinoid character (and please don’t do anything more than outline a concept / class at this stage!!!) or, alternatively, make a suggestion as to how your currently proposed character would either already be ‘involved’ with goblins or would be interested in the affliction that has befallen the goblin village (and willing to ‘work’ with the goblins to investigate).

Woot! Thanks for the selection, DM!

Everyone in this thread make characters to be proud of.

Woohoo! Thanks for the pick, Zed! It'll be a real pleasure to work with you again. I'll get a proper alias put together tonight.

If I go for the second option, would you allow the goblin village to be in/near Rahadoum? I can rework my backstory to be investigating the disease to make sure it wouldn't spread to more civilized areas. If not, I'll come up with a goblin character after work when I can get on my laptop. Just wanting to play Abxy lol

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Congrats to the selected! You've got some great players lined up Zed! *waves at Haladir, Gerald, and Eric*

Although pairing Palo & Relas with a bunch of goblins would be hilarious, I do have a general concept for a goblin character that I feel compelled to propose thanks to a vote of confidence from a friend. Right now I'm thinking a goblin bard (unsure if there will be an archetype or not) based on El Kabong. Hee...hehehe.

How soon are you wanting goblin/revamped character submissions?

Deko - I'll consider it... I had thought to place it in Varisia (as I know a lot more about that region than I do about Rahadoum) but I could be flexible...

All - I haven’t specified any rigid timescales for making a decision on the second table – I guess having ideas from those folk who want to go down, down, down to Goblin Town by some point over the weekend? Like I said, if you are thinking of proposing a goblin character – then please don’t go wild building a character and getting an alias together – just a concept (class and character outline) is fine for me…

As a Goblin myself (Kaloora) and assuming this is what we have now:

Kaloora Plimp, Goblin Gunslinger
Ravboom, Goblin Barbarian
Sparky, Goblin Rogue

I'd say guys, please come with Healers, Tanks and Casters! :)

*sigh* Oh well. Maybe I'll use Nariya for some other game.

*sigh* Oh well. Maybe I'll use Nariya for some other game.

As for a goblin character.. hrm. I briefly considered a goblin occultist with 'knick-knacks,' but I'm not sure I'd be up-to-par with the complexity of that class.

Then I though goblin pyrokineticist, but ultimately I think I'm just going to bow out of this one as I can't think of any concept I truly like.

Good luck to both groups.

I kinda figured that when you said that you were going to run a second table of goblins that I wouldnt make it into the main table, but it was worth a try :)
Still, Glad I made it into the second table!
Most likely I will have to rewrite a chunk of my backstory to keep me more gobliny and maybe shift my alignment over to CN, but that will happen soon.
oh ya, and congrats to those that need being congrated.
oh ya, oh ya, I forgot to mention that I have a youth retreat to go to onf friday to sunday (im a leader), so chances are that I will have no posting during that time :)

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Sparky – there’s no ‘Main Table’ – just two different tables running slightly different games. At one stage of selecting, I did have the goblins interspersed but ultimately I went with the feeling that, for something as big as an AP, I need the games to be quite distinct from each other so that I can keep excitement at a high level for both games!!! We will wait and see what folks come up with but I would be very surprised if the ‘Goblin Table’ was entirely goblins… I love some of the characters that got ‘turned away’ so I’m hoping players can use their imaginations to think how they might still be able to use them…

Like I said, it's alright if Abxy doesn't make it. I have a N goblin alchemist from a failed RotR game that I could fix up for it.

Fiddlesticks. Ah well. Time to shoot for a goblin! Curious what you thought of Szinorvir though.

I've go 2 goblin ideas to start off with, I'll probably come up with another one or two by the time "official" recruitment comes along. Just some general outline...

1) A psycho insane Goblin (by Goblin standards) who actually, GASP! Loves to read! Loves to learn! And write! And yet, despite all goblin belief that this mad goblin is having words stolen out of his head, he always seems to come up with more! The fact that he's good with magic is the only reason the other goblins haven't really eaten him yet, even if they don't always understand the big words he uses! (Goblin Arcanist interested in just knowing everything.)

