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"Yes, my organization is the Lantern Bearers, they keep an eye out when others are in the dark. Unfortunately, we are too few, and issues in the elvish homeland are rather dire. So, I am glad you will all join me on this expedition. It sounds like that besides the drow camp, there will be others from Riddleport to content or deal with on Devil's Elbow. If we are going, we best get a move on. The ship leaves tomorrow at nine bells. Bring whatever you think you'll need for time on a secluded island."

"The drow are evil through and through and they actually enjoy their time in the dark, hating the surface-walkers who can stand the bright sun. Their plan to bring the stars down means the end of those on the surface, then they can rule in our place." answers the wild elf with an undisguised bitterness.

There is much to prepare, but if you have purchase items for the expedition, list them here. Otherwise, let me know when you are ready to depart.

Spider Surprise - Round 1 - continued

25 Adair
17 Sakima
10 Tatanka
8 Spider

Spying the large spider, and with no way to fight, Sakima chooses disecretion over valor and breaks for the door. The sound of scuffling reaches the sharp ears of Adair the elf and Tatanka the Novan. Blake, a relative newcomer to this lifestyle, remains in the dark.

Adair and Tatanka can also act after hearing the noise, if you like.

Cartwright slides Corso's game board and pieces under the bar and swipes up the payment from the others, glancing queerly at Tia's elven coinage, but accepting it without protest -- clearly a sign of the times...

Once that's done, Cornelius sighs with relief. "I am glad you will look for the lad, I was afraid you'd think me a crackpot or something. Well, I'd look for him at Point of Rocks, and if he's not there, maybe his elven village? Not sure where else to say..." The older man goes and sits alone, his foot tapping with anxiety as he waits for news.

So what is the plan?

Abandonded Shrine - Round 3 - continued

Figuring they need a boost, Robin breaks into cheers, inspiring his allies to greater feats of arms than usual.

Adolina and Cadas are still on the clock.

After some brief discussions about tactics, the group leads there mounts off into the unbroken wilderness in the general direction of the pilgrim's mustering camp as described by the hooded man's map.

After several hours of riding, Divina is totally turned aroudn as to direction, but both Litsy and Danalf are able to keep the course in a generally southwesterly direction they believe.

Just after taking a short break to consume some lunch and sip from our waterskins, you remount and head back in the same basic direction.

Just before you set off, you hear the sound of high-pitched singing come from off to your right. You can't make otu any of the words, but the sing is very pleasing and melodious

GM Screen:

Danalf DC 12: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11
Litsy DC 12: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25
Divina: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8

The ice crystal teleporter in the Ritual Chamber is keyed to any of the others in the Pale Tower, so as you make ready to depart you can go to the Entrannce Hall, Dining Hall, Mirrored Hall, the Conservatory, or the Aerie.

The dragon appears to be merely large sized, and could likely fit inside most of the Tower's rooms without much difficulty.

The Entrance Hall is closest to the exit and where Radosek awaits. Your choice...

The Beast Unleashed - Round 2

21 Nakoma
18 Acacius (8hp dmg)
18 Grauk (unaware)
15 Girallon (9hp dmg)
7 Azen
3 Zeke

Nakoma, who was made aware by Azen's spell, Acacius, and Grauk, who is still not aware of the fight, are up. DC 14 Perception to become aware of the struggle.

The Beast Unleashed - Round 1 concluded

Zeke casts a spell, a spectral version of a longspear appearing next to the angered girallon. The spiritual weapon attacks the beast, scoring a hit in its large flank. As the attack happens, Zeke moves up to stand next to Acacius, making a wall to protect the others in the rowing hold.

End of Round 1

First Blood - Round 1

26 Katze
23 Snake
7 Elise

Before the snake can strike, Katze acts too quickly to be believed.

Your up. Please don't kill my snake before it can act...

