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I've got the beginnings of the crunch for Annaka Tayran here for your perusal. Are we using the Wealth by Level table for total item value, since we're coming in above first level?

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Working on an idea - I’ll have it ready later this morning.

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For race, would you consider a Duskwalker?

Don’t worry about my question about duskwalkers - I had a character started already who I think would fit your current group better.

I think I’ve got my entry done (subject to suggestions from the GM and current players, of course). May I introduce:

Niculaie Pavlencas
Male dhampir bard (dirge bard) 4/investigator (gravedigger) 2 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide 30, Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 89, Pathfinder RPG Horror Adventures 54, Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic 26)
NG Medium humanoid (dhampir)
Init +4; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +4


Background and Dark Secret:

Dark Secret: As much as he loathes undead — his vampiric heritage most of all — Niculaie has a secret taste for the blood of the recently deceased (Eldritch Heritage, Sanguine bloodline).

Background:Niculaie is a dhampir — the spawn of a vampire father and human mother. Niculaie’s father disappeared before his birth, abandoning Niculaie’s mother, her pregnancy nearly at full term, at a crossroads near her family’s estate. She died shortly after giving birth to Niculaie.

Niculaie was raised on the Pavlencas family estate by his mother’s brother, his Uncle Tomaz, and by his half-sister Valerica, who is eight years his senior. Valerica’s father died when he was thrown from his horse, less than a year before Niculaie was born. The family has always suspected that Niculaie’s father contrived to spook the horse to leave Niculaie and Valerica’s mother with less protection.

With the guidance of Uncle Tomaz and Valerica, Niculaie grew to be a gentle man, more interested in his studies and his music than in the training for battle that Pavlencas youth traditionally received. The estate’s servants respected the family too much to discuss the youth’s heritage outside of the manor house, and Tomaz exerted enough authority in the nearby farm village to put a stop to any rumors about the strange lad who was rarely seen outside the house, and then only when wrapped in robes and scarves from head to foot.

The family continued on this way for many years. As Valerica grew up, she began to take over more of the duties of managing the estate from their aging uncle, while Niculaie remained in the dhampir’s prolonged adolescence. As insular as the family secret caused them to be, they were, in the main, quietly happy.

One night, however, when Tomaz and Valerica were away from the estate for a few days arranging the purchase of new livestock for the estate’s own small farming operation, there was an accident near the crossroads where Niculaie’s mother had been found. Niculaie and some of the servants heard the commotion and rushed to the scene, and found a horse cart smashed at the bottom of a gulley. The driver was unconscious and not likely to survive and one horse was dead, while a second horse was injured beyond any hope of recovery, whinnying pitifully.

The servants made a makeshift stretcher from pieces of the broken cart and carried the unconscious man back to the house to do what they could for him. Alone, Niculaie drew his sword and ended the poor horse’s torment by cutting its throat. As the animal’s blood flowed over his arm and hand, the dhampir experienced a hunger more powerful than anything he had ever felt. Before he could think better of it, he raised his hand to his mouth and tasted blood for the first time in his life (but not the last).

It was in that position, licking the animal’s blood from his hand, face covered in red, the full moon shining on his thin form accenting his pale skin and silver hair, when another rider approached the crossroads. Seeing Niculaie, the rider shrieked and spurred his horse, galloping into the village crying “Vampyr! Vampyr!” at the top of his lungs.

Niculaie realized that if he stayed, Tomaz and Valerica would be blamed for harboring a monster in their home. Fearing for the safety of his family, and deeply ashamed for giving in to what he sees as a weakness inherited from his father, Niculaie ran back to the house, hurriedly changed his clothes and washed the blood from his face. Packing a small bag, he left his uncle and sister a note, swore the servants to secrecy, and set out on foot through the woods to make his escape.

Eventually, he made his way to a small village in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. There, his willingness to work for low wages and long hours without complaint through the cold, dark winter on the worst of the reconstruction projects was more important to potential employers than his heritage or where he had come from, and by the time anyone might have thought to ask, he had been there long enough that nobody cared enough to bother.

With the dirge bard archetype, Niculaie’s mind-affecting spells affect undead as though they were living creatures. Although not optimized for combat, his levels in investigator (gravedigger) give Niculaie a handful of abilities that add flavor and make him more effective against undead opponents, including Studied Strike vs. undead as though two levels higher.

Niculaie invests his skill points broadly, with particular attention to knowledge skills that the current party may lack, with the added benefit of unlimited use of inspiration on knowledge, linguistics, and spellcraft checks. Given the common prejudice against dhampirs, he is not focused on serving as the party face, but has enough skill in diplomacy and bluff to be useful and can invest more in those skills over time. His primary roles will be knowledge skills, spellcasting (focusing on illusions and enchantments, as his mind-affecting spells will work against undead), buffing/support, and he can assist in combat with his bow, scythe, and shovel.

Note:Niculaie will never use either of the necromantic Relic Focus powers available to him from the gravedigger investigator archetype because they are both minor versions of animate dead (he probably doesn’t even realize he could use one of them). If it wouldn’t offend the other PCs and would benefit the party, he would consider using the ability to cast grave words.

Niculaie's latest letter to his half-sister (backstory):

My Dearest Valerica,

I was delighted to receive your latest letter. News from home always seems to shrink the distance between us, and I was most relieved to read that you are nearly recovered from your injuries. You really must be more careful, dear sister - I have the greatest respect for your skill with a blade, but you know better than to wander near the edge of the woods on the night of a full moon. If not for your own sake, then please be cautious for the people of the estate; since our uncle's death, you are the lady of the manor and they need your protection. If the worst should happen to you, our cousin Arkandru would inherit, and you know my opinion of him.

I am well, and remain reasonably comfortable here in the frozen north. It has taken several years, but the villagers have come to tolerate my presence, even if they do not yet accept me as one of their own. It has been quite some time since I have been refused service at the tavern or by any of the local craftsmen. Although there are certain roughneck half-orcs I have learned to avoid after they have had more than three or four pints of ale, I believe they make me their target due to my mannerisms and what they may sense of the aristocratic upbringing you and I share, rather than because of my paternal heritage. That is itself a sort of victory; a pathetic victory, but a victory nonetheless.

I can picture your skeptical smile even after so long apart. “Your small victories are well and good,” I imagine you saying, “but from whence comes the coin necessary for the purchase of necessities from these local craftsmen, or for the occasional evening of levity at the village’s sole watering hole?”

Fear not, sweet sister! This is neither a plea for financial assistance nor for your pity, but rather a bit of boasting.

