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I will be back in the GM seat for more game advancement tomorrow night after getting settled in a temp apartment in a new state, with a new job fully engaged.

Sorry for the long absence.

Sorry for the long absence. Am in a new state now, but living solo in a temp apartment. Will have some time to attend to the game starting tomorrow night.

Spider-Nest Round 4

Bless active in 5' aura around Zainab. 7 rounds

17 Zainab (47/48hp remain)
16 Trista (27/44hp; needs Fort save vs Stage 2 poison, flat-footed]
16 Blue Spider
15 Olaf (sustaining Dancing Lights; shield raised)
10 Fentus

Zainab and Trista are up now. Trista needs another Fort save vs poison or face Stage 2 effects. Zainab is adjacent to the wall and needs a DC18 Reflex or spend an actin getting unstuck.

Spider Nest - Round 3 - concluded

Trista feels a wave of painful cramps wrack her body as the spider venom starts working on her central nervous system as her muscles start to contract all at once.

At the same time, Zainab's body fights off the ill effects and while injured, she takes no more damage from the injected venom.

Nearby, Olaf finds himself stuck to the wall, and spends a few precious seconds tearing free, then advancing on the remaining arachnid foe. With that and concentrating on his light spell, he cannot attack, but does raise his shield if the spider tries to bite him.

Fentus also has to rip himself loose from the tangled webs that line the walls of this cave. He strides across the chamber, and makes bushy eyebrow faces at the remaining spider, who is appropriately intimidated.

End of Round 3

Trista venom dmg: 1d10 ⇒ 7

Trista takes 7hp more of poison dmg and needs another save vs Stage 2 of the toxin. She is also flat-footed next round. Zainab saves and is no longer affected by the poison. Back to the start of Round 4. Trista needs that save, and then may have her actions curtailed based on the result. She and Zainab are up now.

sorry for the long absence. I have been quite busy with a new job and relocation to a new state. I thouhgt I had posted that for all my games, but seems I missed yours.

Will be slowly getting back up to speed this week, as I am solo in a temp apartment in a new city for several weeks.

Otyugh Uprising - Round 2 - continued

Yes, if you make the DC20 Fort save, you are immune to the stench for 1 hour. Anyone who comes within 40' must make that save. Lenrelle and Billi are right on edge of it

Lenrelle prayed for guidance on the aim from her sling stone, and the stone flies true enough, but it simply caroms off the hard outer skin of the horrid thing from below which doesn't even seem to feel it.

Still far from the battle, Billi moves forward as fast as his heavy armor allows, and urges his pet even closer.

The great beast is inflamed by the force missiles striking at it and sees Talindra moving toward itself, threateningly. It sweeps a long grasping tentacle at the champion. That first attack strikes the cobblestones next to Talindra, splintering a few. "BLAST IT!" cries the great smelly beast, swinging around with its other appendage. This time the heavy tentacle smashes into Talindra, beating her a bit, and grabbing her around her waist in a tight embrace. The tentacle then begins squeezing her, painfully. "GOTCHA" cries the otyugh loudly.

Shadows needs the DC20 Fort save as well. Talindra takes 9hp dmg from the blow, and 7 more from constriction. She can take less constrict dmg with a DC22 Fort save. She is also Grabbed. Talindra and Sable are up now to end the 2nd round.

Otyugh tentacle: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (1) + 14 = 15
Otyugh tentacle, 2nd attack: 1d20 + 14 - 5 ⇒ (13) + 14 - 5 = 22
Talindra bludgeoning dmg: 1d6 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9
Constrict dmg to Talindra: 1d6 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7

The distance can be a problem if you are melee only, but there are ranged folks who would love more far away encounters. Win some lose some.

Sorry for the long delays -- buying a house.

