Jorvik: A Land of Snow & Ice

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A dark mystery in the ancient city of York.

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Evil GM

Alrighty, I'll get a post up in the morning. Detailing Tybalt's office. Sorry about the mix up. Night all.

BTW, Just letting everyone know. This week snuck up on me, and it's going to be BUSY. Very good chance of no communication on most days through Sunday. Sorry. I'll try to keep up with reading, but posting will be minimal. Thanks.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

No idea how to update my profile picture with this portrait but I found a much better picture of what Gelert looks like to me. Gelert the Fey Hound

Are we excluded from this scene? because Gabriel and Duana came out pretty quickly. She sent Gelert to scout for enemies just outside, she'd come running if he spent more than a minute away.

Evil GM

No feel free to join in. Anyone can join/create any scenes they want. It's just for ease of use that I forgot to add anyone to the title after the initial '& anyone else'.

Is Gabriel free to lie?

I was playing Duana as she is not free to lie, and Gabriel just BLATANTLY lied.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Umm Duana not to sound nit picky but Duana just lied as well when she said he was an expert on women's lingerie.

No, she said no such thing. She said he knew more about her about modern fashions.

That is true. Last time she was in "reality" was in WW2.

...prompts Gabriel for his opinion about color and cut.

"He is so much more informed about modern fashions than I am," she explains, her all too human eyes glittering. "I would be lost without him."

He does not love her, so far as I know, and they have never been intimate, unless I don't get a choice on that.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

All right, I guess I misread. My apologies.

I...honestly dont know if the mortal knights can lie guess char from other game slipped in there sorry if they cant lie will post new line or whatever to ammend if they can well opens up more possibilities haha sorry

Yeah, I'm at a loss as to how to respond to that, really, so I would like some clarification.

I'm sure somewhere, though, that Maeve is laughing her ass off. There's plenty of mirrors in this store, I am certain, or at least reflective surfaces. :P

My 2 cents?
As I understand it, the knights are (usually) humans who are chosen and given power. So basically they can do anything they want too. As long as the queen hasn't forbidden it. (And then there's still the usual work-arounds for that!) :)

I'll sit on a response then, because she's going to be volcanically pissed that the Frost Knight would lie about having been inside her. The lie is one thing, and it's bad, the subject is even worse.

*scratches head*

well duana regardless gabriel is just trying to show her that he wont just lie down and take it he will give it back this is a high ranking power in the court and even though im roleplaying him as an oathbound knight he wont always remain silent when you dog him haha made a funny cause we have a dog get it? lol

EDIT: maybe next time she won't goad him so much ;) not that i expect that to happen anytime in near near future lol and yes Maeve is laughing her ass off probably with popcorn hehe

Oh, but we can always make it not a lie though. She might do that to spite you, and please Maeve. Ever thought of that?

She's got pretty good fists and might. Your paltry little spells are nuffin :P

lol until i draw the sword ;)

Hmm, then Duana and Gelert both rend Gabriel to pieces, and Duana spends eternity next to Lloyd Slate.

Sound good. :D

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Dog is unsure, Knight man is really really fast with the sword out, plus he can cast spells.

Took care of it.

Fight fire with fire.

Gabriel misses his family, Duana flings it in his face.


Evil GM

My take on it is that; as the Winter Knight he does the things for the Fey Court that humans can do but the sidhe cannot. Thus he can murder humans & lie.

However Duana as a changeling, thus not a full-blood until she makes her choice; also has the option to lie (If I remember correctly, the troll girl in Summer Knight said she was alright when dying).

Although growing up in the court, might make her less likely to lie. And of course if you want to say she cannot lie; that's fine (esp. with Duana's first Aspect)


Been playing thus far that she cannot lie. Have been veeery careful not to lie with Duana. Omit truth, distort it, fine. But she has yet to lie.

And yes, it was because she was raised in the court, and at current, she is closer to making the Sidhe choice than she is the human one. Of course, either is going to be a death sentence for her.

I thought the troll girl saying she was all right was more of an indication that she had made her choice than an actual statement of her physical condition. :P

Evil GM

That's fine, if you see your character that way. That she cannot lie, then that is a very sensible idea. Especially at court-life where if they caught Duana making a lie; they would resent her more.

I am just trying to create no hard and fast rules; although I am not going to spring things upon PC's. Or try to restrict players actions arbitrarily.

Evil GM

Hopefully the game is not too confusing, I am trying to introduce a few factions from the start so that once everyone has achieved there initial objectives (like Ax is close to doing) then there is still things to do. Without me creating a new artificial train track of a mission.

Do you want/need anything extra in the campaign section. I have tried to put most of the NPC's met. Things like - alliances, places of import?

Winterers - Do you want more NPC interaction? Because I can ramp it up a notch; although after you peruse the files there will be a few more leads and options.

Nah, is cool thus far. We have plenty to study.

Question about how Gelert is supposed to recover.

Just waiting on a reply from Gabriel, really.

Evil GM

Sorry noticed the query IC, wasn't sure if it was mechanical or RP.

Anyway all stress, is recovered at the end of a fight. That is the [] [] things

Mild consequences are covered at the end of a fight and moderate at the end of a scene.

