Jorvik: A Land of Snow & Ice

Game Master DSXMachina

A dark mystery in the ancient city of York.

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Nice guys.
I'm still brainstorming on what to re-do with Danny here.
Will probably stick with the same powers, (Still considering the skills?)
I figure that Axi and I can still know each other from before, so perhaps our linked backstories could be about what happened in the last adventure? Other wise I figured I 'd re-work the other backstories/aspects to involve the others in this new game. :D

And just an idea for Gelert's backstories, Knowing that Mouse/Gelert is about human intelligence (if a different mind-set as mentioned before) I find it perfectly believable for his 'owner' to have left him at home where she thought he was safe, and he went out for a 'walk' and ended up in another person's backstory. And since he was back home when she returned, she was none the wiser. :)

Again, I have no particular dedication to any one city, as a character he will have just relocated there anyway, so my RL lack of knowledge will only make my acting all that more believable! :)

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

OK i seriously need to bum the books off my brother lolz. i need to find out all what i can do for story and such as well as my skills for Gelert. I copied most of what Duana posted for me, minus the senses so i'm at refresh -7 now.

Part of me wonders if playing my ogre-blooded might have been easier, but then again, i'm a dog who fights side by side w a polar bear man, a spartan and a winter fey knight who serves an awesome kickass fey lady, works w a sorceror and can fight demons and such almost by himself. Foo Dog Hiiiyah! Bite, gnaw gnaw gnaw!

lolz anyways might need a little more help finalizing as well as backstory tho all ur suggestions seem awesome :) i do wonder where Gelert might have gone on one of his minus-Duana adventures tho...hmm so many possibilities, but i want them all to remain plausible ^^ anyways i might sound total noobish but i swear ill learn :)

Evil GM

Some Rules stuff i had (created) at work ;p


Alertness - Surprise Initiative Perception (passive)
Athletics - Dodging Running PHYSICAL DEFENCE
Burglary - Lock picking bonus to Stealth/ Deceit
Contacts - Gather Info
Craftsmanship- Breaking & Building Items
Deceit - Disguise SOCIAL ATTACK
Discipline - Concentration MENTAL DEFENCE
Driving - Street Knowledge
Empathy - SOCIAL DEF
Intimidation - Interrogation SOCIAL ATT
Investigation - Perception (active) Surveillance
Lore - Perception (mystic) Arcane & Ritual Knowledge
Might - Strength PHYSICAL ATT (wrestling)
Performance - Art Oratory Tagging Emotions
Presence - Charisma Reputation SOCIAL FORT
Rapport - Friendliness Emoting SOCIAL DEF
Resources - Money Power
Scholarship - Knowledge Medical/ Comp Tagging Knowledge
Stealth - Ambushing Hiding Shadowing
Survival - Tracking Riding Animal Handling
Weapons - Weapon Knowledge PHYSICAL ATT & DEF

Templates & Archetypes

Pure Mortal - A person ‘in the know’ about the supernatural world. Investigator, Spec. Ops, Triad, Cop
True Believer - Priest
Champion of God - Knight Templar
Emissary of Power -
Knight of Fae Court - Human Knight of Fae, Sidhe Lord, Centaur
Changeling - Nymph, Kelpie, Nixie, Dryad, Snow Fairie, Brownie
Minor Talent
Focused Practioner
Vampire Infected
White Court Vamp
White Court Virgin

OTHER – Scion, Mythological Being, Wendigo

Skill Rolls

1. Roll against a Target Number (TN), extra successes are called Shifts. Shifts allow you to:
 Improve Subtlety of Action
 Improve Quality of Action
 Decrease time taken to perform
 Increase Duration
2. Assessment. Try to make an assessment of someone/thing. Allows you to work out the Aspects of an individual/ place. Roll vs. a TN or Contested.
3. Declaration. Allows a player to create an Aspect, by rolling vs. a TN. (i.e. a PC may declare ‘this room is cluttered’) Most declarations don't require rolls.
4. Contests.
 Opposed Roll
 Extended;
• Cat & Mouse. Both players roll x number of times highest total wins.
• Race. First player to x number of shifts.


