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That's... impressively bad. You "win".

I didn't catch the exact name of the Hulk flavor (I was in Geek Overload through the whole thing), just that it was Fudge, and was a play on the title of the Elvis song, "Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love".

Phillip Gastone wrote:
Ben and Jerry's IRL really needs to be all over those names for ice cream.

Right? To borrow a line from Archer, "Would you not?"

I dunno, I feel like there's always going to be some market for methods that don't need spell casters to operate.

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Damon Griffin wrote:

Did I hear this dialogue correctly?
---Stark: "Where did you come from?"
---Spiderman: "The future!"

Ice cream flavors. I missed hearing those. Ben & Jerry's "Stark Raving Nuts" for Tony, but there were one or two more after that...

I don't think you heard that line properly, as I heard, "Field trip!"

The ice cream flavors were something like Stark Raving Hazelnut, and "Hulka Hulka Burning Fudge" or something like that. Look, if I've got to go see it a third time to nail down the ice cream flavors, I will...


So my kids got me this calendar last Christmas where each page is some cool/weird place or thing somewhere in the world. One of the entries last week was about an old signal tower for the Optical telegraph, which was designed by a French fellow named Chappe around the time of the Revolution.

My question is, do you see anyplace in Golarion having a use for something like that? Where/how?

Thanks for your time.


Coincidentally, I was at the dentist last night. I've got good teeth, but awful gums, so they were scraping all the crap off my gums. Not good times.

Damn, sorry to hear it. I hope your tooth gets fixed up.

Fifty? She cutting back?

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That's what I do, I help! :D

(Also, note that there seems to be a towel wrapped around the ant's leg so that the ankle bracelet will fit. Really covering his bases there.)

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I suspect we might be too late in the game to be introducing Adam Warlock as an actual character rather than an Easter Egg. It sounds like CM is all cued up to be our salvation from Thanos' plan. In a way it's a shame, because Adam had one of the best all-time lines in the comic version of this story.

Remember when...:
I forget exactly how it plays out, but Thanos loses the gauntlet (to Nebula, right?), and he's on the verge of throwing down to get it back, and Adam points out to him that this is like the zillionth time Thanos has gained ultimate power only to lose it, which is his way of subconsciously acknowledging he is not worthy of that power. Thanos takes a long pause, and is like, "Fine. Then what's your plan...?"

EDIT: would one be "cued up" or "queued up"?

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I feel the need to point out that the drum-playing giant ant was also wearing Scott's ankle bracelet.

To say I'm keen to see this explained is, well, a bit of an understatement.

Lathiira wrote:
When Vision turned colors, it reminded me of when Prime died in the Transformers: the Movie. Except Vision had the Matrix on his forehead and it was a lot more useful in day-to-day life.

The Mind Stone didn't seem to be doing Vision a whole lot of favors.

(I never saw the Transformers movie. Only ever heard good things about it, though. I would sometimes catch the cartoon if I got home from track practice early enough, and I remember seeing episodes that took place after the movie, and thinking, "Damn, WTH did I miss there?")

I enjoyed the hell out of this movie!

I'm going to spoiler part of this next bit, just in case...

The folks who got "Snapped" out of existence are all damn near certain locks to come back, even without taking into account that several of these characters are slated for upcoming movies,

if only because:
a similar reversion happened in the original comics that are this story's source material.

Loved the surprise return of That Guy on Vormir!

When Thanos gave Vision his unwilling Stonectomy, Vision got all discolored as he died. The first association I made was the discoloration that happened to him in the WCA story line from the late 80s, where he got taken apart and reassembled. Very different circumstances and colors, I know, I'm just saying that's what came to mind.

Thor's new eye courtesy of Rocket was a different color, and maybe I'm reading too much into this, but did the color look a little like Heimdall's eyes?

About that post-credit sequence:
Man, if I wasn't looking forward to Captain Marvel before, I sure as hell am now! I just hope a plausible reason is given why she wouldn't have appeared before this. The way I see it, she can't have spent the past 25 years anywhere near Earth, or Kree space (since GotG was implied to have taken place in their neck of the woods).

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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

At first glance: it looks like martials are going to need to have a Weapon Bag of Holding to cover all the weapon options because they're situational and what may be good for one encounter may be horrible for the next?