This past summer, when there was little work to be found save on the fishing boats - and I have neither the strength nor the skill to serve with these northern hunters of the sea - the village’s Pharasman priest took pity on me and offered me a position digging graves and watching over the cemetery at night. He is a hard man, as are many of his faith where my kind are concerned, but perhaps he was curious. Whatever his reasons, I accepted gratefully.

I suppose he kept watch over me as I worked, to make certain I was as harmless as I seemed. One early morning before dawn, he surprised me with an invitation to share his breakfast. While we ate a simple meal, the priest asked me about my music! He had heard me singing to myself as I worked each night - he said he had not known that those of us born with the taint of unlife could express ourselves through artistry in a way that the truly living might appreciate.

Then, my dear sister, he invited me to sing that very night at the interment of a poor man with few friends and no family, who had been killed in a shipboard accident. Of course, I accepted - I have had so few opportunities to perform in public that I jumped at the chance to sing for an audience, even at an occasion as somber as a funeral.

Of course, I hoped that my brief performance would provide some comfort to the friends of the decedent, and with that in mind I prepared Stonefoot's Requiem. You will remember, I am certain the dwarven composer's lament for those of his people who perished defending the great sky citadels from the orc hordes. Old Stonefoot wrote it to be performed by a single vocalist accompanied by pipe and drum, but it is easily arranged to be performed by a singer alone.

There were no more than a dozen mourners standing around the open grave that evening. Clouds thick with pent up rain blocked the night sky from view, so that the only light came from the flickering flame of a single, magical torch held aloft by the priest's young acolyte. The priest stood at the head of the open pit, leading the dead man's friends in their somber, joyless prayers, while I waited at the foot opposite him, my stomach tied in knots with stage fright. I could not even remember the last time I had performed for an audience, even if it were just you and Uncle and some of the household staff. However, when the priest finished his prayer and looked up from his book to me, I mastered my anxiety and began with nary a tremble.

Six minutes, seventeen seconds. That is the length of the second movement of Stonefoot's Requiem, which I had decided would be most appropriate for the funeral. I performed it in the original Dwarven -- few, if any, of the mourners would understand the words, but the lyrics were not the point. It is the emotion infused into the haunting melody by the composer, and by the performer, that moves the listener, and my audience was indeed moved. As the last lingering note faded across the graveyard, I saw tears on the faces of the dead man's friends -- no surprise at a burial -- and that of the young acolyte. But when I looked to the priest for some affirmation that my performance had been satisfactory, to my astonishment I saw a single tear tracing its path down his own cheek, toughened by faith and raw experience. Before I could register anything more, the clouds burst as though the heavens themselves had started weeping, and all devolved to chaos as we rushed to complete the burial while the thunder boomed and lightning struck trees that were too close for anyone's comfort.

The storm raged throughout the night and all the next day, so it was not until the following night that I was once again summoned to the Pharasman temple. I assumed that I was needed to dig more graves, but to my surprise the acolyte ushered me into the priest's small library, where I found him waiting for me among the stacks of neatly organized books and scrolls with a small pouch of silver coins.

"These," he said, "are for you. Collected by the mourners who were so moved by your funeral song the other night, at their own initiative. I have added a contribution from the church as well." He gave me a tight smile. "Niculaie, I suspect that I will be asked again if you will sing my parishoners’ loved ones to their rest. Is that something that would interest you?"

Of course, I replied in the affirmative. Since then, I have performed at six more burials and memorial services. The families and friends of the departed have all been very appreciative, and while it has yet to make any obvious difference in the way I am treated in the village, the funds I have been given -- ranging from a few coppers from the poorest of families to (once) a fistful of gold crowns from the family of the region’s most notorious miser -- have been more than enough to keep food on my table and for materials to repair the leaking roof over my head. Perhaps the most nourishing result, though, has been my growing friendship with the Pharasman priest, who has learned to look past my pallor and unnaturally long canine teeth (yes, I know it is childish of me to hew to Uncle's rule about the "f" word even now, but old habits are the hardest to break). I still dig graves as needed, but we have spent many a long night playing chess and debating the relative importance to a civilized society of the worship of the Lady of Graves as opposed to my own patron, the Eternal Rose. He has also allowed me free use of his library -- modest compared to the library at home, of course, but more than adequate considering the locale. It is perhaps a bit focused on a single subject, but as that subject is one that is of particular interest to me anyway, that is not as limiting as it might sound. We have even fought side-by-side, during an unpleasant incident involving an outbreak of ghoul fever last winter. For the first time in nearly a decade of my self-imposed exile, dear sister, I no longer feel completely alone.

This brings me to the kind offer you made in your letter, which I must, with the greatest regret, decline.

Your suggestion that I might return home for good would have brought me to tears, were my barren eyes capable of producing them. But the folk of our county have a long memory, and a mere decade is not nearly long enough for them to forget what they believe they saw on the night I departed. I am sure they love you as they did Uncle, if not more, but that love will not keep the mob from storming the manor with pitchforks and torches if word gets around that the family monster has returned.

My delay in responding to your correspondence is due to hesitation over whether to accept your offer to visit me here or elsewhere instead. Just a few days after I received your letter, as I was composing my initial response, I received a letter from a solicitor notifying me that Professor Petros Lorrimor has gone to his judgment and requesting I attend the reading of his will in Ravengro.

You may remember my tale of the traveler I met on a forest road in the first year of my exile — he was beset by bandits, and may well have lost his life as well as his purse had I not frightened them off by singing a haunting melody and giving them the briefest glimpse of my unusual dentition as I approached. When the bandits took to their heels, this traveler eagerly professed his gratitude for my intervention (as well as a discomfiting interest in my ancestry) and gave me his name. It was, as you may have guessed, the same Professor Lorrimor.

The solicitor’s missive was long delayed; the winter that has just ended was a hard one, and the ice in our harbor so thick as to render it impassible until this month. I have already missed the reading of the professor’s will, but after long consideration and consultation with my friend the priest, I shall be on board the next ship to accept passengers and within a few weeks will present myself at the office of the solicitor in Ravengro to learn the reason for this mysterious invitation. Once I have completed that mission and have made arrangements for lodging in Ravengro or elsewhere, I will send word to you, dear Valerica, and we may decide the place and time for our reunion.

Until then, again, I beg you to take more care of yourself. I never knew our mother, of course, and I will not speak of my father. You and Uncle have been my only true family, and with his passing, you are all I have left, and I flatter myself that you may feel the same for me. You must not be so eager to follow him too quickly!

