Jorvik: A Land of Snow & Ice

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A dark mystery in the ancient city of York.

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Now I really want to see Danny (or Rags) stage a Sweeny Todd/Mary Poppins/Pygmalion mashup.

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A spoonful of sugar helps the meat pies go down?

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Wouldn't that be luverly?


Thank goodness I had put my coffee down BEFORE clicking the next page button!

It has been spoken. Now it must be so.

Of course, DANNY is far more likely to go Mary Poppins/Pirates of Penzance/(insert ANY Disney musical here) than Sweeney,... but it's not impossible.

Depends on if he's had a bad day, or a REALLY bad day,...

I watched Missy Elliott's VMA awards number this morning (which will wake you up better than coffee.) I kept wondering how Rags would like to stage something like this. :)

oooo,... NOW we see just how good and/or lucky (or both) Sal and Danny really are.

Danny told the receptionist they were brother/ sister,
Sal just told 'Louis' that they were ex's.


Maybe Danny shoulda got his/their story straight BEFORE charging in.
Sometimes, making stuff up as you go isn't ALWAYS the best idea.


(But, But, I, I almost ALWAYS come out smelling like a rose! Almost,...)
<ENd Danny interjection>

Yeah, we didn't coordinate stories in advance, and I had already decided on my story before you posted yours. I went with it for terrible honesty. It's certainly not an impossible situation. We got dis.

Evil GM

Apologies for slipping up and vanishing. I'll get a post for everyone in the next day or 2 and try & get you guys back together.

LOL, is ok,

RL happens, I mean it SUCKS usually, but it happens. ;P

See you soon!

Just glad to see you're back, DSX.

Evil GM

Sorry, hit a complete writers block. Glad to see you guys are still around, hope things are going well.

I feel ya buddy. I keep trying to continue a certain wizzie's journal and run into that.

And I dont have to make anything up! The adventure already happened! I just have to journal-ize it! ;P

Not too bad, Busy at work, still have this last weekend to go for the musical I'm in, (Matilda the musical) and the usual shenanigans with kids et al.

How are YOU doin'?

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