Jorvik: A Land of Snow & Ice

Game Master DSXMachina

A dark mystery in the ancient city of York.

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Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

I am doing the beginning part; sorta like when his mother hid him away with all those women to hide him. Ax is just keeping his head down; unaware of his birthright but knows something is odd but since there are so many like Fae and Wizards and vamps and whatnot; he doesnt know what he is yet. He was raised to love the earth (his mother) and be very cautious of the sky, water and underworld.

Gabriel of the Winter Court wrote:
lol aximeus Achilles was never unsung..... hahaha he was a glory HOG! lol he has to be center of attention or he wouldn't fight lol just makes me chuckle

Evil GM

I've been working on some prologue posts, then a post the day the adventure starts should have them up, when everyone is ready.

Male Ferromancer

Korben's raring to go.

believe that i am ready

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Woof! Ready to Hunt and to chase Squirrels galore sir!

I think? im ready lol

Evil GM

Alright, i will have the thread up tonight. Sorry it's taken so long just being a bit of a perfectionist (lol, considering it won't be perfect).

Gelert: the catch has to be a +1 cost as your toughness/recovery cannot be 0 overall.

*laughs* we can't escape our humanity. It will always be a limiting factor.

Perfection is overrated. Sometimes messing up is just as fun as not. :)

Evil GM

There we are the IC thread is up, enjoy.

Now if only it didn't redirect me after every post, argh.

Evil GM

Sorry about the ninja Duana. I'm having fun with Maeve, for some reason i can RP insane psycho's quite well :)

Is cool. I like playing psychos, too. I would have had Duana nude if it weren't for Gabriel being in the same room.

Lol actually thats something gabriel would have to get used to haha so dont cripple your character on my behalf lol...

Are we all living in one townhouse or am I going with I have my own place?

Evil GM

You can have your own place, if you want. I though a luxury apartment by the riverbank; 5 minutes from Round Tree Park & a large detached building on the road to the race-course. About a 15 minute walk into the city.

But of course they are your characters and anyone can feel free to state what they want about them & any NPC's (providing you don't go too OTT - Ed McMahon is not arriving to give you your daily cheque ;p) But if you want the barmaid/barman to be a hot blonde who is interested feel free....

Hows this for clothing for gabriel only in muted black tones instead of the white?

Just thinking of clothing styles for slightly well off young man fashion in York?

Evil GM

Very nice, a bit too preppy for me personally but i could definately see/ know people who wear this.

EDIT: Quite David Tennant looking actually. Very modern

Eh, it wasn't me limiting my character. She's not interested in him at all. I would see it more as an offense that he wouldn't be included in the nudey show because fae are apathetic to nudity. That she went out of her way to exclude him is a sign that she does not believe that he has a place there.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Woof! Pants unconcernedly and attends to an itch behind his ear.

Adheres to the Wookie Rule: A character covered in fur is not technically naked. Also, is a dog. Dressing them up just makes them look stupid :P

Wow. Sorry I'm late folks! ;P

Um, can you link the thread? I seem to be so tired mny vision is blurry.

Yeah, that's it! ;P

EDIT- Found it!

Evil GM

Jericho i will give you a complete answer in the 'morrow. but it is a bit late for me to be trying to do poly-syllablic answers at the moment :)

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Ok, I'm not REALLY concrete on the dice-roller system yet so I am just gonna try rolling some sample stuff if that's ok w ppl on here to get familiar with it?

Ok the system is 4d3 minus 8 then plus your bonus in that skill?

So...if I was trying to fight someone and I was using my natural attacks, Fists, I would roll 4d3-8+5? Fists 4d3 - 8 + 5 ⇒ (3, 1, 2, 1) - 8 + 5 = 4 I am going to guess this is an ok roll?

So for a NON-combat skill like...Alertness? I would roll 4d3-8+4? Alertness 4d3 - 8 + 4 ⇒ (2, 3, 2, 1) - 8 + 4 = 4

So have I gotten this down or...lolz yeah I'm going to need a little noob-help on the rolls in this, as I haven't had to make a roll quite yet :) thanks for any help I get :) I am really enjoying this game! Temple Wyld Fey Dog so much cooler than Ogre-Blooded Changeling

Evil GM

Yep that's right basically the 4d3-8 part is the random element, the figure you add onto that is your skill. If 4d3-8 is a positive number then thats a good roll, if its negative then....

A +3 for the randomiser is great. A -3 is terrible.

There are really few difference between combat and non-combat skills, except the defender has a chance to resist.

Hopefully the game is fine so far...? I probably shouldn't have started you off apart, but i didn't want to start with a big set piece. But of course you may/should/could meet up again soon.

So far so good! :)
As long as you don't let me get TOO lengthy on my posts, we should meet up soon. ;P

See you all iin the game!