Cavern - Round 1

29 Red Creature
27 Kheyji
26 Diurn
25 Blue Creature
13 Hurik
9 Miriani

The Red Creature hisses loudly and aggressively. It turns its gaze on the party, its eyes suddenly flaring up with brilliant white light. The spotlight-like eyes make seeing difficult after the dim light of the cavern. The creature then leaps to attack Hurik who is in the lead. The barbarian is just able to fight off the snapping jaws of the creature wi with a quick shove.

Everyone needs a DC18 Fort save or have their eyesight impaired. After that, Kheyji and Diurn are up next.

Red Bite: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (4) + 10 = 14


Miriani: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (20) + 5 = 25
Red Blind: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (16) + 9 = 25
Blue Blind: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (1) + 9 = 10

If you have any questions or comments for the Lady, please share them, but will move us along also.

Eventually, you all depart the Beefy Boar and you make your way along the streets of the capital towards the Senate building. You are still a good distance away when a disappointing site meets your view. A long snaking line of staffers, aides, and other non-VIP gala guests are lined up in a long queue stretching back away from the marble steps of the senate. It seems that senators and other VIPs are allowed immediate access to the interior, but others must wait in this long, snaking line.

Along the queue, aggressive vendors hawk cheap souvenirs and other wares like Taldan flags, likenesses of nobility, or cheap imitation artifacts. The whole experience is rather exasperating. The lines moves very slowly, and your group has been standing and shuffling for more than an hour and maybe only halfway to the steps when a dreary looking Vudrani inspector steps up to you and motions to all of you with a bored expression. "All of you, come with me." She motions you out of line and off to the side for a detailed inspection. It is pretty clear you will lose your place in line and have to start over -- a quick glance backwards shows the line is, if anything, even longer now-- if you follow her direction.

What do you do next? If you want to try to influence the inspector with Charisma checks or any other skill, provide the appropriate modifier.

Lady Martella smiles as you all attach the brooches to your eveningwear. "The communication is one way, and telepathic, so you needn't hide it, at least not much. And if you need me, then come find me. I won't be able to directly aid your tasks, but can perhaps, provide some guidance should it be needed I am confident in your abilities and understanding of the tasks, so you should be fine unless something...unexpected happens."

She continues. "Overall, tonight promises to be an historic evening, but an evening of work nonetheless. And in the sort of work you're embarking on, the line that divides success and failure is drawn by people you know. You have your own tasks to accomplish, but I'm counting on you to support one another to ensure success and discretion. If you need assistance, kindly ask for it, if your assistance is required, give it. And if I am to be blunt, I would like, for once in my adult life, to simply enjoy a gala I attend, rather than scamper about with clandestine busywork. If you all complete your work without need of me to clean anything up, I will happily double your promised fee."

"I trust your activities won't occupy your entire evening, so by all means, enjoy the party and make friends. This is an excellent opportunity for you to begin your own political ambitions, but do be discreet."

With that, she pushes back from the table and rises to her feet, the taffeta of her gown crinkling softly. "Now, unless you have further questions, I have some last minute preparations to attend to, then I will see you at the Gala."

Unless you stop her, she makes ready to depart.

Volturio "Volt" Levinus wrote:


Ok then, let's have you as the beautiful distraction. That way, when I bomb my D20 roll I can't use you as a scapegoat and blame you for ruining my assigned mission.

I propose we get into the kitchens, your suggestion of 'amazing hors d'oeuvres' seems like it would do the trick nicely, and as Volt is very observant, he will identify when you become the distraction and will set to work 'modifying' the wine.

I'm thinking we'll do this during the kitchen's busy time, likely shortly before, or during, when the food is served to the attending guests at the function.

Please make any further suggestions here, otherwise this is the submission to the GM for 'The Plan".

Got it. Just tell me when

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Sorry for my long absence. Left my job of 20+ years for a new gig in another state, and have been getting ready for relocation, and staring that new thing. It's taking a lot of time now, but when I start on Monday, it will be solo in temp housing, so I will have more game time for a while.

Thanks for your patience

Not implementing remaster changes yet.