What I'm actually hoping for is that from the jump, 2E has some baked-in version of ABP, and there will be more incentive (or at least the option) to not be married to one particular weapon.

For me that just hearkens back to a WWCD* type of thing, as the big guy rarely used the same weapon twice.

"What Would Conan Do?"

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John Lynch 106 wrote:
Redblade8 wrote:
IIRC no attack penalty on Power Attack, but I forget its full mechanics. It was the cause of much consternation when it was announced.
When they take an unpopular feat (vital strike), swap out the name of a popular feat (power attack) and then post it into a blog post are you really surprised people would be unhappy?

Given that there are changes to how both actions and attack rolls work, and thus the underpinnings of both feats' 1e workings, I'd hoped people could actually hold off on doom crying until we'd seen the whole elephant.

John Lynch 106 wrote:
Weather Report wrote:
Some of the double weapons are absurd, the dire flail, was it?

Based on everything else that is dire it's clearly a flail that is doubled in size compared to a "normal" flail.

Does power attack still have an attack penalty? If so, some of these weapon qualities have given power attack a pretty significant downgrade which means your less likely to always use power attack and instead decide based on the enemy's AC (or just always full power attack and the consequences be damned!).

IIRC no attack penalty on Power Attack, but I forget its full mechanics. It was the cause of much consternation when it was announced.

tivadar27 wrote:
Redblade8 wrote:
This. The other contender of a name was "Vera", but I think I used that joke more recently, so I went with this one. :-)
What, no Bianca? Are we too good for fantasy settings!?

No, I just don't know that one. :-)

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graystone wrote:
Shinigami02 wrote:
ChibiNyan wrote:
Redblade8 wrote:
ChibiNyan wrote:
What's that weapon on the center at the bottom with the concave edge...?
That's Charlene.
T_T I don't get the joke... Am a failure.
I think it's no more complex than just giving the weapon a "name".
Full Metal Jacket: Pyle: 'Sir, the private's weapon is called Charlene, Sir.'

This. The other contender of a name was "Vera", but I think I used that joke more recently, so I went with this one. :-)

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thflame wrote:
Well, 5e doesn't have a bastard sword anymore and I haven't heard any cries of confusion about where it went.

True, but 5e's "Versatile" weapon trait means that weapon's role is still alive in the basement longsword.

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ChibiNyan wrote:
What's that weapon on the center at the bottom with the concave edge...?

That's Charlene.

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All of those weapon qualities sound fun as hell. I'll take one of each, please.

No, don't bother to wrap them. I've got a golf bag in the trunk of my car, I'll just put them in there when I get to the parking lot.

Nefreet wrote:
Would Oskar go for either of these?

I'm not sure. I think given the choice, he'd rather fight as Oskar, or Buffed Oskar, but if Changed-Into-Something-Else-Oskar was the difference-maker in a fight, he'd go for it (like if I needed to fly).

Sounds good. Thanks for the replies, folks!

This blog about deities mentions favored weapon, which reminds me, do we know anything about weapons in 2e? In 1e, one of the key distinguishing features of weapons is their crit behavior (range and/or multiple), buy crits work rather differently in 2e. Do we have any idea what, for instance, makes a 2e longsword different from a battleaxe?

GM Silversong wrote:
You could use an action for Upgrade Team (and spend 250 gp) to bump Forvian's Fighters up to Tier 2 Infiltrators to gain the Rescue Character action, then use a subsequent action to try to rescue the captured supporter. That would leave one additional action for this week.

Then let's try it that way, with our third action being used for Gather Info.

(If folks think we should recruit instead, LMK.)

Drop lowest: 4d6 - 2 ⇒ (5, 6, 2, 4) - 2 = 15
Drop lowest: 4d6 - 1 ⇒ (2, 4, 2, 1) - 1 = 8
Drop lowest: 4d6 - 5 ⇒ (6, 5, 5, 6) - 5 = 17
Drop lowest: 4d6 - 2 ⇒ (2, 6, 5, 4) - 2 = 15
Drop lowest: 4d6 - 1 ⇒ (1, 1, 1, 4) - 1 = 6
Drop lowest: 4d6 - 1 ⇒ (6, 1, 5, 1) - 1 = 12

Yeah, look up "swingy" in the dictionary, look, there I am! :) I'll just stick with the 20pb, assuming I can figure out some way to make an axe-musket guy. :)

My fault for posting when I was in a rush to get out of the office. I kind of meant that, as an advanced firearm, the revolver still struck me as beyond what we could get as a starting weapon.

