Jorvik: A Land of Snow & Ice

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A dark mystery in the ancient city of York.

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I am confused he actually isnt admitting anything and 2 Ill be laughing when gabriel actually blows a fuse when he finds out duana is gone lol and if duana had not acted like a petualant teenager she wouldve heard him tell the truth or half truth lol quite well actually lol

and he isnt trrying to shag anyone he is trying to figure out his own situation on being the border of fey and mortal also his plan is to try and befriend this cop who seems on the level and get them off our back sense duana ordered him to trash the place remember he cant really object to a direct order haha anyways....... it shall be interesting

Duana is a sail in the wind, and Gabriel is a proven liar. I would be curious to see a fight between them evolve from this actually.

The cop has no evidence, and she's not working through proper channels. Duana isn't going to kill her, but she's not going to make life pleasant for the little b*tch if she shows up again. That Gabriel is talking with her is inviting her to stay. I believe that is the opposite of your intended result.

Evil GM

Duana, Andrew would have assured you of G's trustworthyness in the park before the 'scene-shifted'. It just worked out better that way

Hope that was done alright, without too much Deus Ex 'ing

Touching base,

Have a busy work schedule coming up, AND a lot family drama (Mostly health issues)
SO, I'm keeping up for now, but If I vanish it's not intentional.
Sorry in advance if it happens! :)

Thank you,

Evil GM

Sorry, there isn't text up tonight. Been out at a birthday party. Although I am not overly unsober, don't want to write down things with imprecision like this.

Scribble them in crayon! :P

Hope you had fun.

Short on time at the moment as I'm driving to the airport with my husband to pick up the in-laws in a few hours, and would prefer to have a good think before I draw another two natured people into a conflict I know nothing about.

Might have something up later tonight, though.

Evil GM

That's cool, I did the same with my post.

Hope the In-laws aren't like a in British humour :P (youtube Les Dawson)

I could write volumes about my M-i-L. My husband uses her behavior as inspiration for CE characters. She is known by his entire group of gaming friends as "the Red Dragon."

I should go down and help with dinner. My post is likely to be lengthy though, Duana's been lonely for a long while.

Evil GM

"I can always tell when the mother in law's coming to stay... the mice throw themselves on the traps."
-Les Dawson

"My wife said: 'Can my mother come down for the weekend?' So I said: 'Why?' and she said: 'Well, she's been up on the roof two weeks already'.
-Bob Monkhouse

"My mother-in-law said 'one day I will dance on your grave'. I said 'I hope you do, I will be buried at sea.'"
-Les Dawson

"I wanted to do something nice so I bought my mother-in-law a chair. Now they won't let me plug it in."
-Henry Youngman

"I haven't spoken to my mother-in-law for eighteen months. I don't like to interrupt her."
-Ken Dodd

"I took my mother-in-law to Madame Tussaud's Chamber of Horrors and one of the attendants said: 'Keep her moving sir, we're stock-taking.'"
-Les Dawson

"My mother-in-law fell down a wishing well, I was amazed, I never knew they worked."
-Les Dawson

"I just got back from a pleasure trip. I took my mother-in-law to the airport."
-Henry Youngman

"My mother-in-law has come round to our house at Christmas seven years running. This year we're having a change. We're going to let her in."
-Les Dawson

just soz i know, in Summer Knight fae courts said jack and poo about vampires. Is there an official court view on whether or not the blood suckers are okay to deal with or not?

Evil GM

I believe that they will deal with them. In one of the later books (?- Proven Guilty), Harry has to negotiate with Mab to use the pathways through the never-never. However the vampires have been let through, in a seperate agreement by Summer.

& In the previous book to Summer Knight, Harry fae-godmother sold him out as part of an exchange with the red vampires. Thus starting the red vamps Vs. wizard war.

So IMO the fae would deal with them, provided they thought they were getting the better end of the bargain.

Female Human Housewife/1

Thanks, I didn't want to break cannon and do something silly like absolutely refuse to treat with them coz Maeve told me never, or treat with them because they're courtly.

Heck, I don't even know what court the Lord is from. If it's white, it would be fun, maybe... or she could just die. Still mortal. :P

Female Human Housewife/1

Hmm, not sure where to go. Don't want to start on a new day while everyone else's scenes are on hold at the moment.

Just enjoying the ride! :)

Danny has been watching too much TV, (And I have been reading too many books by authors that are far more clever than me!) But I DO have an idea of what Danny is trying to accomplish. Not so much a plan as a 'what if I did this? And if that works then I can do this' train of thought.

