Jorvik: A Land of Snow & Ice

Game Master DSXMachina

A dark mystery in the ancient city of York.

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Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Woof! Growls at Jericho and licks Duana's hand to comfort her. Sits down next to her and glares reprovingly at him for making his master weep. :P

Male Ferromancer

I'll have to see if I can find the chart, but I think with Jericho's level of power (only -3 Refresh on Spellcasting things) he could likely watch TV. Probably has to sit across the room and not use the remote though.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

gelert will now sit down right in front of the tv and watch it wagging his tail

How much of an anti-establishment guy is Jericho? Is he like, a hippy, or just one of those crazy dudes that collects all sorts of doomsday cult materials and has theories about how Tupac and and the Notorious BIG are really running a KFC down in Alabama somewhere, with a secret blackcave from which they plot to rule the world by stealing all the cheese from the core of the moon?

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Think slightly more violent hippy... more Malcolm X than MLK jr. Soo... not totally psycho, but quite willing to make a move against those he feels are trying to control humanity.

Kay, now we just need to figure why a violent revolutionary who hates non mortals would want to owe a favor to a sidhe-blooded changeling in exchange for some hide out in Nevernever time.

Oh, probably a relevant question - If we appear as a guest star in another's story, must they relate? As Duana pick up the Gelert pup in his puppyhood, she's not going to be in his guest star clause. I suppose Duana could have a guest star thing with the Winter Knight, but not have him as her guest star, right?

Sorry if that was confusing to read, but we can be each other's guests stars without devoting an coordinating stage to each other, correct?

Evil GM

Correct Duana, you can guest star in some elses life/story without them reciprocating.

Just met Maeve in Summer Knight. She killed a trumpet player, which I was at one time. Pretty keen. Really liking her. :P

Evil GM

I'm (re)reading Summer Knight too. Maeve is great fun, for the amount of pages.

Jericho, i'm really liking the concept. The backgrounds already given me some ideas *Evil GM Laugh*

Summer knight is one of my favs, but yes mAeve is amazing lol like i said ealier if I was given so many temptations umm I mean options *cough* as Harry I wouldve been Winter knight a long long time ago lol

I dunno. Seems to me right now that Winter Knight is not all that great a job. Sure, the ladies and the fellas both are pretty hot, but goodness gracious, why would you bother?

Sorta see Duana as sating her needs with lesser fae just to avoid getting wrapped up in political nonsense.

But then, I run bards who are just as likely to worship Zon Kuthon than any other god in the game, sooo.... *cough*

Lol good question but to me just seems fun no not exactly only sexually drven also the coolness factor of having the powers of winter in hand lol plus ive always liked the fae aspect, and winterknight always seemed cool lol

Yes, but how do you justify compartmentalizing what the fae are? I mean, they are highly sexual, there's no getting around the issue. Even Harry couldn't ignore their allure. It's what they use against humans, and each other, as quickly if not more so than magic and violence. I'm not intending to make Duana hyper sexual, she's far more violent, which is in itself erotic for her. Having been reared in court politics she knows there's more to an embrace than simple desire, but power play to get to Mother Dearest or to assassinate her, or to remind her that she is a piece of poo...

Huh, should really take a look at my aspects again and throw something about paranoia in there as well. Maybe she and Jericho could bond on that little item alone. Except for she's not afraid of spacemen or radar waves from the moon scrambling her brain, but in getting caught in some political web that's going to end up getting her killed.

Evil GM

So Raventhorn any ideas about the background for your Winter Knight. Fortunately the aspects can help out with this. We can work through the technical stunts/powers/skills later, don't worry i'll help.

Background - Who was he before he met the Fey?

Rising Conflict - How did he come into contact with the Fey? Was he bored, Crowley wannabe researching spells? Abducted? Orphaned/ wandered off through a portal/ into the hills? Why did Maeve/Mab let you stay? Did they see something in you that entrigued them and made you a temporary/probationary Winter Knight?