The next time I write, I shall once again be within the borders of our homeland; the thought fills me with dread and eager anticipation in equal measure. Until then, I remain, as always,

Your loving brother,


Niculaie Pavlencas
Male dhampir bard (dirge bard) 4/investigator (gravedigger) 2 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide 30, Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 89, Pathfinder RPG Horror Adventures 54, Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic 26)
NG Medium humanoid (dhampir)
Init +4; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +4
AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 16 (+5 armor, +1 deflection, +2 Dex)
hp 39 (6d8+6)
Fort +3, Ref +10, Will +8; +2 bonus vs. death effects and energy drain, +4 vs. fear, energy drain, death effects, and necromantic effects, +2 vs. disease and mind-affecting effects
Defensive Abilities negative energy affinity; Resist haunted eyes, undead resistance
Weaknesses light sensitivity
Speed 30 ft. (20 ft. in armor)
Melee dagger +5 (1d4+1/19-20) or
mwk scythe +6 (2d4+1/×4) or
silver light mace +5 (1d6+1)
Ranged +1 darkwood composite shortbow +7 (1d6+2/×3)
Special Attacks bardic performance 14 rounds/day (countersong, distraction, fascinate [DC 16], inspire competence +2, inspire courage +1), the blood is the life
Bard (Dirge Bard) Spells Known (CL 6th; concentration +10)
2nd (2/day)—ghostbane dirge[APG] (DC 16), oneiric horror[OA] (DC 16)
1st (4/day)—lesser confusion (DC 15), grease, inflict light wounds (DC 15), saving finale[APG] (DC 15), vanish[APG] (DC 15)
0 (at will)—detect magic, ghost sound (DC 14), know direction, open/close (DC 14), read magic, sift[APG]
Investigator (Gravedigger) Extracts Prepared (CL 2nd; concentration +4)
1st—expeditious retreat, shield, true strike
Str 12, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 15, Wis 10, Cha 18
Base Atk +4; CMB +5; CMD 18
Feats Eldritch Heritage[UM], Exotic Heritage (Knowledge [religion])[UW], Lingering Performance[APG]
Traits chance savior, magical knack
Skills Acrobatics +3 (-1 to jump), Appraise +6, Bluff +8, Climb +2, Craft (alchemy) +8, Diplomacy +8, Disable Device +1, Disguise +8, Escape Artist +3, Heal +4, Knowledge (arcana) +13, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +8, Knowledge (engineering) +8, Knowledge (geography) +8, Knowledge (history) +10, Knowledge (local) +8, Knowledge (nature) +10, Knowledge (nobility) +8, Knowledge (planes) +8, Knowledge (religion) +10 (+12 to identify undead creatures and their abilities), Linguistics +7, Perception +4, Perform (dance) +8, Perform (sing) +13, Perform (string instruments) +10, Perform (wind instruments) +10, Profession (gravedigger) +6, Sense Motive +4, Sleight of Hand +3, Spellcraft +10, Stealth +3, Use Magic Device +9
Languages Common, Dwarven, Shoanti, Skald, Varisian
SQ bardic knowledge +2, fangs[ARG], grave magic, inspiration (3/day), kill the dead, read the bones, relic focus, resist level drain, secrets of the grave, vampiric empathy[ARG]
Combat Gear potion of inflict light wounds (3), potion of levitate, scroll of eagle's splendor, scroll of heroism, scroll of share language (x2), scroll of songbird (x2), wand of inflict light wounds (50 charges), alchemist's fire (4), oil (4); Other Gear +1 mithral chain shirt, +1 darkwood composite shortbow (+1 Str), arrows (20), blunt arrows[APG] (20), dagger, mwk scythe, silver light mace, belt of mighty constitution +2, cloak of resistance +1, ring of protection +1, traveler's any-tool[UE], bedroll, belt pouch, bullseye lantern, candle (2), fishhook (2), flint and steel, formula book, ink, inkpen, journal[UE], masterwork backpack[APG], masterwork flute, masterwork lyre, mug/tankard, occultist's implement[OA], scroll box[UE], sewing needle, signal whistle, string or twine[APG], sunrod, thread (50 ft.), torch, trail rations (7), waterskin, whetstone, 1,846 gp, 4 sp, 7 cp
Special Abilities
Bardic Knowledge +2 (Ex) Add +2 to all knowledge skill checks.
Bardic Performance (standard action, 14 rounds/day) Your performances can create magical effects.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white only).
Fangs You can bite a helpless (automatic) or grappled (with a CMB check) foe for 1d3 dam.
Grave Magic (Sp) Sacrifice unused extract slots to cast certain spells.
Haunted Eyes (Ex) +4 to saves vs. fear, energy drain, death and necromancy effects.
Inspiration (+1d6, 3/day) (Ex) Use 1 point, +1d6 to trained skill or ability check. Use 2 points, to add to attack or save.
Kill the Dead Studied combat and studied strike function as 2 levels higher vs. undead, 2 levels lower vs. non-undead.
Light Sensitivity (Ex) Dazzled as long as remain in bright light.
Lingering Performance Bardic Performances last 2 rds after you stop concentrating.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in dim light, distinguishing color and detail.
Mind Fear (DC 13) (Su) Target creature is frightened 1d4 rnds. if it has your HD or less, shaken if more (Will neg).
Negative Energy Affinity (Ex) You are alive, but react to positive/negative energy as though you were undead.
Read the Bones (Su) Perform object reading on corpses, bones, and other physical remains.
Relic Focus (1/day) (Su) Spend inspiration for nec. resonant power 1/day, or grave words any number of times.
Resist Level Drain (Ex) Negative levels don't impose penalties or become permanent, but still kill if exceed HD.
Secrets of the Grave (+2) (Ex) Undead lose imm to mind affecting, bonus to Knowledge (religion) vs. undead.
The Blood Is the Life (7/day) At 1st level, you can gain sustenance from the blood of the recently dead. As a standard action, you can drink the blood of a creature that died within the past minute. The creature must be corporeal, must be at least the same size as you, and must have blood. This ability heals you 1d6 hit points and nourishes you as if you'd had a full meal. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier. This bloodline power replaces grave touch.
Undead Resistance +2 bonus to saves vs. disease and mind affecting effects.
Vampiric Empathy Speak with bats, rats, and wolves and +2 Diplomacy dealing with them.

@GM Fuzzfoot, I meant to add:
- I would expect to post 1+/day during the week, and at least that on weekends.
- Niculaie’s connection to Professor Lorrimor is described near the end of the letter to his half-sister included in my post above and on his profile page.

