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@Vrog Skyreaver, thanks for the links. I should probably clarify, I think I have a decent handle on general feel of the genre, but knowledge of specific works, not a chance. Like, it's almost mandatory in any thread about kineticists, someone has to make an Avatar reference, which will promptly whooosh over my head.

@Ash Raven, that should be fine, it sounds like similar niches being filled by the two types. I'll evaluate when the material is up (or if it's online somewhere, LMK).

"The Korvosa Chicken Emergency"

In the absence of contradictory information, that's what I thought, just wanted to make sure. My head kept wanting to go with 4e's rules on the matter (the damage is applied as one big chunk, and it goes against the lower resistance value).



So quick question. If an attack does two damage types, and the target has resistance to both, are resistances applied separately?

So like, a dragon instinct barbarian who's raging with a sword does slashing and fire. He hits a skeleton, that resists both types of damage. The two damage types are resolved independent of each other, right?

Ghorrin Redblade

Hi there,

I'm interested in trying this, but I have next to no grounding in anime or the Tian part of Golarion's map. Assuming that doesn't hopelessly hamstring me (wouldn't mind a little feedback there), the character who's percolating through my head is a stormborn sylph, gestalting in Desperado Warlord (Solar Wind/Oncoming Storm style, because a gun that fires lightning is just that damn cool), and either Stormborn Sorceror or Psychic Detective Oracle (his inspiration is literally carried to him in the wind).

Ghorrin Redblade

So my pal Sovukh has travelled far, all the way from Belkzen, to hear the call of the sea. He'd love to get into a Skull & Shackles game if you need someone to crack a cutlass over the enemies' heads.

Congrats, and fair skies.

Let us know if you have "deserters" :)

Damn. Glad to hear you're on the mend.

Giant Halfling wrote:
I’m really trying not to post from my new alias, but I’m really itching to play with him... and there’s so many other aliases out playing already...

I swore I wasn't going to do any snacking with Sovukh, but, well... :)

Shae Rafin wrote:
Redblade8 wrote:
Shae, I've played about half of the first book, and most of part 1 is basically being able to grit your teeth, take what they dish out, and keep the receipts so you can pay it back later when the time is right (sadly, my game fell apart before I got that chance).
Note: add "I can do this all day!" to list of catchphrases.

Say it out loud and they'll take that as a "to-do" list item... ;)

Shae, I've played about half of the first book, and most of part 1 is basically being able to grit your teeth, take what they dish out, and keep the receipts so you can pay it back later when the time is right (sadly, my game fell apart before I got that chance).


FWIW, I finally got a handle on Sovukh, but I changed his archetype from sharptooth to sea reaver (the "Shark-Eye" thing is now just more of a nickname than anything literal).

Ghorrin Redblade

GM, I'm having a tough time making the barbarian gel in my head. May I submit him as a ranger (Freebooter archetype)?

Oh, forgot one or two bits to your questions. I'm East Coast US, and generally I'm good for 1-2 posts during weekdays, with one more at night if I don't just fall asleep on the sofa first. (Weekends are more catch-as-catch-can.)

Anyone see another way to pick up Profession (sailor) as a class skill that I might have missed? (short of the obvious via a multiclass dip later)

EDIT: also, GM, Sovukh is half-orc, not human. :)


Who I am:
Like many here, I'm a old-time hand at RPGs. Never gt the chance to play PF at a table, my friends were more into 4e/5e. I had to take some time off last year to transition to a new job/move, but I'm back here and getting my feet under me.

Who my character is:
Sovukh "Shark-Eye" is a barbarian out of Belkzen, who always felt different. One day he simply started following a calling in his heart, left his tribe, and trekked for the coast. He found himself work on a ship that worked its way down the coast, to the Shackles.

Party role, he'd be a front-liner, but more "meat-eater" than "meat-shield." ;) I'm figuring him as an Unchained Barbarian with the sharptooth archetype. I was toying with having him be a full-on natural attacker with the full Beast Totem line and Animal Fury, but I might "just" give him the Animal Fury part, and have his main thing be weapon use. (I considered a shark-based Mooncursed, but I think that has certain logistical issues before getting Hybrid Rage at level 5. "I rage!" (shark flops around helplessly on deck of ship))

Role on the ship, I see him as a sort of "right-hand man," serving as either bosun, or master-at-arms.

Change over time? Although the sea was the calling of his heart, it's still alien territory to a warrior from the plains of Belkzen. So I think he'd start out as a sort of "fish out of water," who over time acclimates to his new climate.

GM, how much of a stickler are you for adhering to regional et al. requirements for traits? Barbarians don't get Profession as a class skill, and while there's a trait that would let me pick it up for Sailor, "Belem Pirate," the catch is, I'm a long way from Minata. :)

The Dread Pirate Hurley wrote:
I've got a ship's mage type character that I love for S&S, but we never seem to make it past book 1.

Ahoy, the Butcher of Westcrown! :D

I am considering submitting a half-orc bloodrager with either the aquatic or naga bloodline. Alternatively, if I make him an UnBarb, are you open to the possibility of ginning up some blood rage powers for one or the other of those bloodlines? I love the concept of those, but Paizo was terrible about adding more rage powers for bloodrager bloodlines made after the APG.