First Story - This could be why you became the Winter Knight, your first mission, how you were involved in something relating to the others?

There could also be that they have given you the mantle for now in exchange for something else (better) later. Maybe your 'freedom' if you came to the Never-Never involutarily.

DSXMachina wrote:

So Raventhorn any ideas about the background for your Winter Knight. Fortunately the aspects can help out with this. We can work through the technical stunts/powers/skills later, don't worry i'll help.

Background - Who was he before he met the Fey?

Rising Conflict - How did he come into contact with the Fey? Was he bored, Crowley wannabe researching spells? Abducted? Orphaned/ wandered off through a portal/ into the hills? Why did Maeve/Mab let you stay? Did they see something in you that entrigued them and made you a temporary/probationary Winter Knight?

First Story - This could be why you became the Winter Knight, your first mission, how you were involved in something relating to the others?

** spoiler omitted **

Well background is that his family namely grandparents moved to America from Budapest. His grandfather then got into the oil business and they're family became slightly wealthy. Gabriel's father went into the family buisness and furthered the wealth of the family. Gabriel grew up with modest wealth. His grandmotehr always told him of tales of Szépasszony

(spirit) Meaning "Fair Lady", she is a female demon with long hair and a white dress. She appears and dances in storms and hail, and seduces young men

One day the family went skiing in the Canadian rockies and a blizzard blew in and seperated gabriel from his parents. (GM tampering approved ;) ) Gabriel tried finding his way out of the storm but when he crossed a frozen river he fell in partially but managed to drag himself out of the water. He then found a small cave to huddle in but he blizzard did not let up. Foolishly he wished for anyone anything to help save him, oddly the words of his grandmother rang in his head about the Fair Lady. (Im thinking Mab set this up or something something in his blood or whatever)

Thats what I have so far thoughts?

Evil GM

That's good, i like it. What age did you envision him going to the realms of the Fey? A young teen? Twenties? Or a Child?

Maybe one of the Foci for his magic was an old trinket, or a poem about the Fey that he repeated over?

Why would the Fey like him, & enough to at least temporarily make him an Agent of the Court? Was he invaluable to Maeve, a handsome lover, a brilliant swordsman, a jester, a tactical politician, or is there an old debt?

Does Maeve have some hold over him? (other than the obvious) Did he partake of hospitality and thus acrue a debt.

Duanas' & His sword are they glass, ice, pure magic, horn, bone? (too much Elric ;p )

Sorry about all these questions just trying to brain-storm.

Oooh, sign Duana up for a sword made of Obsidian, or like... a dirk.

I know it seems like... droll and too hokey and GRRM to ask for "dragon glass" dagger, but really, they used Obsidian knives for religious purposes in central America, and I think it would be kinda neat to incorporate that sort of element.

Then again, Central America is a hot place and more inclined to summer... hrmmm. But, carving someone's heart out with a piece of volcanic glass that's been pressure treated over hundreds of thousands of years seems to Duana's speed. *giggles*

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Ooohh ooohhh... go with glass... magic glass swords rule!

Glad you're liking Jericho DSX, I always try to build a couple good hooks into my stories. As gor why I'd deal with a fey... Desperation and Arrogance. Id have been around 21-22 and that's prime arrogance territory, and the police and Wardens thought he was a murderer. That makes for desperate. Besides, he knows a lot and could probably manage to come out even... or at least not too far indebted. Slight clarification: he hates those with power controlling people, even the human ones.

Np I sorta ran into a brickwall with this character midway lol it hurts haha

Probably early twenties, before college since he never really had any interest in path yet.

Most likely they would like him because he is gulliable male haha plus he has an interest in power. He was wealthy enough to taste it but never have and powerful enough to like it but never wield it, not evil just wants more who doesnt?

