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Unfortunately, there is a third parameter that is sometimes limited by level, and that's target. Polymorph any object has the target: "one creature, or one non-magical object of up to 100 cu. ft./level", so in the case of this spell, a CL 0 archmage could cast the spell, and hold the charge indefinitely but never be able to target anything with the spell. I feel like it's just so close! Too bad, really.

That said though, I looked again at the power word spells, and none of their parameters are limited by level at all. A fighter with the archmage mythic ability could literally kill and strike her foes blind with a word. That would be scary!

I really like all the concepts that were mentioned- nature themed rogues, healing fighters, and the best about it is that no one would likely be able to guess what is going on. A martial character using time stop would likely be very disorienting for the enemy, and that by itself would be an advantage.

It raises the question though: if we put ourselves into the minds of fighters, following the warrior's path, why would any such a person choose to be an archmage instead going further on the warrior's path? I don't mean to question the viability of these ideas, rather I mean to raise a question about mythic power, in general. If we allow CL 0 archmages to exist, then it seems to me to imply that the form mythic power takes is not always a choice- if it ever is.

It may be a choice for the player, but the characters may find some source of mythic power, and they wouldn't really know what it is, so it affects them in bizarre and unpredictable ways. Maybe the mythic power finds them. Even the weaker side of this idea becomes interesting if one contemplates what source of mythic power would give someone something so incomplete, yet oddly useful.

I don't know mythic that well, so if I am missing something really obvious, I'd like it lots if someone pointed it out to me.

Anyway, I hope this isn't getting too off topic, because I'd really like what people would suggest for the story behind the fighter with archmage magic, or for the rogue with the awakened animal friends.

Has any mentioned or considered that if your caster level were 0, the great majority of your spells would be completely harmless or useless?

This would be because, most spells either have level based duration or level based damage. Your summon monster spells would have a duration of zero rounds. Does this mean they don't appear or do they vanish the same second they appear? You could cast fire ball, but with 1d6 damage / level, it would do 0 damage every time. Might look impressive, but it would do nothing! There might be some spells with a base damage and duration, but that would be all you could cast. Your abilities would be very limited, so I'd be inclined to say that a commoner archmage would not be the mos powerful caster, but rather the most laughably harmless caster in the world.

That does raise the question though, what happens when an archmage with 0 caster levels summons a monster? Do we see it, or is the archmage just wiggling fingers and waving hands with the delusion of power?

Is this an underlying logical absurdity that answers the question? A 0-level caster is just, ultimately, not a spell-caster at all.

For my convenience as much as all others'...Link to d20 modern general equipment. It's the same site linked as for the weapons above. Is this good to use for our character's general equipment, GM? ^^

This way we can easily outfit our characters! ^^

Dot! Here is my idea for a character

I am thinking about a wide-travelling, free lance photographer with the fey template, so a fey-tographer. Originating from Brittany France, I'll take all levels in fey and druid (menhir savant). I am really excited about combing this template and archetype in a modern context!

I figure a really good way to remain invisible in the modern age of instant images is to be the one taking all the pictures. The life of a free lancer also lets one stay on the move and to avoid any lasting connection with corporations or governments.

Anyway, my character is most definitely going to be many thousands of years old, and probably has contacts including fey back among the menhir of Brittany and among the free lance crowd.
Question: there are humans who hunt our kind. Is there the occasional human who might be an unlikely ally? That would make for an interesting contact, so I'm just asking. :)

Anyway, so let's roll, and see if I'm going for the 23 pt. buy or something else!

4d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 1, 6) = 14 13

4d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 5, 4) = 17 13

4d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 1, 1) = 10 9

4d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 2, 5) = 14 13

4d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 2, 3) = 9 7

4d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 6, 3) = 14 13

4d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 3, 1) = 14 13

Wow. Lucky number 13.
Hmmm... 14 pt. buy or 23... Yeah, I'll take the 23 if I may!

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
Suthuri wrote:

A ditzy sylph air sorceress- a powerful spell-caster, though somewhat air-headed, if you know what I mean. (~_^)
Charisma has come to represent inner strength and what Aleister Crowley would have called "thelema", by the way, so a "ditzy" Sorcerer ought to be impossible - an air mage would simply consider the term "air-head" to have a completely different meaning (more like "my mind is as vast and free as the open sky"), and would be flummoxed if they heard it used as some kind of insult (yes, these thoughts have passed through my mind).