The southern passage ends in cavern that is roughly 20x25'. Something wooden is smashed on the floor of the room at the far end, but its too dim in the extreme ends of the chamber to make out what it is/was. Also in the chamber are a pair of stubby humanoids with oversized, frog-like heads and bulbous eyes. Their eyes emit a faint light when they turn to look at you, and you see they each blink twice at each other, as if signaling something, then they make aggressive noises and motions to attack the intruders.

Feel free to make your own initiative rolls as we set up for combat. See the cave map linked at top margin. I will roll for any who have not yet, when I get next post up.

Spider-Nest - Round 3 - continued

Trista steps up and continues to strike successfully at the Red Spider. Her deep lore allows her to take advantage of their specific weakness and the damage she deals is just enough to slay the nearest arachnid.

Only Blue Spider is left in the room, but is mindless enough to continue attacking in the face of superior numbers, and attempts to sink its fangs into the nearest fleshy intruder, which in this case is Trista. The spider then scuttles backwards along the sticky floor.

Blue Spider fang: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (19) + 9 = 28
blue Spider Fang, 2nd strike: 1d20 + 9 - 5 ⇒ (13) + 9 - 5 = 17
Piercing Dmg to Trista: 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7

Trista takes 7hp dmg, which leaves her at 34/44. She also needs a DC16 Fort save vs Poison or take some other ill effects. Olaf and Fentus are up again. They are both still adjacent to the walls, so need a DC18 Reflex save or be stuck for an action.

Otyugh Uprising - Round 2

29 Billi/Shadow
20 Lenrelle
18 Otyugh (13hp dmg)
15 Talindra
14 Sable

Billi and Shadow and Lenrelle are up now.

Otyugh Uprising - Round 1 - concluded

As Talindra rushes through the street to get at the monstrosity from the sewers, she is accosted by the foul smell of the thing. It's a noxious mixture of offal, trash, halitosis, and body odor and it is rank and overpowering.

As the champion rushes in, Sable unleashes a new spell that sends a trio of force bolts blasting across the intervening space. All three missiles unerringly strike the otyugh, which whirls to face the oncoming party yelling in its deep but childlike voice, "THAT HURT!"

End of Round 1

Once she gets within 40' of the otyugh, Tal needs a DC20 Fort save or be sickened 1 (more on a critical fail).

I agree that there really isn't a mechanism to strike a particular part, and these tentacles are really thick. Might be an Aid check or a critical hit could give you a fair chance.

I am not exactly sure what you have planned, but sub-rosa entry into the Senate is going to be very difficult to achieve. You would have to detail yoru actions, and we would have to play it out.

It's up to you if you defer until you are at least able to easily enter the building, and then rely on your sneak-thievery, or if you want to take your chances on a very difficult mission in advance.

As soon as everyone is seated, Lady Martella motions for Sir Peris to pass out some small items to each attendee. The item is a small golden brooch with the crest of a serpent coiled menacingly around a helpless looking unicorn. She pins a similar larger brooch on her own gown. "These small items are senate aide badges but they are from the long deceased noble family of Senator Voritas. The badges identify you to the guards, senators, aides, and others as attending staff of a senator. The fact the crest is from a long-dead clan means that you are not identified as serving a single house, but as an honored guest. They will allow you access to the events in the Senate chambers. They are also all attuned to my master badge. This attunement allows me to send you telepathic messages, which you have one minute to reply with no more than 25 words. These may come in useful as the evening wears on, and allow you easier opportunity to carry out the missions we discussed last meeting."

"I intend to spend most of the evening in the senate gallery should you need to find me. I am confident you each understand your mission and are capable of performing it. If you have questions or reservations, now is the time to speak up."

She has a bit more to say after you respond to her affirmation of you understanding.

Spider-Nest Round 3

Bless active in 5' aura around Zainab. 8 rounds

17 Zainab (36/48hp remain; Bless cast 5'aura)
16 Trista (41/44hp]
16 Blue Spider
15 Olaf (sustaining Dancing Lights)
10 Fentus
10 Red Spider

The poison has an immediate toxic effect on the cleric, causing more damage, and also make her reflexes slow. She tries to struggle through it, stepping backwards, and casting a healing spell on herself, to try to stay upright.