1. Create a Scene
a. Aspects. These are the Aspects that are relevant to the area of combat. Players may invoke them for their Action.
b. Zones. Large areas where the combat takes place. May move freely within a zone.
2. Establish Groups
a. What are the goals of each group?
3. Initiative
a. Alertness Order, unless
b. Ambushed/ surprised or other
4. Actions. In initiative order players do 1 of the following;
a. Full Defence. Get a +2 to all defence rolls.
b. Sprint.
c. Attack
d. Manoeuvres
e. Blocking. This is a preventative action, to stop a future opponent action.
f. Evocation Magic (see elsewhere)

Fate Point System

PC’s have Aspects, these are charcter traits (ie. Adv/disadv). The GM can invoke these to make you do something, the reward is you get a fate point (i.e. PC is Curious so GM asks you to investigate something). But if you do not want to do something then you give the GM a fate point.

Fate points can allow you either a re-roll or +2 to a skill roll, if you can relate these to your Aspects.

Thus it is best to make your Aspects pithy and widely applicable. Thus ‘Curiousity killed the Cat’ is a better Aspect, especially for a were-lion or cat-burglar as it uses both ‘curious’ & ‘target for trouble’.

You can of course point out to the GM “I am investigating because I have the ‘Curious’ Aspect, could I have a Fate point?”

You can use someone else Aspects as well by giving a Fate point to them, then they have to act in accordance with the Aspect. This is called Tagging.

Tagging is useful in combats, especially social ones.

Sorry about the formatting

Gelert it's fine i'll help you with more of the creation of the cruchy skills, it's just i don't want people to feel i am taking away/ creating their characters.

Evil GM

Don't worry about Ax. it seems the last game was higher powered, but we are trying to work out where the points may be best lost. BTW you can only spend 7 out of the 8 refresh, the final 1 shows that your PC 'has free will' & also means you have a Fate Point to spend.

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

This isnt a new character. If you read the entire thread you will see he came over from another game that quit and the gm and I have been working on it.

Raventhorn wrote:

Axemius how do you have all those powers we only get 8 im counting ten and items of power dont work by giving + refresh they operate by giving a plus 2 or plus one for a supernatural ability says it makes it cheaper to buy them heres excerpt from the book

** spoiler omitted **

also you have like your guy on a 10 refresh level i think am I doing my math wrong only reason I saw it was using your character as basis to make mine up

Question for the GM and Ryuko - can us n00bs look in on your current game for an example of how this stuff plays out?

Don't wanna go peeking where I don't belong.

Male Ferromancer

I don't mind it, feel free. One thing my characters haven't used much is declarations, so don't treat is as the gospel, but we're having fun so far.

Evil GM

That's fine, though i think we have a little quandry at the moment with the combat. :)

So, what I am noticing so far is that we want to avoid eye contact as MUCH as non-humanly possible, hmm? And this is just on the first page.

How common is the soulgaze?

Male Ferromancer

Not very, it mostly happens accidentally, or is forced upon someone to understand who they truly are. Sometimes it's done between lovers (Though this sometimes leads to a very messy breakup) and sometimes between proven friends (Which sometimes leads to people... not being anywhere as close). A good wizard avoids a Soulgaze like the plague unless necessary. The worst part is that, as with all things seen using magic Sight, the soulgaze stays with you... never fading... never forgotten. Every time you recall it it's as though you are living it again. The Sight can be... scary. That said, you can avoid any problems because... you don't have the Sight, not being a wizard.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

ok thanks the skills is my only dilema right now :)*well...besides the entire storyboarding and such* also im at a perfect 7 refresh cost by taking off the senses ability. How many points in skills have i spent already? and what are the costs of making like, Athletics, Endurance and Fists better? would i be able to afford them w the better skills you mentioned?

EDIT: nvm on the skills but what is the skill cap max? +5 i'm at 26 skill points now if we get thirty

Male Ferromancer

@Gelert: While I'm not sure quite what you're asking, I will point out that Skills and Powers/Stunts are completely different things that don't overlap during creation. You still have the same skill points (35?) as the rest of us. DSX has a very good breakdown of the skill arrays we can choose over in the recruitment thread. I plan on using it.