Evil GM

Added some campaign info, NPC's and the like. If you want anything else adding, goals, missions just tell me. :)

Haha done some spoilers for jericho now watch the roll be a 1 ;P

in my skype game at the moment. Will answer gabriel in a bit. :P

Male Ferromancer

Hey all, I've just finished moving in with my GF today and we won't have internet for at least a week. Any posts I make will be made from my phone and probably won't be very long. Just letting everyone know in advance.

Evil GM

Hope your move was not-all-that stressful, Jericho.

I'll get some posts up tonight after my RL game.

hmmm i thinki we are just aiting for Duana to post some in our Winter trio but I think shes busy with RL atm so no rush just wanted everyone else to know so we don't exactly "get to far ahead" of everyone else

Are we waiting on me?

I don't even know where we're going.

Something about a dock... I need to read again, i think.

Evil GM

Yeah, you're sort of waiting on me (except for more inter-party RP) it's alright. I'll get a post up soon-ish.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Umm Aximeus? Not to sound too picky but...You have NO idea who I am. I am simply an abnormally large dog you ran into one night down an alley. I cannot talk, thus you would not know my name. I don't live anywhere you are familiar with, so it isn't a case of having me "take a sniff around" like Mouse for Harry Dresden.

Evil GM

So that's the combat over. All your stress will disappear at the end of the scene - which will be when you leave the canal barge. I would say now but the way the Knight & Princess are acting another combat could start ;p (only joking loving the RP)

Any suggestions, queries or improvements? I will try to use more spoilers next time.

Danny, i believe will be visible now & took 1 mental stress for the rote?

She's not going to attack the knight.

She does not want to end up like Lloyd Slate for attacking something that belongs to Maeve.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Woof? wags tail at both to make them smile then steals the Knight's shoe. XD

Oh poo, is that a minus four that we're supposed to target, or are we making an alertness check at negative four?

Sorry if I saw something I was not meant to.

I deleted my post, but my alertness score was -2 with the -4 modifier. So yeah, don't see poo, cap'in. :P

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Ah, and here's teh confusion I have regarding Danny's magic.

Danny has no rotes (That I know of) He does not have a specialty, his magic is strictly illusions, NOT a specialty of evocation or something.

So, am I right in saying that EVERY thing I do I have to do from scratch?
(and what doe sthat mean technically, that's diffent from a rote?)
I'm ok with that, just trying to understand the difference between MY say, casting a veil of invisibility, or an image of me to distract someone, and Our Knight's Rote of icy blast.

Evil GM

Bah, my stupid English. What i meant was the - to be a hyphen rather than a modifier. Sorry, it was meant to be a quick post before i went out to my game. The barge/boat is not on fire, Danny removed the fire from the boat by chucking it out the window.

RE: Rotes, basically this is a standard spell that you can always control.
When someone casts a spell they pick a target number (Gabriel picked 6) they have to roll that number to control it. If they don't bad things happen. If it offensive the target gets his dodge against the rolled total.
With a rote it is automatically controlled, the target number is just to set a target for the dodge.
In the case of this combat, Gabriel did NOT use a rote as his Rote is for 5 shifts and he wanted a more powerful spell. So that roll had to control it.

RE: Dannys spells, actually I'll hav eto get a handle on that too.

Hey guys, my mom is going to the hospital for emergency surgery, her appendix needs to be removed, and my brain is kinda scattered. Might get a post up tonight, but don't expect it.

Wow, Hope everything turns out alright!


My mother's appendix ruptured and did some damage, but she's all fixed up. She was supposed to be released yesterday but her blood pressure was too low. Shooting for this morning, but my brother and his family (my two nephews who are 5 and 3 years old) are coming for a visit, today. It's going to be chaotic till it's not.

Evil GM


Duana, Great to hear that she's out of surgery.

Just posting to say i am here if anybody needs anything. It just seems like this is a good place to maybe meet-up (?)

Yeah, I'll probably have a post up later tonight answering Gelert and Danny. Slowly getting back into gaming mode.

Aximeus you brought this upon yourself!!!

Evil GM

Everyone happy with the pace, both of the story and posting rate?

I know with Jericho's/Ryuko's Net being down & the party split, it can be quite...methodical.

But hopefully you are finding this, at least interest, I know i am. :)

I find that entertaining the DM is ALWAYS a good thing! :)

Yeah, I'm good. We're just getting started, and trying to find that balance between "My character is,..." and "We need to work together!"

I'm happy so far. I'm sure once we get together and figure out what our common enemy/problem is, we'll take off like a shot. :)

Am I playing Duana's Never Never nature well enough to earn the "typical Fae" from Danny? *laughs*

Evil GM

Winterers, so going to Tybalt's office? taking a cab a car? I'll get a post for you up later.

Evil GM

Aximeus, I'll get a post up for you in the morning. Sorry I had a busy weekend.

Winter group?

Duana's vote was to take the cab, after all, she doesn't want to have much more to do with the Frost Knight and Danny if her suspicion is correct.

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