Zainab will need another Fort save next round, or progress to Stage 2 of the poison. She takes 8 more hp dmg, but with the heal, she is down just 1 hp total. Trista is up before the first spider acts.

Poison Dmg for Zainab: 1d10 ⇒ 8

Oh, and the new place is in US Mountain Time, so my posting may be slightly later relative to now.

Sorry for the long delay. I was in my new town looking at homes. Sounds like we have an accepted offer, so things are progressing. Closing 12/1, moving after New Year. I will be in temp housing starting 11/6 which is closing in fast.

I think the critical specialization is only base form of the weapon, but would listen to arguments to the contrary (with evidence).

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Otyugh Uprising - Round 1 - continued

Billi commands Shadow to move along the buildings, hoping to keep on the fringes of sight. The doughty dwarf lifts up his shield and advances himself, albeit slowly.

Lenrelle moves forward, taking out her sling and readying it for missile combat on the way.

The otyugh stuffs a screaming bystander into its terribly foul mouth, shouts "GOOD!" and moves slightly towards the party, looking for others to munch on.

In my imagination, the otyugh has a voice like the old Kool-Aid man -- I guess some of you might not know what that is...The rest of the party may act now before Round 1 draws to a close.

Lady Martella drums her fingers on the table impatiently while waiting for anyone else to arrive.

I was kind of waiting on anyone else to post something but I will update next step anyway later today

Can anyone find an official ruling on if poison damage (for example) is also doubled on a critical hit? I have seen it both ways on unofficial sources. I would lean towards NO, because the save may result in a critical (success or fail), but wondering if there is an official answer.

Spider-Nest - Round 2 - concluded

Keeping the lights on, Olaf pulls away from the pesky webbing that wants to bind to him. Then he unleashes an attack combining his physical blade with an arcane claw. The effect is devastating, and the spider in front of Olaf is reduced to little more than a puddle of greenish ichor.

The Red Spider loosens more webbing at Olaf from across the cavern but the glob of sticky stuff lands well short of the target. The hungry spider then rushes forward, attacking one more with its poisonous fangs against Zainab who is out front. The fangs sink deeply in the cleric's shoulder, disgorging some of the toxin as well.

End of Round 2

Zainab takes 12hp dmg, and needs a Fort save vs Poison or perhaps have worse effects. On to Round 3.

Red Spider Web vs Olaf: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9
Red Spider fangs vs Zainab, 2nd strike: 1d20 + 9 - 5 ⇒ (20) + 9 - 5 = 24 critical
Piercing dmg vs Zainab: 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6 12 total dmg

Otyugh Uprising - Round 1

29 Billi/Shadow
20 Lenrelle
18 Otyugh
15 Talindra
14 Sable

Billi and Shadow up first with Lenrelle not far behind before the creature acts again.

Lenrelle wrote:
Init: 1d20+2

Your Initiative is your Perception bonus and then +2 for your Feat. You should be at +11 all told, which makes your roll a 20 count.

I know its not terribly realistic, but when my groups level up, I let them have their new skills/spells/abilities right away. Also HP boost, which may leave you a bit short, still. It's too much work to get leveled up to hold off the payoff.

The device seems magical in some way, but exactly what the effect is, or how it is derived is outside your scope of knowledge without casting divination spells of some kind.

Lady Martella greets Uraisa warmly and motions for her to sit at the table after she has rounded up some sustenance. "We will wait for the others to arrive, but I am pleased to see you." she says.

Secret Roll:

Uraisa: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10

Spider-Nest - Round 2 - concluded

Avoiding the grasping sticky webs, Fentus tosses more fiery goodness at the Yellow spider on the ceiling. This time his throw is accurate, and the target is immolated, dropping to the cavern floor - dead - with a dull thump.

