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Jericho Sienman Korben







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College Student

About Jericho Korben

Name:Jericho Seinman Korben
Template: Focused Practitioner
Musts: Channeling or Ritual
High Concept: Ferromancer TA
Trouble: Stop Trying to Keep us Down!

Displaced Person:
Jericho has never really managed to fit in. The result of an 'indiscretion' by his mother (high profile american businesswoman Claire Korben) and an unknown father, Korben avoided notice when he could. His stepfather (equally high profile businessman Joshua Korben) didn't want a reminder of his wife's affair (it bothered him not a bit that his wife was unfaithful, just that she had been careless enough to have a child) and his mother simply never having time, (Maybe further reason?) Korben was raised more by books than anything else. He's never been much for people as a result, most of his early interactions coming from the hired help who homeschooled him and the other staff, who were far too proper to interact with the Korben's boy.

Phase Aspect:Just Ignore Me

The Gauntlet:
Whenever he turned 17, Korben found something on one of his frequent raids into his mothers cabinet for money. A package, addressed to him, dated two years before. It was heavy, and when Korben took it, his excitement soared. What would his mother have wanted to hide from him so much? Why would she never give him this? Upon opening the package, the boy was initially disappointed to only find a small steel arm guard. It looked old fashioned, but upon further examination was clearly worked with modern tools, even if it did have some old language on the edges of it. When Korben reached in to pick it up, he found a note underneath. It read only 'I know you had a child. It must be around the age that he'll be noticing the changes. Give him this. It will help.' and was signed -RP. Korben was elated. He wasn't insane. The things he could do with metal, the way he felt it's soul, it wasn't all him going crazy. He has kept the gauntlet since, using the Kuman symbols as a guide. He has found that the purity of the gauntlet has made it easier to work with than regular metal.

Phase Aspect:My Father's Gauntlet

The Most Dangerous Game:
When he's cut off from his father's protection for the first time, Korben evades the Wardens of the White Council. But how can he succeed when other people keep turning up dead with slivers of metal through them and the killer's calling card: a chess King, left at each scene?

Phase Aspect:WANTED: Dead or Alive

Stranger in A Strange Land:
When Jericho becomes lost in the Fae Realms while running from the law, can he manage to make it to a safe haven while avoiding encounters with tricky Fae, ravenous Demons and the Erlking's Dark Hunt? With his new companion, a Draconic Scion named Rill, to help, Jericho manages to escape, finding himself lost deep inside York, miles from his home and any companion he knows.

Phase Aspect:Friendless and Forgotten.

Bleak House:
When he's lost and stranded in a strange city, Korben stumbles across Aximaues, a greek demigod, and his quest to quiet some angry ghouls. But can they succeed when it appears that one of the ghouls is a spellcaster more powerful than any Jericho has seen before?

Phase Aspect:In The Pursuit of Knowledge

Powers and Stunts:
Channeling (Metal) (-2)
Refinement (-1)
Refinement (-1)
Capable Researcher (-1): Reduce amount of time making a Scholarship check by 2 increments.

Rotes, Foci and Enchanted Items:
Foci:Gauntlet (+2 Power for Offence, +1 Power for Defence), Ring (+1 Power for Defence)

Enchanted Items (4 Slots): Mirrored Sunglasses: Alertness bonus of +1 Always on, when applied to Non-Combat Situations. These sunglasses are made of the same material as two way mirrors and Jericho can bend or flex them into lenses to pick up small details or far off sights better. (1 Slot)

Spellbreaker: A large pocketknife that acts as a Weapon:1 at all times and reduces the effect of any spell effect it's used against by 2 shifts. (2 Slots)

2 Empty Potion Slots (1 Slot)

Rotes: Kilic: Single target attack. Discipline Attack with Weapon: 5 vs. Athletics or Weapons. Korben forces the metal in his gauntlet into a spike, hurling it at an enemy with lethal force. Also sometimes used to pin a target by his clothes (when he doesn't want to kill).(Guantlet Required)

Korumak: Armor: 3 for 2 rounds. Korben forms surrounding metal into a semi-translucent shell around him. (Requires Ring Focus)

Kelepce: Discipline Manuever vs. Athletics. Places Aspect: Shackled On one target. Gauntlet or surrounding metal is formed into shackles to slam around targets limbs.

Manyetik: Place Aspect: Magnetized on one target. Discipline vs. Appropriate Skill if used on enemies. Magnetizes metal to force it into other metal.

Superb (+5), 1: Discipline
Great (+4), 2: Lore, Scholarship
Good (+3), 2: Conviction, Empathy
Fair (+2), 3: Resources, Investigation, Alertness
Average (+1), 5: Athletics, Burglary, Stealth, Contacts, Deciet, Weapons

Stress And Consequences:
Physical: ()()
Mental: ()()()()
Social: ()()

Consequences:Name - Type - Duration

Fate and Refresh:
Current Fate Points: 3
Base Refresh: 8
Adjusted Refresh: 3 (8 - 5)