Cornelius shakes his head sadly. "I only meet with him weekly, not every day but he has always kept our appointments or sent word if he could not. He has never just not shown up. He is young, for an elf, and given to flights of fancy at times, but he is conscientious and well-mannered and would not willfully no-show, I believe. I think that something unfortunate has happened to the young man. I hope for the best, but fear the worst."

So leaving the wand of levitate in the loot pile, which can be used, but not during rounds, unless it is assigned to an individual, the total of sold items is 4565.5gp. Per player that works down to 913.1gp. I have added that amount to your Cash Tracker and you may assume that you buy reasonable items in Riddleport, prior to your imminent departures. We can handwave the actual shopping unless you want to RP it, and you can list any purchases etc here.

It is interesting how clunky the hand off from first volume to this one is. Many of the older AP's have this problem IMO. The newer volumes are much better crafted to pull the story along.

Either way, sorry if this feels railroady and lots of new information coming to light. It's just written that way.

Meghan and Dougal re: Treeg and his pirates:
Captain Treeg is notorious pirate plying the waters of the Gulf of Varisia and points south. It is said that he has somehow garnered the favor of Calistria herself. He preys upon the merchant vessels of many nations, and has survived ambushes by the Chelish Navy, stole treasure buried by fellow Free Captains, and carried out at least 3 lifetime vendettas against those foolish enough to cross him.The ship, Teeth of Araska, is recognizable by the prow cut into a set of jagged teeth and flies a black flag painted with a bright red skull.

On the first night of your return, and many times since, Kwava has pestered you for details about the dark-skinned elven woman, her journal, and anything else you saw while in the caves below the city. He has explored the area himself, and is beside himself with concern.

He reports the findings to his superiors in the Shin'Rakorath and awaits instructinos. It is just now that his orders have come back, and is anxious to speak to all of you about them:

"My friends, there are things I must tell you, and then a great boon I must ask. First, the dark-elf woman you fought with is known to my organization. Her name is Depora Azrinae, a warrior of the tribe of dark elves known as drow. The drow have lived below the earth in darkness since the first Starfall, and have been twisted to evil by their time underground. Shin'Rakorath is trying to contain the drow''s influence and find out what they are up to here in Varisia." He stops and sees if any of you have more questions. Then continues.

"They have asked me to follow this Depora to her next hiding place which appears to be on Devil's Elbow, the site of the meteor landing and the skymetal rush that has happened recently. But I am not after interstellar metals. We must see what the drow are up to, and put a stop to it. My superiors think they may be trying to create another starfall like the one that ended the Age of Wonder. That is obviously going to destroy most life on Golarion and must be stopped before they get much farther. That is where you come in..."

He grimaces at the asking. "My superiors ahve already taken the liberty of chartering a ship, the Flying Cloud to transport me and my selected team to the island. Would you consider coming along to help stop this impending disaster? The fate of the whole world could ride on it."

Meghan Goldknickers wrote:

Not sure if a 26 means Meghan's hears all the scuttlebutt (seems unlikely), so I'll at least start with the highest-hanging fruit....

I intend for you to have heard all the rumors if you rolled a 26, the boxes are cumulative. Sounds like Orendel has already shared them all.

Spider Surprise - Round 1

17 Sakima
8 Spider

Sakima has the first actions in combat. The rest of the group may make DC 15 Perception checks to hear the sounds of fighting and respond. If you do, please make your own Perception/Initiative roll thereafter.

I must apologize for missing it, but the touch of Shadowlina on Lamatar had no effect on the foe, but still did cause her frost damage.

Abandoned Shrine - Round 3

27 Lamatar
23 Adolina (charge AC penalty; challenge)
23 Shadowlina (14hp dmg)
20 Robin
10 Marcellano
6 Cadas

As Adolina and her shadow close on Lamatar, he strikes out at the flesh and blood foe with his icy claw, but the blow misses somehow, swishing nothin but air.

Ah, natural 1. Why? Combat map is updated with everyone's position. Good guys are up.