I believe we have 30 skill points. That's what I made in mind with, anyway...

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Well skills now finalized unless Gm doesn't like them :) gave him upgraded Foo Dog stats, also a couple other stats he didn't have before. I didn't know what else to give Gelert so I gave him his singular +5 into fists for natural attacks. Now i just need to do the rest of his character. Is there anyone else who wants to guest star in his adventures besides Duana who will be with him for most of his life? :) just asking in case anyone else wants to be on the doggy's good side

Well as the winter knight I think i will know gelart and Duana mostly just because shes from the well "Royalty of the court" since she keeps getting into trouble (from what I can tell) Gabriel might be tasked to help if she ever needs it also the training aspect is fine with me who else would I have contact with?

Evil GM

Happy Labour Day to everyone (or at least to you colonials ;p )

RE: Gelert & skills what you should have is a 'pyramid' or 'tower' of skills. So you need an equal or greater number of skills at each lower level; Thus

Superb (+5) - Fists
Great (+4) - Athletics, Endurance
Good (+3) - Might, Alertness
Fair (+2) - Survival, Discipline, Intimidation
Average (+1) - Presence, Conviction, +3 others

In this example i dropped 'Might', because although it is useful in combat you will be using fists more. And i dropped 'Intimidation' too. But feel free to rearrange. This is the best 'pyramid' to get the highest level of skills.

The other alternative is to have 2 skills of every level above. Or as Duana 3 of every level, but no superb skills.

I resent the implication that I get in trouble, but if you ant to be my first guest star, go ahead. I figured I'd pick up Gelert in my first adventure. Maybe you as the Winter Knight and not inherently fae were a nice sparing partner while Duana was idle? Unless yer sneaky is amazing you tailing her except anything but Maeve's decree isn't going to stand with her.


Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)
DSXMachina wrote:

Happy Labour Day to everyone (or at least to you colonials ;p )

RE: Gelert & skills what you should have is a 'pyramid' or 'tower' of skills. So you need an equal or greater number of skills at each lower level; Thus

Superb (+5) - Fists
Great (+4) - Athletics, Endurance
Good (+3) - Might, Alertness
Fair (+2) - Survival, Discipline, Intimidation
Average (+1) - Presence, Conviction, +3 others

In this example i dropped 'Might', because although it is useful in combat you will be using fists more. And i dropped 'Intimidation' too. But feel free to rearrange. This is the best 'pyramid' to get the highest level of skills.

The other alternative is to have 2 skills of every level above. Or as Duana 3 of every level, but no superb skills.

OK GM DSX :) thanks for that, rearranged his skills to more fit the tree and gave him Rapport because he's such an adorbale Doggy lolz, also Stealth in case you think he might need it. Yeah Aria, I'm cool with being picked up by you in first adventure :)

Evil GM

Gelert; what you may also want to do would be swap, Alertness & Athletics. Because Fists is a defence and an offensive skill, whereas Alertness will also act as you Lore due to the Temple Dog stunt.

Jericho, so as a Ferromancer you will be using magic & steel to pull of some interesting stunts. What sort of age is he? Is he a 'geeky' college/post-grad/lecturer ? In the sciences or something unrelated to his discipline?

Now everyone it might be best if you though of the first 3 aspects, before you do the guest stars. Although with the overlap between certain areas/ concepts it is really interesting.

I am mostly through. I just need an idea of what the Winter Court would get behind to send Duana to the Wyld Hunt, or could it be something I godmodded? Like... I dunno, the Erlking got uppidy and wanted some Sidhe warriors to take care of something and Duana was sent as a sort of joke to shame what crap warriors Maeve wanted to dispose of at the time?

Hmm... that actually sounds quite good.


Evil GM

Nice, & hoped you liked Ryukos' DF game.

Hopefully this roller cools down for me when i GM, (which is the opposite of RL dice)

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Duly noted :) switched the, cuz it makes sense. A dog's senses are key for its survival and i'll be able to sense Never-Never creatures easier :) ok i really will need help with the aspects as they are the main problem with my character. do we choose from a list of them or do we create our own? for either, what are the aspects listed, or what kind of things would work for a Wyld Fey Temple Dog?