I have to update the crunch on Pontia, but she is largely as you see here (with a few more levels under her belt, of course).

Pontia Appearance & Personality:
Pontia is tall and slender, with short black hair and dark eyes. She typically dresses in modest and practical wizard's robes, and puts little or no apparent effort into dressing well or looking good; her hair is short because it's less trouble that way. Most of the time she comes across as disinterested and aloof, but that's because she spends a lot of time thinking and doesn't put much effort into presentation (except when she's teaching). It's not that she's rude, it's just that social activities don't seem to interest her very much. These days, she spends most of her time on scholarship, wizardry, and contending with evils across much of the Inner Sea region.

Pontia Background:
From her name and arcane specialty, it's no surprise that she hails from Cheliax. She is the daughter and student of the late Titus Canario, a teacher of conjuration to Chelaxian petty nobility for many years and a longtime colleague of Professor Lorrimor's. It was during her studies that Pontia became acquainted with the Professor, and the two carried on a correspondence that continued throughout her travels.

Following Titus' death, Pontia left the intrigues and deviltry of Cheliax--first for Absalom, where she spent time studying at the Arcanamirum, and then to the Mwangi Expanse, where she studied at the Magaambya and showed the Tempest-Sun Mages there techniques of Chelaxian wizardry. Although she was tempted to remain in Sargava, she chose instead to return to Absalom. It was there that news of Lorrimor's death reached her. As soon as she was able, she set out for Ustalav. After a pause in Ravengro to visit the Professor's grave, she followed the band of adventurers who had been commissioned by Lorrimor to carry out his final wishes.

I'll PM you her secret, GM F.

Wealth by Level should be fine.

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Annaka's not quite coming together like I'd hoped, so I'm going to withdraw from this recruitment and give other folks the right of way. Good luck, everyone!

I'm in the process of updating Cole to this game...looking forward to seeing what he looks like!

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Crunch on Cole is basically done...


• Every character will need at least a short background. If you can incorporate some horror elements into it, that will only help your chances of being selected. Please also give mention to your relationship with Professor Lorrimor.

~Born in Lastwall, Cole grew up in a small village that was the nearest the dread tomb of the lich-king. This proximity to so much death and evil led Cole to explore the area near the forbidden tower in curiosity. One fateful day he found a man under attack by some ghouls near the tower and Cole's dormant Kineticist abilities flared to life, allowing him to help save the human. Professor Lorrimer was his name, and they declared that day a friendship that would last their lifetimes.

• Dark Secret: Every PC should have a dark secret of some sort, which, if exposed, would cause extreme embarrassment at the very least. Please keep it PG-13 and not entirely counter to your alignment. This should be part of your background, although if you wish to hide it via a spoiler tag or to send it to me via private message, that's perfectly acceptable.

~Adopted into the Lastwall militia when his powers emerged, he became an expert on the various undead drawn to the dread tower (and his home) and often joined patrols near there. Ambushed by wights many years later, his patrol was lost to man, except for himself. When the smoke had settled...and his thoughts had was evident Cole had not only helped kill the wights, but had accidentally killed several of his comrades too in his zeal to destroy the undead. Knowing he couldn't stay in Lastwall, he immediately headed for the border...changing his name to Cole Burrns in order to try and hide his identity.

• Please give me a rough idea of where you want to go with your character, and what skills s/he brings/will bring to the table to round out a good party.

Cole is a gregarious and tough fellow, physically large but not overly strong. Built like a rock, he tends to tough out problems until he can no longer face them. A natural pyromaniac at heart, he has managed to channel his tendencies with the help of his religion. Hunting undead has become an official job for him, and he's good at it, but it is not an obsession. On the rare occasion he has committed simple acts of arson for profit, and for something new to do. Cole easily fills the role of an arcane caster, although his abilities are not as varied. His one goal in life is live a full life away from Lastwall's prisons. Anything that helps keep that goal alive...

• I'd also like to know your anticipated posting schedule. I'll be expecting at least 1 post per day unless you've already let us know you'll be gone for a short period.

I can usually post once a day at least. Weekends can be harder sometimes, but I'm a pretty prolific PBP poster for the last several years.

I believe I said June 10 as a deadline for submissions, which means I will cut off applicants tomorrow. The list I have so far is:

Gruingar Dhampir sorcerer 6 (ElterAgo)
Billy & Buggles - Human bard 6 Archetypes Duettist & Male Brownie Familiar (Egotist archetype) (Ellioti)
Ironperenti Aasimar Azata Blooded Bloodrager 1 Arcane Duelist Bard 5
Niculaie Pavlencas Male dhampir bard (dirge bard) 4/investigator (gravedigger) 2 (Tusk the Half-orc)
Pontia Canario Female Chelaxian human conjurer wizard 6 (John Woodford)
Cole Burrns (Pyro) Kineticist 6 (Jeremy Clements)

If I missed anyone, please let me know to make sure you get full consideration!

Thanks, GM Fuzzfoot!

I just noticed that Hero Lab's statblock doesn't show what bloodline Niculaie gets through the Eldritch Heritage feat, although the bloodline power is included under Special Abilities and is part of his Dark Secret.

The bloodline itself is Sanguine.

Continuing to update Pontia. I can post at least daily most days, depending on work schedule.

As to what she brings to the party, she's at heart a scholar, and has a fair number of knowledge skills (which will at least complement a bard character, if that's the other PC chosen). She's taking Illusion and Evocation as her opposition schools, so her primary damage spells are going to be conjuration--she's going to use debuffs via enchantment and necromancy, plus monster summoning, as a secondary focus for now (though if she survives to L9 I plan to take the Opposition Research arcane discovery and start using evocation spells more).

Her main personal goal is tied up with her Dark Secret.

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here's my submission

Sneaking in under the wire, my submission:

Kaeryn Ciocan
Female Aasimar (Peri-blooded) Bloodrager (Urban) 1/Transmuter (Shapechange) 5


NG Medium Humanoid (Human) / Outsider (Native)
Init: +4, Senses: Darkvision (60'), Perception +9
Languages: Common, Draconic, Infernal, Necril, Orc, Sylvan.
Deity: Nethys
Age: 24 Birthday: 16 Neth
Favoured Class: Wizard


Kaeryn stands a mere half hand under six feet tall and weighs about eleven stone. Her frame is a blend of feminine curves and the well-muscled physique of a runner or a soldier, rather than one who spent years in the library. Her hair is the blue-black of the midnight sky on a moonless night, and it falls loosely around her face before being tied into a braid which starts at the nape of her neck and falls to the middle of her back. The darkness of her hair stands in a marked contrast to her pale skin, almost alabaster, save for a sprinkling of also-pale freckles on her high cheeks, across the bridge of her small nose, and reaching up past storm-grey eyes to her forehead.


Kaeryn was born and raised in Vigil, the third child, and only daughter of Lord Deryn Ciocan, a heavy lancer and favourite of the Precentor Martial for Cavalry. Like her brothers, Kaeryn grew up having the sacred duty of keeping Vigil and watching the spire fed to her daily, as if it were a part of the water she drank. Like her brothers, Kaeryn knew from a young age that she was destined to attend the Crusader War College. Unlike her brothers, however, Kaeryn had inherited her mother's magical abilities and would be headed to the Battlemage Academy... Kaeryn was resistant to that idea -- not that she didn't love magic, but she wasn't the bookish sort, rather she saw herself as a woman of action, one destined to take up the blade, stand in the frontlines and fight. It didn't help, to be fair, that with her quick mind, she was smarter and more able than most of her tutors growing up, making her studies almost tortuously slow and painful... except in the summers she spent in the Fangwood learning magic with her mother and some of her fey allies.

When the time came, Kaeryn stubbornly enrolled and started the year at the War College's Infantry School before her sense of duty (and a number of speeches on the subject from her father) overcame the resistance and she tranfered to the Battlemage Academy. There, she was relieved to see that her day-to-day studies were less boring than she'd feared-- especially in the rest of that first year, when the challenge of cramming and catching up to the others kept her very busy...

Her enthusiasm started to fade in her second year -- caught up, now, she found the general rate of teaching less than challenging... at least until one of the Journeyman-Instructors, a young dwarf named Conal, brought her in to help him on his own more advanced, experimental work. Conal was a Transmuter, like herself, and one that had been feytouched in his childhood. Knowing that he was infused with this (faint) magic, Conal was convinced there must be a way to reach it and magnify it, to have that magic make him stronger. Kaeryn was thrilled by the possibilities of this research (especially given her own special, celestial nature)... and, even more, she was delighted to have her natural intellect and ability recognized by so sharp and mind.

It was her excitement that caused her to miss some of the warning signs about the darker nature of Conal's experiments -- never questioning where the magic-infused blood or organs they were working with might have come from... or why she was, increasingly, becoming the test subject for the experimentation. It all came to a head one night, when Kaeryn came early to a session and saw Conal tearing apart a Vine Leshy, harvesting it for its essence. She rushed forward to stop him, but the dwarf had the advantage of decades of practice with his warhammer and she had only a dagger -- it wasn't a fair fight, and she fell quicky. Conal strapped her down to the table next to the leshy she'd tried to save, dripping his newest concoction into her mouth before turning back to finish the harvest. Unlike the other potions, this one burned, she could feel it in her stomach and then flowing through her -- she was convinced it was going to melt her heart away like acid... until Conal went too far, killing the leshy, releasing a burst of verdant energy and filling the area with plants... and Kaeryn with a strange, supernatural strength.. one that started to heal her wounds.

It only took her a few moments to tear the bindings holding her down -- she grabbed one of the oil burners, throwing it at the dwarf's research, lighting it ablaze to cover her escape. It took a few hours before she was able to lead the authorities to Conal's lab, and when they got there, most of the dwarf's notes had burned up -- and he had died trying to save them. It was a scandal, enough that they almost cast Kaeryn out of the Academy for helping in the research, especially based on the notes that remained after the fire -- but her family's name and her ignorance of what had been happening was enough to save her.

Still, she couldn't face the Academy anymore, the constant reminder of what she'd been through was just too much and so she dropped out at the end of the year. Her sense of duty wouldn't let her abandon Lastwall, however, and so she ended up at Castle Firine, defending not against the Tryant, but Belkzen's orcs. Here, she could use her magic, and her skill at arms, to protect people far away from the stares and whispers about what happened, and how involved she might have been. It was there, or, more accurately, about an hour's walk from there, that she encountered Professor Lorimar, tripping over the orcish warband that had just ambushed him as he was coming out of the Ghostlight Marsh, striking quickly and saving his life. The Professor accepted her escort to Firine, buying her a hot bowl of stew and and ale that night, and promising greater reward. Honestly, Kaeryn thought very little of it... until, four years later, the letter arrived, informing her that she was named in the Professor's will.

Dark Secret:

When Kaeryn had her first bloodrage and pulled herself free of the bindings, she took the dwarf's warhammer and struck him down with it (in fact, keeping it and bonding with it) and used the fire she'd started to cover that fact... ...and also the fact that she took a large portion of the research with her -- just in case the power he'd introduced into her ever started to fade.


AC 17, Touch 12, Flat-footed 15, CMD 22 [24]
(+5 armor, +2 dex)
HP 47/47 (6HD - 12, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6 + 5FC)
Fort: +6, Ref: +4, Will: +4 {+6 v. death effects}
Resistances: Negative Energy: 5


Speed: 40 ft. (8 Squares)


  • Bonded +1 Furious Warhammer +6 [+10] 1d8+3 [1d8+7] (x3)
  • Dagger +5 [+7] 1d4+2 [1d4+4] (19-20/x2)
  • Gore (Battleshaping) +6 [+8] 1d8+3[+5] or secondary weapon +1 [+3] 1d8+2[+3]
    Special: +2 damage {Arcane Strike}; Battleshaping (+1 enhancement);


  • +1 Adaptive Composite Longbow +6 (1d8+2[+4]/x3), 110' increment
  • Dagger (thrown) +5 [1d4+2] (19-20/x2), 10' increment
    Special: +2 damage {Arcane Strike}; +1 to hit when adjacent to 2 enemies {crowd control}

    Base Atk: +3, CMB: +10 [+12]

  • Stats:

    Str 15 {19}, Dex 14, Con 12 [14], Int 18 [20], Wis 10, Cha 11


    Chance Saviour (Campaign)
    Fate smiled on you and Professor Lorrimor one day in the not so distant past. Through a matter of pure chance, you were in a position to save the late scholar's life and did so. His gratitude was effusive, and he promised that he would never forget you. You are unsure of the nature of the summons in his will, but believe he may have listed you as a possible heir in thanks for saving him from an untimely demise. Your ability to think quickly on your feet has stayed with you, and you quite often feel that you're in the right place at the right time. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Initiative checks.

    Magical Knack (Magic) [Wizard]
    You were raised, either wholly or in part, by a magical creature, either after it found you abandoned in the woods or because your parents often left you in the care of a magical minion. This constant exposure to magic has made its mysteries easy for you to understand, even when you turn your mind to other devotions and tasks. Pick a class when you gain this trait—your caster level in that class gains a +2 trait bonus as long as this bonus doesn’t raise your caster level above your current Hit Dice.


