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Danny Kaye


Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

About Danny Kaye

Danny Kaye:

Current Events:


Changeling, Halfhuman, half ? (Fae: Dryad or Nymph or something)
High Concept: Struggling Fae Spellsinger
Trouble Concept: A Summer Changeling in Winter's Court

Book Names: Copper Drums, Tin Horn, Ten Whistles, Silver Bells, Golden Harp, Etc.

FATE Points: 8
Fate Refresh: 2
CURRENT Fate Points:8

Background: Aspect:Songs of my Mother


Danny was raised by his father and told that his mother died when he was young. His father, Sammy Kaye, was a musician, and Danny was raised around and involved with music and theater his whole life. When he got older, he displayed a remarkable talent for singing, acting, dancing, basically anything that involved performing he seemed to be a natural at. In his mid-teens he discovered that his singing could make things seem to happen. He also began to dream of an ethereal woman who sang to him in a beautiful language that he did not understand. It was then his father informed him that his mother was not dead, but was a creature of legend, a beautiful faerie creature who had loved Sammy for a time, then left Danny with him to be raised in the safety of the mortal world. Away from the dangers of the Nevernever & the Fae courts. His father told Danny that his powers were from his mother. (His father could see the supernatural, but never worked magic that Danny has ever discovered.)

Rising Conflict: Aspect:Child of Two Worlds


While Danny went to college, trying to get a degree AND master his new powers at the same time, He was discovered by agents of the fae courts. He was 'invited' to the Nevernever by an agent of Winter to meet his mother, but it was a trick. The fae who brought him had no idea who his mother was. What Winter wanted was for him to be their local Summer's Envoy for the Winter Court in the Toronto area. Summer's Envoy to Winter had no objection, and easily approved Danny's bloodline as acceptable for the position. (Which annoyed Danny.) However, Summer's Envoy either could not, or would not, tell Danny who his mother was. (Which annoyed him more!) They told Danny that he was a perfect choice for the job because he was a child of the Fae living in the mortal world. Danny figures that it's because he doesn't know squat about the Nevernever or it's politics, so he can't mess up anybody's plans.

Fortunately the trip to the Nevernever had unexpected benefits. Having visited with 'family', Danny has accepted who, and what, he is. And his powers have grown with that understanding. Unfortunately, his luck didn't grow with them. He can enthrall a crowd with any song or skit that he makes up himself, or at least has a vested emotional interest in, but despite his performance skills cannot compel the same response performing in regular plays and musicals. He now makes his living performing at Ren Fairs, small theaters, and the occasional stint in a underground rock bands.

The Story: First Adventure Copper Drums
Aspect: I'm dating a Teenage Triad!


(Back cover blurb) Danny has always had unusual luck, Both good and bad. But when he attracts the attention of twin oriental beauties, it seems his luck has finally changed! But his new girlfriends are members of a Triad family, and he will need all of his silver-tongued skill when meeting their parents! But he'll need the help of his new friends to survive an assault by Fairie creatures!
Guest Star-Aximeus- Hanging out in a back alley with some locals, playing checkers and drinking beer; a microwar erupts right in the alley. Strange fairy creatures in a mob chasing some humans; with a bellow of rage and an ancient battlecry, he summons courage into the locals to fight for their alley and they join the fight.

Guest Star-Dierdre Harlowe
Deirdre knew something was wrong that night, but couldn't put her finger on it other than the strange tension she felt. When she stepped off the metro something about the two guys behind her (one quite short, the other very tall and broad) set her alarm bells ringing. They headed for the same exit and she picked up her pace. On the street, she tried to lose them in the crowd, but whenever she looked there they were just far enough back to keep pace. When she cut into Chinatown one of them called out, "Enough with the running. You're coming with us." When he spoke Deirdre fell into a peculiar sense of deja vu. She had dreamed all of this before. Suddenly she knew exactly where she needed to be and broke into a run cutting through Chinatown back alleys. At each intersection, she took the path she had dreamed before while the numbers of her pursuers grew. When she careened into the blonde guy walking a couple of Chinese girls, she knew it was real. She had seen him in the dream and told him so, "I know you Danny Kaye- or well... I will. But we have to run." When the motley gang of pursuers rounded the corner and revealed themselves as slavering redcaps, an ogre, and some kind of half-man half-snake it sort of drove home the point in the way that doesn't require a lot of immediate explanation. Literally around the next corner Deirdre ran into Aximeus playing checkers with the Chinese kitchen staff of a dumpling house. And that's when the tables turned...

Guest Star 1 (?)
Aspect:All the world's a stage (Love the spotlight)


On his way to a gig with a popular underground rock band, Danny takes a wrong turn. He winds up in an old castle with a group of pesky fae troubling a knight. Never one to turn down an audience, Danny gives his own solo performance, and soon has the troublesome fae attacking each other in confusion!

Guest Star 2 (Duana)
Aspect: Fae Luck (Singing Down the House)


Danny's evening had started out eventful enough. At a Fae party in the Nevernever Danny had been introduced to striking lady who turned out to be Maeve's daughter. (Maeve?!? Who knew?) The evenings 'entertainment' a duel between Duana and a haughty elf lord. That had turned out well. For Duana at least. But catching a ride home to reality with Duana, the duo are mystically carnapped and end up in a goblin's Den! It will take all of Danny's spell-singing skill to get THIS party rockin! And bring down he house!



5-Performance (Art, Oratory, Tagging Emotions, USED FOR ILLUSIONS)
4-Deceit (Disguise, SOCIAL ATTACK), Presence (Charisma Reputation SOCIAL FORT)
3-Fists (PHYS ATT & DEF), Conviction (MENT FORT), Discipline (Concentration MENT DEF),
2-, Empathy (SOC DEF), Athletics (Dodging Running PHYS DEF), Rapport (Friendliness Emoting SOC DEF)
1-Lore (Perception (mystic) Arcane & Ritual Knowledge), Weapons (PHYS ATT DEF, Resources (Money, Power), Contacts (Gather Info), Alertness (Surprise Initiative Perception (passive))

Mortal Stunts:



(0) Wizard's Constitution
(-1) The Sight: Wizards and others have learned to open their third eye, perceiving the magical world in great detail. The downside here is that the often phantasmagorical images are burned into their brains—never forgotten, always vivid.
You must have a high concept that shows either that you are a spellcaster or that you have received training of some kind to open your third eye.

(-2) Glamours: You are able to create the basic glamours of the fae—minor veils and “seemings” that make something look like what it isn’t. Effects: Minor Veils, Seemings ; Skills Affected: Discipline, Deceit

(-2) Inhuman Speed: (Just past human)
. Alertness +4 on Initiative
. Athletics +1 including for dodging
. Stealth +2 because you move so fast
. Move one area and still take an action with no penalty

(-2) Inhuman Recovery:
You have an incredible fortitude, able to exert yourself longer and heal faster than a normal human can. You must attach this power to a Catch. (.Recover one step faster on wounds than a human
. once per scene clear off a minor consequence)
Effects: Total Recovery
Fast Recovery
Shrug it Off
Skills Affected: Endurance

(+1) Catch: Inhuman Recovery: Fae Weakness(es);Turning Clothes inside out,

Physical: [] [] []
Mental: [] [] [] []
Social: [] [] [] []