Lamatar slam, FE: 1d20 + 14 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 14 + 2 = 17

Abandoned Shrine - Round 2 - concluded

Worried about Adolina, Cadas keeps up with Robin and Marcellano who jogs along beside the others, wondering what kind of mess they will find this time.

End of Round 2

Girrigz Den - Post Combat Summary

Defeated: 3 dire rats and Girrigz, a level 6 natural wererat fighter. Combined these foes are worth 700xp per player. This moves your cumulative total to 13,661/15,000 or about 73% to next level.

Atticus: 36/42hp remaining
Devan: 31/41hp remaining
Whisper: 13/32hp remaining
Nargun: 50/80 hp remaining

Resources Used:
Atticus: 2 mental focus used (5 remain)
Devan: 4 rounds bardic performance (11 remain); potion of cure light wounds used;
Mirela: 1 silver arrow used (14 remain)
Nargun: 5 rage rounds (11 remain)
Twilight: spectral hand and silent image (from bonded item) cast; 1 charges of wand of daze monster (5 remain); 1 bit of luck (3 remain)

As the dust clears, and your breathing settles after the life or death struggle, you see the nest of the rebel leader is filled with boxes, crates, and chests of all sorts.

The fallen firebrand carries a fine rapier, wears a fancy chain shirt, a belt pouch filled with coins, and 2 potions on his belt.

There does not seem to be any other creatures, friend or foe, in the warren of rat nests.

That is 3000 posts, btw! Congratulations! I will have the Post Combat Summary up in Discussion tab soon enough.

Girrigz Den - Round 5 - concluded

With his occult energy channeled through his bardiche, Atticus attacks the wererat. The murderous weapon penetrates his defenses from a distance and guts the wererat. Then the Professor lunges even more power into the attack and the blade bursts out the back of the foe with a gory sound. Girrigz dies impaled on the pole arm.

That was a wicked amount of damage...

End of Combat

"Not many," says Tanner in an understated manner. "Few enough going west as it is. Most Ionians who cross here are coming north to the village. Not many going back into the Marches or beyond. More'n that, I cain't rightly say." He nods his cap to you once you are safely on the other side. "Be careful now, the woods is no place for civlized folk. Leave it to them durn Novans I say." Tanner waves dutifully, and starts pulling the raft back across the river, usually keeping it on the village side.

Tell me what your plan is at this point?

Condolences. Take the time you need. My lack of posting is simply my busy schedule, so you haven't missed much.

Lugging as much as you can carry, the groupu hustles off for the portal in Nazhena's chamber, but there is one sticky little problem: no one has a key card or the right pass phrase for this sice-crystal teleporter.. Try as you might, you cannot activate it.

Do you want to move back to the other teleporter that you came up on?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps Subscriber

There is obviously no rush. We can accommodate more and you can get them in a game quite quickly when done.

The bi-pedal hoofprints clearly lead into the thick copse of trees, which is heavy with both underbrush and long tangly vines that seem to choke of several of the trees. The vines are thick and woody and hard to cut through, even with sharp blades. As you get to an especially dense place, the hoofprints just seem to end. There is no more trail to follow, no matter how hard you try.

However, your poking around has disturbed a timber rattlesnake which is coiled up in a shady spot after soaking up morning sun. The venomous snake starts rattling its beady tail and coiling up in the classic strike position.

Both of you may make Perception (initiative) checks.

GM Screen:

Snake Init: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23

Sorry for long delays away from games this past week. It was rather eventful with birthdays, parties, a surprise trip to Atlanta, a kid visiting from college, and work-related evening events.

Should be more regular going forward for a while.

Cornelius sits in the proffered chair, nodding his thanks to Corso. "Well, I have known Atreus for about a year. We have a mutual interest in the same game you are playing. He is the son of a elven noble or something, a man named Caranduil. Atreus is expected to take his fathers place on some sort of council someday, but doesn't feel like he has experienced enough of life to have wisdom. He is often conflicted about this and we discuss it during our weekly games here. He has not missed a game without sending word in all that time, so I am concerned that he has run off, or worse..."