2) A fantastic example of Goblin ingenuity, the town chief takes great pride in Kawush's (kah-woosh) talent for magical mayhem! The sheer amount of conflagarative incineratomological crispiness Kawush inflicts on puppies and ponies and stubborn wood is a testament to the glories of goblin kind! When the heat gets too much though, Kawush has the option with the Freezyological snowyamtic ice-stuff-words too! Even the talking to face-melted skulls is a prime example of the superiority of the goblinoid race! (goblin sorcerer, crossblooded arcane/undead, with a focus on just making sure things are quite dead using fire and cold... And sometimes using those quite dead things to kill other things too.)

I'll give some thought to Szinorvir being able to fit in with the goblin table if you think it'd work. Just need to do a little re-finagling of his background a bit. Might change out a trait or two too...

I would be interested in playing an outcast.

So, maybe "Glimmil" the Psychic Hobgoblin, a very peaceful and honorable creature with no home or family to call his own, because of Lawful Good ways.

Argh! Even though I do like the idea of 'El Gobbong' I also still think that Palo & Relas paired with some gobbies would be hilarious...

Let me think and see what I can come up with for her.

Wouldn't mind seeing Palo and Relas again.

Alright, well, I have two concepts to put forward. The second is my favorite, partly because this would be the only place it would ever, ever be a viable concept.

1: Taruk Jr.
Race: Goblin
Class: Cleric (Antipaladin would also be wonderfully thematic, but I don't know your feelings on those alignment locks)
The product of a short lived campaign. One of the PCs, a tiefling, intimidated a goblin so bad after slaughtering his other goblin companions that the thing started to worship the PC as a demon god. They kept the thing as a pet on a leash. The tiefling PC named it after one of the other PCs, much to the dismay of Taruk Sr. Anyways, the party wanted to reroll so they were betrayed in their sleep and had their throats slit in the night. The goblin woke in the morning to see his dead master and proceeded to carve out the dead tiefling's heart, eat it, then pull out his skull and dawn it as a hat before escaping into the night. Since then he's been preaching the word of the demon-god Kelraas.

2: (Yet to be Named)
Race: Gnome
Class: Cleric, Oracle, Druid, or Sorcerer (honestly, any of these wold work depending on the party's comp, which seems to be in need of any of these)
A plucky and mildly crazy green-skinned gnome who has an unhealthy relationship with fire. Knowing the only other people who respected fire as much as herself, she walked right into a goblin tribe's metaphorical front door and cowed them into something resembling compliance with displays of conjured fire. She demanded to be allowed to live as one of them. Since moving in, she has started her own cult within the tribe, a cult that worships fire specifically. The cult's mission? Reach the sun and harness its fiery power as their own. She's also one of the chief's advisers and in a constant power struggle with the other shaman who encourages everyone to pay their proper respects to Lamashtu and her barghests.

I'm not going to write this into her background just yet because the finer details would be subject to how GM Zed imagines this goblin village to be. But when I was trying to figure out how in the world Palomia would ever care anything about helping a goblin village, it came to me - assuming they're more or less the typical brand of Golarion goblins, they asked for her help...at the end of a sword and/or lots of fire. Whether they ambushed a caravan she was on and were impressed enough by her and Relas to capture instead of kill or took her prisoner under some other circumstance, she's basically being forced to help them out. Hopefully that would be enough of a hook to make sense without really 'tying' Palo to the village, as I know Zed preferred we didn't tie ourselves to Holver's Ferry during the first round of selections.

As an alternative, Palomia, Palomia might have met Ravboom, who'd be an outsider to the goblin village, in her travels. Having already met one goblin she likes (although he'd be atypical for a goblin), she might be willing to help them?

Might be an interesting twist if Ravboom isn't thrilled with helping the 'pyromaniacs' and Palomia insists he has to as he owes it to his blood. :)

That could work...although I still think that a large motivator behind Palo helping would be because Relas won't stop pestering her until she does! ;)

Relas could be pestering Palomia, and she could be giving Ravboom grief as well. :)

"If I have to go help those filthy gobbies, you have to as well, Rav! For goddesses sake, you can't expect me to help your people if you won't..."

