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Adventurers must save the frontier land of Karameikos from deadly peril.
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In 1987 TSR took the best of their beginner modules and put them in a single setting. The appearance of 10 full beginner adventures in a cohesive setting--the Duchy of Karameikos, made it possible to allow players some choice as to where they wanted to go. It may have been the very first 'Sandbox' created in fantasy roleplaying.

Before you get too excited, classic D&D modules could kill characters. Many of these modules required thought and system mastery to succeed. There was no such thing as encounter balance. If you saw a hill giant at first level, you ran away. There will be the real possibility of death and this possibility will grow if you do not play well together as a team.

I will be selecting 6-8 first level characters CREATED USING THE CORE RULEBOOK ONLY to explore the Duchy of Karameikos if there is sufficient interest. The possibility of running two adventuring parties at the same time is there, the world should be big enough.

What do I need to play? All you need is the pathfinder Core Rulebook or the patience to click on the links for the core rulebook HERE and a commitment to post once a day during the weekdays. I have never dropped a game where half or more of the players were posting regularly.

Do I get any traits? No, traits aren't core. But you get a bonus feat! You can pick this feat if you want. Note: You will not be able to pick it up later. LUCK OF HEROES: Add one to your AC (touch and ff too) and add one to all your saves. As a starting hero in the Duchy you are exceptionally Lucky. This feat can only be selected as a brand new character at level 1.

What is going to be the party 'balance'? 2 full bab types, a divine caster, an arcane caster, a rogue, and a wildcard slot. The wildcard slot can go anywhere, even to a monk.

How will characters be created? Core classes/races built with 15pts and average wealth with maximum hit points at first level. Characters can have weaknesses = low stats. Can I have a dwarf with a five charisma? Sure, just don't be surprised when people don't like you much. Can I have an elf with a 5 constitution? Sure, but you may not be able to take a hit.

How will maps be handled? I put maps on simple google docs spreadsheets everyone can edit at the top of the page. You can move your character yourself--it is a name and not a pretty picture.

Roll your starting age, height, and weight on this table Starting stats

Recruitment will be open until at least July 1 and may extend longer.

BOOM! First in! Planning on going Paladin GM Tribute ;)

I'd definitely be interested in trying out a few of those classic TSR adventures. I'm thinking of submitting a traditional sword-and-board fighter or paladin, probably human. I'll try to put up the basics of the character tonight or tomorrow morning. Core-only is perfectly fine with me! EDIT: Derp! Might have gotten beat to the paladin! Fighter or rogue, then!

If we advance past first level, will we be rolling for HP or taking the average?

Where is this Karameikos place? I like Golarion. Karmeikos is a wild unsettled frontier land where much adventure is ready to happen!

Link to Karameikos INFO

What deities are worshipped?
Link to religion of Karameikos

Given that religion is somewhat a 'state' religion, worshipping of ideals or a code will be allowed.

What languages are spoken by humans? Yes, other races speak their own language. Humans speak Thyatian and Traladaran, mostly formed by which religion they worship. Those of the Official Church of Karameikos speak Thyatian--both converts and native Thyatian. Those clinging to the Traladaran religion (70% of the population) speak Traladaran. All humans get Thyatian and Traladaran as their starting language. Other races may choose one to start and must use bonus languages or linguistics to speak the other.

HD/2+1 after first. Familiars and Animal companions get max HD at first too!! What is better than one paladin? Two paladins!!

Players in my other games are encouraged

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I would love to do this! I will take the cleric spot if possible. GEt something up meeting your criteria soonest.

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If you don't mind having me in two games, I'll join this one as well. Will have a character up soon for your approval. Probably going to try something different this time; maybe a druid.

Most likely halfling archer Paladin ;)

Looks really cool, Chainmail!

For that extra bit of Basic D&D flavor you should use the Beginner's Box rules...but then I suppose nobody would apply for that game. ;)

Have fun everybody.

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Here is my submission, a classic human barbarian in the style of Conan. His full backstory is in the attached profile.

"Ho there friends, Denlin Longarm at your disposal. I hail from a small village in the Wulfworlde mountains, not too far from Theshold. I left my family to travel the lands and find my fortune, though I still have yet to find anything interesting. Hopefully something better will turn up down the road!"

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How can you say no to a classic barbarian. Denlin is in if we get enough and receives a bonus gift.

