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Full Name

Aximeus Auctoritus Rexis


Greek/Roman Demigod






Born March 1, 1929

Special Abilities

See below; fate points +2


Currently Toronto


English; Greek


Currently; Sous chef; short order cook

About Aximeus

High Concept - Wandering Demigod
Trouble - Code of Heroes
Background - Child of Greek Gods & Orphan of Man
Rising Action - Noble Purpose
First Story - Avoiding Authorities

Child of the Greek Gods and Orphan of Man - Aximeus looks young; but he has outlived any known family; is a single child with no known relatives. Aximeus was raised by a goddess in New York's Little Italy who is his Aunt, but he doesnt know she is a goddess or of his own divine creation by Demeter for her and his Aunts own purposes (see the Illiad and Archilles origin, see any book of Greek artifacts for what the armor and sheild looks like.

Code of the Hero: (code follows)
Show No Fear : thus dont get punked or intimidated; thus cant refuse a challenge to duel or anything that would imply character less than a couragous heart. Dont let Rash challenges distract from the quest or goal; thus learn when a challenge is a foil or a true test of heart.
Spartan Focus : Avoid any lifestyle that ties a person down or encumbers him from being ready and able to go into action with a clear conscious. Thus accumulation of wealth, lust, drink, sloth are distractions to avoid as over time they entangle.
Pure Heart: Work hard in menial labor for that is the fruits of strong hands to build the foundation of society; no task is ignoble if it serves society as a whole. Avoid tasks in service of questionable loyalies.
Sheltering Arm: The Strong often must use goods, property and services of society in the course of the good fight without asking; thus in return the warrior must give service to the weak by protecting them from threats out of their league be it making a bully back off, a gang prowl elsewhere or fight a monster in a back alleyway for little or no compensation to maintain a karmic balance.
Honorable Word: Only the weak break their word of honor and dance with language. Dont mince words; speak simply and with purpose, mean what you say and back it up.
Honor thy Ancestors: No man births himself; be true to your blood and honor the ancestors from which your strength and bearing come. One honors their ancestors when one honors any aged warrior in the struggle of life against time. Heroic deeds; not ignoble ones, give you the company of heroes in the afterlife when you become an honored ancestor.
Lead, Follow, or Get out of the Way: Avoid endless debate; better to act and trust fate than quibble or deseminate. Warrior as men of action; restless in peace with an eye for the next encounter. Obey when following; expect to be obeyed when leading, all else is chaos

Powers and Stunts:
0 Refresh: Wizard's Constitution allows you Long Life.

-2 Refresh: Inhuman Speed (Just past human) allows;
. Alertness +4 on Initiative
. Athletics +1 including for dodging
. Stealth +2 because you move so fast
. Move one area and still take an action with no penalty

-2/-4 Inhuman Toughness (Armour 1) when not wearing Armour. Supernatural Toughness (Armour 2) when wearing Armour.

-2 Inhuman Recovery

+2 Catch: Needs to keep contact with earth. Armour can satisfy the Catch.

+2 Item of Power: Armour, Sword, and Shield

-1 Magical Items
. Magical Sword regularly Sword 3 that 3 times per session can attack with Sword 6 or Counterspell 6
. Armour can spend a fate point to summon armour (shield and sword)
. Shield once per session can get Armour 4 against physical attacks (when summoned; this sheild and armor will dissappear from the Museaum it his held in and return to Aximeus.


-1 Refresh: Leadership for efficiency of commanding and controlling people

Weapons 5

Might 4
Endurance 4

Presence 3
Athletics 3

Fists 2
Guns 2
Intimidation 2

Alertness 1
Conviction 2
Discipline 1
Empathy 1
Resources 1
First Story: Born of the Greek Gods for an unknown purpose; the youthfull looking Aximeus has been the champion of the common man for nearly a century. His constant battles with the hidden world has landed him in trouble time and time again often ordered by the judiciary to serve in some the military in some foreign land. After some recent trouble in San Pablo with Agents of Darkness; Aximeus relocated to Toronto and took a humlble job as a Night Watchman; can he out run Fate?
First Aspect: Avoiding Authorities

Guest appearance (Chinese Winter Torture): Hired as a part time Night Watchman for the Warehouse district; Aximes notices strange lights and people fighting; looks like two scholars in trouble by strange forces and his rage begins to boil, with his nightstick and a abandoned pipe; Aximeus goes toe-to-toe with the Sidhe Knight, battling him to a standstill and allowing all three to escape ; of course; with this unexplained damage to the area, reports, and complaints; he can't keep his job, but Aximeus wants to stay in Chinatown in case there is more trouble. He takes a job as a Sous Chef at a local Chinese Restraunt.
Scene Aspect: Making your business, MY business.

Guest appearance (Copper Drums) Hanging out in a back alley with some locals, playing checkers and drinking beer; a microwar erupts right in the alley. Strange fairy creatures in a mob chasing some humans; with a bellow of rage and an ancient battlecry, he summons courage into the local to fight for their alley and they join the fight.
Scene Aspect: Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting!