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About Gabriel of the Winter Court

Name: Gabriel Al Dunne
Player: Raventhorn
Template: Winter knight(Frost knight)
Musts: High concept including Winter knight
High Concept: Frost Knight
Trouble Aspect: Prove Yourself

Phase One Aspect: “The Ring of my Grandmother”

Gabriel's grandparents moved to the US from Hungary in search of a better life. Gabriel's grandfather eventually got into the oil business and they're family finally had some money. Gabriel's father eventually took over the family business and the wealth grew but this money drew Gabriel's father and mother away often and Gabriel often visited and lived with his grandparents who retired in upstate new York where they said the weather matched the winters in the "old country". When his grandmother passed away she left Gabriel her ring that had been in her family for generations said to have once been given to their ancestor from an ancient spirit of winter.

Whenever he holds his ring he is reminded of his grandmothers little sayings about the little folk and their rulers. Anyone who threatens his family probably will crack Gabriel's calm facade and will probably be able to manipulate him pretty easily if they say the right words.

Rising Conflict
Phase Two Aspect:“Stand Up, Stand In, Until the End”

Gabriel's grandmother always told old tales of the "Fair Lady" that was said to steal young men's souls but Gabriel never put much stock into these stories. one day when his family went skiing in the Canadian Rockies a blizzard blew in and separated Gabriel from the rest. He couldn't see and while trying to find shelter he fell through a frozen river but eventually pulled himself out and crawled into a nearby cave that happened to be seen in a break through the snow. Foolishly Gabriel began to call out for help from anyone or anything. then he suddenly thinks of the tales his grandmother told him and suddenly a woman appears at the cave entrance. Dressed in clothes like he could never imagine Gabriel accepts her help and he fins himself in the never never. however there was a price the woman said for her help he would have to be her knight until he could show that he was powerful enough to break through the enchantment and win back his freedom. Often Gabriel can be called stubborn on many points giving up and surrendering is something Gabriel will never do.

Phase Three Aspect:"The Queen's Words"

Gabriel is tasked with watching over Maeve's changeling daughter and can never speak of it to anyone else save the daughter or Maeve herself.

Guest Star: Duana

Phase Four Aspect:
Guest Star:
Phase Five Aspect:
Guest Star:


Physical(Endurance)[][]*[][]* *with sword out
Mental (Conviction)[][][]
Social (Presence)[][][][]

Armor, etc.


Superb (+5), 1: Weapons
Great (+4), 2: Discipline, Presence
Good (+3), 2: Conviction, Lore
Fair (+2), 3: Driving, Endurance, Contacts
Average (+1), 5: Athletics, Alertness,Stealth, Empathy, Survival

-4:Unseelie Magic
-1:Marked by Power
-1:Item of Power+2 Sword of Winter "Inhuman speed""Inhuman toughness" Catch +1 Summer

Base Refresh: 8
Adjusted refresh:2

Rotes and Foci::

Foci:Sword +2 Ice Offensive power (Conviction), Bracer +1 Ice Offensive Control(discipline), Cloak +1 Defensive Control(discipline)