Denlin, add a bloodstained masterwork greatsword with seventeen carved scratches in the handle wielded by Aunt Molly until she fell in battle to your gear since you are first to apply and took the chance and made a real alias!!!!

Sure you want to pass up on +1 to all ACs and saves as a feat?

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GM Tribute wrote:

Denlin, add a bloodstained masterwork greatsword with seventeen carved scratches in the handle wielded by Aunt Molly until she fell in battle to your gear....

By Crom, that is freakin' EPIC! :D

Shadow Lodge

Oh shoot, I misread the bonus feat you offered us, I'll take that for sure! Adding that greatsword now, that's wonderful flavor!

"Always been a lucky sort you know. Did I ever tell you about these scratches on my sword? Well... it all started with my Aunt Molly."

Here is a rejiggered Chestman Barrelhouse. Dwarf and lover of ale and gold, goldale and ale made out of gold.


ull Name : Chestman Barrelhouse

Race: Dwarf

Classes/Levels Fighter 1(HP favored)

Gender M

Size M

Alignment: CG

Deity : Ale!


Languages Common,Dwarf

Occupation :

Strength 14 (+2)
Dexterity 14 (+2)
Constitution 16 (+3)
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12 (+1)
Charisma 8 (-1)
Height: 5' Weight: Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown
Favored Class: Fighter(hp)
Hit Points: 14
Spd: 20
Init: +6
AC: 20( +5 armor +2 shield +1 Luck)/Touch 13/FF 18)
BAB: +1
CMB: +3
CMD: 15
Saves: Fort +6(+8 vs poison/spells/spell abilities) Ref +3(+5 vs poison/spells/spell abilities) Will +2(+4 vs poison/spells/spell abilities)

Dwarven waraxe +4 1d10+2 x3
Dagger +3 1d4+2 19-20/x2
Short bow +3 1d6 x3 60 feet

Skills: Climb (1+2+3)6,Swim (1+2+3)6

Feats: weapon focus-Dwarf waraxe,Improved Init,Luck of heroes (+1 Saves, all ac,Bonus)
Special Abilities:
+2Con +2 Wis -2 Cha
Speed is not modified by armor or encumbrance
Darkvision 60 feet
+4 dodge Ac against creatures with giant subtype
+2 appraise to determine price of nonmagical goods that contain precious metal/gemstones
+1 attack orc and goblin subtypes
+2 saves against poison/spells/spell-like abilities
+4 CMD to resist bull rush/trip on ground
+2 Perception to detect unusal stonework(doors/traps)recieve check when passing within 10 feet
Proficient with battleaxe,heavy pick, warhammer. Dwarf weapons are treated as martial weapons

Dwarven warxe(30)
Scale Mail (50)
Heavy wooden shield (7)
Shortbow (30 gp)
20 arrows (2)
Fighter's Kit (9)
belt pouch
flint and steel
iron pot
mess kit
torches (10)
trail rations (5 days)
46 gp

Durahl of Highhaven presents himself for this glorious journey into the Wildlands of Karameikos.

"May our blades never grow dim and our purses never grow light!"

Talon has returned....

Denlin, you forgot your speed is reduced due to medium armor (-10')

Grand Lodge

Here's my submission for a rogue..


Linndel Rallos cr 1
XP 0
Male elf rogue 1
CG medium humanoid (elf)
Init +4; Senses lowlight; Perception +7


AC 17; Touch 15, Flat-Footed 13, (leather armor, +4 dex, +1 ac)
HP 8 (d8)
Fort +1; Ref 7+; Will +1
Defensive Abilities na; DR na; Immune sleep; Resist na; SR na

shortsword +4 1-6/19-20 x2
dagger +4 1-4/19-20 x2

Speed 30
Space 5ft; Reach 5ft

shortsword +4 1-6/19-20 x2
dagger +4 1-4/19-20 x2

shortbow +4 1-6/x3
dagger +4 1-4/19-20 x2

Special Attacks
sneak attack +1d6 dmg


Str 10, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 10
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD +14 ( vs. trip)

weapon finesse
luck of heroes

Disable device +8
stealth +8
Perception +7(+8 traps)
acrobatics +8
escape artist +8
climb +4
sleight of hand +8
use magic device +4
know. local +5
craft traps +5

Racial Modifiers
+2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Con

Common, elf, goblin

+2 vs enchantments, lowlight vision, +2 perception

Combat gear
short sword
2 dagger
short bow 40 arrows
leather armor

Other gear
4 days rations
water skin
2 torches
2 twine
2 caltrops
50 silk rope
thieves tools
belt pouch
4 chalk
3 candle
4 fishhooks
5 paper
ink vial

15 gp

I really like the looks of this game. The Core is my favorite book in the Pathfinder library, and classic adventure? 'Nuf said!

I would like to play a half-elf druid, with the air domain. Probably RP'd as a mysterious weather witch. As a tough and lucky adventurer, and a druid, she'll be quite at home in the Wildlands!

Teraldan the Paladin is here.

May have pumped his Intelligence a tad too much but... I really can't live without skills ;)

WhtKnt's submission is Ceweldyn, the elven druid. His full write-up is linked to the profile.

Ceweldyn stands 6 feet and weighs 124 lbs. He has blonde hair and blue eyes that are unflinching in even the strongest sunlight. His demeanor is that of a proud elf and he can be condescending to other races, which tends to be off-putting. But his loyalty is unquestioned and, given the opportunity, he will forge unbreakable friendships.

grimdog73 wrote:

Here's my submission for a rogue..

** spoiler omitted **

I think you have your Touch and Flat-footed AC's switched. Touch should be 15 while FF should be 13.

Shadow Lodge

Good catch Talon, thanks for the notice.

Submitting this Classic Wizard...

Ceweldyn wrote:

WhtKnt's submission is Ceweldyn, the elven druid. His full write-up is linked to the profile.

Ceweldyn stands 6 feet and weighs 124 lbs. He has blonde hair and blue eyes that are unflinching in even the strongest sunlight. His demeanor is that of a proud elf and he can be condescending to other races, which tends to be off-putting. But his loyalty is unquestioned and, given the opportunity, he will forge unbreakable friendships.

Don't forget that you are allowed an extra feat, you currently only show one feat on your sheet.

Logan1138 wrote:
Don't forget that you are allowed an extra feat, you currently only show one feat on your sheet.

Fixed, thanks.

Teraldan wrote:

Teraldan the Paladin is here.

May have pumped his Intelligence a tad too much but... I really can't live without skills ;)

You've got Hero Points on your sheet but I haven't seen anything from Tribute about their use in the game. Related to that, you have the Luck of Heroes feat but it is the one related to Hero point use, not the one Tribute has detailed.

Grand Lodge

Oops my bad.....good catch...will fix asap.....

You're right Logan. Why the heck did I go with Herolab? *shakes fist* Will fix it when I'm not posting from my phone.

Also I'm reading on the Pantheon to change the profile accordingly.

Dang, I would even trade my point blank feat for some more skill points :D

Scarab Sages

I'm very interested in what I have read so far and look forward to working on a character.

I'm thinking of making an Ethengarian monk, one of the Ten Thousand Fists of the Khan. However, Cretia is a Chaotic Immortal, so there may be a conflict with the class.

Would an alignment other than lawful be acceptable in this case?

Teraldan, you can use Hero Lab (I did), you just have to make a few adjustments. Use the Configure Hero options.

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DM DoctorEvil wrote:
I would love to do this! I will take the cleric spot if possible. GEt something up meeting your criteria soonest.

Actually, much as I might like this, I am pulling out in the interest of time. Have fun and watch out for Hill Giants!

Here's a sketch of the druid I'd like to play. I'll add the further details like languages and gear, as well as back story this coming week.
She'd probably be an intrepid weather witch and wanderer of the Wilds seeking to be hired as a guide for an adventuring party...

A druid isn't as good a healer as a cleric, but has some nice spell combinations in the Core. E. g., obscuring mist and faerie fire, effective invisibility for the whole party vs. a powerful foe! Aviari would make a good secondary healer and support caster. She's got skills, crazy perception, and lightning!

If the divine spell caster ends up being filled by a cleric, my druid could be the wild card maybe? Any interest? : )

Aviari Kyras, Half-Elf Druid 1:

Initiative + 2 Senses Low-light Vision; perception + 11


AC 17 touch 13 flat-footed 15 (+ 2 armor, + 2 Dex, + 1 Luck, + 2 Shield)

hp 12 (1d8 + 1 (Con.), + 3 (toughness))

Fort. + 4 Ref. + 3 Will + 5 (+ 7 vs. enchantment)

immune sleep


Spd 30 ft.

