Jorvik: A Land of Snow & Ice

Game Master DSXMachina

A dark mystery in the ancient city of York.

System Notes:

Alertness - Surprise Initiative Perception (passive)
Athletics - Dodging Running PHYSICAL DEFENCE
Burglary - Lock picking bonus to Stealth/ Deceit
Contacts - Gather Info
Craftsmanship- Breaking & Building Items
Deceit - Disguise SOCIAL ATTACK
Discipline - Concentration MENTAL DEFENCE
Driving - Street Knowledge
Empathy - SOCIAL DEF
Intimidation - Interrogation SOCIAL ATT
Investigation - Perception (active) Surveillance
Lore - Perception (mystic) Arcane & Ritual Knowledge
Might - Strength PHYSICAL ATT (wrestling)
Performance - Art Oratory Tagging Emotions
Presence - Charisma Reputation SOCIAL FORT
Rapport - Friendliness Emoting SOCIAL DEF
Resources - Money Power
Scholarship - Knowledge Medical/ Comp Tagging Knowledge
Stealth - Ambushing Hiding Shadowing
Survival - Tracking Riding Animal Handling
Weapons - Weapon Knowledge PHYSICAL ATT & DEF

Templates & Archetypes

Pure Mortal - A person ‘in the know’ about the supernatural world. Investigator, Spec. Ops, Triad, Cop
True Believer - Priest
Champion of God - Knight Templar
Emissary of Power -
Knight of Fae Court - Human Knight of Fae, Sidhe Lord, Centaur
Changeling - Nymph, Kelpie, Nixie, Dryad, Snow Fairie, Brownie
Minor Talent
Focused Practioner
Vampire Infected
White Court Vamp
White Court Virgin

OTHER – Scion, Mythological Being, Wendigo

Skill Rolls

1. Roll against a Target Number (TN), extra successes are called Shifts. Shifts allow you to:
 Improve Subtlety of Action
 Improve Quality of Action
 Decrease time taken to perform
 Increase Duration
2. Assessment. Try to make an assessment of someone/thing. Allows you to work out the Aspects of an individual/ place. Roll vs. a TN or Contested.
3. Declaration. Allows a player to create an Aspect, by rolling vs. a TN. (i.e. a PC may declare ‘this room is cluttered’)
4. Contests.
 Opposed Roll
 Extended;
• Cat & Mouse. Both players roll x number of times highest total wins.
• Race. First player to x number of shifts.


1. Create a Scene
a. Aspects. These are the Aspects that are relevant to the area of combat. Players may invoke them for their Action.
b. Zones. Large areas where the combat takes place. May move freely within a zone.
2. Establish Groups
a. What are the goals of each group?
3. Initiative
a. Alertness Order, unless
b. Ambushed/ surprised or other
4. Actions. In initiative order players do 1 of the following;
a. Full Defence. Get a +2 to all defence rolls.
b. Sprint.
c. Attack
d. Manoeuvres
e. Blocking. This is a preventative action, to stop a future opponent action.
f. Evocation Magic (see elsewhere)

Fate Point System

PC’s have Aspects, these are charcter traits (ie. Adv/disadv). The GM can invoke these to make you do something, the reward is you get a fate point (i.e. PC is Curious so GM asks you to investigate something). But if you do not want to do something then you give the GM a fate point.

Fate points can allow you either a re-roll or +2 to a skill roll, if you can relate these to your Aspects.

Thus it is best to make your Aspects pithy and widely applicable. Thus ‘Curiousity killed the Cat’ is a better Aspect, especially for a were-lion or cat-burglar as it uses both ‘curious’ & ‘target for trouble’.

You can of course point out to the GM “I am investigating because I have the ‘Curious’ Aspect, could I have a Fate point?”

You can use someone else Aspects as well by giving a Fate point to them, then they have to act in accordance with the Aspect. This is called Tagging.

Tagging is useful in combats, especially social ones.