Hungarian lore doesnt mention fey so probably has no knowledge of them, so probably would accure debt quickly lol

His sword probabbly is made of enchanted silver, and actually ectoplasm is only used to create bodies around a spirit entity in the mortal realm when they cross over from the never never. Faeire made weapons,armor, etc even thouigh they do weaken against metal and such still stron and very very real. does mention the troll smiths that make the handcuffs harry has the habit of getting into lol

Any help is appreciated like a siad, Wall Head HURTING!

Evil GM

Duana, yes dirks are always cool and a dark obsidian one :) Maybe Maeve gave her a 'cold-iron' duelling rapier as a 'coming-of-age' present. Sort of a double edged sword as it attracts attension to her, & Duana's heritage, but also reminds the rest of the court that Maeve 'controls' a woman who has a deadly weapon?

Maybe, he is from a Hungarian 'gypsy family. I am sure the have Lore about the Fey and would have done deals with them as well as extensive travels throughout Europe. Your father could be trying to put all that far away from your family.

RE: the ectoplasm point thats what i would have thought, but i could swear that in some places when they leave a portal some of the matter that comes with them turns back into ectoplasm (like in the tower of 'Proven Guilty' & the water in the tunnel in 'Changes') Although, i agree that it would be annoying if everything they made turned to mush. Unless thats why they enjoy the real world; by taking things (silver, metals) out and in fair exchange creating something from them.

Yeah, I can see the Winter Lady giving her daughter a weapon capable of delivering final death to the Sidhe ensuring that Duana will be swimming in eligible sidhe flesh.

"Here is my pretty half blooded daughter, see my nice new gift to her? Yes, that's correct, she is my weapon."

Ah man, this is going to be fun. Way to isolate the poor girl. Not to mention anyone with greater skill than her can always wrench it away and kill her with it, or just steal it and kill one of Maeve's supporters and start a war.

I'm lovin' it.

Hmm i suppose I can change the background to match the more faeish aspect lol hate to confrom to standard Irish scottish but they are popular for a reason haha

Hmm in proven guilty harrys is put in the handcuffs made by the Troll smiths of the winter court made of some sort of Fae? metal maybe silver. Anyways its then traded to the mortal realm for something haha but yeah I dunno

Also the sword im thinking of is more along the lines of the Romans gladius, maybe give that to the halfgod guy lol or maybe along the lines of the Celtic Longsword? or even plain European Sword. I dunno. But glass is cool too lol didnt think of that one.

Evil GM

Don't worry, the Hungarian idea is great. You don't need to have a Celtic feel. BTW if i remember correctly (?) the gypsy peoples were a nomadic tribe from Europe during pre-roman times that were driven out to India, they travelled back through Egypt, hence the moniker. Any type of sword you want would work. A roman gladius is cool, the mainstay of Celtic/Scottish swords are either dirks or claymores or traded European style weapons (i believe).

Yeah, to be honest i expect that the hand-cuffs were made on the Fey plane out of the Never-Never. But it would be interesting if it actually requires Earthly materials to create anything that lasts on Earth (without magic).

If you want an extra player in your 'Stolen Lands Game' i would love to play. (If you want/need to replace Ladislaus). Hopefully this is not too presumptous of me. Just i would love to play, rather than if you were to advertise. Don't worry about any sort of time scale (ie. i am not asking to join the game right away; just if in X weeks time he has not returned & you feel like another member i request that you consider me. It goes without saying that this request has no impact upon this game.EDIT: I have an idea for a witch/ oracle lost in the lands



Wow, that says something about the quality of my game, I suppose, even if I screw up on occasion with the giving out of information. We'll wait and see with Ladislaus. I'm not anxious to write him off just yet, but I do know that we're going to have to progress at some point and there's only so long I should make the party wait for a healer type.

But yeah, I would love to run in my own game, too. But that would be wrong bad, and very much like the game that I was forced to flee.

