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I’m still going for the Dwarf kineticist. :)

Unless noticed otherwise in the ability, you can disable a trap someone else found.

Oh, if it clashes with you guys, I will simply go back to the previous idea. Since we have a barbarian, I can also build something on melee more defensive oriented to help on the frontline, or some sort of caster blaster. The ratfolk was simply someone who could cover the trap side of things (and being more of a skillmonkey, I could cover the tech part as well) - but the payoff is being practically a zero in combat. I'd rather build something else that doesn't overlap with you guys :)

I believe Grumpel said background skills are okay. I like them!

@GM: how would you feel about a ratfolk? I'm considering creating a ratfolk scavenger investigator instead, to be our skill monkey/traps/technology gadgets guy.

If the GM approves the ratfolk idea above, I hope you guys can cover the damage side - because the character sucks balls in combat! Heh.

Vital Strike isn't free, it's still the same feat. As I mentioned, I'd rather play without these rules (as I feel they're fairly abusive) but I don't mind.

Feat Tax Rules

In all honesty, I’d rather play normal PF without customizations, but it seems the GM confirmed we’re using these ones above.

Knowledge (Arcana) is used to identify constructs. Without Technologist, however, certain technology-based constructs might not be identifiable.

I'm building a kineticist. Should have it ready tomorrow; going through final tweaks due to the feat tax rules and whatnot. I'm thinking he's a Dwarf who took an accidental electrical discharge and developed new strange powers.

I used to love playing Al Qadim, but I assume this is PF1, right?

While not a fan of power creep, I know some people in the forums made it work and it became a fairly cool, refreshing idea. In my eyes, it could become fun if your goal for instance is to simulate the Chinese heroic movies of a few warriors against an immense horde, or stuff similar to that (hence the overpowered heroes).

In the matter of the game, specifically for the races, a home brew approach for nonhuman races is by far what I’d prefer to see; I like the fantasy of elves and whatnot, and seeing magic embedded in a fictional version of our world. This is very promising. Plus, I love playing with the half genie races like ifrit :)

The 15 point buy works for me as well. I’ll think on something early next week! Maybe a kineticist or something of the sorts. Or maybe some sort of Dwarf. I’ll get back to you :)

If possible I’d like to sit the first hosting round and start as a player, and I’m happy to pick it up on the second round with Granta. I have my homebrews to use, but as I said before I don’t mind prepping for one of the APs I have or purchasing a different one. You guys tell me your preference.

I'm up for any... I played most of them in at least some capacity (weeks, months, one book, all the way).

If I may vote (based on what I played the least that I'd like to play the most):

Granta: War for the Crown (I don't know this one?)
Grandlounge: Strange Aeons
Almonihah: Skull & Shackles
GMGrumpelStiltzkin: Iron Gods
JohnnyBlack: Hell's Rebels maybe? Or Ironfang Invasion? What APs do you own?

In my case - I have Shattered Star and Carrion Crown, but I don't mind purchasing something else once it's my time to host (I'm open to hear what people want to play). The ones I'd like to play the most are Skull & Shackles, Ironfang Invasion and Hell's Rebels (well, I wouldn't decline Wrath of the Righteous either). I could also host one of my custom campaigns if you guys want to experience something new, non-published.

If I may suggest something, I think we should/could come out with a common set of rules, including character creation (and to be honest, I prefer the least complicated possible - no gestalt or feat tax rules, etc.). Something "vanilla" like...

Basic background, just giving an idea of what the character is and looks like, if it makes sense for the campaign, etc.
Use Unchained Classes for Rogues, Barbarians, Summoners and Monks
Use Background Skills
2 Traits from different categories, one needs to be a campaign trait, one drawback for an extra trait of another category
Full HP first level, half+1 after that
No Custom Races, only the regular Paizo playable races
Only Paizo official material, no third-party

Finally, assuming we have a group of 6 GMs, my suggestion would be to start with 3 APs only, then another 3 APs after, and so on. This way we keep the quantity of games still manageable (I like putting quality in my posts) and it's easier for us to recover in case something unpredictable happens with any of us.



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Have fun, guys! Thanks for the consideration.

@GM, please keep me in mind in case of any openings.

Thanks Lament. Have a good flight.

And good luck to everyone!

Just bumping as we just need one more GM to start. Besides Skulls, I’d also love to play Hell’s Rebels and Ironfang.