    Armour Proficiencies: Light + Medium.
    Weapon Proficiencies: Simple, Martial.

    Arcane Strike, Arcane Armour Training, Extra Rage

    Bonus: Scribe Scroll (W1), Arcane Discovery: Knowledge is Power (W5).


    Trained are marked with *, italics for class skills.

    Skill Name [Total] = Rnk + Stat + Misc (Description)
    Trained skills in italics; * indicate class skills
    Acrobatics* [+11] 6.0 + 2 + 3
    --Jump [+15]
    Appraise* [+9] 1.0 + 5 + 3
    Bluff [+0] 0.0 + 0 + 0
    Climb* [+6] 1.0 + 2 + 3
    Craft (Untrained) [+5] 0.0 + 5 + 0
    Diplomacy* [+4] 1.0 + 0 + 3
    Disguise [+0] 0.0 + 0 + 0
    Escape Artist [+2] 0.0 + 2 + 0
    Fly* [+11] 6.0 + 2 + 3
    Heal [+0] 0.0 + 0 + 0
    Intimidate* [+6] 3.0 + 0 + 3
    Knowledge (Arcana)* [+11] 3.0 + 5 + 3
    Knowledge (Dungeon)* [+10] 2.0 + 5 + 3
    Knowledge (Local)* [+9] 1.0 + 5 + 3
    Knowledge (Nature)* [+10] 2.0 + 5 + 3
    Knowledge (Planes)* [+12] 2.0 + 5 + 3 + 2 [Racial]
    Knowledge (Religion)* [+11] 3.0 + 5 + 3
    Linguistics)* [+10] 2.0 + 5 + 3
    --Necril, Infernal
    Perception* [+9] 6.0 + 0 + 3
    Perform (Untrained) [+0] 0.0 + 0 + 0
    Ride [+2] 0.0 + 2 + 0
    Sense Motive* [+4] 1.0 + 0 + 3
    Spellcraft* [+16] 6.0 + 5 + 3 + 2 [Racial]
    Stealth [+2] 0.0 + 2 + 0
    Survival* [+4] 1.0 + 0 + 3
    Swim* [+6] 1.0 + 2 + 3


    1/day: Pyrotechnics (DC 12)
    SPELLS (Wizard, CL 6) -- Arcane Failure: 10% [0%]
    Opposition Schools: Enchantment, Illusion.

    Apprentice's Spellbook
    Blank Pages remaining: 22
    3rd Level: daylight, dispel magic, fireball, fly, haste.
    2nd Level: alter self, blindness/deafness, bull's strength, cat's grace, continual flame, false life, glitterdust, rage, scorching ray, stone call, web
    1st Level: abundant ammunition, alarm, ant haul, burning hands, comprehend languages, corrosive touch, detect undead, enlarge person, gravity bow, grease, infernal healing, long arm, magic missile, magic weapon, obscuring mist, protection from evil, ray of enfeeblement, shield, shocking grasp, summon monster i, touch of gracelessness, true strike
    Cantrips:acid splash, arcane mark, bleed, dancing lights, detect magic, detect poison, disrupt undead, flare, light, mage hand, mending, message, open/close, prestidigitation, ray of frost, read magic, resistance, spark, touch of fatigue

    Journeyman's Spellbook
    Blank Pages remaining: 78
    2nd Level: animal aspect, knock, make whole, see invisibility, summon monster ii.
    3rd Level: halt undead, magic circle against evil, magic weapon (greater), summon monster iii.

    Prepared Spells (Concentration: +11) [4 -- 5+1/3+1/2+1/0/0/0/0/0/0 + Arcane Bond]
    Cantrips: (DC 15) Detect Magic, Message, Prestidigitation, Disrupt Undead.
    Level 1: (DC 16) Enlarge Person*, Gravity Bow, Shocking Grasp, Magic Missile, Touch of Gracelessness, Shield. + Pearl of Power
    Level 2: (DC 17) Alter Self*, False Life, Glitterdust, Scorching Ray.
    Level 3: (DC 18) Dispel Magic, Fireball, Haste*

    Racial Abilities:

    Deathless Spirit (Ex)
    Particularly strong-willed aasimars possess celestial spirits capable of resisting the powers of death. They gain resistance 5 against negative energy damage. They do not lose hit points when they gain a negative level, and they gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against death effects, energy drain, negative energy, and spells or spell-like abilities of the necromancy school. This racial trait replaces celestial resistance.

    Scion of Humanity (Ex)
    You count as an outsider (native) and a humanoid (human) for any effect related to race. You can pass for human without using the Disguise skill.

    Skilled (Ex)
    Peri Blooded Aasimars receive a +2 bonus to Knowledge (planes) and Spellcraft checks.

    Spell-Like Ability (Sp)
    Peri Blooded Aasimars can use pyrotechnics 1/day as a spell-like ability.

    Class Abilities:

    Arcane Bond (Su) Bonded Object: Dwarven Warhammer
    If a wizard attempts to cast a spell without his bonded object worn or in hand, he must make a concentration check or lose the spell. The DC for this check is equal to 20 + the spell's level. If the object is a ring or amulet, it occupies the ring or neck slot accordingly.

    A bonded object can be used once per day to cast any one spell that the wizard has in his spellbook and is capable of casting, even if the spell is not prepared. This spell is treated like any other spell cast by the wizard, including casting time, duration, and other effects dependent on the wizard's level. This spell cannot be modified by metamagic feats or other abilities. The bonded object cannot be used to cast spells from the wizard's opposition schools (see arcane school).

    A wizard can add additional magic abilities to his bonded object as if he has the required item creation feats and if he meets the level prerequisites of the feat. For example, a wizard with a bonded dagger must be at least 5th level to add magic abilities to the dagger (see the Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat in Feats). If the bonded object is a wand, it loses its wand abilities when its last charge is consumed, but it is not destroyed and it retains all of its bonded object properties and can be used to craft a new wand. The magic properties of a bonded object, including any magic abilities added to the object, only function for the wizard who owns it. If a bonded object's owner dies, or the item is replaced, the object reverts to being an ordinary masterwork item of the appropriate type.