Evil GM

Firstly, you create aspects based on your characters backstory & what you think is interesting. You start with a ...

Trouble Aspect - which for Gelert would be something like "What did you say, boy." "You dumb dog." Or that good one you posted before.

Background Aspect - what shaped you, what are your relationships/ family like, how are you educated, where were you found, did you get into trouble? So you could have something like "Faithful Hound", or if you are going more like Chappy, it could be "Haunted by the Fey", "Spirits talk to me"

Rising Conflict - Who's prominent in your life, enemies, friends, lovers, how did your trouble & j=high concept shape your life, what has shaped you, what lessons have you learned?

Story - My First Adventure

Just reposting in case you missed it

DSXMachina wrote:

Yes, Aspects are alot of fun as they can both help or hinder your character. And if they hinder the character you get bonus Fate points (giving you +2 to a single roll), thus they are very useful to phrase in such a way that they can do both.

IMO as a GM i quite like a teamwork aspect, a problem aspect ('cares too much', 'curious') & a straight-forward one that a player can evoke to give him the +2 ('i've seen worse'). These allow the player to 'buy-in' to the game and get a bonus for it. I had a player in a zombie apocalypse game that just said he went home :(

I also find it fun to make then (poor) puns, word-plays or phrases as the original meaning can be used to described the PC's personality, ie "Not for all the gold in Chinatown".

They are also good to involve the players in things they would rather avoid. So as GM i may invoke an aspect to do something that is not necessarily in the best interests of your pc (rescue a man from a vampire, insult a fey at court) if you do it you get a Fate Point, if you choose not to you lose a Fate Point.

Aspects are a good way of defining the characters personality that you don't have to do in PF.

For example, using your idea for background you could have "As unbending as Cold Iron", this could show how much Discipline you have. But at the same time iron is brittle so i could invoke it to either request you be stubborn to the npc or even that not you snap. It also has a resonance with the fey.

Evil GM

The main thing is to try and give them as much pop or double-entendres as possible. With more details & a double edge if possible;
So "Loyal" would be a bit boring, "Mistress' Loyal Hound" is better but still lacking something. I'll think further.

Double entente might be better served by "lap dog," which could mean that he, as Duana, is just as obligated to serve Maeve or any high sidhe as she is. Through debts and favors owed. It is the Winter Court, after all.

Evil GM

For Gelerts' Eyes Only:
What we can also do is something, different like Chap in 'Dhampir' you are only hanging around with these people out of a greater obligation to someone/thing. (you can either answer here under spoiler or e-mail me; it's in my profile.

Yep, thats interesting as well. Just needs a few words to make it both a positive as well as a negative, like 'loyal', 'jealous', or 'playful'. Not that i am trying to cramp anyones style, trying to make it so if i tag it its reactive; proactively rather than inactively. Although this is just me trying to be a perfectionist, you could just have very simple Aspects.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)


O.O! that sounds perfect really! I could owe someone like the ErlKing, the winter fey court, or someone really powerful, or not so much powerful, or my sire or mother could. I like the fact that I am a Wyld Fey Temple Dog, maybe my entire generation has guarded an ancient artifact of Old Fey and it's my personal mission to get it back? being an intelligent dog has its ups and downs in character indeed!

Evil GM

I like the artifact idea, a hereditary artifact? That has been lost from the family for years. It was made on the mortal realm (see below) & that's why your parents went to the Erkling's realm (he lost it on a hunt on earth). And when you were a pup, Duana came, your parents recognised as a half-blood she would be more likely to visit the mortal realm (plus she has the world-walker aspect allowing her to travel through portals). So they/you decided to 'follow' her? Maybe your first aspect could be 'On the Hunt' to reflect your heritage, animal instincts, Erklings influence & quest. These are just brainstorms and how much you reveal is upto you. As a player i just sometimes like having private quests.

One thing i realised today was that since items created in the Fey realm turn into Ectoplasm unless sustained (controlled/held) by the Fey. This is another reason why the Fey interact so much with Mortals as the reverse is not true. For example, a Fey crafted sword in the Never-Never would dissolve if you left it whereas if the crafted it out of earthly materials it might decay on earth but in their lands would remain perfect forever. Just a randomish thought. So Duana & the Winter Knights weapons may be made on Earth?