I’m stepping out of the game - certain modules in use are too badly designed and impossible to use/balance with the main ones, and I saw too much drama because of them in the past. Best of luck, guys, and have fun!

4d6 - 1 ⇒ (1, 1, 6, 6) - 1 = 13
4d6 - 3 ⇒ (5, 4, 3, 6) - 3 = 15
4d6 - 3 ⇒ (6, 5, 3, 6) - 3 = 17
4d6 - 1 ⇒ (4, 4, 6, 1) - 1 = 14
4d6 - 3 ⇒ (6, 4, 3, 6) - 3 = 16
4d6 - 1 ⇒ (4, 4, 2, 1) - 1 = 10

I may be interested! Rolling already. What active players do we still have at the moment?

I think we have a team already! Maybe one extra GM. I’m very much onboard with PF1 and like Grand, dying to play S&S until the end (all the ones I tried here in the forums died).

I'm considering building something a lot more grounded ("future Earth") than space-related (just because I like the cultural clash). While I have in mind furtive heroes like Nightwing, Moon Knight or even something like Rorschach, I might derive powers from a mystical source of sorts. I'm thinking on a hero that plays with shadows - some level of teleport or shadow step, some Cloak-like powers, this kind of stuff.

I might be interested as well if it's Pathfinder 1. I will wait to hear more and chime in. As far as I understand, we'd run the modules and take turns hosting, right?

Keeping an eye here. :)

Oh yeah, very used to Pathfinder. If you’re willing to take novice, I’ll get into reading and whatnot. I’ll check if my hero lab has SFS.

How about people that never played Starfinder? Would you be open to it?

Hi Lament. Thanks for the consideration! Here are more details about my character. If there's anything else you'd like to know, just ping me.

About Me:

I'm a long time "table" RPG and PBP player - about three decades - currently living in the West Coast, imported from the East Coast. Although I touched a little bit of everything, nowadays I'm mostly on D&D/PF type of games (easier mechanics, more time to focus on character and RP). I played dozens and dozens of different campaigns and adventures here in the forums - and some of them even completed, which is rare in these parts.

I was very active in the forums months ago as both a GM and a player, but had to take a leave of absence for personal reasons. I'm slowly coming back now, probably limiting myself to a small handful of games (to be able to put up some quality considering my reduced time availability).

Character Concept:

Born in the upper class of Barstoi in Ustalav, Vogh only knew his mother, the Countess of the River (because of their house proximity to Kingfisher); she was cousin by blood to the Margrave of Sturnidae from House Graydon, and lived with the usual benefits reserved to the autocratic royalty of the region.

Although his young years were happy and uneventful, the noticeable absence of his father - known only by his mother - quickly grew the rumors on the streets of the town, and the features of the youngest of the Vogh only fed to the fire: people would say he had the seed of the demons, the scent of the undead, and only disgrace would follow his family.

He was barely a teenager when the Countess sent him to be tutored by the Sturnidae academics - specifically the doctors and healers - and this contributed to his overall passion for books. The life isolated from his mother and House also gave him a sense of independence, and for some years the rumors of his origin seemed to rest.

When he came of age he was already skilled on brewing the basic alchemic extracts, although had an incomprehensible difficulty with the ones used for curing. A combination of his studies, his curiosity - and even the nefarious rumors started against his family - took him to better understand he wasn't Human, and with it he confronted his mother. Being fed the secret of his vampiric inheritage, the Dhampir sought the shadows of reclusivity for the upcoming years.

The scholar became obsessed with his personal curse, and years later embarked in a quest to better comprehend undeath. Lending his alchemic talents to bands of adventurers, he pushed himself in a fight against the Whispering Way, and gathered enough books and forbidden necromantic knowledge to once again isolate himself.

Nowadays, the young Earl Andulian Vogh keeps his distance from his mother, and dreads the day he might have to seek and face his father. He serves as a local scholar teaching those who seek knowledge of alchemy and the arcane arts - but in the dark, he slowly falls into paranoia and madness, brewing mixtures in the hopes of reverting his condition. When he drinks his mutagen, he feels a compelling force slowly dominating his thoughts.


Mechanically, the character is being built towards the Master Chymist prestige class. I realize we won't level - and that the class would just open for me at level 8 - but who knows? If we get to complete the first adventure and get into the second one, at level 9, maybe we will get the chance to see his evolution. For now, the important thing is the "psychological" structure is being formed.