Ghosts In York
FATE Basics
Fey Weaknesses

Tybalt - Murdered Wyld Fae, courier, lives on a house boat
Jason Hilliard- Human, tall, stoner, accused of murder
Brian - Cafe worker opposite the Gallery, in his 20's, laconic.
Jacob Fothergill - Trips Butler
Mararet Clitherow - Ghost know something about Danny's Mother
Roxanna - Dannys Mother
Maeve - Queen Of Winter
Laverna - Sidhe Knight, Lady of the Seas. Visiting York.

Officer Clive Ramsbottom - Detective on case of Tybalts murder (interesting amulet - Order of St John)
WDC Laura Roseby - Detective who interviewed Jericho, he has her number. Met with Duana & Gabriel, has mysterious knowledgable partner. A woman in a dark suit, cropped brown hair and rich eyes. Danced with Kenneth at the ball.
PC Peter Owt
PC Paul Over

Girl in a white leather coat, dances without care her vibrant short blonde hair bounces. You see the faint hint of scarlet tattoos upon her wrists.
Shrouded Figure - Murdered Tybalt has manacles on his hands.
Laura Olaffson - Kindly Mobile librarian, looking for a mate for Gelert!
Sven Olaffson - Tall Blonde Scandinavian man - Husband of Laura

Dora - Owner of art shop (looks like Patricia Routledge)

Henri Millier - Necromancer Art Dealer
Father Millier- CoE Vicar

Letitia Morrigan - Warden of Council
Soph Lauren - Vice Chancellor

Dragon -Armoured man
Shadowy figure

Alicia - young girl rescued after vampire attack

Pagan Witches
Sara - Young Blond Woman who witnessed the murder (Garden & Dark Lore, speaks Welsh)
Sara's Mother - Owner of a Bar 'Evil Eye Lounge'
Wizened Old Lady - Wants Danny to get Tybalt's address book.
Timothy - Gave Sara a box for Tybalt! Stole it. A tall young man in love with Sara

Becca - Black Court Vampire, likes fresh blood & youth, Geordie with blue Mowhawk (Christie Von Eerie).
Mr Aggoggo - Vampire, likes his Lord, African.
'Lord' Lawrence - Vampire Lord of City, likes beautiful things.
Arjen Hooslander
Molly Finley - Lawyer for Poppy Court

G - Leader of the Wolf-pack
Andrew - Werewolf, second. Handsome, photographer, has loft near river.
Bunny - Dancer, werewolf (husky). Pretty Vacant.
Agatha - Pack healer, works at a GP clinic. 40's curly ochre hair with hints of white.

Mr Blanche
Mr Todmorden

Order of St John
Officer Ramsbottom - Detective on case of Tybalts murder (interesting amulet - Order of St John)
Soph Lauren - Vice-Chancellor and Head of York University.

Minor NPC's:

Desk Sargeant - Fatty & Lazy
Custody Sargent - Ex-Rugby, Ruddy complexion, Jericho hit him.
Becca - York Uni Librarian
Rick - Jock Idiot
Passer-by in street - York accent, bushy beard
Dentist Brian McDowal - Rude dentist

File 1:

This file is slightly water damaged. as if someone had it out in the rain or split some drops of water on it.

The Case: To get a reticule or small box (ivory), it is held by the 'Order' at York Cathedral in one of the back rooms. There are a few building layout plans with hand written notes, things like wards, camera positions and motion sensors.

'It has to obtained to contain that which the Queen wants'; Tybalt has written. Then there is a telephone number and what upon closer examination is the name Timmy. It seems he is a 'exquistion expert' though only recently used. He was paid £10k, to get the box and deliver it to Tybalt last night. Half the money in advance.

File 2:

There are a wide array of pictures of metal items. Sculptures, weapons, chains, tools. It seems to be some sort of specialist catalogue or folio from an artist.

A client ordered some metal manacles, to be delivered last month. The Client is noted down as H @ Harvey Lane. Costing £10k; with 10% to Tybalt.

Interestingly, the address is in the nearby town of Thirsk and you notice the Telephone number is the same as that of Laura the Mobile Librarian.

File 3:

This is severely damaged. There is a few photo's left in the file but the majority of the things have been ripped out. From the looks of it, it is probably that Tybalt has removed everything from the folder hoping to find something more secure.