Good point, Arachnofiend. I guess I'm just erring on the side of caution. :)

Hmm, you're probably on to something. The Urgir Kid rides! :D


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GameDesignerDM wrote:
Mainly asking because I want a cutlass - you can reflavor the look of a shortsword easy enough, but I'm sure y'all have some official version that would be much nicer.

I don't know, the shortsword covers a lot of ground, especially now that it's a versatile weapon. I'd hate to see more weapons added just so that something specifically has a name added to it, if that makes sense...

Hey there,

So I'm trying to decide if it's just "not ideal" or "terrible idea" to use an agile weapon that isn't finesse. It looks like Swashbucklers always keep Dex as their Key Ability score, so are you hamstringing yourself by using a weapon that isn't finesse? My dream of a half-orc swash carving guys up with knuckle daggers is riding on this. :)

Later on,
Ghorrin Redblade

I hope you all had a great Halloween! I did, but I have to give thumbs down to our new neighborhood (the Redblade family moved this summer) as we didn't get a single trick or treaters this year.

Post from Domitius coming tonight.

Are the Iconics for these 4 classes the same as in 1E?

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LuniasM wrote:
Back in my day, capslock was how you opened the capsule you were trapped inside to escape to the post-apocalyptic world above.

Dude, Caps Lock is for keeping the mutants out of the capsule.

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sherlock1701 wrote:
0o0o0 O 0o0o0 wrote:

That speedy but weak elf gets tangled up in the fruit cart as he crashes into it while the dwarf just powers through, barely hindered by the flying apples and melons.

I assume your chase sequence has a fruit cart

Bah, why use a fruit cart when there's always a cabbage cart around?

What, no love for the two guys slowly moving a fifteen-foot wide mirror?

CorvusMask wrote:
Redblade8 wrote:

Shackles, 'cuz pirates.

Belkzen, 'cuz orcs + guns = hilarity. That's just math, people.

Is that reference to Dakka or something?

Not really, just thought the image of a line of orc musketeers would cause a lot of "Um, are we okay with this?" :)

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Ianesta wrote:
I heard the King of Biting Ants is making a comeback.

Do you want biting ants?

Because that is how you get biting ants.

Shackles, 'cuz pirates.

Belkzen, 'cuz orcs + guns = hilarity. That's just math, people.

My vote is for the Eye of Dread, mainly to see how long the orcs in Belkzen can keep up their "We ain't bendin' a knee to no one!" act. :)

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I'd love to see the sword-devil ranger make it into 2e.

GM SpiderBeard wrote:
If connecting on mobile just indicate where your token needs to be moved and I'll move for you.

Crom and Mitra bless you for that part.

As for the rest, I uh, I guess I'll get around to actually putting Z's stats in his profile, then. :)

So is the consensus interpretation that, where it says "ferocious specialization", this is referring to the bonus damage from Weapon Specialization (with possible extra damage from your instinct, like if I'm draconic (red), it gets extra fire damage)?

Ghorrin Redblade

GM SpiderBeard wrote:

On what to put in your statblock, I'm going to check and see what folks are doing in other game sand get back to you. One thing I'd like to see from players is reactions so I'm aware of what everyone's reactions are all the time.

I do know that attacks of opportunity are no longer automatically a thing, except for fighters. In that case, is it conceivable that one might not actually have a reaction to use at the outset?

GM SpiderBeard wrote:
Woo! And yes Pathbuilder does 2nd edition, I was playing with it earlier and it really makes putting a character together a breeze.

OMG you weren't kidding! I just put it on my mobile and flew through statting out Zur. Profile to follow tomorrow, I'm fading fast here. :)

Is Pathbuilder 2nd edition compliant?

Hi everyone, Zurkha here (the half-orc barbarian). I haven't yet made a profile for this guy but as I was saying to GM I suspect it won't be too hard; my basic plan is to just, as I put it to GM, "file the serial numbers" off Amiri, change her Instinct, and make the sword normal-sized.

Coming soon! Like tomorrow I hope!

Pitch for Zhulkov:
Zhulkov grew up as part of the Crimson Furies, a loose tribe of orcs and half-orcs living in the Mindspin Mountains. They are a wild lot, bending a knee to none save a red dragon that makes its home in the mountains. Of course, with a group that inclined to rebellion, it takes very little for members to decide to break off on their own. Zhulkov decide to make his way out into the world, and see something of life beyond the mountains.

Ancestry: Human (half-orc)
Background: Nomad
Class: Barbarian (dragon instinct)

I usually make my half-orcs out of Belkzen, and this concept originally was written to be from Raschka-Tor, but I couldn’t quite justify how he made it all the way down here from the northern end of Belkzen. TIA for any consideration.

EDIT: also, I'm not loving the name yet, haven't yet settled into it. Doesn't quite sound orcish enough.

Fallen_Mage wrote:
Okay, I'm just about finished with character, I just need an answer to my language question.