EDIT: Axe musket, I must find a way to make that a thing for whatever guy I might make...

Erick Bonestihl wrote:
If we start with a firearm, can we start with a revolver?

A revolver is an advanced firearm, and as such would be out of our price range.

Are you envisioning encounters as being mostly gunfights, or having some mix of melee? Just trying to get my head in the right place.

How are you doing maps? (i.e. Roll20, Google slides, none of the above)

Can someone link to a description of resonance? I've heard it mentioned several times now but to the best of my knowledge, it hasn't been discussed in one of these blogs.

Thanks in advance.

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(obligatory "but [X] got pushed out to level [Y]!" outrage)

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Better late than never!

That's like a song where after [X=some ungodly high number] years, you learn what a song's lyrics actually are.

Sadly this morning, Slides kind of threw up its hands and said, "Look Felix, I've undone just about all I'm gonna undo at this point. You're on your own the rest of the way."

What I really need is a way to tell Slides, "If I get my mitts on a piece, I don't want to resize it, I just want to move the damn thing." I can do it fine from my desktop, but not from my phone.

Fair 'nuff. Thanks!

Hey there,

So I've been reading over the rules for the Unchained Action Economy, seeing as how it's clearly the basis for 2e (and I don't know, maybe Starfinder uses it too, but I haven't gotten SF yet).

Are you constrained by your BAB on how many attacks you can make? Like, in "normal" rules, a level 3 fighter gets one attack at +3 (plus everything-yadda-yadda). In the UAE, if I'm not using actions for other stuff, can I go +3/-2/-7? I mean, in most cases it seems like it'll be a waste of time, but one might get lucky, no?

Thanks for your time.

Ghorrin Redblade

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Kitsune have that as a feat. Cautionary tail, right?

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Goblins as a core race, out of everything that's been revealed about 2e so far, is the single element that is just 100% a miss for me. My brain is flat-out rejecting the notion, like the way Agent Smith said people did with early iterations of the Matrix.

Sure, can you move me there? I brain-locked on that.

BretI wrote:

Debilitating strike moves from 4th level to 9th? That seems strange.

I was hoping for a little more details, such as examples of a few skill feats.

I thought that move was a little surprising too. Who knows, maybe it's not as vital an acquisition to a 2e rogue? /guessing

QuidEst wrote:
Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
I am enjoying reading this thread.
Getting into the spear-it of things?

Wow, you got the point of this pretty quick.

@Claxon: Yes, as I said above, poor wording on the part of my initial post.

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Yes, poor initial choice of words on my part. What I actually meant was, "Get the trip quality on a spear."

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My spear gripe is, my god, the hoops one has to go through to trip with a spear (get hip-deep into the Spear Dancing Style feat chain, and then you can take the feat that lets staffs trip). Too much, IMO.

Normally, when a movie comes out, and we get, say, after a Thor movie, tons of "Help my hammer build become Thor!" posts, I end up with an epic case of eyeroll strain, bad enough that it can keep me from driving my car. That said, the Dora Milaje really really made spears look friggin' awesome.

GM Woran wrote:
Brewing coffee has solved a lot of problems too :)

I'll bet not half as many as drinking it has... :-)

Unless my math is off, it's five squares total distance, one squares' worth I need to tumble, so it counts double. Where did I jump the tracks?

If I can only get to him by risking AoO from Green, I'll take the risk. If I just can't get there, well then I'll take it out on Green.

Okay but looking at Woran's posted order I go after him.

I can't believe I forgot a crowbar! Oskar has one, IIRC, as does my Hell's Rebels slayer. (Our investigator is much better with her lockpicks, but if she comes up short, it's his turn...)

I'll tune up my inventory tonight with some of those things.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Stealth. Please figure out if someone can stealth while you look at them or not.

Dude, stop looking at me while I try to figure this out.

Wait, that's not what you meant, is it?

The more I hear about this, the more I like it. Sounds like the change in Valeros' gear is probably an effort to showcase sword and board as "it's not just a form of TWF anymore!"

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