Ah, okie. Coz Gelert said that his paw was still hurting from being bit, and he was limping somewhat, so I thought I would ask, because Duana would be concerned about his health.

Thanks for letting me know.

Evil GM

Just gone over that combat and both Gelert and Duana took a 4 shift physical attack => [][][][X] which resets at the end of the fight so both are fine.

And I have to laugh because ghouls are meant to be dangerous, but you dispatched those easily.

Heh, yeah (THIS time)
But if Danny had decided to get brave (read: IE=Suicidal) we'd be looking for another spellsinger! :)

I'm back! (To my normal level of insanity at least)

I'll catch up ASAP!


Evil GM

Hope the game isn't too cryptic (or obvious) & that the files are not too blatant to some of the things that are occuring around town. I will put a couple more conclusions in line with Duana's Investigation Rolls.

Heh. No worries.
Hey, we gotta start SOMEWHERE right? Besides, MORE options is always better than less! :)

Evil GM

Just thinking I might introduce a potential female NPC, interest? To give you a bit of respite from Duanas' barbs :) {though it might lead to more}

I take it you have some clues upon where you now go. Of course the journey is as important as the goal. Anyway, if you need anything, or wish any particular information?

I think the story might need it maybe I dunno if you think it would help by all means :) Can't really decide haha will "role" with it hahaha oh i kid i kid

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

again, you have no idea who I am, I'm just a dog you ran into that night when you had a fight in the alley. Albeit a rather big dog, but unless you had met Duana beforehand, the closest name you have on me is Scooby. Sorry to sound like a lawyer on this but it doesn't make any sense that you'd know Gelert's name to me unless it had been told to you before, and Gelert isn't exactly the talking type.

Aximeus how did you just know gelert would be coming im sorry just having a little trouble following this....

lol Ax you make me laugh with the for those who know swords as it it happens I do lol and just was curious you know you are jumping around history quiete a bit you know? If you are supposedly the reincarnation of Achilles he wouldnt have a gladius if you are going greek style only gladius' were onl developed by the roman legions due to their tactics of locked shields and were mainly only used for quick short stabs as they were close to 2.5 feet long very short in terms of swords. Thought id mention that since greek and roman were very different :)

however if you are just mixing it up due to your long life then disregard above statement

still waiting on a response from gabriel to move the winter group along...

Evil GM

Thanks, for that.

If Danny doesn't post his action in next 8 hours, I'll hold his action & take the 'womans'.

Evil GM

Great move Danny, I'll have to have a think and post the opponents actions on the morrow.

is gabriel trying to soul gaze the officer?

Obviously, Duana not being a spell caster wouldn't know anything about it.

She does have a soul, right? coz she's mortal and not yet a monster?

I cant soul gaze more like just trying to be serious :) is it working? lol

Aaaah. Rules I picked up from reading Summer Knight, giving your name to someone gives them power over you. Ergo, Detective lady doesn't get it. Am curious about her partner now, though... hmmmm.

Evil GM

Yup, that's what I thought so I changed it for her to say "What name may I know you as?" so you didn't need to give a real name. Generally canonically, names spoken from your own lips (thus true intonation) can allow certain peoples (demons & powerful fey) mystical power over you.

Eh. Can't lie. Omit and obfuscate truth, sure. Duana has no false name that I've thought of, maybe she had an identity when she was in reality before, but, I would not think so.

More curious about her partner now, and who is that interested in us winter folks to try to draw us out with a threat from the police.

Who has that kind of pull? Someone with Contacts might know... hmmmm.

Evil GM

You can use abbreviations, corruptions or titles and that would give no power over you. Or simply get someone else to give out your name, would at least mitigate it.

Hard to tell from reading the posts way too quickly,
Duana, you do remember that the 'two shifty men' the police woman asked about were the illusion that Danny made?

Although I am pretty sure the dentist(whatever?) called the cops on us, and wouldn't want to be in his shoes when Duana gets the free time for a return visit! ;)

If you did know, sorry! just making sure, on with the show! :)

Sorry such abbreviated posts lately, trying to catch up at home and work. I hope to return to my usual verbosity soon! :D

I didn't know anything about the two shifty men. As I recall, Danny saw two shifty men walking away, which I wasn't sure was part of our scene. Duana doesn't do magic, she can just pass back and forth through never never at will. Technically it was not a lie. :P

And yes, that dentist is f*cked, and not in the way Duana originally intended.

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Yep, Danny was singing an illusion that made two gangsters (aka old hollywood style) also go into Tybalt's office, and follow us out of the building. He did it hoping to cast suspicion for the break in on someone else. ;P

Hm, that poor dentist. Maybe I should order flowers early, avoid the rush?

Assuming a body is found. *laughs* Never Never is a dangerous place for mortals, and not just on account of meeting with stray sidhe.

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

<Danny begins buying, and wearing, charms to ward off the evil spirits and their ilk>

I just wish Duana would be around to see Gabriel's "Oh sh*t, I failed to do the one task Maeve has trusted me with" face when he's done shagging the DC.

Ah well, it will be fun for her when he's screaming in pain beside Lloyd Slate. "See that Gabe, hunny, that's what happens when you LIE!"

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