Evil GM

You're doing great, as is everyone. I am having alot of fun I will probably get 1 more post up with Duana (before my boss gets back to office :P ) and then do the cut-scene.

I will round up, the basic assumptions (at least from Danny's PoV), as I guess Duana may be a bit more circumspect about sharing information. I will leave leaps in logic out & hopefully consolidate what you know.

I find this is easier than the usual 'read the spoilers', but it will be in 2-3+ hours time.

She's going to insist that no one speak around gabriel, and likely that he leave the bookstore entirely so that snooty cop doesn't come sniffing around.

She's got no place to stay now, as far as she concerned, and that's his fault :P

ION I got the dresden file books and will be starting them shortly so I might know a little bit more about how crazy awful ghouls are in this setting.

I'll wait for Gabriel to post before I say anything. Since she's walking in after him, I suppose he'll have more than a few words to impart before she explodes. :D

Evil GM

That's alright I just thought it would be time/good to gather you together. Hope your alright with the potential of the compel (Ie forcing you both to stay), if you want to be there first because of the RL time difference. I can edit it (for a bit).

Eh, time difference is cool, I mean, it's got to be gotten around at some point. Plus it gives Gabriel the impression that he can win... for a few hours :P

Hey all,
So, what's the plan now?

It seems our RP'ing has written us into a corner, cooperation wise. :)

ANy ideas?

And has anyone heard from our erstwhile metal mage?

Female Human Housewife/1

Duana's gonna purrty herself up and go talk to the vampire lord. He's at war, and she has the info that can help him end it on top, which she thinks is going to be a good enough exchange for the box.

With mommie dearest's permission, of course.

And she wouldn't sell out the others. She isn't actively trying to make them fail. She's not GOOD, but she ain't evil.

Evil GM

No-one heard from Ryuko (Jericho - Metal Mage) in over a month. He was running a DF game with a couple of us, also playing & running other games with a few of us. But after he moved it seems his 'net took a while to get going & RL must have stopped him from gaming. Oficially his PC has been written out. If he is around he can come back, but not holding out any hope. If you guys want another PC I can advertise but I think we can easily manage.

I will get a couple of moving on posts for the two groups. But your ideas and methodology shouldn't be mutually exclusive or even too disruptive.

I have an idea how we can advance your story-line and get a bit of communication opened up. Were-wolves, in wolf form could communicate? This would allow you to move your agenda with still retaining your mystery?

Okay then,...
I guess we are staying true to the books, private agendas and all! ;P

So, we carry on?

I just wondered about Jerico, glad it's just moving etc and not something terrible! ;)

Evil GM

Yup, the pair of you (Danny & Aximeus) can check out Danny's plan; which is going to the gallery?

Duana, Gabriel & Gelert can do their plan. Which is to touch base with Maeve, get a bit of info from the weres about vamp lord & then have a meeting?

Hopefully, Ryuko is ok, as often happens his departure was unannounced but that what he was doing last time I he posted.

Female Human Housewife/1

That's pretty much my plan, yes. OOC i'm really curious to learn about this club, and I almost, almost asked about it IC, but thought it would be fun later, too. :)

I'm halfway through turn coat now.

Evil GM

Cool, that's a good one. The first couple are a bit weak, but that's really just because he is learning his style. Avoid 'Changes' and 'Ghost Story' until you have read the rest.

Just wondering, which exact club are you talking about ? (i think i know just wanting to confirm)

Female Human Housewife/1

the club that bunny was supposed to be at.

G said the vampire liked pretty things, then looked at the vacant Bunny who she said she needed to go to the club. OOC I think it's the gentleman's club the unnamed partner of gabe's squeeze was at (and it's really awkward that gabe's character name is my big brother's name, btw, being all... yeah... fae). So, yeah.

okay, so... just finished Changes. As I recall, this is set after Changes, right? So no Red Court vampires to worry about any more?

Evil GM

It's meant to be set just before 'Changes', because the next book also has a paradigm shift. Which hasn't fully been explained.

Thus the Red's are still at war with the White Council, which is on edge with possible traitors. However, York is at a bit of an impasse, the wizards (witches) are content with their niche and the vampires are arrogant but not wanting to have a destructive fight with the wizards.

Female Human Housewife/1

yeah, i'm kinda... slogging through the beginnings of ghost story, now.

has book about twilight zone plix? I could be in the US watching the 48 hour marathon on Sci Fi channel.

Evil GM

Yeah it's a great book but a bit hard going. Quite worth it though.