Glad you're enjoying it though. I have plenty of fun NPCs to add to the mix, some rejected concepts, some characters I am currently running (to be added much, much later, however). Have thought of allowing people who are interested to make cohorts and if they're interested in it, running a sorta side game where you do all the meat and potatoes stuff of rulership like entertain foreign dignitaries and what not, but that may be a bit too ambitious. I like to dream big, though.

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

wow; that is a lot of posts to catch up on

Male Ferromancer
Valegrim wrote:
wow; that is a lot of posts to catch up on

We're an active bunch... like small children with pixie sticks!

I was thinking we were more like adolescents on chemical stimulants with glow sticks, but then... wow, i actually don't know why I would think that at all. Must be some flash back to the movie Hackers or something.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Woof *Scratches behind ear and pants*

Is happy he doesn't have to worry about equipment since he can't remove his :P

Evil GM

Raventhorn, i think the best spread for your skills is;

Superb (+5), 1: Weapons
Great (+4), 2: Discipline, Presence
Good (+3), 2: Conviction, Lore
Fair (+2), 3: Driving, Endurance, Contacts
Average (+1), 5: Athletics, Alertness & 3 others.

Which is quite a thin spread, unfortunately as you have both magic and fighting and some social. We can bolster some of this using mortal stunts or powers. Alternatively you could be a more martial Winter Knight, the power Maeve has given you boosts your physical prowess rather than giving magical ability?

Hope everyone is alright with me calling them by their character name most of the time :)

Thats great Aria, i only ask to be considered if he does not return. But its a good call to wait on Ladislaus especially with all the bad weather in the US. I was thinking of a forest urchin type character, lost alone in the woods :)

RE: Gelert can you demote one of your +2 skills to a +1 and add in another +1 (in your profile), thanks. & Unfortunately unless we add an extra property to the catch it is only a +1, as the catch cannot negate the value of the recovery. I'll think on it.


Yeah, I would be more willing to wait longer for Ladislaus if I had a darn clue who his character was, or had a complete sheet for him. His player was a grad student so I gathered he didn't have all that much time but they had about a week and a half to get me sheets and more than that in introduction time. I have already stated in the OOC if he's not back by the time the group makes it back to Oleg's again (which barring something heinously bad won't be for another week or so since there's a bit of combat to be worked through) I'm going to leave him there as an NPC, stat him up and let him be in the running for the high priest later, but, going to need to move on.

And yeah, the group is going to have to go into the Narlmarshes at some point. I will likely come up with an idea for writing you in that is not completely lame by the end of the day.

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Hey guys, Nice work all. really enjoying watching the brainstorming.
(I always liked the Creation/creative part of building a PC.)

Just a thought I had on the Winter Knight PC, regarding continuity with the books et al.

IIRC, there are 3 'queens' in each faerie realm, (I know there are at least 2 in Summer, Summer and Spring.)
Perhaps our 'Winter Knight' is like Fixer the Spring Knight from the books, and is actually the 'Fall Knight' or 'Frost Knight', the knight of one of the younger queens?

Just a thought, that way if we want to stay semi-congruent with the books, we wouldn't have to do a lot of explaining about how he trades places with the guy that Harry replaces. This way you could even have the jerk, I mean 'Winter Knight' (Well, he IS a jerk!) be a mentor of sorts (good or bad, or both) for our younger Knight?

Food for thought.

Keep up the good work guys! I hope to have enough inspiration to re-write some of Danny's background and suggest guest-stars by the end of the week!

Well if gabriel served Maeve as the frost knight (am i getting that right Dan?) certainly would be congruent with rest of party or at least majority.

I dunno would help and yeah was thinking on the books myself

Are the Court Knights immortal? Or are they as mortal as changelings? Since I only have Summer Knight, I know they can be killed, but that guy was a wizard, so he had a supernaturally long life span already.