You may not have heard of Atreus or even his father Faranduil, at least by name, but you are aware of the Council, the rhuadan in Elvish, which is comprised of wise men from many different tribes and families that meet to guide the people. In fact, it was wisdom from the rhuadan that caused the Elves to accept the newcomers in peace, instead of through feats of arms.

"I know that when he is particularly thoughtful, Atreus goes to a place called Point of Rocks, which is a few miles up the river. He often mediates there or writes in his journal. Maybe, if nothing else, you can go see if he is there? It would ease my mind to know that he is safe."

Apologies for the long delay between posts. Had a very busy week with birthdays, parties, a quick road trip to Atlanta, a kiddo home from college, and work related evening events.

Should be more frequently for a while. Thanks for your patience

The Beast Unleashed - Round 1 - continued

Nakoma remains on the deck, unaware of the brutal conflict about to break out down below.

Below, Acacius is not necessarily outfitted for a fight, but decides to stand his ground. He can see right away that there is something not quite right about the great beast.

Grauk is so at home in the kitchen that he would rather be no where else.

The girallon advances unsteadily on Acacius, squeezing in the under-deck space. He bites Acacius, a gnashing tearing of flesh from the warrior's shoulder.

The roars and screams from below may not filter to everyone on the deck, but Azen hears something quite clearly that doesn't sound right. She casts a magical cantrip and points her finger at several she has line of sight to, sharing the warning of what's going on below.

You have line of sight to Bloodtusk and Nakoma, and can alert them so they can act next round. Zeke has the next action to close the round, if he wants any combat activity.

Girallon, sickened, squeezing: 1d20 + 10 - 2 - 4 ⇒ (10) + 10 - 2 - 4 = 14
Bite dmg to Acacius, sickened: 1d6 + 4 - 2 ⇒ (6) + 4 - 2 = 8

As Blake watches and Tatanka joins him, Sakima continues to explore the interior of the darkened house. The first room is fully dark, and Sakima hears and sees nothing inside, but his darkvision in lizard form does allow him to see that the far corner of the room is filled with a large heaping pile of spiderwebs reaching from the floor to the ceiling, and spreading from the corner to take up most of the far wall.

Taking a step into the darkened room, Sakima/skink hears a scuffling sound from above, and looks up to see a large spider lurking there, ready to descend on his small reptilian form.

Sakima can roll perception/initiative

GM Screen:

Sakima Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11
Stealth: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (14) + 7 = 21
Perception Initiative: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8

Girrigz Den - Round 5 - continued

Nargun's raging attack, aided by the luck of Calistria, hammers the wererat leader again, but again his magical resistance to normal weapons saves him, lessening the hurt substantially.

Using her magic wand again, Twilight tries to stun the fighting lycanthrope. This time he cannot power through the mind control spell, and he seems to be dazed for a brief few seconds.

Whisper is able to bite Girrigz once, but cannot damage him. Mirela is still standing guard at the back entrance of the lair, in case the foe sneaks out that way.

Devan keeps the song going and scores a minor hit with his silvered rapier which does normal damage to the lycanthrope target.

Looking for an actino from Atticus. I will move him forward if no post at next check in.

Girrigz DC 13 Will: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8

His CMD is just over 25, yes. Taking up space has been a boon to the party so far, or the rat's mobility might've made it harder than it is.

"Aye, there have been attacks, but nothing so bold as to attack travelers...yet. From what I here it's been raids on livestock and spooking an occasional farmer or lone lumberjack. But bad's bad, and as they get bolder, those goblins'll be stormin' the village soon enough, 'less someone puts a stop to 'em." The old man shrugs as if to say 'who's that going to be' and continues cranking the ferry along.