The photos include; the cambodian killing fields, Indonesian masks, an athame. As well there are some grainy photo's all with a similar theme of death and suffering and on a grand scale.

In pencil there is a note on the inside of the file saying Maeve and a date, which is a month ago. Next to that is a rubbed out impression saying 'alternate buyer - more money?'. *This pre-dates the first folder, whatever 'she' wanted here it is the primary items.*

File 4:

Client is someone called Laurence Hughes-Smith, there is an address for him. He has paid a deposit of £12k for Tybalt to locate the location of 'them', or at least 'the entrance' to 'their' home.

It contains a picture of an old coal mine nearby, a slaughter house and some maps with '?' on them near cave entrances. There is a final print out from google maps with a heavy X. *Looking at all the notes and pictures it seems that this is the entrance to a lair of carrion eaters. Possibly ghouls, the entrance is near slaughter-houses, farms and old bone-yards. You work out the exact entrance too.*

File 5:

This is quite a simple folder Jake Hubbard has hired, Tybalt to find his missing daughter Lucy. He paid £2k, she was last seen outside a night-club in the city centre. What happened was not picked up on any cameras. This happened earlier this week and Tybalt has not got too far in the case. *The girl, 17, was taken from outside a night-club @ 3am. The bouncer saw her talking to a man, some weirdo goth bloke in a skirt, they got in a small lime-green Volkswagen Beetle. *

File 6:

The client is only noted as M. she has hired Tybalt to find out as much as he can about the individuals in the picture.

A picture with the enscription; The picture is of a woman in victorian dress with an ethereal beauty and a misty figure 'Margaret Clitherow & Roxanna. 1872'.

Amongst the most recent notes is a name 'Henri @ Postal Office in Askham Bar' and 'ask Eleanor!'

Scribbled after this as if in haste is; 'Over heard M say on phone she needs info to black-mail Danny, to help with the ritual. Who is Danny? What Ritual? Must be careful of the crone & warn Timmy.'

*The woman 'Roxanna' looks like a Fey Lady and not one of Winters' Court. You don't recognise her, but she still could be alive, heck it's only a 19th Centuary date.

Henri seems to be a spiritualist that works with the dead. Tybalt has worked with him before and he could know about the woman.*

File 7:

Client is a Ms. A Bainsmith, she asked Tybalt to find everything he could about a local artist.

Recently the artist has gained a few accolades, some national after his works have become more refined. They have also become more brutal, gory and darker. Think Damien Hurst. Tybalt has got together a list of associates, agents and friends of the artist. The file is by no means completed.

Some of the pictures are quite graphic but have a viceral beauty. Possibly in line with some of the fey excesses.


Evil Eye
The House of the Trembling Madness
Strip Club
York Minster Cathedral

Accords Neutral Grounds - Unicorn Bookshop
Xandria - Owner/barista of Unicorn Bookshop.

PC's Keep Out:
Years ago there was a group of fae & wizards who fought against a mysterious group it took them to the Holy Island. They found out about it from Esmeralda.

Information as far as you are concerned.

  • Main Arc: Tybalt, a courier was murdered by Henri Millier.
  • Tybalt was contracted by Maeve to get the box; he hired Timothy to steal it from York Cathedral.

[Lore/3 roll]A Chinese dragon, it coils above the building before disappearing. The dragon is a symbol of Imperial power, before the Communist rebellion there was a group the ‘Descendants of the Dragon’.

Politically: At the end of his reign, the first legendary Emperor, Huangdi, was said to have been immortalized into a dragon that resembled his emblem, and ascended to Heaven. The other legendary Emperor, Huangdi's brother, Yandi was born by his mother's telepathy with a mythic dragon. Since the Chinese consider Huangdi and Yandi as their ancestors, they sometimes refer to themselves as "the descendants of the dragon".

Supernaturally: There is said to have been some dispute with the Imperial Court and a Jade Court that led to aspects of the West trying to overthrow them and the Boxer rebellion ensued.

Man in dragon armour flanked by a pair of heavily tattooed ghouls. Kanji written all over their faces and naked bodies, a crimson transluscent blindfold covering their eyes.