For a twilight zone style series - 'Urban Gothic'; a 90's horror series, whereas TZ is more suspense horror, this tends to be clever with a bit of gore (nothing too bad). Each episode about a different person or theme but all brought together by 'the city'.

Another interesting British series - 'Ultraviolet' (not the awful film), about a government agency trying to stop vampires. Stylish, dark, interesting cop story.

DONT SAY ANYMORE!! I haven't read ghost stories yet so no more! hissss

anyways Duana im kinda confused you said you took the files when you left Gabriel's you ran around town naked...with a huge stack of files with

Female Human Housewife/1

hey, move supernaturally fast, and the files were in a shopping bag.


Chicks can think like that. Trust me. I've been a chick a while.

Evil GM

LOL, she had stockings on. ;p

Female Human Housewife/1

gosh darnit.

Finished the Walking Dead, finished DF. guess I should make friends with google books or something. been ages since I've read the Count of Monte Cristo.

i am increasingly getting the feeling that Duana is playing alone for the winter group.

I'll have something up in a few hours, didn't really sleep well last night.

Evil GM

That's fine, I'll be out most of the day got a new vampire 1-shot game. Thus I might not be in much today.

Hope you feel better & feel awake/sleepy* (* = delete as required).

Evil GM

BTW in the 'Campaign Info' tab; I have put the File information for those that have read it. (for ease of use if you want to review it). I will update the NPC list soon-ish and the places. If there is any other information that you want to be readily available in that section please let me know.

(Ie - pictures or maps of locales, NPC pictures, quests, etc.)

Duana wrote:

i am increasingly getting the feeling that Duana is playing alone for the winter group.

Heh, I get the same feeling sometimes. Although, to be fair, when I DO get to post, I tend to be long-winded! :) Our companions are more action-oriented, and VERY good at what they do I might add! :D

Thanks for the notes DSXM, I hadn't even realized that they HAD those tabs! Very cool. And handy! :)

BTW, I fully intend to try to get out of the gallery without incident. BUT, knowing Danny's luck, (and mouth) I'm not holding my breath IRL! :)

Evil GM

I take it you are awaiting a responce from Gabriel or Gelert. If so that's fine, just didn't want you waiting on me.


Yeah, seems rather moot at this point. I'm officially calling KM dead by the way. We've lost too many players, and I'm not going to bring a bunch of new folks into the collective you guys are starting. It would be unfair.

gonna wait on the GM deciding the timing of danny's call, if it would be before or after we rolled out of the apartment before I post anything.

Evil GM

The phone went off after you left the apartment, whilst you are in the car.

yeah, i'm not saying anything because IC duana doesn't know anything.

her plan is still to meet the vampire. Given that I as a player know what's up, I'm gonna turn the dude against henri, because virgins are good eats for fey too - I mean...

I would probably tell danny, but until GM put a phone in Duana's house I thought it just a coincidence she had lights and heating. She's not very big on technology, cars, etc.

Evil GM

Sorry, wasn't meaning to FIAT the phone thing but communication is the biggest tool with any game and especially when players completely split up. From a versimillitude sense too, any modern flat/apartment will come witl a telephone, tv & indoor WC.

If we were to have a 40-50's British building definately would have a WC at the end of the garden (or communal one at the end of the street!).

Hey Dsx would you say magic users of all types of magic still disrupt electronics? Just kinda remembered after all we have two magic users just picking up random phones and not blowing them up ;)

Evil GM

Yeah, just checked the book pg229 (&258). Magic users generally disrupt technology dependant upon their power. They can deliberately hex items but have to roll as (pg258).

As far as rules go, the GM can compel a hex (using their wizard concept) or you could have a self-compel for the tech to break-down. But so far it hasn't really been appropriate or overly-interesting.

As a reminder to all self-compels are great for me, as I try an monitor/remember your aspects but sometimes cannot find the proper situation.

And if you want to alter anything I have said feel free, if Duana wanted a cradle phone or no phone feel free to correct my post. This game is meant to be more collaborative/ co-operative than even pathfinder.

Evil GM

Important - So what I'll probably do is set the scene for an evening meeting for all you PC's? You can agree, discuss exactly what is next & what you have learnt.

So if you want to do anything for the afternoon please state what. (Eg if Axe want to change his shift at his employment to afternoon?)

I'll get this up in 12 hours or so.

Sorry, if this seems ham-fisted.

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

hehe I never saw Ax as being this long winded; is just a topic he knows hehe

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