Abandoned Shrine - Round 2 - continued

Robin rushes on, trying to close the distance quickly. He gets there in time to see Adolina in battle with a horrifying remnant of Lamatar.

Adolina charges striking out with her glaive, but the weapon caroms off the wight's spell-hardened form.

Shadowlina touches the wight, and drains a modicum of strength from him, but as she does, his own frosty form deals damage aback to her.

Cold dmg: 1d6 ⇒ 6

Shadowlina takes 3 in cold damage back after touching Lamatar. Looking for action from Cadas, and I'll run Marcellano when round is complete otherwise.

Adolina d'Jhaltera wrote:
Undead are immune to cold damage aren't they?

I thought so too, but didn't see it specificially listed in undead traits or under shadow. Immune to effects requiring a Fort save (so some cold effects would be immune) but this weapon damage does not require a save. Far as I can tell, she takes it all (well, halved for being a shadow, which is already in the calculation.)

According to the map shown you by the hooded man, the pilgrim's camp is basically across the river and southwest, maybe 2 days travel, maybe a bit longer. The group was said to be camped there until some pre-arranged signal and then setting out up the river.

The village is called Tanner's Crossing for a reason. There is a hand-cranked ferry across the broad river just on the south side of town. The troop of dwarves is building a real bridge, but it is little more than initial pilings at this point. At the ferry, the man acknowledges you with a nod. He is an old-timer, his body lean from the work, and his face tanned and lined. "Nothing good happenin' south of this river, folks." He says after you've paid the silver sail per person for the ride. "Reckon I'd be real careful in the woods. Hear that the goblins of the south are a bit stirred up. A new leader raising a ruckus, it seems. Might want to steer clear of any of these little troublemakers more'n usual."

He gets you safely to the other bank and you don't even need Litsy's compass to steer you in the basically right direction.

You can ask the old-timer, Tanner you presume, questions if you'd like or just set off.

GM Screen:

Litsy DC 10 Survival: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 15
Divnia DC 10 Survival: 1d20 ⇒ 15
Danalf DC 10 Survival: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (19) + 3 = 22

Take a minute to review the Loot Tracker tabs and make sure you don't want to claim any of the loot before its sold for coin. If you want any, I will assign to you. I will cash out the stuff Monday and split among the party for shopping. You can buy most magical or mundane items up to 5000gp in Riddleport, there is a chance of failure for items above that amount.

The loot now adds up to 994gp per player, so either choose or pass, and I'll sell it off and you can shop around.

Sorry if I wasn't clear, but just one check by the entire party, not per individual. I will take the gambler check since it is most relevant.

Under new management, and with some wild stories to tell, business is booming at the Gold Goblin. The party clears 220gp for the week, perhaps the most profitable the casino has ever been since they got hooked up with it. Maybe its because Saul isn't skimming off the top?

Either way, the clink of coins in the safe of the place sure has a nice feel to it. A bonus of operating the Gold Goblin is easy access to the scuttlebutt that is going around Riddleport. After the disaster, and as the recovery is in full swing, the new story is about a new greed growing among the citizens of the pirate capital, the greed for skymetal.

After the initial shock of the falling star subsided, the implications of the event sunk into a few profit-minded locals. Skymetal, in any of its seven forms, is a valued and much sought-after commodity in any society, but with the presence of Riddleport's Gas Forges nearby, the smelting of the exotic ore could be a chance to get rich quick. The chance has started a Skymetal Rush in the village.

Several expeditions are forming to head to Devil's Elbow, the likely site of landfall for the meteor, each led by a different faction. You may have heard some of the stories during your down time:

Diplomacy (Gather Info) DC 10+:
Overlaord Cromarcky has hired several dwarves to sail out to Devil's Elbow to gather up as much skymetal as possible for him. Now everyone has heard about the interest the dwarves fo the Gas Forges have in the fallen star. Lead by a loud miner named Goldhammer, this expeition left for Devil's Elbow a day ago on a ship named Mithral Wave which dropped the dwarves off and then sailed on to Maginimar to make a delivery with plans to pick up the dwarves on the return trip at end of this week.