Olaf, do your actions make the lights go out? Is that what you intend?

As the group makes their way from the strong citadel of the Korvosan Guard to the more ramshackle neighborhoods of Old Korvosa where Sable makes her humble abode, they notice the streets are increasingly more restless as the lower income neighborhoods are entered. Surly looks and ominous mutterings are heard from those lining the poor streets as you wander past. You remain on guard for an attack when something unexpected happens.

A rumble issues from below the streets where sewer drains line the center of a fairly busy road. Commoners and passers-by look worriedly at the ground and then move on with their evening, when suddenly a the city street cracks apart, fissures running along the brickwork roadway. The fractured street then bursts crazily upward. casting chunks of rocks into the air and raining brick on the immediate area. The stench of sewer filth and rotten garbage belches forth heralding the appearance of a horrifying creature that pokes out from the crater in the road.

The monstrosity that emerges has three massive legs, a gaping maw filled with rows of sharp teeth and a long thick purple tongue, a pair of long barbed tentacles, and another tentacle more like an eye-stalk filled with a number of leering baleful eyes. The creature lunges at the shocked people on the street, snatching one up and biting the poor soul cleanly in two before anyone can respond. A shrieking woman is grasped next and many others are in mortal danger.

"HUNGRY!" the beast cries out in pidgin Common.

See the Street Map at top margin. Your crew is 80-100' from where the beast emerges. Feel free to roll your own initiative or I will catch up everyone later this evening.

It may have to wait just a bit, moving through the city has all kinds of perils, and you are about to run into one...

Aria finds some items that might work as suitable replacements for the artifacts she saw in the Arcade. While not perfect matches by any means, they will stand cursory examination. The cost sets her back 1gp.

During the intervening week, gowns and suits are altered to fit, preparations of various kinds are made, and an invitation arrives from Lady Martella for each of you. They are all the same and delivered by Sir Peris at varying places across the now-bustling city:

"Please join me at The Beefy Boar Inn an hour before the Exaltation Gala is set to begin. I have a private room reserved where we can meet and go over any final details. Light refreshments will be provided."

Provided you all attend on the evening in question, dressed in your finest wear, you find the Beefy Boar a rowdy, crowded place full of those common-folk ready to celebrate. The private room in question, however, is upstairs and quiet enough. It is dimly lit with candles and final glowing rays of the setting sun. Breads, cheeses, and bottles of fine wine sit atop a side table but Martella sips casually from a steaming mug dressed in an elegant but comparatively reserved gown -- at least by Taldan's rather immodest standards. A hand-sized brass cricket buzzes quietly on the table beside her.

"I am so pleased you could join me this evening," she begins. [b]"Please help yourself or order whatever you like. The fig jam is particularly lovely here. And feel free to speak candidly. I have taken measures to ensure our privacy.

Feel free to order something, make any comments you feel appropriate, or sit quietly. If you wish to know more about the brass cricket, provide your Crafting or Arcana modifier -- or simply ask.

Thanks for the clarification!

Spider-Nest - Round 2 - continued

Zainab steps up, actually flanking herself between two spiders, and her subsequent melee attacks both fail to penetrate the hard chitin surrounding the attacking spiders.

Trista fights through the spider-venom without consequence. She then makes a series of attacks against the Orange Spider. Her first attack misses, but only sets up her further strikes which, given her knowledge of the spider's weaknesses, are enough to kill Orange.

The Blue Spider creeps forward, and tries sinking its fangs in the tasty cleric, but neither of its Strikes are able to get inside Zainab's armor.

Olaf and Fentus are both up now. Since they are adjacent to the walls in this room, which are covered with sticky webbing, they must make a DC18 Reflex before acting. Failure means they must spend one action next turn freeing themselves from the sticky walls.