You make an interesting point, and you may very well be right. However, I offer this: if a ditz is a scatter brained, unperceptive, perhaps impulsive person, for me, the traits of someone who is ditzy implies more a lack of wisdom than a lack of charisma.

Someone could be disorganized, aloof, lack common sense but still have a great force of personality. Since sorcerers only depend on that instinctive force to manifest the magic of their bloodline, not wisdom, it should indeed be possible to have a ditzy sorceress or sorcerer!

While I disagree with your assertion that a ditzy sorceress is impossible, I do agree that our friendly air-headed sylph would completely misunderstand someone's meaning if that someone were to call her an "air-head". Rather than recognizing it as a criticism of her aloofness and scatter-brained-ness, she would probably assume it has to with her magical heritage. (Low wisdom, no sense motive xD). In response to the comment she would be so flummoxed, she would have to roll her eyes, and say, "well yeah, I'm a sylph. Everyone knows that! Oh, and that's like, an offensive term for our people, btw! Gosh."

I think a catfolk paladin would be hilarious. Ser Percival Mewidon- ser Purrrrrrcival at your service! Noble defender, and champion of the order of the yarn.

A Vanara drunken master. The drunk monkey! The most feared warrior in the land indeed...

A ditzy sylph air sorceress- a powerful spell-caster, though somewhat air-headed, if you know what I mean. (~_^)

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Two blood-ragers? All of these angry people are going to need someone to calm them down! ;)

Hi there GM Angelina, Tacticslion, Suthuri here, aka Shaedo! (~_^)

I have a concept in mind for Kayahidye, an azata or maybe an agathion blooded aasimar Monk of the Lotus, with Touch of Serenity!

Stats so far...:

Name: Kayahidye (Lost Gift)
Race: Aasimar (azata, agation blooded??)
Class: Monk of the Lotus 2

Initiative + 3 Senses Darkvision 60 ft., Perception + 10

AC 17 Touch 16 Flat-footed 14

Fort. + 4 Ref. + 6 Will + 6

Special Evasion (Ex), Deflect Arrows (Feat)

Resist acid 5, cold 5, electricity 5


Speed 30 ft.

Unarmed Strike + 4 1d6 + 1 B
Flurry of Blows + 3 / + 3 1d6 + 1 / 1d6 + 1 B

Special Touch of Serenity 2 / day (DC 15)


STR: 12 DEX: 16 CON: 12 INT: 12 WIS: 17 CHA: 14

Deflect Arrows, Dodge, Improved Unarmed Strike, Touch of Serenity, Weapon Finesse

Acrobatics + 8, Climb + 6, Diplomacy + 5, Escape Artist + 7, Knowledge Religion + 5, Perception + 10, Perform (dance) + 7, Perform (song) + 7, Profession (scribe) + 7, Sense Motive + 7, Stealth + 7

For back-story, I'm thinking she was a foundling at a monastery somewhere, brought in and raised as a monk. In some ways, she found the practices of the monk intuitive, easy. In others, (especially if she is azata blooded), she found the discipline of the monastic life very challenging.

It has taken, by human standards, nearly a life time to master the meditative arts. However, she has achieved inner peace, at such an advanced level that she can share this inner peace with others, even those openly hostile toward her.

I like the idea of Kaya having chaos in her blood, and so having to reconcile any mischievousness in her spirit with the monk's discipline. In this way, although lawful in alignment, she would be sympathetic to those of all good alignments.

On the other-hand, the agathion would be a no-brainer on account of... nrivana! (Could have her look like a cat-folk too, for extra fun!) Either way, this looks like a class-race combination that would be really fun to try!

Sound good? Thoughts? (^_^)

In addition to druidic, druids also have the option of selecting Sylvan as a bonus language, even if the character's race doesn't normally have that option. Perhaps Sylvan could replace Druidic as the druid's free bonus language?

41. You are the subjects of a powerful magic user's summon heroes spell. You appear in his tower, where from he begins sending you on dangerous quests.

42. You each have a connection to a renowned treasure hunter's guild, ranger's lodge, or thieves' guild. A high ranking person from this group hires each of you to seek out one of her missing agents, incognito.

43. You are all the last descendants of an exalted bloodline, so the established tyrant perceives you as a threat. You must turn to each other to survive.

44. A common pesky monster menace in the area around your home town has suddenly become far more dangerous for mysterious reasons. Your party must investigate while also fighting to keep their home safe.

