Jorvik: A Land of Snow & Ice

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A dark mystery in the ancient city of York.

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@ Duana yeah that sounds about right lol doesnt help that shes probably hot as hell lol

@dsx what i meant was could he be holding on the handle when its sheathed and get the bonuses

@jericho your going to have to explain this alot more lol im so lost hehe

Evil GM

Yep, so long as its not constantly active thats fine.

RE: The last part regarding Rotes. As part of the Rote if you state it includes a +1 discipline offence from your foci. You cannot cast it without the foci. Like Harry and his Fuego &the wand.

hmm so I have to decide between two good items or multiple lil items?

Male Ferromancer

Actually sponsored magic gives you four Foci slots... but you can choose what to do with them. I have four slots but my gauntlet fills three... making me much more tied to that. As for the other stuff... what needs explanation?


I can see their relationship starting off as antagonistic. She will push his buttons, perhaps ask for duels, challenging his skills. She will see his ability to utilize magic as a direct offense to her lack of magical abilities, save that which allow her to travel to and from Never-never for hunting. Probably they get paired up to do Maeve's bidding and she takes it upon herself to tease him after, having accomplished whatever task they were assigned to.

Basically, he helps her become a little more comfortable with Court politics in so far as she recognizes that she is a formidable opponent, and she does carry a weapon capable of delivering final death to other sidhe.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Woof? Looks between serious sword-man and Mistress of the Hunt and scratches ears then chuffs and wags tail at Zelaria and gives small whine at Gabriel.

Gelert wonders how he should be around Gabriel

*kneels down and scratches Gelert's neck*

Duana whispers in the language of the Winter Court "This one is our quarry. Only we must be careful not to damage him in our pursuit or our Lady will rage."

Duana glances up at Gabriel and a slow smile spreads across her face as she rises to her full height, and lets her fingertips idly play across Gelert's crown. "Is that not the way of it, Ser?"

sounds good lol should be fun haha also i dont know if it applies to you being halfbreed (sorry) but seelie cannot kill mortals its why they need the knight to be a mortal

also just need help on magic period lol

Good to know. And I said "not damage" in the hunt, didn't mean "let's kill 'im." I assume having been raised in the court she knows the function of the Knight very well, and if you display magic, knows that you're waaay higher on the food chain than herself. As I said, a competitive relationship.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Gives a low rumble at Duana's petting and pants heavier, tail thumping, then eyes Gabriel with suspicious eyes and growls once at the mention of the word "halfbreed". Then thrusts his head against her hand fully so she can get behind his ears.

Gelert isn't sure he likes tall, grim sword-man with cold scent. Petting is goooooood...

Gabriel just drums his fingers across the hilt of his longsword and grins down at the pair.

"My orders are just to make sure you do not get killed on some petty task m'lady" he replies fluently eyeing the dog and then looks away.

Duana scratches behind Gelert's ear idly, her grin broadening. "I see, so your orders are to condescend to me?" she says softly, letting her fingers trail down Gelert's muzzle as she approaches the Knight.

Duana appears to wish to stand in front of him, then taking advantage of his inattention lithely slides to his side, dragging her hip across his leg, and a second later leans against his back. "And how do you propose to uphold this task if you cannot stand to look at me?" she hums.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Gelert growls at the tall man, chill-sword's words and then sneezes slightly when his Mistress touches his nose. He watches the exchange and sits down on his haunches and gives the man a pleased doggy grin that seems a little too smug for a dog.

Let chill-face answer to Mistress' vixen-tail taunting. Amusing to see human men reaction to cunning Mistress' playing.

enter wheezy doggy chuckle from Cartoon Network XD

Male Ferromancer

Korben magnetizes his belt studs enough to sit comfortably on air and does so next to Gelert. "These two are better than cable... it's like a spanish soap opera, but I understand the words." The man lounged and watched the Fae drama play out as he scratches Gelert's ears.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Gelert gives a start and growls at the new man floating in air and touching him until he removes the intruding hand to a safe distance. Then the dog consents to sniff his hand fully, then lick it, prompting it to resume its scratching now that he is sure it is safe. Enjoys the attention he is getting from floats-in-air human as he watches his Mistress at play. Looks back at Jericho and cocks his head a little, whining the tinest bit, ears perked up.

New human strange. Not Fey, not mean harm. Good. What is 'soup opera'? Better not mean bath...

Do we even know how tall people are lol?
Gabriel blushes slightly red tinging his cheeks before he steps lithely away from the girl.
"Its not the fact that standing to look at you is the problem m'lady."

That said he looks at her evenly the red gone from his cheeks and his expression blank.

Jericho Korben wrote:
Korben magnetizes his belt studs enough to sit comfortably on air and does so next to Gelert. "These two are better than cable... it's like a spanish soap opera, but I understand the words." The man lounged and watched the Fae drama play out as he scratches Gelert's ears.

