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About Duana

Name: Duana
Player: Aria
Template: Changeling (Sidhe)
Musts: High concept indicating Fae heritage
High Concept: Maeve's Little Stain
Trouble Aspect: Mother is the Word for God on the Lips of All Children

Phase One Aspect: “Wear it in silence or I will honor you again”

Duana’s education in the machinations of the Winter Court. She has the discipline to not speak until spoken to, however in times of conflict within the party, she may not be able to express herself.


Learns of mortal Heritage
Education by high Nobles of the Court
First “unsuccessful “ assassination attempt
Fails Maeve’s assessment
Informed of Maeve’s manipulative nature


Duana is a product of the scheming of the Winter Court, particularly of its lady and second (or third) in command, Maeve, and a mortal man. The magics inherent in the fae seemed to miss Maeve’s daughter, although it was very much touted by the detachment of noble maids the Lady appointed to her person. Duana was taught the machinations of the court by the high ladies, but watched the revelry from a distance. Her mortal blood excluded her from a great majority of the ceremonies. She was rarely met by her mother, but the manipulative lady had a firm grasp over Duana’s education. The rod was not spared when Duana answered incorrectly, preparing her for the violence inherent in the Court’s darker dealings. Being mortal, and essentially ignored by her mother, Duana did not have any friends. She understood later that those ladies appointed to her care were Maeve’s enemies, and that her education was meant to forestall their machinations, and expose Duana to nigh mortal danger. This was revealed to Duana when an assassination attempt went awry , and she was called to testify before the court. When she arrived, the only noble that stood within was her mother, Maeve, who struck her hard and lamented that the education that she had meticulously planned had come to such an end. The blow, a trifle to a full blooded fae crushed several of Duana’s ribs. When she opened her mouth to protest, Maeve lent down and cupped and kissed her daughter’s face and whispered “Wear it in silence or I will honor you again.”

Phase Two Aspect:“Pretty as a Picture”

Among mortals, Duana is regarded as something wholly erotic, and exotic, but still inherently other. Her presence among humans is overwhelming, but her inherently alien mindset is off putting. If she is not careful, her human guise will slip.


Duana discovers her only bit of fae magic, the ability to slip between Nevernever and “reality”
Discovers modern media, and humanity’s obsession with sex and violence
Recognizes that she is not fully human, and relationships with humans are unsatisfying
Maeve’s/fae influence reaches even here
Chooses to remain among the Winter Court


Infuriated with her daughter's failure, Maeve allowed her daughter a great deal of freedom during her recovery. Duana wandered frequently, far from the halls of the court, passed many intrigues which no longer held any interest for her. She was accosted occasionally by full sidhe who wished to cause her pain for their own amusement, pressing against her battered ribs in pursuit of an intimate caress, or most cruelly, simply ignored. She ardently wished to be away from the Court, and suddenly found herself so. Duana emerged in the mortal world in the wine cellar of a tavern. Crouched behind casks of ale and crates of liquor, Duana watched with rapt fascination as two humans made love in the musty closet. When the pair concluded, an audible gasp that escaped Duana's lips alerted them to her presence. The male partner, unwilling to even dress, immediately armed himself and set about hunting Duana with a strange tool with a crude blade attached to its end.

Duana's mind flashed back to her various assaults, and she rushed out and pacified the male, striking his tool from his hands. The woman screamed and fled the room, but her partner, eyes wide and nostrils flared began speaking in a strange tongue. Duana understood only that he wished to be released, and she wondered when the female's cries, which seemed further away now, would rouse others to her cause. Staring after the woman's exit, she was surprised when the male clasped her hand about the wrist and pulled her away with him. Thus began Duana's flirtation with her mortality, a creature who appeared no older than an adolescent girl, introduced to war-torn western Europe I will not elaborate as I'm not familiar with it, and the actual location will not matter much to her particular story.

Duana was introduced to romance languages, print and film medias (such as they existed at the time), and to mortal representations of passion. She understood that her savior was a soldier, and an officer. He kept her in a crude domicile no larger than a closet, and frequently visited. At first the affection was flattering, and the delicate way with which he handled her was novel, but Duana quickly became bored. She slipped away from the impoverished hovel and wandered as she were want to do, and met and entertained several more mortals, but no matter which flavor she tried, artist, intellectual, patriot, their company did not satisfy. Rarely could they answer her questions with any particular degree of certainty and each lacked any vestiges of authority. The lovers she took were far too soft, and the couplings lacked the spice of danger inherent in Court intrigue.