I can imagine that this "frost" knight may have Duana as a guest star, but as I said above, I don't want to limit Duana and myself to player guest stars that I already know through multiple games. And polar bear seems kinda cool :)

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Re: lifespans- I get the impression from reading the Dresden novels that once the mortal takes on the mantle of power (Spring Knight, Winter Knight, etc.) he basically lives forever. Or at least ages REALLY slow, Until he's killed. ;P
(With HArry being a wiz, AND the Winter Knight, I'm curious how they explain his aging/healing from here. Once he gets over his latest condition of course!) :P

In game terms, the Knight should probably have to buy the same 'Wiz long life' power that Wizards do. Although since this is essentially free, that shouldn't be too much trouble. :)

Re: Guest stars, I don't mind how we decide to do the guest stars, but having the GM randomly draw electronic lots and pair us up blind has a couple of bonuses. 1- we don't have to pick or justify, we just have to write ourselves in with a blurb. And 2- You could get some really interesting random draws. Makes it fun to see how you write yourself in with a PC you wouldn't think you'd have a contact with normally. :)

Danny. Seems to me your Summer changeling might be a nice little flirtation for Duana. In the "I know jack and poop about Summer Court" way. And likely Maeve would want to know more about his intentions, as well...

Evil GM

So nearly everyone has finished their Aspects and Skills/Powers (?), so we are ready to move onto the Guest stars? If people want i can do Danny's suggestion and do it randomly or you can choose. Basically you should play off one of their stories and add to it by inserting your character then you write an Aspect (for yourself only). You get to appear in 2 other peoples stories (though you might/will know more than that) and gain Aspects from these 2.

Meaning you will have;
A High Concept
A Trouble
A Background
A Rising Conflict
A First Story
A Guest Star
A Second Guest Star

EDIT:Hey, Raventhorn if you want we can do some of the crunchy stuff?

Crunch in progress:

Superb (+5), 1: Weapons
Great (+4), 2: Discipline, Presence
Good (+3), 2: Conviction, Lore
Fair (+2), 3: Driving, Endurance, Contacts
Average (+1), 5: Athletics, Alertness,Stealth, Empathy, Survival

Skills I thought were good ty for headstart DSX

Working on aspects now im just trying to put words down on how they will help/hinder at same time lol
So far I have:

High Concept: Frost knight
Trouble: Prove yourself

1st Aspect: Grandmother's ring

Gabriel's grandparents moved to the US from Hungary in search of a better life. Gabriel's grandfather eventually got into the oil business and they're family finally had some money. Gabriel's father eventually took over the family business and the wealth grew but this money drew Gabriel's father and mother away often and Gabriel often visited and lived with his grandparents who retired in upstate new York where they said the weather matched the winters in the "old country". When his grandmother passed away she left Gabriel her ring that had been in her family for generations said to have once been given to their ancestor from an ancient spirit of winter.

Grandmother's ring, he wears it around his neck to remind himself he still has a family out in the real world. The drive to prove himself in his own mind to his family pushes Gabriel down some pretty drastic roads such as taking on the mantle of a lesser winter knight (frost?) Anyone who threatens his family probably will crack Gabriel's calm facade and will probably be able to manipulate him pretty easily if they say the right words.

2nd Aspect: Stand in until not needed
Gabriel's grandmother always told old tales of the "Fair Lady" that was said to steal young men's souls but Gabriel never put much stock into these stories. one day when his family went skiing in the Canadian Rockies a blizzard blew in and separated Gabriel from the rest. He couldn't see and while trying to find shelter he fell through a frozen river but eventually pulled himself out and crawled into a nearby cave that happened to be seen in a break through the snow. Foolishly gabriel began to call out for help from anyone or anything. then he suddenly thinks of the tales his grandmother told him and suddenly a woman appears at the cave entrance. Dressed in clothes like he could never imagine Gabriel accepts her help and he fins himself in the never never. however there was a price the woman said for her help he would have to be her knight until he could show that he was powerful enough to break through the enchantment and win back his freedom.