19. You are new recruits for the defense of a city during a siege. You and your party are guards in the same tower.
20. You are deputies of the city watch put in charge of the same district.
21. You are the only living people left in a forest haunted by the undead.
22. You are passengers aboard a ship bound for a distant place, but you discover your destination has been destroyed just as you arrive there.
23. You are the foretold heroes of the age. Your coming and joining as a fellowship are fated.

Inner Sea Magic would be good to have for both Rise of the Runelords and Shattered Star. I believe each or most of the Runelords makes an appearance in that text, and the Thassilonian specialist, the "sin wizard", is statted up.

Since each of the Runelords is a Thassilonian specialist in his or her particular school, the text is usual for that reason. It also sheds some light on how sin magic works as a concept. The TS is also a nifty PC option for either campaign.

Finally, ISM is useful for other rule sets for magic, such as wild magic, which can be useful for customizing parts of any part of an AP with many highly magical areas. Of course there are wealth of other player options as well.

In addition to Shattered Star being a sequel of Rise of the Runelords, the second chapter in Shattered Star is explicitly described as a sequel to the Curse of the Crimson throne.

As it turns out, my character, Desiona Veleshi, was accepted into the other game. Therefore, I shall bow out of the consideration for the second Runelords table.

Best of luck to everyone still in the running, and may everyone have fun!

Any race, class: diviner, with incredible scrying abilities. This character has no respect for anyone's privacy and absolutely no social boundaries. The character would shamelessly share the most intimate and personal secrets of every person in the tavern while speaking with his or her adventuring party as a matter of light conversation.

The wizard's greeting, "why you haven't changed at all since I saw you last, which was when you were sleeping earlier this morning in the inn a league from here. I am sorry the bed was not that comfortable! But really, it must be exhausting tossing and turning as you do."

The wizard's parting, "I would say farewell, or see you later, but truly, it would be absurd, when I, at least, see you all the time! Be well or not as you may, for I shall know. For as you know, I am always watching."

I would like to submit Desiona Veleshi for consideration.

She is a druid, menhir savant. Currently, I have her posted as a candidate for a Serpent's Skull game. However, since I am not sure she is going to be accepted there, I would like to submit her here as well, if that is acceptable.

Her backstory would fit the Rise of the Runelords well. Her parents met and coupled at the Swallowtail festival, and she grew up wandering the trade routes of Varisia with her mother. Her reason for returning to the festival is that it is a significant event in her family's history, so they regularly return to the town this time of year.

Further, at this point in her life, she is looking for an opportunity for adventure and glory, so she would jump to defend the town of Sandpoint.

I would have to make some adjustments, but I should be able to do them easily and quickly if Desiona is selected. I hope you find the character interesting and that you would consider her for this game. (^_^)

Lunar Sloth:
You make a good point. Aviara's personality seems disconnected some from her history. Let me see if I can do it more justice!

I apologize in advance for the long post! I hope you enjoy reading it and that it answers your questions about Aviara's feelings and interaction with the world.

The loss of her family has left her with a complicated guilt-trauma complex. There is the sadness of losing many of the people she loves and now being alone in the world, as well as a sense of that it was her fault. This guilt comes from two sources. First of all, she grew up being told that she is a sign of good-fortune. Second, she did not kill her original captor when she escaped from him.

When it comes to the beliefs surrounding her divine sign, how much her presence in the world influences things. She is doubtful that much that was prophesied about her is true. Yet, the sign does have power, and to be treated as a living boon, it is difficult not to have it go to your head.

Regarding her escape from her first captivity, she believes, in hindsight, that she did not behave as a good jarl's (grand)daughter should. While it may have been risky, her captor may have woken up, she should have killed him in his sleep, to ensure that he did not make it back to his clan. In truth, the other clan may have descended on her people anyway, but she has convinced herself that had she only killed the brute who had carried her off, she would have prevented this terrible thing.
Further, there is much shame about her fleeing from her people, especially when the enemy was there because of her. In hindsight, she wonders, if she had simply let the enemy clan take her, when they arrived, maybe her people would have been saved.

The process of grieving goes through a number of stages, starting with denial, then anger, and then bargaining. However, I doubt the process goes cleanly and unmixed. Aviara has mixed feelings of denial, anger and often bargains with herself. Every day and night as she goes to sleep or wakes up, she attempts to convince herself that some of her family must still be alive somewhere, waiting for her. She believes that one day she shall find them, if only she should go to the North again. Sometimes she tries to convince herself that nothing like this really happened, that her entire life up to this point is a bad dream, and she is often angry. She carries feelings of wrath especially for the man who first captured her, anger at the greed and folly of humanity, but mostly, she has moments of anger for herself. If only she had not run away!

She believes that before she can face the North again, she must somehow redeem herself. She must become stronger, learn who she is in her own way, and prove to herself that she can face adversity, and overcome it, rather than running away. She has vowed then: never again shall she run away from an enemy, unless she is the last person in a group to run. Should an enemy be at her mercy, she shall not let him run free ever again, even if it is risky to kill him, or somehow place him under captivity. Finally, there is a dept to pay. When she finally returns to the North, she must find that first man who captured her, and be the one personally to send him to the Boneyard. She takes care to constantly remind herself of his appearance, and his name, so she may hunt him down eventually. She must avenge her family, or right her failure so long ago. And she must find anyone who survives of her family, even if they are now thralls. However, how can she face them, until she has made herself a better woman, and killed the man who first wronged her, who wronged them?

Finally, there is the issue of her heritage as a half-elf. She grew up in an Ulfen community. However, she knows next to nothing about the elven half of her heritage. Her being half-elven was a big part of her perceived divinity, because the elves are considered almost spiritual beings, regard to be more like fey, among the Ulfen. She is convinced she must learn more about the elven people, and what it means to be an elf, or a half-elf, in order for her to understand everything that has happened in her life. Exactly how she shall do this, or exactly what she shall learn, she is uncertain, but she "knows" that she must.

At present, in Riddleport, she is mostly lost. She wishes for redemption, to learn about her elven heritage, to become stronger and seek vengeance; however, she is unsure how to do any of this. The opportunity with the Golden Goblin Casino is something she would likely seek, merely because she doesn't know what else to do, but she has to do something. At least there is danger here, and this time, she is walking into to danger with back-up rather than running away alone.

Thank you so much for reading all of that! It seems I may have to re-write Aviara's personality tab to incorporate all of this, though probably in summary. Does this cover what you are looking for, or do you feel I am still missing something?

Wow, this is an intriguing setting. I love the kitsune race, though I could easily envision a human rogue learning the art of avoidance. (~_^)

Looking forward to the beginning of recruitment, whenever it may be! (^_^)

Real life always comes first. Best wishes to all! ^^


Dotting for interest. It looks like even with all the applicants, no one has submitted a druid yet, so I may throw my holly wreath into the ring! (^_^)

Thanks for the question! (^_^)

Aviara is ambivalent about her "almost divine status." On the one hand, she remains faithful to Gozreh / Yggdrasil, and the symbol of this deity appears on her as a birthmark. This mark has the same magical potency as holly and mistle toe, and helps her focus her mind. Further, she is quite proud of how well she has taught herself how to survive. So, in one sense, she would be rather proud of her abilities as a druid.

On the other hand, over her history, most of the times she was blamed or praised for things, in truth they had nothing to do with her at all. She received this praise and blame as a result of beliefs and superstitions surrounding her birth. In this sense, she is aware, or at least would like to think, that much of her status was embellished.

While she would like to be seen as a druidic prodigy, she has no desire to recreate the same status she had in her Ulfen clan. Also, since she is still "on the run" for the time being, she likely would be a bit more humble about her abilities than she would have been during the better times among the Ulfen.

Looking forward to your feedback tomorrow! (^_^)

LS, any comments or questions on Aviara?

Here is my updated version of Aviara Mjötviðra, half-elf druid, adapted for Second Darkness specifically. I hope you like what you see!


Name Aviara Mjötviðra
Gender female
Race Half-elf
Class Druid 1
Alignment N / NG
Deity Yggdrasil (Gozreh)

Initiative + 2 Senses Low-light Vision; Perception + 12

Ability Scores
Str: 11
Dex: 15
Con: 13
Int: 12
Wis: 17
Cha: 14

AC 16 touch 12 Flat-footed 14

hp 12 (1d8 + 4)

Fort. + 3 Ref. + 2 Will + 5 (+ 2 vs. charm and compulsion, + 2 vs. enchantment)

Immune Sleep


Speed 30 ft.

Club + 0 1d6 B 10 ft. thrown

Dagger + 0 1d4 / 19-20 S or P

Sling + 2 1d4 B 50 ft.; 10 bullets


Orisons per day: 3 prepared; at will.
Lvl. 1: 2 per day (1 + 1 bonus) Plus domain spell: entangle.



Domain Powers

Wooden Fist (Su) 6 / day

Skill Focus (Perception), Toughness

Acrobatics + 2
Bluff + 2
Climb + 0
Diplomacy + 3
Escape Artist + 2
Handle Animal + 6
Heal + 7
Knowledge (Nature) + 7
Perception + 12
Sense Motive + 3
Stealth + 2
Survival + 9
Swim + 4

Birthmark, Looking for Work

backpack, bedroll, blankets (2), club, common lamp, dagger, druid vestments, flint and steel, grappling hook, hammer, heavy wooden shield, hemp rope, leather armor, 2 pints oil, pitons, quarter staff, sling and bullets, spade, soap, traveler's outfit and spare 3 torches, 2 waterskins, whetstone
Much of her gear is carried by Heidrun the mule.
Remaining coin: 11 gp 3 sp, 5 cp


When Aviara is in the company of strangers, she prefers to cover herself up. She wears clothes that are good for traveling, and seem typical of the tougher women in her area. This would most likely be a typical female buccaneer's outfit. Over this she wears a traveler's cloak of plain earthen color, with the hood pulled over her face. The shape of her body and her hair are hidden beneath the cloak. However, her bright, blue-green eyes, like luminescent sapphires shine from beneath the hood, and the vague form of a feminine angular face can be seen.

When Aviara withdraws her hood, she exposes her long, golden blonde hair, which she typically wears in a pony tail or as a single long braid. She also reveals the full splendor of her attractive, angular face, and her pointy elf ears. Her piercing blue-green eyes are even brighter and more intent, and whether shining from beneath the hood, or unshadowed by headgear, her eyes are always surveying the surrounding, seldom looking in one place at any given time.

Beneath the cloak and the bucaneer's outfit, Aviara wears plain green cloth with a leaf motiff woven into it- if anything at all. It is then easy to see that she has all the best combinations of human and elvish features. She has the angular face and lithe form of an elf, yet the voluptuousness of a fine Ulfen woman. Full body portrait.
Aviari's eye color.

While she covers in the company of strangers, she prefers in private to dress in her leafy linens. One notable feature of this outfit is that she leaves her navel exposed, and the area of her belly around it. To the careless observer, this is merely provocative dressing. However, a close look reveals the ghostly outline of what appears to a be a great tree. Those with knowledge of Ulfen runes recognize this as Ygg'drasil, the World Tree, whose branches and roots hold together heaven and earth. When Aviara walks in the woods at high noon or midnight, these faint marks glow gold like the sun, or silvery blue like moonlight. They also shine whenever she uses her magic, or summons thorns onto her hands. This birthmark seems to have the same magical potency as holly leaves, serving Aviara as a divine focus for her magic when she casts spells, as well as endowing her with a strong mind. She prefers to leave her magical birth mark exposed while she is meditating for spells in the morning, or when she is wandering
in a familiar and relatively safe part of the wilderness. However, she all to often hides her mark, and much of herself in order to blend in with the flotsam of Riddleport. All the better to remain hidden.


While outspoken, and personable, Aviara is hesitant to say much about herself. As an outsider in Riddleport, she puts on a tough demeanor, presenting herself as a healer who can handle herself when trouble descends. She generally seeks to draw attention away from her heritage as a half-elf, typically by drawing attention toward the immediate surroundings or the task at hand. She seems in the moment, pragmatic, and focused as a result. She'll talk about others to no end, however, she answers any questions about herself with questions about others.

This out-ward directed, and pragmatic personality is Aviara's persona, her mask she wears as a lone half-elf girl with a troubled background in a strange place. She is slow to trust a person; however, once she does, she begins to open up. She reveals a warm personality, a devout love of nature, and surprising to many, a goofy sense of humor and a love for laughter and drink. She claims that ale and mead are Nature's gift and love to us, and that laughter is a secret language shared by true friends. There have been very few with whom she has shared this connection. She hopes to find it with a motley crew of like-minded adventurers.

Despite her true cheer, she is something of a fatalist. Few things in life are permanent, so we should enjoy them when you can. The world is the gallows, keep so keep dancing to life's music so you don't fall down. She describes her grim view of life with a pensive smile, and distant look in her eyes. Her odd outlook is probably the source of her draw toward adventure, her love of laughter where she can find, and is likely the result of her dark history. When one learns of her past, many are surprised how well she handles it.

Background (Includes her connection to Riddleport):

The jarl Renir had daughter by his beloved wife. He had married a woman whose family had a proud reputation: they were blessed with the touch of lycanthropy. However, they were not merely the children of true werewolves and humans breeding, but they had supposedly bred themselves to every variety of shape-shifter in the Northern wilds, and the result was a breed of woman who had an exceptional connection to the natural world. The jarl hoped his children by this wife would prove blessed with the strength and cunning typical expected of such a privileged line.

His daughter grew to adulthood, and at the yuletide festival took an elf lover. The elf was drawn to her immediately, and almost with no courtship, the two shared several nights of passion. Just under a year laughter, the jarl had a granddaughter. This half-elf child was the realization of all of his hopes: for on the babe's belly was the symbol of the Ygdrasil, the Tree of Life, the World Tree whose branches and roots hold together heaven and earth. The mighty steed of Odyn (Nethys), where the god hung for many days in order to learn the secrets of runes and magic. This child was born both of privileged Ulfen blood and sired by the seed of the Bright folk. She would bring fortune open the jarl's people.

The child, named Aviara after her grandmother, had a childhood of mixed blessings. Due to her triply auspicious birth, she was treated as a living good-luck charm for her clan. While everything good that happened to the tribe was credited to her, everything bad was blamed on her as well. As she grew to be a woman of impressive beauty, with a natural rapport with animals, who never seemed lost in the wilds, and who could sprout leaves on her fingers and thorns on her hands as the holy sign on her abdomen glowed, the beliefs surrounding her auspicious birth only intensified. She was blamed and praised all the more for hardship and benefit, and spent all the more time wandering the wilds far from her clan, honing her sense of nature, her senses and her skills as a young druid.

Then one day, a reaver from a rival clan captured her, and carried her off. She escaped him while he slept and wandered the wilds back to her home. Days after, the clan of her captor descened upon her own and made slaughter on her Ulfen half-kin. Aviara managed to escape in the chaos, and has only managed to elude re-capture by always being on the move.

She has traveled far south down the Cyrusibakri trade route, plying her trade as healer among the wandering Varisians of the land. Discovering the city of Riddleport, she figured a large city and crowds of people would be the best hiding place for her from any Ulfen pursuers. It would be like trying to find a single drop of water in a pond. Blending in with the masses, she seeks to find work among the people of the city, and has recently discovered an opportunity at a certain casino within.

Her connection to Riddleport is that the city provides her with a hiding place from her past as well as an opportunity for a new life.

Interest dot! I am on PST time.

Dot. I've been wanting to try the Kingmaker AP for a long time, and I have a character I would like to adapt for this. I'll return when she's ready!

Dot. This sounds awesome.

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 4) + 6 = 16
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 5) + 6 = 15
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 1) + 6 = 13
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 5) + 6 = 14
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 1) + 6 = 11
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 5) + 6 = 12

Alright! I've got a half-elf druid I would like to adapt for this.
Lady Freya's and the All-Father's blessings to all! (~_^)

I am interested! I am intrigued by the whole clockwork settlement with the surrounding wastelands. How about a character who despite all of the rigid, strict up-bringing, still ends up being... weird, as a result of unusual parentage or an innate something. She would be strangely fascinated, even drawn to the Wastelands. Perhaps she'd even have odd dreams or visions somehow relating to her birth. (Really working with the idea that she doesn't remember her parents!)

The character I have in mind would be either a blight druid or a sorceress with something like the aberrant bloodline.
Would these classes and this concept compliment the current group?

If so, I should be able to have a character built sometime this weekend. ^_^

Dot. I shall return with a character and a story to tell, hopefully soon.

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A man from Mendev went to the Abyss,
and returned home with a Succubus,
He made her his wife
at the cost of his life,
when at the wedding she gave him her kiss.

Here's a sketch of the druid I'd like to play. I'll add the further details like languages and gear, as well as back story this coming week.
She'd probably be an intrepid weather witch and wanderer of the Wilds seeking to be hired as a guide for an adventuring party...

A druid isn't as good a healer as a cleric, but has some nice spell combinations in the Core. E. g., obscuring mist and faerie fire, effective invisibility for the whole party vs. a powerful foe! Aviari would make a good secondary healer and support caster. She's got skills, crazy perception, and lightning!

If the divine spell caster ends up being filled by a cleric, my druid could be the wild card maybe? Any interest? : )

Aviari Kyras, Half-Elf Druid 1:

Initiative + 2 Senses Low-light Vision; perception + 11


AC 17 touch 13 flat-footed 15 (+ 2 armor, + 2 Dex, + 1 Luck, + 2 Shield)

hp 12 (1d8 + 1 (Con.), + 3 (toughness))

Fort. + 4 Ref. + 3 Will + 5 (+ 7 vs. enchantment)

immune sleep


Spd 30 ft.

Melee Club + 0 1d6 B 10 ft. thrown

Ranged Sling + 2 1d4 B 50 ft. range, 20 bullets

Domain Powers

Lightning Arc (Sp) 5 / day; + 2 ranged touch, 1d6 + 1 electricity 30 ft. range

Druid Spells Prepared

Orisons (Lvl. 0, at will) detect magic, light, virtue
Lvl. 1 cure light wounds, faerie fire, obscuring mist (D)


STR: 10 DEX: 14 CON: 13 INT: 12 WIS: 15 CHA: 12

BAB + 0 CMB + 0 CMD 12

Skills Climb + 4, Heal + 6, Knowledge (nature) + 7, Perception + 11, Survival + 8, Swim + 4, Wild Empathy + 2

Feats Luck of Heroes* (B), Skill Focus (Perception) (H-E), Toughness

Class Features Nature Bond, Nature Sense, Orisons, Spells, Wild Empathy

Race Features Low-light vision, Adaptability, Elf blood, Elven Immunities, Keen Senses, Multi-Talented

*:LUCK OF HEROES: Add one to your AC (touch and ff too) and add one to all your saves. As a starting hero in the Duchy you are exceptionally Lucky. This feat can only be selected as a brand new character at level 1.

I really like the looks of this game. The Core is my favorite book in the Pathfinder library, and classic adventure? 'Nuf said!

I would like to play a half-elf druid, with the air domain. Probably RP'd as a mysterious weather witch. As a tough and lucky adventurer, and a druid, she'll be quite at home in the Wildlands!

Lord Manticore wrote:
...have you looked at the Spell-less Ranger, that's posted on the srd site? You give up spells to get a little more 'on the ground' options, so to speak.

I like the sound of it, so I'll check it out. Is that something different from the skirmisher or trapper, and would you recommend it more?

I would like to submit Melunni, a half-elf druid for consideration. She's been out of the Mwangi Expanse for only a year now, and she'll probably stumble her way into the adventure- after having flown to the general area. I don't have her stated up as of yet, but druids are a favorite class of mine, so I can crunch one out pretty quickly. I can post again with stats if there is interest in the character.

Melunni is a half-elf druid who thinks of herself as an elf currently in a lower incarnation. She is from the Mwangi expanse and has a roc companion.*
Traits: Elven Reflexes, Elven Serenity
Feats: Natural Spell, Sharp Senses, Skill Focus (Perception), Self-Sufficient, one other...?
Her build is going to be mostly drawn from the core, with only a few exceptions. With a class drawing from such tried and true material, it should be easy to add mythic to her, even though I lack experience with mythic.
Mythic Path: Whatever is most appropriate for a druid

*:If an animal companion would be too difficult to run, I will gladly change this to a domain. Her story can still work without a feathered mount- considering the possibility of wild-shape.

Melunni does not know her human parent, other than that he was from Katapesh. Her elvish mother disappeared as well some years after her birth. However, Melunni grew up among Ekujae elvish kin in the Mwangi expanse. She has been taught that she was an elf in a previous life who in some way abandoned the elvish way, one of her own deceased ancestors. She has been reborn as a half-elf as a final opportunity to reclaim the elvish Brightness, and restore herself on her path to true union with nature. Now she most devout her life wholly to nature less she reborn as a mere human, or an even lesser being. Melunni has taken this interpretation of her current life as a half-elf to heart, and although half-human, thinks of herself entirely as an elf presently in a half-elf incarnation. She is therefore even more devouted than most as a follower of Gozreh in her quest to atone with nature.

Her life in the expanse has endowed her with sharp senses, survival instincts, situational awareness, as well as a roc companion. Although devoted to her life as a druid, her curiosity about her mother's fate, and her human side, inspired her to fly over the Brazen Peaks to Katapesh. After a year of futile searching, she decided to return home, but not before stopping at a certain coastal town on the north eastern coast of Katapesh. This was a decision that would change her life.