Diplomacy(Gather Info) DC 12+:
Avery Slyeg, Riddleport's most successful smuggler and black marketeer, was the first to act on the promise of skymetal. With one of his ships not quite in port when the star fell, he was able to move quickly when the Black Bunyip returned to port. Avery outfitted her quickly, and his group of smugglers left for Devil's Elbow at least a week ago.

Diplomacy(Gather Info) DC 15+:
Eager to investigate the island but frustrated by ateempts to organzie transport, the cyphermages finally secured passage to the island on the Foamrunner a merchant cog bound for Magnimar. The ship left 3 days ago, and Samarith Beldusk is among those who travel to the island.

Diplomacy (Gather Info) DC 18+:
Clegg Zincher didn't have the luxury of an undamaged ship or the finances of Overlord Cromarcky, so his crew of toughs waited for the next fit ship to dock and then attacked in the dead of night, commandeering the vessel and setting sail for Devil's Elbow aboard the Dark Pearl 5 days ago.

Diplomacy Gather Info DC 20+:
A pirate brig called Teeth of Araska under the command of Captain Grudge Treeg is also said to be making for the island, though that crew of pirates and scalywags is more likely to rob another expedition that do any real work themselves.

I'll get to what Kwava tells you next post. It has been roughly more than a week since the starfall, so you should've had time to identify, sell and shop for other items with your loot. Let's handle those transactions in the Discussion tab. I'll add the week's profits to the Loot tracker, and look there for what you want to claim or sell from the accumulated treasures.

The tracks are seem to be heading into the small copse of trees near where you sit. It is not specifically on the way you are heading, but it wouldn't be far to follow, if that's where they indeed lead.

So far on this floor, you have spied two portals. The big one in the ritual chamber is where you entered this level. There is another in Nazhena's quarters that you have not used yet, which do you choose?

Elise knows that a fey creature called a satyr exists in myths and legends, but she has never seen or dealt with one directly. She knows that they have the legs of a goat, and walk upright like a man. She has also heard that devils sometimes walk the earth in the form a man with goat legs and hoofs. She's not sure if any of that applies now, however.

Katze sings snatches of a few different sailor songs, never quite hitting on the right one, but impressing Elise with her surprisingly sweet singing voice.

Anything else about these hoof-prints or move on?

GM Screen:

Elise DC 15 Nature: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (14) + 5 = 19

Sorry didn't get to it tonight, but will post an update for you tomorrow. If you have a survival bonus, please list it.

Fair enough. I had in my head Bane was just a +1 enhancement, but that didn't seem right, so I asked the question. Let's add 10 more dmg to Girrigz to start the round. Will adjudicate Devan's attack (which should be a hit) when others post as well.

Abandoned Shrine - Round 3

27 Lamatar
23 Adolina
20 Robin (90' away)
10 Marcellano (90' away)
6 Cadas (90' away)

Finishing up whatever ghostly spell he was chanting, Lamatar gazes at Adolina with a brilliant blue malevolence in his eyes. He unslings a wicked looking bow from his back and turns and fires at the shadowy companion. Firing three shots, two hit Shadowlina causing her some damage including from an icy chill.

I think Shadowlina takes cold damage if from magical source at half. If so, she takes 11 dmg, if not she takes 7. All the good guys are now up.

Lamatar bow, shot 1: 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (10) + 16 = 26
Lamatar bow, shot 2: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (9) + 11 = 20
Lamatar bow, shot 3: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7
Dmg shot 1: 1d6 + 4 + 1d6 ⇒ (2) + 4 + (4) = 10 5 dmg (includes 2 cold)
Dmg shot 2: 1d6 + 4 + 1d6 ⇒ (5) + 4 + (4) = 13 6 dmg (includes 2 cold)

Abandoned Shrine - Round 2 - complete

Cadas runs along side Robin, and Marcellano trails right behind.