Party-wise he's got more to offer out-of-combat with knowledge and skills. In combat he's just the average alchemist (bombs, mutagen, etc.) with more specific necromantic roots due to his Dhampir inheritance and history (using the ectoplasm master archetype).

Sample Posts:

This is a character I loved to interpret in the past - the empty-headed Goblin pirate Bleepos Droppo. 3#150 5#234

And here's another one - the Celebrity Bard Kallyan:

With too many characters, it's hard to choose. Anyway, here's from the skinwalker Annurian:

I talked to Lament and I'm building a Master Chymist :) Trying to slowly come back to the forums, just some very selected games.

@Pleiades: How do you feel about small Tieflings? As in, not from Human roots, but from another race (small) like Ratfolk, Halfling, Gnome...?

GM BC4Realz wrote:

@Archlich - An offbrand Shifter that doesn't really work as well.

I would be more comfortable with using the Shifter that Neko and I spent so much time working on getting balanced. This is where it landed:

** spoiler omitted **...

Thanks, but I'm not much on the mood for a homebrew race. I'd rather stick with the official material ;)

GM: What do you think about Skinwalkers?

I can rebuild my character to work as our trapfinder if needed - it'd be my pleasure doing so. Just give me until tomorrow night.

Not sure what boxes you're talking about. Just press the x so you don't get more updates.

A pity the Averaka Arbiter isn't valid for PFS.

Rolling HP...

HP: 3d10 ⇒ (6, 8, 5) = 19

For HP, can we take average? Especially if we're going to go for a 25-point-buy instead of rolling anything?

If there's a spot in any table, I'd like to bring it someone as well :)

Anderlorn should join us with Mladris - he's adapting the character to work as a Guardian as well.

I just noticed this is a solo game! I'm stepping out. Have fun, guys!

Gold: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 4, 2) = 15

Dotting! Love eastern type games. Let me see what I come out with :)

I like Bloodrager more than the options you gave, but since you already have the full BAB, you might want to look at the Eldritch Scion Magus as well. Just plan well so you don't starve of actions, especially swift.

I should have my submission complete on Monday. I take some time, and weekends I'm a little slower. Small baby at home, you know :)

Zariya Ameerah wrote:
I'm pretty sure you can rearrange them as you wish, that's what I did at least :$. Lowest possible should be 9, how did you manage to get 7? You can just keep on rolling.

If I can keep rerolling... Then...

2d6 ⇒ (1, 5) = 6
1d6 ⇒ 4

And now the 7 became a 12, for an array of 13, 18, 14, 18, 17, 12. Dayum!

I can design something for the stats on this order, but I'd prefer if I could rearrange them. I'm writing some background now... Important things first.

Following my dot, let me roll. :)

4d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 2, 4) = 15
4d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 5, 6) = 23
4d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 3, 2) = 16
4d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 1, 6) = 19
4d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 5, 4) = 17
4d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 1, 2) = 7


7d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 1, 6, 1, 1, 3) = 17

Results after dropping the lowest:

13, 18, 14, 18, 17, 7. Beautiful stats, I can surely come out with something! This charisma though... Brrrrr! Do I take these stats in order or can I rearrange them?

@GM: what about skinwalkers? They can pass for humans quite easily :)

Done. Still looking for someone to trade - I don't mind at all playing 3-4, but I'd prefer being on the lower tier.

caps wrote:
N N 959 wrote:

Archlich is signed up on the Mythweavers site.

Why do you think you can't post/keep track by phone on Myth?

I use an app called Wayfinder to keep tabs on which games have updated. I also use it for posting. It is not hooked into Mythweavers--just Paizo. I make gameplay posts almost exclusively through that app.

Should I unswitch us?

My spot is on the 3-4 tier table right now, but if anyone on 1-2 wants to trade, I'd much rather play that tier.


STR: 2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 5) + 6 = 15
DEX: 2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 3) + 6 = 12
CON: 2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 4) + 6 = 14
INT: 2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 4) + 6 = 13
WIS: 2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 6) + 6 = 15
CHA: 2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 4) + 6 = 16

Dotting :)

At the moment I'm mostly just keeping an eye! I don't know DW, mostly watching the characters being created and trying to see what comes of it :)

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