I loved telenovelas when I was growing up. I still remember the entire plotline to Marisol.

"Is it not?" Duana hums, her voice not quite matching her equally placid expression as she turns her head to regard him with dark, mortal eyes. "Then what is your purpose in watching my person?" she inquires.

Duana's eyes flick to the hovering mortal, but does not give any appearance to acknowledging his existence otherwise at this time.

Why do I read your hovering ability like the Baron Harkkonen in Dune? going to be fun hahaha

Gabriel feels his jaw muscles clench tightly and looks at the woman in front of him and stands silently. Maeve had warned him of her daughter and the consequences of revealing her orders to him but unsatisfied had also placed another binding on him concerning her daughter.

He glances over at the dog and the other human and eyes them both suspiciously.

Duana laughs, a chilling sound that strikes at the base of Gabriel's spine and works downward. It is too practiced to be entirely human, which he should know she is not.

"Do not look to Gelert, Ser, he has not the ability to answer you," she says with no faint trace of amusement in her voice. "I do believe my mother has trained you better than Gelert behaves with me," she teases and makes a slight gesture of her hand, curling her fingers in Gelert's direction to call her faithful hound to her.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Gelert sits up and trots over to his Mistress, pushing his grey-brown muzzle into her hand and rumbles affectionately at his lady. He lays his huge head against her slender hip, almost overbalancing her, tail thumping the floor and he opens his mouth in a happy grin, ears laying back against his skull.

He gives Gabriel a smug, contented look and licks his nose. Gelert takes comfort that he comes up evenly a little over or at least even with tall-sword-chill human's waist.

Gabriel says nothing still bound but mist begins to pool around his feet growing thicker as the seconds pass by before he notices and slashes his hand angrily dispelling the power his anger had called forth before looking to Duana, his charge for the time being, and slowly shakes his head looking hoping she took the hint.

He looks down at the large dog and merely taps his finger against the longsword strapped at his waist in response to the dogs expression.

Duana throws back her head and laughs at the Winter Knights oh so cunning display of his lack of control. "Aye, Ser. You are truly terror to behold, threatening a bastard of this Court and her sole companion. My, when might I have starred in this scene before?" she wonders and taps a slender fingertip on her full lips.

"Hmmm..." she hums, and flashes her human eyes seductively. "Are we to be enemies, as well?"

Duana laughs again, almost giggling and turns and exits the scene, her hand trailing behind her. "Gelert, you may remain if you wish. I do not believe this one is a valid threat," she calls over her shoulder.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Gelert narrows his eyes slightly at the man touching his long-fang chill metal sword and chuffs again. He rises after his Mistress and trots after her dutifully, ears perked for anything out of the ordinary or somethig following them. Pants enjoyably as he catches up with his lady easily and looks up at her as they walk. He barks once and makes a small jump playfully and bounds ahead of her.

Run Mistress! Jump in shadows and warm-sun's-light!

Gabriel sighs God help me what has Maeve sent me into this time?he thinks to himself before looking down at the dog and then begins to follow the girl his task not allowing him a moments peace it seemed.
I wasn't angry at her this stupid binding doesn't allow me to talk to her about her mothers task for besides Following and protecting her, stupid dog, stupid girl, stupid maeve. Not to mention I almsot must obey her in direct orders since maeve gave that to me as well as part of her binding. Sometimes I hate my life

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

"What'd I miss?" A light, contralto voice politely interrupts the staring contest between the large armored man and the lithe fae-lady.

They turn to together to look at the source of the voice. The floating man's expression turns surprised, and he makes a quick, 'It wasn't me!' gesture. From behind him steps a young man dressed in dark blue jeans, Lego Rock Band t-shirt and an old-fashioned heavy leather motorcycle cop jacket, holding a bucket of popcorn. He pops a morsel into his mouth.

"This is gonna be good, I can tell." He says brightly, offering the popcorn tub to the floating man.

"I haven't seen this much tension in one room since Min's and Lin's dad caught us all together and soaking wet, hiding from the trolls!" He adds cheerfully.

"Oh, don't stop on my account! This was getting good!" He says, popping a few more morsels into his mouth.

@DSXM- yeah, start at 2 refresh, no problem, I haven't yet touched anything on the original PC sheet. :) Trying to think/rewrite a couple of the aspects, I may just wait and re-write the guest star ones, I think my ideas for the originals were pretty good?

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Gelert watches the new human in dark-leather skin covering eats yellow food and he licks his chops at the smell of butter and salt. His job as the vigilant bodyguardfalls through and he bounds forwards to sit in front of the man, then sits back on his haunches and raises his forepaws up in front of his chest, giving the man his best doggy grin, tail wagging, head perked adorably and one ear straight up the other flat against his head.