Gabriel is thrown into tasks that often seem outrageous and in the end he still knows he has yet proven himself to his patron of power. They compare him to some man named Harry Dresden, he soon hates this man for being better than him and keeping him from freedom. Always he is told well if Dresden can do it why can't you.

ok so on third aspect its titled mab's (or maeve's) boon

i was thinking since we never know how lilianshe (harry's god mother) was taken captive was almost tempted to have gabriel been tasked to bring her back to mab to show his loyalty and in return he would have gone one step further to freedom. He was given a sword made of (gm's discretion) and told it would bring him some skill and speed to do this task. still unsure.

now i would love some help lol seemed so easy to start and now blah lol

Evil GM

Raventhorn, alright. The aspects are good but we can tweak them a bit.

1st - the grandmothers ring is good solid Aspect. If we could modify it so it was more of an old country that, perhaps ..."The Ring of my Grandmother". She had lots of sayings that 'rang in your ears' as well as the physical ring. And everytime you hold the ring you are reminded of her 'silly sayings about the goodie folk'.

2nd one - Perhaps "Stand In, Stand Up, until the end" Gabriel can be compelled to be stubborn, but he know he can be replaced. This is to try and move it slightly away from your trouble. But you can compel it to keep on going. 'Until not Needed' is good but.... i am still not sure about the end part.

3rd - "Mab's Boon" is good, possibly change it to "The Queens' Law" or Boon. As the agent of Winter you are the only Fey who can kill a mortal directly, you uphold the Law or Boons of the Winter Court. This could be invoked to make you do the honourable thing (?) or at least enforce the wishes of the Winter Queens.

The sword i was thinking could be of glass or ice so it is see-through and exudes a cold heat. This could also be one of your Foci for your magic, added to this is you don't mind losing a refresh we could have it being an 'item of power' (+2) that when wielded would give you "Supernatural Toughness" when wielded, [With the catch of "Summer" (+1), so Summer fey can harm you normally].

Evil GM

As Gabriel has "Sponsored Magic" we can just quickly go through a bit of it now.

Rotes - Here are some ideas for them. Gabriel will have 3 = Lore
-A simple attack with a bolt of ice.
-A freezing fog bank (that either inflicts a blinded or cold maneuver)
-A sheet of ice that covers the body (acts as a block)
...I'm sure you can think of more.

Foci (p278)
- A pocket watch, intricately etched by sprites in a snowflake pattern.
- Your Frost knight sword.
- A pair og old fashioned round spectacles that have frosted over.
- A lighter that rather than flame gives a freezing cold blue flame. (with a unlimited packet of cigarettes that you can smoke?)
- An aerosol can that is full of dry ice.
- A belt with a buckle in Maeves Symbol

Thaumaturgy - Ritual magic
- Summoning & binding of the Fey
- Crafting?

Cheebus ghost. If he can do all that stuff, what the heck would he be sniffing around Duana for?

Cheese and Crackers! The temple dog is much much stronger than her.

Duana is going to be the weakest character in this group.

Evil GM

But Duana has 4 Fate Points a good selection of skills and can open portals to the Never-Never (Fey Realm) easily. She is more the face of the Winter Trio.

Hahaha. I love making bards.


Evil GM

And Duana is strong and sneaky. With good initiative. But everyone has their plus points. :) Oh & mortal stunts can be the way to go if you don't want to be too supernatural (although powers are generally more 'optimised')

Danny can you adjust you refresh to start at 8 & current/starting is 2, thanks.

well I have in mind another aspect "Silent as Winter"
Gabriel has been commanded by maeve to not mention the courts politics, mabs unhinging mind, whatever else you think he shouldnt be able to talk about, and to not be able to talk about her daughter

Also those three spells seem really good I get only three correct? if not i have some evil ones in mind lol

hmm foci 5 right?