Melee Club + 0 1d6 B 10 ft. thrown

Ranged Sling + 2 1d4 B 50 ft. range, 20 bullets

Domain Powers

Lightning Arc (Sp) 5 / day; + 2 ranged touch, 1d6 + 1 electricity 30 ft. range

Druid Spells Prepared

Orisons (Lvl. 0, at will) detect magic, light, virtue
Lvl. 1 cure light wounds, faerie fire, obscuring mist (D)


STR: 10 DEX: 14 CON: 13 INT: 12 WIS: 15 CHA: 12

BAB + 0 CMB + 0 CMD 12

Skills Climb + 4, Heal + 6, Knowledge (nature) + 7, Perception + 11, Survival + 8, Swim + 4, Wild Empathy + 2

Feats Luck of Heroes* (B), Skill Focus (Perception) (H-E), Toughness

Class Features Nature Bond, Nature Sense, Orisons, Spells, Wild Empathy

Race Features Low-light vision, Adaptability, Elf blood, Elven Immunities, Keen Senses, Multi-Talented

*:LUCK OF HEROES: Add one to your AC (touch and ff too) and add one to all your saves. As a starting hero in the Duchy you are exceptionally Lucky. This feat can only be selected as a brand new character at level 1.

Ceweldyn wrote:
Teraldan, you can use Hero Lab (I did), you just have to make a few adjustments. Use the Configure Hero options.

Only managed to do it with Custom Adjustments - in any case it is done ;)

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Some feedback.

Like the human and dwarf fighters and the hobbit paladin. I also like the druids.

Talon and Lindell look good to go. I may give rogues some extra benefits--I haven't decide what so far, but it will make them better. I know waiting for the finesse talent at level 2 is hard, but sometimes I try to do it. I may let you pick finesse talent at level 2 and immediately grab another feat.

My adjustment for rogues I am considering is rogues get 10+INT skill points per level and can add up to two skill points to a skill per level. In other words max skill ranks for a character = total character level + total number of rogue levels.

I am thinking of making straight fighters and monks better too.

Bob Chen seems like he is 8 points--don't want to short yourself.

Monks must be lawful--we will find a way to make it happen.

The dwarf fighter has chosen ale as his deity so add the following to his sheet.
Mug of Ale with symbol of the gold horned devil Orcus on it on a field of black--detects as light conjuration magic.
This mug is reputed to always fill up with ale at dawn as long as it is completely empty. If ever dawn breaks with ale in the cup, all magic will be lost from this mug. The ale appearing in this cup is extremely strong and of the highest quality and can be transferred to a water skin or other mug. It is reputed also that if dawn breaks and ale from this mug is unconsumed, a great curse will befall the owner of the mug. So far, this curse has never been tested.

The dwarves have never worshipped Orcus, but then, have never let good ale go to waste.

So we have two druids and two rogues. It looks like I will try to set up for two groups.


I started to mess with making a halfling bard also but decided against it, I don't think it would do very well.

already made a story for him but it is more for a rise of the runelords game:

story of a bard:

Where to begin? Life has always been an adventure for me, even from the start. After twelve hours of labor my mamma shot me out like a professional skiprock. After some extensive bungee action, I am told; I finally came to hang with a cord wrapped around my neck. Well things could only get wilder from there…
My ma and pa, Cillia and Kulobi, raised me on what they knew. During the day, I’d help dad run the little Jolly Halfling Inn in Artume. I’d watch and sometimes help dad haggle prices with merchants and tell tales of his great adventuring days. He was the most famous man I’ve ever met up that point in my life and not everybody has ever seen a great dragon, except of course Ole Carl, which was how he became Sheriff after all! Anyway I digress this is about me after all and who wants to hear about old man Carl anyway.

Artume is a small domain amid hills and fertile plains within the River Kingdoms. Artume lies on a western branch of the Sellen River, not far from the cities of Daggermark, Gralton, and Sevenarches. The region boasts high quality livestock, especially horses, as well as leather goods and stone. The kingdom welcomes adventurers, who Regent Waike frequently uses to deal with bandits and nagas.

Anyhows; after working with Pa, I’d come home and make a big batch 0’ food with ma. She was always hosting elaborate parties, so I specialize in hors d’oeuvres.