He gives a small whine and does a neat skip on his paws, turning in a complete rapid circle then resumes sitting pretty.

Duana narrows her eyes at the bright man's interruption.

"How good of you to have answered our invitation so promptly," Duana says coolly. "Were you not furnished with ample time to procure a guest? Or are there simply none willing to be seen beside you?"

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Danny laughs at the dogs cute antics, even while being amazed that a creature darn near big enough to ride can be 'cute'. With a grin he obligingly tosses the dog a handful of popcorn, not being quite sure enough about this animal yet to trust it that close to his fingers,...

Heh, Danny doesn't have a motorcycle, (Although, that would be cool too! I may have to remedy that!) :) He simply wears an old, and old-fashioned, motorcycle cop jacket. You know, the kind with the leather collar that was so wide when you flipped it up covered most of your head? And was thick enough to be counted as Leather Armor by most people? :)

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10
Duana wrote:

Duana narrows her eyes at the bright man's interruption.

"How good of you to have answered our invitation so promptly," Duana says coolly. "Were you not furnished with ample time to procure a guest? Or are there simply none willing to be seen beside you?"

Danny shrugs, either not understanding the triple-layered insult, or doing a marvelous job of not caring about it.

"The girls were busy. Something about Daddy's business party. And most of the others I know are either clueless, or too busy with real jobs to answer an invite on short notice." He answers, munching another handful of pop corn.

"So why are you alone? Did your boyfriend give you the Cold shoulder?" He grins, offering her the bucket.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Gelert snaps the popcorn out of the air and swallows it down with eye-blurring speed. He licks at his chops and grins at the new human. Gelert liked him already. He gives the man an appreciative sniff around his ankles and then returns to his mistress' side, perking his ears adorably at her to try and lighten her dark mood.

He goes down into a playful dog bow, front paws splayed and tail wagging, then seems to notice the others watching and he straightens and sits down as if carved from stone. He sniffs the air, noting each person's singular scent.

So many males. Keep them away from Mistress. he sniffs at her hand again and then looks up at her, waiting for her to continue on.

"Implying?" Duana says softly, and approaches the stranger. She reaches out for the popcorn, but moves swiftly and lets her fingertips trail down the man's jacketed arm before settling on the confection. "I recall this smell," she hums, bringing it to her nose before letting it rest in her mouth a few moments before consuming. "The theaters stank of this, sweat and cigar smoke when the Germans landed in Norway. There they remained for five years, finding no peace from the natives, who shot at them with high powered rifles from their skiis." Duana recounts. "It is a popular sport in the region, now, and the world." Duana adopts a false smile. "It is called the bi-athalon."

"But, I see your point, to invest oneself in procuring a partner for an evening, or even a week is of far greater importance than education, or protocol."

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Danny starts to put another bite in his mouth, stops, thinks for a moment, then goes ahead and takes the bite. He glances aside at the floating man and the armored Knight with a look that plainly says, 'A little help here?'

"Yeah, well, I wouldn't know about that. As I'm sure you know." He replies politely.

"I may not be the sharpest nail in the bucket, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the reason I landed this 'honor' of a job was because I didn't have a clue about the Nevernever, it's politics, or even what the natives consider a 'good' day." He shrugs wryly.

"Which is not to say the same about you, my lady. Even I've heard of you. You're the one my dad always said mom would warn me about. If I knew who my mother was." He adds slightly sourly. The fact that everyone in the nevernever seems to know who his mom is, but either can't or won't tell him, obviously still sits sour with him.

"Which means, your exactly the type of lady I'm interested in getting to know!" He adds brightly, waggling his eyebrows before tossing another bite of popcorn into the air and catching it in his mouth. Another piece seems to accidentally fall from his fingers, landing conveniently near the dog.

Duana licks salt from her full lips and fingertips and smiles at the young man. "Your father warned you about girls of my ilk?" she hums and laughs, a vaguely musical sound. "Intriguing," she decides, and inclines her head in a salute.

What manner of assessment is this, Mother? she wonders.

Duana lifts her arms and stretches, compressing the air in several joints that had rarely seen stress of late in audible pops as she turns in a disciplined movement like a dancer. "It might please me if you could keep up," she says, glancing over her shoulder at all and no one before snapping "Gelert, run!" in the language of the court, and springing from the room.

Evil GM

Danny all the original aspects are great.

Loving the RP :)

Male Greek/Roman Demigod

Does Ax still need adjustment?

Evil GM

No that works. Just for clarification could you bold your Aspects, please.

They are (?);
High Concept - Wandering Demigod
Trouble - Code of Heroes
Background - Child of Greek Gods & Orphan of Man
Rising Action - Noble Purpose
First Story - Avoiding Authorities

Then we can work on Guest Stars.

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

how do I bold?
Was a city setting ever chosen; if so i missed it.