I have an idea for a demon hunter - something like an urban ranger with favored enemy: demon. I am not sure whether this character would have spells eventually, or if I would opt to combine the urban ranger with the skirmisher, or trapper, if that would be acceptable. She is essentially an android clone of someone who died, programmed to avenge herself.

At this point, I just have a concept. Let me know if this sort of character could work in the campaign, and I'll get to work on the crunch- probably have it set up by this evening.

Sarasanna – the deceased sister of a Technic League scout. She was killed by a demon during a far-range scouting mission out into the world. Aranath sought to resurrect his sister by creating an android clone of her. Further, he programmed the android with a vengeance imperative. Knowing that this is not his sister, but delusional in not accepting it, Aranath programmed the android clone of his lost sister with the ability and imperative to "avenge herself".

A little RP: Sarasanna's resurrection:
A young scientist waited by the slab where a lithe, sleeping woman lay with many strange metallic tattoos over her body, her hair a dark, metallic obsidian. The man clutched his hands in anticipation as there was a whirring, a crackle of energy, and suddenly the woman opened her eyes.
“You have come back to me, at last. Sarassana,” the scientist breathed as he watched his creation come to life.
The woman on the slab sat up, and looked around the round with a neutral, expressionless look on her face. It took a moment for her to process that the scientist was speaking to her. “Who is Sarassana? I have not yet been assigned a name.”
“It is you- you are my sister. Do you not remember?”
The android stares at the hopeful man, awaiting her answer with a strange look on his face.
“Are you in physical pain. Are you ill brother?”
“No- you are supposed to remember! You are supposed to be- her!”
“I am endowed with female anatomy, so the feminine pronoun is appropriate to use in reference to me by convention. I do not understand your expression. Are you in pain? Have I done something to hurt you?”
“Do you remember me?”
“I remember your face. You voice. You as child, a young man. I have much sensory data. I once called you brother. Or someone did. My memories are not identical to my current physicality. I died. Now I live again. I have memories, but no data about their meaning. How can I have died, and still be alive? It is illogical.”
“I have brought back- made you whole, made you stronger.”
“Then my death was a good thing, if it made me stronger, assuming that strength is good.”
“No- your death was terrible. Do you understand pain?”
“There was pain then- and then silence. However, the silence was relief. If pain is bad, then death is good.”
“No- I lost you. I lost you, and it was entirely- because of my folly. So I have remade you, my dear Sarasanna.”
“It was a creature that killed me. Not you. Your assignment of responsibility is invalid.”
“I feared that this may happen- that the resurrection would make you... strange. That is why, you have a dual purpose my sister. I have brought you back- so that you will have the opportunity to avenge yourself!”
“Putting oneself in danger when one is not threatened is illogical. If pain is bad, and strength good, then my death was a good thing. However, I understand this word vengeance. It is an imperative you put in me. I am to kill all demons. That is my function.”
“You are to destroy or capture any that you encounter. As well as gather information. You shall find yourself good at it. Especially the killing part. It doesn't matter if you don't understand it. You will sister. You will learn what revenge means in time, and you shall be yourself again. One day, you shall come back to me fully .”

If the pre-accepted group is happy to take one more, I would like to join up as well. I have a character concept in mind- a kitsune ninja/bard if that combination of race and classes is okay. I'm thinking she's a performer by evening, and then a stealthy, magical thief by night. Those pesky goblins, however, stole the night from her- forcing to get up in the (gasp!) morning to fight them. She has bloody vengeance on her mind. If that sounds good, then I'll post the character as an alias later this evening.

I've always imagined elves having eye shine as part of their low light vision. Does that happen for Golarion elves? Do they have something like tapeta lucida to reflect light back through the retina, and which may sometimes cause their eyes to shine bright blue, green or some other color at night or in darker areas? I would think elves and other races with low-light vision must have some sort of structure to help them collect twice the light in those dim places.

Hmmm... how about the spell imprisonment, and then cast and make permanent an anti-magic field in the area where the beast was imprisoned? That way no foolish mage will stumble along and set it free... at least not easily.
Imprisonment is as good as dead, but it is not technically dead, so I would think that would bypass the whole, anything that kills it only kills it for three rounds. I also don't believe Imprisonment counts as petrification or polymorph, though if it does, this method wouldn't be so grand.