I'm actually interested in the answer to that question too.

DM DoctorEvil wrote:
Yes, roughly. Combination pirate and raiders. In my head, they would have more of Russian Cossack air about them than pure Scandavian. There is room for a marooned Sea Wolf in Terra Nova for sure.

Yes, the guy I've got in my head got marooned in a big way. He was a crewman on a Sea Wolf vessel that was mere days from landfall at Terra Nova when the ship was waylaid out on the open ocean by a great dragon. The fight (as much as you can call it that) went about as well as you'd expect. When there were just a handful of Sea Wolves left, the dragon scooped up my guy and a few others, and flew off from the impending shipwreck.

I awoke alone on a rocky shoreline with no memory of anything after that.

The Dragon:
The dragon ("Mother," as I think of her) wanted my character to be her "inside man," running errands for her in Terra Nova. Her aims are unknown (not like she's telling him), and even what kind of dragon, I'm kind of agnostic on (in my head I'd started with green, but if another type, be it chromatic or metallic, works better, let me know, I'm open to discussion on that point).

For Dragon Instinct, the Anathema requires you to either respect or abhor all dragons of the type in question. Are you open to the possibility of it being, for instance, I abhor all dragons of the type, except for Mother, whom I "respect" (really more, I cannot bring myself to disobey her)?

Are the Sea Wolves supposed to be Viking/Norsemen stand-ins? I've got the beginnings of a Barbarian rolling around my noggin based off that idea (Dragon instinct, Sailor background).

Hey there,

Since everyone was such a big help in organizing my thoughts on my previous build idea (the necksplitter guy), I figured I'd ask about another idea that exists in my head in just ten words or less. In this case, it's "Monk with a temple sword."

So the first thing I know (or think I know, anyway) is that maneuvers are a little more viable than they were in 1e. So the sword's trip property might actually mean I want to, you know, use it to trip people. Apart from that, did anyone in the playtest (or over the past three weeks (wow, it's already been three weeks!)) do anything particularly cool with a temple sword-armed monk?

Thanks for indulging my curiosity.

Later on,
Ghorrin Redblade

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Perpdepog wrote:
Redblade8 wrote:
Malk_Content wrote:
Also insisting that game labels = in world labels gets you the hillarious situation where when Hunter is introduced everyone in the world who was a hunter but not a Hunter now needs to find a new title for themselves.
And what about the folks who take Hunter as a background, what happens to them if the class comes back. Anarchy!

"So, what's this guy's deal?"

"Well, he's a hunter. More specifically he's a hunter Hunter."
"Uh. OK. What's their name?"

Golarion's Most Dangerous Game...

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Malk_Content wrote:
Also insisting that game labels = in world labels gets you the hillarious situation where when Hunter is introduced everyone in the world who was a hunter but not a Hunter now needs to find a new title for themselves.

And what about the folks who take Hunter as a background, what happens to them if the class comes back. Anarchy!

One more question for those who might be following along.

For a half-orc fighter to get access to a necksplitter, do you think Orc Weapon Expertise is must-have to up your proficiency with the weapon, or will the fighter's native proficiency with advanced weapons suffice?

Perpdepog wrote:

I reckon with this advice you'll be the neck-splittenest, spine-cleavenest, vertebrae-partenest orc this side of the Mana Wastes!

Now if only the CRB sold ten gallon hats...

I suppose after that's settled, the only real question left is, duster or poncho?

"You tell 'em I'm comin, and all Nine Hells are comin' with me!"


Hmm, so the difference in effect between versions is [n] damage per Failure, where n=the number of damage dice?

EDIT: also in looking over Arachnofiend's build, it seems Improved Combat Grab is no longer a thing. I'll have to look over the Fighter list and see if anything calls out to be a replacement.

Arachnofiend wrote:
I made a build back in the playtest for this exact purpose. It's not quite as good because Certain Strike got nerfed (I choose to believe it was nerfed because of this specific build) but it should still be very effective if you're looking to chop and chop some more.

That is, in fact, the sugar that Papa likes! Thanks so much for sharing, Arachnofiend.

In response to Mergy's comment at the end of your thread, yeah, they can use a scimitar, but then they're not using a necksplitter. If you call that living...

Really, thanks a ton.

EDIT: I meant to ask, what did Certain Strike do in playtest?

So far, what Kyrone mentioned is closest to the vague ideas I'd had in mind. Nothing wrong with either of the others, mind you, just not how I picture this guy.


As may have been evident from the subject line, I've got the idea to make a half-orc character (assume fighter, I guess) that uses the necksplitter as his weapon of choice (this isn't for a specific game, I'm just noodling around with ideas in my head). Looking at the weapon, it's got the Forceful and Sweep traits. Anyone yet devoted any thought to how one might leverage that to best effect?


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Lanathar wrote:
Bravo on the attention grabbing post title. I thought exactly the same as Tallyn and was intrigued by what could have provoked such a reaction!

Literally, my first reaction to seeing the subject line was, "Oh, what now!?!?!?"

Well done indeed, OP.

That's... impressively bad. You "win".

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