    If a bonded object is damaged, it is restored to full hit points the next time the wizard prepares his spells. If the object of an arcane bond is lost or destroyed, it can be replaced after 1 week in a special ritual that costs 200 gp per wizard level plus the cost of the masterwork item. This ritual takes 8 hours to complete. Items replaced in this way do not possess any of the additional enchantments of the previous bonded item. A wizard can designate an existing magic item as his bonded item. This functions in the same way as replacing a lost or destroyed item except that the new magic item retains its abilities while gaining the benefits and drawbacks of becoming a bonded item.

    Battleshaping (Su) (ooooo ooo)
    As a swift action, you grow a single natural weapon. The natural weapon lasts for 1 round and has a +1 enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls. You can grow a claw, a bite, or a gore attack. These attacks deal the normal damage for a creature of your size. At 11th level, you can shape two natural weapons. You can use this ability 8 times per day.

    Physical Enhancement (Su) {Constitution}
    You gain a +2 enhancement bonus to one physical ability score (Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution). You can change this bonus to a new ability score when you prepare spells.

    Controlled Bloodrage (Su) (ooooo ooooo o[o])
    The bloodrager’s source of internal power grants him the ability to bloodrage. At 1st level, a bloodrager can bloodrage for a number of rounds per day equal to 4 + his Constitution modifier. At each level after 1st, he can bloodrage for 2 additional rounds per day. Temporary increases to Constitution (such as those gained from bloodraging or spells like bear’s endurance) don’t increase the total number of rounds that a bloodrager can bloodrage per day. The total number of rounds of bloodrage per day is renewed after resting for 8 hours, although these hours need not be consecutive.

    When an urban bloodrager rages, she does not gain the normal benefits. Instead, she can apply a +4 morale bonus to her Constitution, Dexterity, or Strength. This bonus increases to +6 when she gains greater bloodrage and to +8 when she gains mighty bloodrage. She can apply the full bonus to one ability score or split the bonus between several scores in increments of 2. When using a controlled bloodrage, an urban bloodrager gains no bonus on Will saves, takes no penalties to AC, and can still use Charisma-, Dexterity-, and Intelligence-based skills. A controlled bloodrage still counts as a bloodrage for the purposes of any spells, feats, and other effects. This ability alters bloodrage.

    A bloodrager can end his bloodrage as a free action. When the bloodrage ends, he’s fatigued for a number of rounds equal to twice the number of rounds spent in the bloodrage. A bloodrager cannot enter a new bloodrage while fatigued or exhausted, but can otherwise enter bloodrage multiple times during a single encounter or combat. If a bloodrager falls unconscious, his bloodrage immediately ends, placing him in peril of death. 11 [12] rounds per day.

    Bloodline (Verdant)
    Your body is suffused with raw plant life. When you bloodrage, your plantlike characteristics bolster your durability and grant you some control over vegetation. While bloodraging, you gain plantlike abilities and immunities as you become overgrown with jagged branches, rugged bark, and thick vines.

    - Verdant Growth (Su) You gain fast healing 1 while bloodraging. If you have a bloodrager class feature that also grants you fast healing (such as the spelleater's blood of life class feature), you can stack up to half of your fast healing from such abilities with the fast healing gained from this ability, but you cannot do so by an amount that exceeds your Charisma bonus (minimum 0).

    Fast Movement (Ex)
    A bloodrager's base speed is faster than is normal for his race by 10 feet. This benefit applies only when he is wearing no armor, light armor, or medium armor, and not carrying a heavy load. Apply this bonus before modifying the bloodrager's speed due to any armor worn or load carried. This bonus stacks with any other bonuses to the bloodrager's base speed.


    dwarven warhammer (bonded, +1 furious); mithral shirt +1; headband of vast intelligence +2 [fly]; +1 adaptive composite longbow; traveler's outfit; arrow, flight (x20); arrow, blunt (x20); arrow (x20); dagger; grappling arrow; dagger, pearl of power (1st level); tanglefoot bag; wand of shield (50); spell component pouch; cloak of resistance +1;

    Backpack, Masterwork [ Apprentice's Spellbook; Journeyman's Spellbook; Bedroll; Rations (Trail/Per Day) (x5); Waterskin (Filled); Grappling Hook, Common; Rope, Silk (50 ft.); Bedroll; Spell Component Pouch; Mess Kit; ];

    Scrollcase [ shield (CL 1) x4 ]
    Scrollcase [ enlarge person (CL 1) x4 ]

    Coinpurse: 4pp, 11gp, 13cp. [2 x Jet (10gp)]

    Current load: Light
    Limits: 76 (Light), 153(Medium), 230 (Heavy).

    Gonna get you a proposal tonight, sorry for the delay, and thanks for answering me in the other thread.

    Sorry for the delay.
    See below for Zeno Sebaya. I can rework elements to suit the party’s needs.

    Background -Zeno:

    Zeno Sebaya is a half-elven man of average height, with a well trimmed beard and a mess of shaggy brown hair. His eyes are brown, and he wears a pair of well-made spectacles. He carries a small satchel on his back, and has a bandolier with a few vials for easy access. His only other items are a small buckler and rapier which hang from belt sheaths. He is about twenty-five years old, and has a few scars on his face and hands that demonstrate a harder life than what might be typical for an academic.

    Zeno was born under a bad sign in Lepidstadt to a pair of half-elven parents, a luxury tailor and a adjunct professor at Lepisdadt. His mother never was able to advance past this level for political reasons, but her knowledge of natural philosophy was unparalleled at the university, and she frequently gave lectures on various topics. Zeno’s father dresses many of the finest people in the city, but the family always struggled to stay afloat. Zeno fell in with a street gang to make extra money at a very young age, and the gang frequently robbed and harassed folks visiting the university, until one day, the guard grew tired of their foolishness and threatened to send them to forced labor camps to pay restitution (particularly for accidentally managing to burn down a number of important buildings on campus). Professor Lorrimor intervened, as he had gotten to know young Zeno, and recognizing his mind could be set on a more disciplined and constructive path, lobbied for him to act as a sort of finder and apprentice for himself and the the university when he was older. Zeno agreed, not wanting to burden his family further, and learned a great deal about the strange monsters of Ustalav and the natural world.

    He learned this, eventually, by going on retrieval expeditions to get rare monster parts and to catalogue more data for the research of various professors. He appreciates the work, though it has taken him outside of the area for some time. He heard of Lorrimor’s death, he made his way back from Mendez, where he was cataloguing and researching the undead, only now getting back.

    Zeno is friendly and brash, and comes across sometimes as a know-it-all, but his identification skills and combat advice can be second-to-none. He likes to check his note before any investigation, rummaging through the small library he keeps in his bag of of Pathfinder Chronicles. He has a good amount of bravado, which is not necessarily unearned, but typically uses this to disarm folks, as the bravado is never at anyone else’s expense. He watches people’s behavior analytically, searching their faces for clues to future behavior, and sometimes inadvertently classifying them by type and behavior instead of seeing the whole of their person. He also seems to be extremely confident, believing that any monster can be defeated with research and preparation.