"Ravboom no care if filthy gobbies in trouble! Stupid stupids no know boom mix, no know crack thunder pistol, no known nothing!"



That would definitely be in character for all three of them. Should Palo make the cut, I'm obviously happy to work on intertwining backstories with people as needed.

@Mimesyne - Both concepts sound cool, but I love the second one! I'll admit that while I do enjoy (and am playing in) games that are more 'serious' in nature with their tone and the RP involved, I'm also most definitely a fan of the occasional game with plenty of comedy and other hijinks and shenanigans and stuff that falls under 'Rule of Cool' :)

How do you feel about a goblin using the medium variant in the Monster Codex? Had an idea about a goblin fighter with the archetype in Giant Hunter's Handbook.

Hmmm.. I'd really actually like to get Szinorvir into the goblin game as himself.

Best thing I can come up with so far (admittedly, my mind's been everywhere BUT pathfinder lately), is he used the last of his drug stash as a 'cloud' attack (inhaled) to get a small band of goblins high in a misguided attempt to escape, which didn't quite work out so they decided to keep him because he can provide the village with "Fun Powder". So he's kind of a "guest"...

If there's a time limit on the goblin table, I'd like to know it, so I know when to devote some more time to figuring out how to fix up Szinorvir's background for it.... He could surface near the goblin village and get taken in for whatever reason, for example. (Probably because of the good portion of his Shiver stash which gets used up in the background as is, lol.)

I just haven't had the time nor mental capacity to really think too hard on it lately, lol.

Zed... Maybe we could open the Discussion/Gameplay for the Goblin table so we could dot there, and maybe try to help with the candidates to complete our group? Just a suggestion.

All - go ahead and suggest a cool name for our goblin themed adventure and I can set up a new table...

Will respond to other answers / queries later this evening... But, in the first instance, the question on timescales!!!

I haven't really put a hard and fast schedule on anything as I wanted to give everyone space to think about how they want to proceed - but, now I am going to say that I will 'close' recruitment on the 29th (midnight GMT) and announce a final table within 24 hours...

Just because I want to be the first to suggest it: Goblins In Space!

.... I vote for: Goblins In Spaaace!

... What? Mine's got a longer more 50s dramatic set of A's in it... No? Alright then.

The Crazy Misadventures of Space Goblins!

... Actually, scratch that. Anything pertaining to Space and Goblins... And perhaps fire?

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Gregorius Gobo's Get Good in the Galaxy


I like alliteration

Last post before I head off unto my epic weekend!
How about: Warp Speed Goblins!
or simply: Space Goblins! would work well, nice and simple :)
@Szinorvir. I quite like the idea of Sparky getting attached to you because of the Fun Powder, I think thats a hilarious idea XD
As it is, Spakry really likes his Bufo and I could see him liking some other stuff as well ^-^

welp Ill see you guys sunday :)

The Goblin Space Program?

Totally not borrowing from the game 'Kerbal Space Program'...nope, not at all! *whistles*

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Danger, Danger Will Goblinson

Stargate: SG-1 (Space Goblin-1)

If I can submit Nariya, I think I'll put myself back in the running. I could always change her appearance and her size to Small if need be. That, or she could have wandered into a goblin town and due to her abilities/nature they began to revere her as a deity or something (C-3P0 in the Ewok Village).

Battlestar Goblinactica

Goblynon 5

Gob Trek, The New Generation

Some good ones there... Of course it is difficult to get past Goblins in Space or the more evocative Goblins in Spaaaaace!!!!

...I kind of like Space Oddity but it doesn't convey Goblin lunacy!!!

How about, ...One Giant Step for Goblinkind?

I don't know the AP, but if there is a portal.. the group ABSOLUTELY should call themselves Space Goblin Team 1.

As for names, aside from my joking ones, I like Goblins In Spaaace!

Star Trek: Deep Space Goblin

The Misadventures of The Extremely Flammable!

It came from Golarion!

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