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Full Name

Lord Valentine the Grim


Efreeti, advanced manthing






Huge; its a mental thing; well when it works


about a million years give or take a thousand ideas

Special Abilities

as listed plus cooking and brewing; likely to believe everything a woman says


LE/LN/LG is very conflicted atm


varies upon day but keeps his eye on XP


City of Brass (home) but usually hangs out in the Untitled Redneck trailerpark


Auran, Celestial,Common, Ignan, Infernal, Small talk, Love, Redneck and Blather


Host of the BBQ pit at said trailer park, Dad

Homepage URL

hmm don't speak URL

Strength 45
Dexterity 28
Constitution 34
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 14
Charisma 20

About Valegrim

Valegrim is the Avatar of James E Descamps (not my birth name), a desert dwelling cowboy of 1/2 Finnish, 1/4 German, 1/4 Irish decent who grew up on a Ranch in New Mexico. Yes, I can ride, rope; tend animals; butcher said animals, and cook just about anything. Have several degrees in English and Electronics and currently work for a wafer manufacturing company in the Quality department. Just got remarried after being married to a beast, have three wonderful kids. Am a big time tabletop and rpg gamer and do some online MMOrphs; have done several martial art styles and have bout 20 years in it; was a soldier in the U.S.Army so that makes me a vet; have lots of awards for cooking; shooting and have placed high in several single sword; dual wield; sword and shield, single dagger tourneys. Mostly I am a gm and have been since 1980, but I love to play which I have been doing since 1978. This is pretty much just a basic overview; have been to 9 countries; lived in Europe a few years and have been to every state in the union. Am a devoted catholic and dad. Read my posts and you will pretty much know who I am; I can muddle around in several languages and am fluent in Middle English, am learning Arabic currently. Things that might be strange; hmm; I follow the AB secreter blood type diet which a lot of people find strange; you can read about it by searching for "eat right for your type". Following this diet really helps control my allergies. Oh; I was born in 1964 and St Patrick is my patron saint.