    Dark Secret: Zeno accidentally lost his best friend in the fire in his street gang, which Zeno originally set (it was his idea). He couldn’t save his friend, but he has now developed a minor phobia of fire, and his still haunted by the screams, even more than twelve years later. He is extremely remorseful, and the weight of his poor choices can burden him emotionally.


    Male half-elf investigator (cryptid scholar, natural philosopher) 5/swashbuckler (inspired blade) 1 (Pathfinder Player Companion: Magic Tactics Toolbox 18, Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide 30, 56, 125, Ultimate Wilderness 56)
    LG Medium humanoid (elf, human)
    Init +4; Senses low-light vision; Perception +11
    AC 19, touch 12, flat-footed 17 (+5 armor, +2 Dex, +2 shield)
    hp 47 (6 HD; 5d8+1d10+12)
    Fort +4, Ref +9, Will +6; +2 racial bonus vs. necromancy and curse spells and spell like abilities and to remove negative levels, +2 vs fear
    Speed 30 ft.
    Melee +1 rapier +8 (1d6+3/18-20)
    Ranged mwk composite longbow +7 (1d8/×3)
    Special Attacks deeds (derring-do, dodging panache, opportune parry and riposte), panache (6)
    Investigator (Cryptid Scholar, Natural Philosopher) Extracts Prepared (CL 5th; concentration +9)
    . . 2nd—barkskin, barkskin, see invisibility
    . . 1st—cure light wounds, disguise self, heightened awareness[ACG], monkey fish[ACG], shield
    Str 10, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 12, Cha 14
    Base Atk +4; CMB +4; CMD 16
    Feats Extra Investigator Talent[ACG], Extra Investigator Talent[ACG], Fencing Grace[UI], Skill Focus (Perception), Weapon Focus (rapier)
    Trairs Making Good on Promises, Warrior Of Old
    Skills Acrobatics +8, Bluff +7, Climb +4, Craft (alchemy) +16 (+21 to create alchemical items), Diplomacy +7, Disable Device +8, Disguise +6, Escape Artist +6, Fly +6, Heal +5, Intimidate +7, Knowledge (arcana) +9, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +9, Knowledge (engineering) +8, Knowledge (geography) +8, Knowledge (history) +8, Knowledge (local) +9, Knowledge (nature) +13, Knowledge (nobility) +8, Knowledge (planes) +9, Knowledge (religion) +9, Linguistics +8, Perception +11, Ride +6, Sense Motive +5, Sleight of Hand +6, Spellcraft +8, Stealth +6, Survival +6, Swim +4, Use Magic Device +11; Racial Modifiers +2 Perception
    Languages Celestial, Common, Elven, Giant, Goblin, Sylvan, Varisian
    SQ alchemy (alchemy crafting +5), blightborn[HA], elf blood, herbalism +2, inspired panache, intuitive monster lore, investigator talents (chronicler's insight, expanded inspiration[ACG], infusion, mutagen[UM]), keen recollection, knowledgeable strike, mutagen (+4/-2, +2 natural armor, 50 minutes), natural philosopher’s inspiration (6/day), opportune advice, swift alchemy, track +2
    Combat Gear boro bead (1st level)[UE]; Other Gear +1 mithral chain shirt, +1 buckler, +1 rapier, mwk composite longbow, cloak of resistance +1, formula alembic[UE], handy haversack, headband of vast intelligence +2, hybridization funnel[UE], traveler's any-tool[UE], formula book, masterwork backpack[APG], masterwork thieves' tools, pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], portable alchemist's lab[APG], 275 gp
    Special Abilities
    Alchemy +5 (Su) +5 to Craft (Alchemy) to create alchemical items, can Id potions by touch.
    Blightborn +2 to save vs. necromancy, curses, and temp negative levels.
    Chronicler's Insight (Ex) Std; gain benefit of pathfinder chronicle. 1 insp.: extend duration and gain extra bonus
    Elf Blood Half-elves count as both elves and humans for any effect related to race.
    Expanded Inspiration (Ex) Free Inspiration on Diplomacy, Heal, Perception, Profession, Sense Motive (if trained).
    Fencing Grace Use Dexterity on rapier damage rolls
    Herbalism +2 (Su) Use Knowledge (nature) in place of Craft (alchemy) and Profession (herbalist) checks.
    Infusion Create an extract can be used by anyone but takes up a slot until used.
    Inspired Panache (Ex) Gain no panache from killing blow, only from rapier crits.
    Intuitive Monster Lore +1 (Ex) Add Wis mod to knowledge checks to ID foes.
    Keen Recollection At 3rd level, an investigator can attempt all Knowledge skill checks untrained.
    Knowledgeable Strike +1d6 (Ex) As a move action end advice and deal extra dam vs. foe type for 1 rd.
    Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in dim light, distinguishing color and detail.
    Mutagen This discovery gives the alchemist the mutagen class ability, as described in the Advanced Player's Guide. (This discovery exists so alchemist archetypes who have variant mutagens, such as the mindchemist, can learn how to make standard mutage
    Mutagen (DC 16) (Su) Mutagen adds +4/-2 to physical/mental attributes, and +2 nat. armor for 50 minutes.
    Natural Philosopher’s Inspiration (+1d6+1, 6/day) (Ex) Use 1 point, +1d6 to trained skill or ability check. Use 2 points, to add to attack or save.
    Opportune Advice +1 (4 rounds) (Ex) As a move action when ID monster, allies in 30 ft gain +1 AC and saves vs. them.
    Panache (Ex) Gain a pool of points that are spent to fuel deeds, regained on light/piercing crit/killing blow.
    Swift Alchemy (Ex) Construct alchemical items in half the normal time.
    Track +2 Add the listed bonus to Survival checks made to track.

    Hope you find him interesting!

    Good luck everybody.

    Cole Burrns wrote:

    Good luck everybody.


    Seconded - looks like a fun group, whoever gets picked to be the newest members.

    Thank you to everyone for your submissions, and thank you to the current players for your advice. These were all great submissions, and I wish we could take more than two. I went back and forth a few times, but I think I have decided on what is best for the campaign at this time.

    The two I am asking to join us today are:

    Pontia Canario
    Niculaie Pavlencas

    Congratulations! Please join us in the discussion thread until your characters can be introduced.


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