While I love getting good prices on candies and I can’t get enough of my “Pattonded Homemade Out-Of-This-World Moon Waffles,” However, neither baking nor haggling was the life for me. At least not at that time; Ahh Youth, when your young and in love, and as pa would say, “stupid”.

So when I turned 16 I began looking for a way out and as fate would have it on my birthday bash, a group of adventuring types came to the Inn. Clumsy big folk they were; and my first real experience with them. I soon realized that they were dumber than a young hobbit in love. They had in their midst a lovely hobbit girl named Lily. She was the reason they were in here. She told me tales of great things they were planning on doing like free some human nation from the hands of evil or some such nonsense. I told her there was no evil here. But she insisted there was a bigger world than Artume.

Now with a lust for adventure in my heart and raging hormones in my loins, I pleaded with the human folk to take me with them. Of course Ma and Pa disagreed but Pa saw the look in my eye (and the bulge in me breeches) and said it was time to sow my oats. Don’t really know what he meant, I had no intention of farming but I thanked him anyway. So equipped with a frying pan (a gift from ma), a towel (father said “always bring a towel”) and the clothes on my back I left the next morn in the company of two humans and a fat tall hobbit with a big beard, He said he was a dwarf but I say he’s a “hobbit in denial.” I wanted to survive on my own, bring home my own bread, reel in my own fish, and tame my own wild badger… (Note: no farming dad!)

Lily and I became friends on the course of our travels, here is a picture of us (I drew it myself, well sort of):

See pa no farming yet!

Well now back to the story:

We journeyed for several days seeing wondrous sights like trees, and bushes, and trees, and shrubberies, and trees, ohh look a squirrel, and did I mention Trees, and Hobgoblins, and trees, and what! Hobgoblins Ahhh!

Well we fought them Hobgoblins and killed them all, but one, and the humans decided to question him about some great evil that need to be stopped, like the Hobby (that’s what I called them) had a clue about what they were talking about, maybe he was a farmer. Well we learned from the Hobgoblin that “gruu grack!” (Or something like that) meant I ain’t talking! So he ended up dying instead. I got my first kill and it wasn’t fun at all I will never do that again! At least not that way it was very… ahhhh… un-heroic!

Several days later after seeing more trees we found out that Hobbys like to travel in really big groups. And the hardy human adventurers fought them bravely. I protected that rock like my life depended on it (and I think it did) Lily had a rock to, but she kept throwing it at the Hobbies I told her come over here my rock is bigger! Boy did that come out wrong.

Anyway, she did, and oh boy was I proud of that skill! I love that rock.
We hid while the humans and that hobbit in denial got slaughtered. Really felt bad about it but if I was to keep them in my memories and tell the tales of their great deeds (and about my rock) I would have to stay alive. Never met a dead hobbit that told me an edge of your seat tale.

The Hobbys never found us and we slipped away, left to our own devices in the wilds of a non-shire place.

We made our way to a place called Thronestep somewhere in a place called Razmiran. Well after 16 years with 5 full meals a day, independence sure made my stomach growl. Far from home and only Lily with me I shifted to crime in a moment of weakness. Well, the guy looked like an easy mark, but I guess I’m not quite the pickpocket I thought I was. His ear twitched as I approached, and he promptly spun around and bonked me on the head with some sort of guitar.

When I came to, my vision was blurred and I though I saw Lily kneeling beside me so I reached for her and boy was that guy mad and he gave me gift I won’t soon forget, a second bump on the noggin!

When I came to again, my vision was still blurred (I got to stop getting bumped on the noggin). The sun hurt my eyes so I just shut them again. But then I heard the most enlightening music. It was soft and low, with a strange buzz to it. The slow tempo was depressing, but it touched my heart and seemed to liven up my spirits.

Opening my eyes, I saw the man responsible for the bump and the source of the tune, He was sitting on a barrel, he was elegantly dressed in performers motley, and he sat there legs crossed creating a beautiful sound from what I later learned to be called a harmonica. And behind him I could smell home style cooking and there was Lily making me my favorite meal, “Pattonded Homemade Out-Of-This-World Moon Waffles” at least the best she could, considering it was my recipe. Isn’t she wonderful, I need a shower, (now I understand the bit about the towel)?