End of Round 2

Girrigz Den - Round 5

Inspire Courage is active +1 to attacks and dmg

27 Girrigz (blurred, 31hp dmg, affected by silent image)
15 Nargun (18hp dmg, raging, bit of luck)
11 Atticus (focus used)
10 Twilight (spectral hand)
10 Mirela/Whisper (whisper 19hp dmg)
9 Devan (8hp dmg)

Seeing his escape now blocked by Nargun as well, Girrigz has only desperate moves left. He bullrushes his way into Whisper, trying to drive the wolf pup back enough to maneuver around her. The wolf is just able to dig her paws into the rough earth, holding her ground and biting at the attacker.

His actino provokes again. Forgot to consider Girrigz blur effect so rolling below. Looks like both are hits.

Nargun miss chance, low is miss: 1d100 ⇒ 90
Atticus miss chance, low is miss: 1d100 ⇒ 49
Girrigz bullrush vs CMD 19: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17

Girrigz Den - Round 4 - concluded

Still enraged, Nargun ignores the rapier attack by the wererat and slides in behind him. The dwarf's anger driven blow succeeds in hitting Girrigz but he shakes a chunk of the damage due to his magical resistance.

Having imbued his weapon with special damaging properties against lycanthropes. His first attack with the enhanced weapon is skilled and hurts the wererat leader.

Devan slips back into the fight, but his attacks are parried by the rat swordsman. His inspirational singing continues however.

Twilight directs her ghostly hand over to Nargun and touches him on the shoulder, passing along the vengeful blessing of Calistria to his next attack.

Whisper's snapping bite as the wererat tries to force past him misses, but effectively blocks his escape. The real attack, while the foe is distracted by multiple other attacks, scores a hit. There is no damage dealt and Whisper nearly succeeds at pulling Girrigz off his feet, but not quite.

Mirela stands guard, dagger in hand, at the escape route which Girrigz sees as blocked for now.

End of Round 4

Girrigz rapier AoO: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (4) + 13 = 17
Dmg to Nargun: 1d6 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10

Nargun is hit for 10dmg from his AoO-proving move. Who thinks Bane Lyanthrope bypasses DR? It might if it stacked to +3, but doesn't at +2 methinks.

Atticus Fulvios wrote:
DM DoctorEvil wrote:

Can you send me the link to this occultist power? I am not familiar with this class enough, and can't find in the descriptions I am reading.

Of course.

Ah, its from a splat book. Should've guessed.

"Yes, well, again my apologies for interruption, but you being one of the Fair Folk, an elf that is, and a player of chess, maybe you have seen my good friend Atreus? He is a an elf like yourself, and I often meet with him to play here in the tavern. But he didn't come yesterday on our assigned meeting day, and he is not here today either. It is not like Atreus to miss a session without sending word. So, I wonder, is the circle of elves small enough that, since you share an interest, you have seen my friend or know his whereabouts? It is not safe on the roads these days,and I worry for him, especially given the...prejudice...of most of the locals."

He looks sincerely for reply, and you can see the hope in his eyes that you know or have some word from his friend, Atreus.

While the others wait on the path in the woods and Blake watches from closer in, Sakima/skink scoots around the porch looking for a way in, any way in. Eventually he wriggles under the door where there is just enough space for a determined small lizard to enter.

The interior of the house is dark, given the darkness outside. It is sparsely furnished in the front room, and seems to have two room leading from the main, which is a combination dining/kitchen space. A cold fireplace sits near the kitchen and a mess of dirty dishes and crockery lies heaped here and there on the small table and the cupboard. The scent of rotted food and human sweat fills the place as far Sakima/skink can "taste" from the air with his delicate tongue. Nothing out of the ordinary can be seen in the front room though darkness could be hiding any number of things.

GM Screen:

Sakima Perception DC 15: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9

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