-The belt good
-instead of glasses could be shades that have hints of frost at the edges
-A cape with a hood that has hoar frost along its length
-a bracelet that seems made of ice
-a ring bearing the symbol of winter

also I had the sword as a item of power +1 so I could have inhuman speed and im left with 2 refresh ?

How does Gabriel feel about being a part of the Winter Court? I mean, if he's not supposed to talk about Duana, how far does this go?

As a character, this could be quite fun. She could sneak up behind him and tap him on the back and he wouldn't be able to guess who or anything.


Evil GM

Well rotes are ones that you don't have to roll to set the power of them. So you can do alot of different spells. Basically you have the 'Channeling' & 'Ritual' Powers.

Channeling is Evocation but with only 1 element - Ice/Cold & comes with 2 free foci slots (either [+1discipline when attack], [+1conviction when attack], [+1discipline when defend] or [+1conviction when defend]).

Ritual is 1 type of Thaumaturgy (pg261), this comes with 2 foci to add to lore or discipline.

My list was just to get creative ideas out.

The sword could give you; Inhuman Speed (-2), Inhuman Toughness:Catch Summer (-2+1) & Being an 'Item of Power' with -3 associated with it a +2. For a net -1 refresh cost. But these only apply when you have it in your hand, so on the first round you may not have the +4 to initiative unless you start with it in hand.

Finally, everyone, for combat we will have an initiative roll at the beginning of combat rather than just a fixed Alertness level. This should make it more dynamic. Is that alright?

@duana I think he may not like it at first but definitely gives him a purpose so at beginning he is doing everything to get out but later on he just start to like it

and the speaking thing is more like if anyone asks him about it but yeah that does mean anyone with the power of maeve can control him hint unless it contradicts an original order from his queen

@dsx ohhh gotcha yeah thats a nice sword lol marked it on my character sheet

now in hand does not mean grasping the handle does it

now do I need assign what each focus item gives defensive offensive control etc?

Evil GM

RE: The sword, no it does not necessarily need to be grasped by the handle unsheathed. It's just a way of controlling the bonus received (+2 refresh is alot!), and meaning we don't get the 'steal a wizards spellbook' drama.

Yes you need to assign your 2 evoking items with their +skill/offence

& your Thaumataturgy items, though we can work on them a bit later. As with everyone, if you find something thats not working we can re-spec even whilst the game is underway. Raventhorn, look at Jericho's Foci for how it works.

Male Ferromancer

Hey, just a few notes for Raventhorn. You likely do not have Channeling and Ritual... more likely to get Unseelie Magic, which gives you both Evocation and Thaumaturgy attached to the essential Unseelie Nature (ie:Wildness, Death, Decay, Cold, Slumber and Ice). This costs 4 refresh and only gives 4 Foci. Also remember that while Foci are mechanically better, you can break each Focus slot into 2 Enchanted item slots, which are one (or a few) use items that can do better things. (Like Harry's force rings, or magically armored duster) And yes, all Foci are written thusly: Frost Rimmed Sunglasses (+1 Defense Control). It is also something to consider when choosing Rotes that if you can't use them without Foci then... well... you can't use them without Foci... and it's probably something to note on your character sheet.

I'm sure I'm missing some things but... there ya go.

EDIT: That's what I forgot. Your Item of Power sword, doesn't let you get any Refresh back. Basically the Item must always count as at least a -1 Refresh. I'd personally say that you'd be good getting Inhuman Recovery or Strength from the blade, making it only -1 Refresh with all the other things you have for it. Just a thought.

*Is suddenly glad she made a bard*

That just boggled my mind.

Hey, Winter Knight. I choose you for one of my guest stars. If that's all right with the GM and all of you. Mostly because he's a mortal whose willingly chosen to bond himself to the Court when there was really no need to, and that might be fun to explore.

And because she could tease him mercilessly, and he wouldn't be able to do squat about it. Hehe. Or not. I think Duana and Gabriel having a competitive relationship might be kinda fun.

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