How much do people want me to put in spoilers? Do you want what happens when you are alone putting in them? Dreams? Quests? As a player i just sometimes like having private quests. But of course most of the time in pbp people seem to just tell others to read the spoliers to find out what has happened.

As a GM myself, I like private spoiler stuff if it is private. I love to use dreams to motivate/punish my players, as Gelert and the Winter Knight might attest. It makes it more personal and gets me involved in the story more.

That said, I tend to post a lot of personal thoughts as well as dialog in my posts so players can get a sort of "view" into what their thought processes are even if they can't really act on them. So if say, Duana says something odious, it may be as a reaction to a compel or she's just had a bad day, the player on the other side of the screen doesn't go "Ah, Duana is just a sloppy c-word, and I am going to react thus to her!" But then, I've been in a bad game where one player hated me, and she happened to be the GM's pet player, so I ended up getting borked, hard, and had to quit, so I try to justify things, now to limit unpleasantness down the line.

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Ok DM :) how do my first 2 look so far?

Evil GM

Looking good, Gelert. The aspects are good, just noticed that for your 'Inhuman Recovery' there should be a 'catch'. This something from which you do not recover & this could give you back refresh. For example for most Fey with this power it is 'Cold Iron' as it is fairly common & fairly well known it would give you a +2. The rarer the Knowledge and/or item the less points it gives you back (see Ax's catch). But of course the net result of your recovery/toughness cannot be 0 or positive.

Danny I think the Summer's envoy to the winter court could work really well with the rest of the group. Perhaps you met some of them when you went to the Winter Court looking for your mother. I also liked what you did with the 'I'm dating a teenage triad' Aspect and with your great writing it was alot of fun, so i was hoping you could keep those two aspects if possible. Of course the adventures you guest star in can be worked out once we have more complete backgrounds.

Male Ferromancer

Alright, finally got a bit, gonna sit down and finish out the things I can do for Korben by myself, then I'll be posting again to connect with everyone. I'm thinking one Guest Star with Polar-Bear Man (He still around?) and one to one of the Winter Court members, to tie me and him to the larger group.

I'm actually looking for some human contact to lighten Duana up. She spends waaay too much time in the Winter Court, and I need her to have, you know, a soul to express.

Basically I see the Winter Court as her default because of Maeve's inherent power over her. I took a few negatives and made her vulnerable to some physical attacks to reflect that she isn't really meant to be a tank.

I like the Gelert pup idea because it gives her something to be responsible for, and light with, an avenue to express some amount of humanity and trying to better herself.

Also, quick question - is there a life expectancy for fae blooded changelings? Like... gosh, half elves? How old might she be?

Male Ferromancer

As I understand it they seem to have extremely long lives (Fix is mentioned to be over 100) but still age until they make their choice. Once they've Chosen, they age either as a human or not at all.

Huh... that opens up a world of possibilities...

Like, she could have started her whole adolescent rebellion phase in the mid-fourties and gone to movies to see reels of WWII footage and stuff, and been completely rejected by that society, then back to Nevernever, and come back in the 60s during the whole liberation movement...

Wow... this character can be freaking awesome if the GM will allow this.

*tries not to plot too much*

Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

OK i got the catch in :) so how does it work? DO i then have 2 refresh to spend on something else? Becase if i do i would like to spend them on either Inhuman Strength or something for armor. up to you GM if i get those points, idk the rules for catches and stuff yet :) but those are the two abilities i would consider having in exchange for cold iron affecting me as a Fey creature.

Male Ferromancer

Jericho is nice and finished I think. Am I missing anything?

EDIT: Hey Gelert: a couple problems on your sheet. 1) Your skills don't work with the pyramid. Ask your brother to look up that one in the book because it's too complicated to get into without being able to show it to you. To fix it though, move one of your Fair skills to Average, and take one more Average skill. Regarding Refresh and The Catch, all of your abilities must cost at least 1 Refresh, which means you don't get all of your refresh back for Inhuman Recovery. Luckily, if you took Inhuman Toughness, and attached the same catch, it would keep you at -7 total refresh and allow you another power without wasting the catch. You're Welcome!