Spider Bite vs Zainab: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (6) + 9 = 15
Spider Bits vs Zainab, 2nd attack: 1d20 + 9 - 5 ⇒ (6) + 9 - 5 = 10

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Thanks guys. I have decided to leave my current job of 20+ years and take a new gig in another state, so there is lots going down at the moment. Once I get started in the new place, there will be some temporary apt solo living, so I'll have some more dedicated time (theoretically) than I do now.

Where do you plan to stay for the night, if that's the plan

AS I understand it, you are choosing the "shifting" rune feature as default, but you can (with daily preparation) change the rune to other things (ghost touch, returning, etc) as circumstances may demand. I will assume you are using 'shifting" unless you specifically say otherwise at any given day's beginning.

It takes an Interact action to shift forms of the weapon it appears.

Miriani's use of Ocean's Balm makes each of you immune to future uses for 10 minutes. I have Kheyji at 31/35hp and Hurik at 50/53.[/ooc]

With some light sources to show the way, the party avoids the sabre-cat painting and eases into the cave mouth itself, leaving the overhang and the outside world behind.

The tunnel is narrow, only about 5' wide, allowing for the group to pass single file inside. At first there are rough-hewn steps leading down for about 10' then the passage continues. The smell is dank and earthy, and there is soothing rhythmic murmur to be heard, a faint sound, but easily audible.

At the bottom of the stairs, the passage turns to the north, leading deeper into the cave, while another passage runs to the south, looking like it might open into a larger cavern of some kind after short while.

Which way to do you proceed? And please provide a marching order, or arrange tokens on the map so that it is clear.

As I understand it, you can customize it as needed. Sanctioned AP content has lots of flexibility in how its run or house-ruled etc. It has been a bit since I read and reviewed so things might have changed.

I will encourage others to correct anything I have mis-stated.

Sorry for my long delay guys. I will get your game updated tomorrow night. It's been a heckuva week.

Hurik is too hurt and surprised to be able to recall anything about the painting, but Miriani remembers hearing about items like this -- they are called haunts -- which are the remnant of some curse or magical incantation. It's clear this protective ward is triggered when someone gets close to it. She does think she could destroy the painting given the right ritual, but its easy enough to avoid, if you wish to enter the cave and just leave it alone.

Secret Checks:

Hurik Nature: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13
Miriani: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18

Both Kheyji and Hurik react quickly enough to the startling appearance of the ghostly sabre-cat to avoid full damage, thought each takes wounds from the claws which seem real enough to draw blood.

As quickly as the image appeared, it re-apparates back into the wall, and the painting looks seemingly normal enough.

Diurn looks at the image carefully, but can't see anything triggering about it just from observation.

Possible skills are Nature and Religion to perhaps know a bit more about this marking, how it behaved, and how to disable/destroy it, if that's what you intend. Provide your modifier, if you want me to make secret checks for you.

It's Blistering Invective, right? You say Blazing above, and I want to make sure there's not a variant I am not aware of.

Otherwise both of you are good to go with level ups

Whether its the guardsman with you, the light from Lenrelle's spell, or just hte confidence the group walks with, no one accosts you as you move towards Citadel Volshyenek.

The portcullis of the Korvosan Guards' headquarters is closed and two armed guards stand just inside, looking warily at any who approach. When they challenge you, Grau answers indicating you are friends. They open the sally port door and make ready to admit the Watch Sergeant, who is mostly sober now.

"Thanks you friends for your kindness and support. Wish you the best of luck in your trials here in Korvosa. And if you ever need my assistance, I owe you a great favor. Remember if you see Sabina, give her my love, eh?"

With that he enters the fortress, and the door is fastened safely shut behind him.

With the XP From helping Grau, you all move up to Level 3. Will you post your changes in Discussion so I can make sure i record them properly? Once that is done, what do you wish to do now?

Thanks all, I will temp move around the first week of November, and things will be more on beam for a while. Once the family moves, it will be a little hectic again.

Hello team. Sorry for the delays in posting, but I left my job after 20+ years and accepted a new position in another state. Still working out notice, but things will be a little hectic for a bit as we all get sorted out.

Thanks for your patience.

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