Evil GM

(b)Words(/b) but with [ ] instead of ( )

No city has been chosen yet, though some have been suggested. My preference is York, Edmonton or an American city. But its your game as much as mine.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Gelert snaps the popcorn off the ground efore it has a chance to settle then licks his lips. His ears go straight up at his lady's command and he barks once, his eyes flashing a pale-fiery blue before he springs after her, loping smoothly and easily to her side and keeping pace. He looks up at his Mistress and barks again, ears perked and tongue hanging out of his large muzzle in a happy joyous grin.

He glances back behind them at the newcomers and barks once, encouraging the humans and not-humans to run with them, at least for a while.

Yellow hot corn is good... Mistress having fun! Mistress happy. Mistress happy is good. Keep happy. Run with Mistress!

Gelert speeds up past his lady and hops a couple times playfully.

Catch me if you can Mistress!

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Danny watches the lithe lady dash with startling speed from the room. He sighs theatrically.

"Oh goody. It's going to be one of those days!" He mock-moans, handing the popcorn bucket to the floating man seated in the air next to him.

"Well, come on guys! last one,... wherever, is a rotten egg!" he grins. Then follows the girl, dashing after her with surprising speed.

@Axi- scroll down under a new or reply post you are writing, you'll see BBCode tags you can use and a spoiler button. Those show you all of the codes you can use with the square brackets. for OOC (blue text), Italics, bold, quotes, etc.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

@DSX i may need a little more help w my character sheet, also is there anyone else who would want to guest star with Gelert during his 3rd stage besides Duana?

EDIT: Gm DSX? What is Stress? and how do u figure it out for characters? i see Duana has it so im wondering if im missing something else

Evil GM

@Gelert; You are missing stress & consequences. Stress is how many hits you can take. So if someone attacks you with fists rolls a 3, you defend with say weapons you get a 1 you take a 2 shift hit. You mark this box (only) as full. If you cannot mark any boxes off you are out. But you can take a consequence to reduce this, a mild one reduces the shifts by 2 , moderate by 4 & severe by 6.

Gelert should have:
(for an endurance-4) 4 boxes written like [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] physical stress
(for conviction-1) 3 boxes[ ] [ ] [ ] mental stress
(for presence-1) 3 boxes[ ] [ ] [ ] social stress

& for consequences you can see in my profile under Zoe Campbell the same as Gelerts (due to inhuman recovery)

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

I may need to see this system in action before i fully understand it but i think i have it updated to maybe 80% of what ur talking about here :) let me know if i've done it right or not

Aye, I have a little trouble with the stresses thing as well, as one part of the book says mental is modified by conviction, yet another says it is modified also by discipline. I will look into it when I am more awake, and my reading doesn't amount to copying treasure yields from the AP

Duana smiles when she recognizes that the queer visitor has given chase. As she is not privy to what manner of hospitality the stranger has been afforded, nor his purpose, she leads him through the halls to a neutral room she knows to be unlocked and unoccupied, and plunges herself into whatever shade or cover might be found within to lure him.

Aye, Mother, let the games begin.

Duana Steath 4d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 3, 1) = 15As I read it, that is a roll of +1 to her +4 in the skill for a total of 5? Is this correct?

Male Ferromancer

An easier way to roll is thus: 4d3 - 8 + 4 ⇒ (1, 3, 1, 1) - 8 + 4 = 2. The last modifier is your skill modifier, the first part gives you a fudge number.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Gelert pauses and looks about himself for his Mistress who seems to have vanished in lue of the chase of their companions behind them. Gelert sniffs the ground and combs the darkness for her, using his keen nose and ears to try and pick her out.

Gelert Alertness (as Perception) 4d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 4, 2) = 15

Catching her sweet, spicy scent Gelert bounds off into the shadows after her, keeping quiet for the sake of the game until he finds her and then he presses his wet nose against her hand, panting happily and licking her fingers.

Duana rises a little and presses her lips against Gelert's crown for comfort, then slides a hand under his muzzle to ease his mouth closed to communicate that this is not a time for play, and waits for her pursuer to make his move.

Duana Discipline 4d3 - 8 + 2 ⇒ (1, 1, 1, 2) - 8 + 2 = -1

Now, seeing that the roll is poo, would I call on one of my aspects like "Wear it in silence" recalling that not thinking and acting in a courtly manner may get her killed in this instance for a "bonus?"

Evil GM

Yep, then you would get a +2 to your roll or a Re-Roll.

btw Aria, i have a background for the KM should i post it on your ooc?

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

Ok; i got the bold done

DSXMachina wrote:

(b)Words(/b) but with [ ] instead of ( )

No city has been chosen yet, though some have been suggested. My preference is York, Edmonton or an American city. But its your game as much as mine.

Evil GM

Thanks it just lets me know which aspects to invoke easier :)

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