I also noticed the ground had turned to wood and was rocking and I heard the sounds of the ocean, just like when Ma and Pa took me to the ocean to swim. Hey I am on a boat! Wonder where I was going?
The man noticed I had awakened and discontinued his melody. “Hungry little fella?” he asked politely. “Eat now, and tomorrow you can begin to work off your little crime” shame fell over me, and a little embarrassment.

I’ll tell ya, they make new definitions for words every day. Who would think that by work, he meant learn to play an instrument. I spent the next couple of days taking harmonica lessons from Fflewddur Fflam the Music Man, and at the same time we got to know each other and I got to know Lily even better (wink) (Guess what Pa! I am a farmer!!). Anyway he explained his story and I told him mine especially about the big rock and the trees. [I might be going crazy, but whenever he got to describing some epic battle he fought in, I could swear his harp strings would break].

Eventually we arrived in a city called Tamran in Nirmathas. I learned a lot on that ship, the ship was a merchant ship and the crew, with the way they talked reminded me a lot of home with pa and the merchants. I managed to trade a bit with them and they told me all about something called merchant’s run; A secret trade route which is heavily protected that connects Lake Encarthan and Conqueror’s Bay.

We spent almost 6 months with Fflewddur travelling the Merchant’s Run learning all sorts of new things along the way, and Lily and I became very close we were married not long after my farming incident (shame ma and pa missed out, but at least they didn’t know about big rock). But alas we had to part ways with Fflewddur. He said I could never discover who I was until I made it for myself. As a parting gift he offered me his harmonica, on which he engraved the warning:

“It is the mark of an immature man to die nobly for a cause, and it is the mark of a mature man to live humbly for one.”

Lily and I settled down in a little gnome community called Whistledown and we opened a small Inn, aptly named the Jolly Halfling Inn (Western Style).

The new Inn wasn’t open for very long when we were asked to perform at some girl’s 40th birthday bash. Never being one to turn down a chance to play the harmonica and I readily accepted.

But that is when it all happened. Townsfolk go missing, strange happenings at night. It was on the night of the birthday bash that everyone was ordered inside by the mayor and the town militia was to take up guard posts to put an end to the strange happenings.

Their blood curdling screams woke the town in the dead of night, and after the sun came up only the bravest of the townsfolk ventured out to investigate—(I stayed in the Inn with Lily) -- they found only scattered weapons, dented helmets, and pools of congealed blood.

The next day, a group of Pathfinders came to town. Mayor Bagalom managed to persuade the adventurers to take care of the problem for the town. Many of us were excited to have people of such prominence in town even though they were from so place called Sothis or some such place and I think they were looking for some dead prostitute. I know, weird huh?

Well, this group brought back fond memories of our time with Fflewddur and our journeys along the Merchant’s Run. Anyway the group spent some time at our little Inn and I could tell that the birthday girl we were supposed to perform for had a thing for the Halfling in their group. Well its none of my business what they do, but I did make sure he had plenty of clean towels. Maybe he was a farmer to?

Well, the adventurers succeeded in stopping whatever it was that plagued Whistledown. And there was a great festival in their honor. (Though the fact that they were carting around a 400-year-old corpse of an Osirian concubine was a tad unsettling for most of us). And I served everyone a heaping of my “Pattonded Homemade Out-Of-This-World Moon Waffles,”

Well the adventurers left and that gnome girl left with them, I confided in that Halfling fellow that liked her about Merchant’s Run and they were off on another adventure.

I moped around the Inn for the next several days yearning for adventure just like before. But then it happened. A message arrived. It was from someone named Ms Cherry Blossom (What?!? Do gods think I should be a farmer too?) Anyway after some grumbling about the name, Lily said it was her mother coming to visit.

“Oh Great, Company, this will be so much fun!” But lily just looked at me weird.

“You don’t understand, she doesn’t know about you and expects me to marry Bernard” Lily seemed rather upset over this but I told her that Ma wanted me to marry Ingred but she had buck teeth and almost no hair on her feet. No respectable halfling boy would marry such a girl, and luckily Pa agreed.

Well Lilly decided that I needed to go away for a spell while she visited so Lily could straighten things out. And that very same day (Like there wasn’t enough coincidence in my life) I found a flyer talking about a Swallow your tail festival in a place near a sandy point, or was that the town of Sandpoint. Oh well who cares it was an adventure, and a means to be away from “Ms. Cherry Blossom”.