Increasingly dissatisfied with her surroundings, Duana began to devour books. Seated on the steps of a landmark while she turned the pages of Machiavelli's Discourse on Livy Duana was approached by a photographer who wished to capture her likeness, claiming that she was as "pretty as a picture." Infuriated, Duana posed only so long as the idiot refused to leave her be, and returned to the sweaty hovel to find Maeve within, tenderly caressing her officer.

"None succeeded in making a child on you," Maeve lamented, then smiled an immeasurably beautiful smile and tossed a battered copy of A Modest Proposal at Duana's feet. "Or have you chosen already, darling?" she sneered.

"If you desire progress, there are far more suitable mates at Court, and some might even find pleasure in your touch," Maeve said and then giggled."Demonstrate your power, my daughter."

Duana opened a portal to Never-never and returned to the Winter Court with her mother.

Phase Three Aspect:"Shadows and Dust"
Duana's mission with the Wyld Hunt and training under Fletches teaches her to be an excellent skulk and assassin, but she recognizes the inherent dangers and is made hyper conscious of her mortality. She'll avoid combats with no clear advantages, and could be compelled to have slowed reactions to ambushes.


The Erlking comes to beg for sidhe warriors to fight big monster
Lady Maeve advances Duana with a handful of politically inconveniences
Trains among Fletches and monsters to become an able assassin
While scouting for mission, stumbles across Gelert puppy
Ambush by undetected enemies reminds Duana of her mortality, spends several months in recovery, also nursing Gelert pup

Guest Star: The Gelert pup

Phase Four Aspect: "Now and Then, Here and There"

Recovery from the Wyld Hunt has Duana at a disadvantage, she is challenged several times in this period. Her skill with weapons increases, but she becomes a slight bit too anxious to resort to violence.


Significantly weakened by her failure in the Wyld Hunt, Duana is set upon by the wolves of the Winter Court.
With Gelert beside her, she manages to survive most duels, but the challenge is fierce.
Duana begins training with weapons to augment her natural abilities.
Maeve takes a Knight, and bestows on him more power than Duana can ever hope to posses.
Rivalry ensues in which Duana, the superior combatant, engages her mother's Frost Knight in mock duels to satisfy her ego.

Guest Star: Gabriel, the Frost Knight

Phase 5 Aspect: “Hometown Glory”

Duana recognizes Maeve’s manipulation for what it is, and greater insight into the machinations of the court and her place within it, as Maeve’s personal assassin. Her ability to relate to humans suffers further.


At a masque arranged by Maeve, Duana is introduced to a charming young man, the Emissary of the Summer court.
That evening is incredibly eventful as Duana is also challenged by an ambitious Sidhe lord. After a far more taxing fight, a moment of distraction on his part allows her to get the upper hand and slay him.
Maeve congratulates Duana on the kill, but suggests that she return to reality for the immediate future to avoid reprisal.
Duana arrives in York. Finding no suitable employment, resumes where she left off her last trip out, reading books.
Does not allow herself to become too comfortable, as she knows that her mother will be calling on her in the near future.

Guest Star: Danny


Physical(Endurance) [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Mental (Conviction) [ ] [ ]
Social (Presence) [ ] [ ] [ ]

Armor, etc.


Alertness - Good +3
Athletics - Great +4
Deceit - Average +1
Discipline - Fair +2
Endurance - Good +3
Intimidation - Fair +2
Investigation - Average +1
Might - Good +3
Presence - Average +1
Stealth - Great +4
Survival - Fair +2
Weapons - Great +4


Inhuman Speed -2
World Walker -2
Human Guise +0

Duana's Human Guise

Among mortals, Duana dresses conservatively, or what would be conservative in the modern era. Her previous experience in reality was in the mid-fourties, and her "fashion" sense reflects this. She wears very sedate dresses, stockings and pumps with the appropriate amount of heel for every occasion. And of course her obsidian blade hidden on her person.