Male Ferromancer

More troubleshooting/editing: Duana and Danny Kaye both look good, except for Danny's old Guest Star bits.

I'm going to get around to fleshing her out more through narrative as we all sorta mesh together, and I learn more about the world. Knowing nothing about the winter court, I wanted to be as vague on her upbringing as possible, so as not to be kicked for it later.

Buut, if the GM likes my ideas about her getting out in various time periods in reality in her adolescent phase, I can see this getting really fun. :)

Changling Spellsinger Physical: [] [] [] Mental: [] [] [] [] Social: [] [] [] [] FP:10

Yeah, I was planning on keeping the major aspects (Background and Teen Triad angle, especially if triad fits into the new city in any way!) And re-write the guest-stars.

Hm, as 'Summer's Envoy to Winter', Danny is in a good position to have met multiple characters from this group. Either as 'friend' or 'less than friendly', as a meeting with Fae sometimes tend to be. ;)

I feel I was semi-clever with the guest stories/Aspects, but this was my first attempt and I never felt I really got it 100%. With all of your creative chatter, I'm hoping that I come up with some clever quips this time around! :)

Male Ferromancer

So, who wants to do a Guest Star with Korben? Anyone?

I'll guest star with ya, if you wanna go to mah Nevernever Ranch, and pet mah cute doggie.

Male Ferromancer

Bored Aria? Hehee... well. I was planning on having Jericho be running from the police and heading from.... wherever he was to... wherever we end up setting the game. Maybe he tries to use the NeverNever as a shortcut?

Haha. I was more thinking "what the heck is Duana going to have in common with a freaking demigod?" And there's no real romance option with a polar bear unless she ties a bunch of salmon to her neck and flounders about in one of those cheap plastic pools ya buy at WalMart for toddlers to splash in. Even then it would not be all that great of a chase, and I think actual nixies would kick her butt pretty hard for the mockery.

Male Ferromancer

Well no romance from you for Korben. Boy's got a +4 Lore and a +5 Discipline... even at 20 or so there's no way he'd want anything to do with the part-sidhe girl.


Oh dear... my soul... it is crushed. Full Sidhe


Nah, I was thinking of exploring her mortality in a way that wasn't adolescent rebellion against the Lady Maeve, or "hey, that guy with the sword that's real here doesn't give a crap whether I live or die."

I will assume that her needs in that vain are met by... something. She's not an overly cheerful soul to sit around and hold hands. I dunno. I guess I shouldn't limit my guest stars to people I already know though, so if the demi god and Fozzy the bear could drop me a line, I'm interested, just not sure how our characters would fit.

Oookie, nevermind about the demigod. Must have missed the spartan thing. Hoooo boy. My mistake.

Evil GM

The great thing about the Fey, is the have the Hollow Hills/ Rip Van Winkle effect. Travelling or living in their realms time can do strange things. So even if Duana didn't have the half-elf aging she could have visited/lived through different periods. This means too that you might have met Aximeus before in an earlier period.

Oh man, now this could be great fun. Coz I am also assuming you could wink out of Nevernever in whatever part of the world you like? Or would she be tied to our starting city?

I mean, depending on that, she could experience the Spanish Civil War, then the Civil Rights movement in say, Mississippi... Huh... this could be extremely fun.

Evil GM

Well, you cannot actually travel back in time. But you could have been born a long time ago & experienced the mortal events with the inbetween time going in the blink of an eye.

regarding travelling between places, yes by opening portals you can. But you don't know what dangers are on the other side. :)

Well, if she could experience WWII she could definitely experience the Spanish Civil War of the same time period. Think Pan's Labyrinth. And yeah, I got that she wouldn't want to see what's on the other side of the portal half the time, like, say, a Klan rally, or into a riot in progress.

I thought it would be fun for her to hang out with a human and watch TV, but if Jericho is a wizard, and I've read right nothing technological works around them, so it'd either have to be old film reels or... I dunno.

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