So I told Lily all about it and she was thrilled for me and helped me pack. So off I went heading to the swallow and have a tail festival and headed east out of town.

Lily called to me after no more than 3 minutes of leaving. “Isn’t she sweet she missed me already”?

“The town is West”. (Lily always was good with directions like that. Never could understand that whole North – South thing. But anyway once pointed in the right direction I headed to a point in the sand to swallow my tail at a festival!!

Here is the Ethengarian Monk, on a journey to explore Karameikos and learn more of the kingdoms built within.

Grand Lodge

Cool...just let me know what you decide and alterations shall be made.....

GM Tribute,
Here is Aviari Kyras, alias of Suthuri. This is my half-elf druid with everything from my earlier post in her profile. I have also added a back-story and a fairly detailed description of her appearance and mannerisms.

Aviari is very much a classic half-elf. Tannis from Dragon Lance, if he were a woman and a druid! Also, hopefully it will show from the backstory that I have done a little reading on the Mystara setting, the Duchy of Karameikos in particular!

Hope I get picked for one of the two groups, if indeed there are two, and really looking forward to seeing how this plays out!

This sounds great! But it's late and I do all of my characters by hand, so I submit a human wizard from the abjuration school. More to come tomorrow!

Initial Stats:

Age: 1d4 + 15 ⇒ (4) + 15 = 19 years
Height: 2d10 + 58 ⇒ (7, 5) + 58 = 70 inches (5' 10")
Weight: 2d10 ⇒ (7, 10) = 17*5+120= 205 pounds


I will take your luck feat, plus two more to be determined...

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Ok--first thing I am going to keep from the old school days is magic items are scarce and highly prized. Do not count on finding many magic items for sale as they are quite in demand. Magic items can be sold for full value as they are rare, but magic purchased will typically cost 5x value! Do not count on buying many magic items--I will let you know when and what is available for purchase.

I decided to go with the rogue as mentioned earlier. 10+INT/level for skills and rogues levels allow you to put two ranks per skill. Max skill ranks=Total character levels+total rogue levels. No one will outdo a rogue for skills.

Fighter will be a 5/4 Bab class. At level 4 they will be +5 Bab and at level 5 they will get their first iterative. No one will outdo a fighter at fighting prowess. This will also help their CM and CMB and make them more awesome at fighting.

Fighters and rogues both deserve good things! If we find this makes them a more powerful class than others, they deserve their time in the sun.

will update Talon soon (how to rig Hero lab for this)

updated: 2 ranks now in perception and disable device.

Next, I like the characters I have seen so far.

Characters approved and in are:
Denlin Longarm - barbarian
Chestman Barrelhouse (you need an alias now) - fighter
Durahl - Fighter
Teraldan- Paladin
Aviari - Druid
Celdyn - Druid
Ederet - Monk
Talon - Bard or Rogue (either way)
Rhanloi - Wizard
Linndell - Rogue

Still can take up to 4 more. Would like to see a cleric or two and another wizard or sorcerer. Bob Chen, spend all your points.

talon is a rogue I was just playing around with a bard idea, never made him for this game

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ok...added the extra skill points..making a profile for him in a bit....

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Ederet has studied in Hillforge under the great dwarven monk Kelgar Ironfist. He was an apt pupil and was awarded the following.

Kelgar's Gloves of Brawling: These magical gloves grant a monk wearing them an extra stunning fist per day.

Ederet also gets to add this bonus feat (yes, he gets even another).
Student of Kelgar: You have learned to hit hard at times. Any time a target of your stunning fist that can be stunned rolls a natural 1 on his Will save, if your damage does not bring the target to 0 or lower hps, the target is immediately reduced to 0 hps AND is stunned.

Monks need love too.

Ok, got a profile made now....and for the finishing touches the age and stuff

age: 6d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 3, 2, 6, 6) = 23
height: 2d8 ⇒ (4, 2) = 6
weight: 2d8 ⇒ (7, 3) = 10 x3

will add to my profile

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Awesome unique flavors and tricks for people! That's a really nice solution for fighters and rogues.

Scarab Sages

I appreciate it, GM. Updated to reflect new equipment, feat, crunch, and story. It is Fort save for Stunning Fist, so I fixed that as well.

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