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The suspense....


Nope. Still nothing.

for any of you who are interested there is this experiment myself and a few other people are trying out to make it easier for potential gms find players if you are curious about it here are the links


Recruiting experiment ^_^-the is the page for it

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I may need to bow out, but I'm not sure yet. Was surprisingly accepted into the Serpent's Skull campaign and that combined with life may prove to be too much.

"And with each passing minute their tension grew and those that were gathered sweat. Their lives were truly out of their own hands, and they said to each other 'The waiting is truely the most suspenseful part of any game'."

Also, sorry to hear that Cap'n

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I can hear the 2001 A Space Odyssey theme slowly building to its crescendo

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Hmmmm...Hmmmmm...Hmmmmmmmmm...HMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMM

Although I'm certain you're going to scan first for who has been invited before reading this, but I just want to thank each and everyone of you for applying. There were really some superb submissions and I'm grateful that you took the time to apply to be in the game. I truly could have created 4 good groups from all the applications I received, but alas I only have the time to run one table.

Without further ado, I'm inviting the following PC's to the game:

Drace Kross
Tara Eliade
Dr. Stefan Von Herzog
Vivian Deberth
Teilaenthis Arcanos
Sentir Damutu

For those of you invited please check in on the Discussion thread. If anyone declines or fails to check in, I'll send a PM to the alternate.

Again, I thank you all for your interest and wish you the best of luck with gaming in the future.

Congratulations to those that made it in!

...ill go back to my cave...but no congrats to those that made it in and for all who did not I hope to see you in other campaigns Good gaming ^_^

and to reiterate there is this thing
for any of you who are interested here is this experiment myself and a few other people are trying out, to make it easier for potential gms find players. if you are curious about it here are the links


Recruiting experiment ^_^-the is the page for it


As GM, I know it's always hard to choose when you have to recruit a team.

Though I wasn't chosen, I would still like to thank you DM Harker. You pushed me to create one of the most interesting characters I ever have, in my opinion, when you could have just decided you don't like the character and moved on. Thank you.

Oh wow, I wasn't expecting to be chosen. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Good luck to everyone on their future endeavors!

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Congratulations to the ones that got in!

Thanks for the shot! I've checked in with the Discussion thread.

Everyone else: There are a LOT of great character concepts here! If you're interested in Gothic horror gaming, I would like to put out another plug for my AD&D I6: Ravenloft (PFRPG Core) recruitment thread.

Congratulations to the selected party! This is a great looking group of characters. I look forward to following your adventures!

Good luck, and happy gaming!

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Congratulations! (Can we stop playing the music now?)

Thanks for the consideration, and happy gaming to those selected! (Though...not *too* happy, I'm sure, considering the choice of AP!)

We are looking for 1 player to join our ongoing Carrion Crown campaign. We are in the middle of the second book, 'Trial of the Beast,' and have just finished the trial portion.

The other players would like to have a front line character join who can do some significant DPR. Currently we have a Wizard (necromancer), an Oracle, a Cleric of Pharasma, and a Rogue/Inquisitor. I'd prefer not to invite any new characters that fit in a role similar to the current PC's.

The new character would need to be 6th level with the appropriate WBL. You'll be asked to join the party by a common ally in the city of Lepidstadt, and should have an internal motivation to assist in the face of injustice and fight the forces of evil. You'll also need to have a Dark Secret as part of your backstory, but keep it PG-13.

If you have a character orphaned by another Carrion Crown campaign that fell apart, this might be a good fit for you, but obviously any of that character history will not have occurred in this current campaign.

I'll leave submissions open for at least a couple of days before consulting the other players and making a final decision on who will be invited.

Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to seeing your submissions!

Are you allowing Occult classes? Amelia was not in a carrion crown game, but she would fit in fairly well in that type of situation. She and her phantasm can do some significant DPR (not as much as a two-handed fighter), but by the same token, she has some additional abilities that shouldn't overlap with your existing people.

Also, should we follow the original creation guidelines I assume, with regards to stat generation/etc?

Her DPR in melee would be around 4 to 32 per round. Again, not two weapon fighter level, but decent. And she self flanks, so nobody would need to flank with her, unlike a rogue or fighter. Her phantom also makes it very hard for enemy casters to cast.

EDIT : I'd need to level her up to 6 and redo the equipment of course. Which would affect her DPR upward I am sure. I can also switch her Phantom from Hatred to Anger to make her more melee oriented.

Silver Crusade RPG Superstar 2013 Top 8

I'm not sure how much information you'd like. I have a concept for a two-weapon fighting warpriest. Do we still need to make one of our traits a Carrion Crown campaign trait?

Kaleb Soren background:
Kaleb grew up in Sargava's city of Eleder. His family were Chelaxian ex-patriots who had sided against House Thrune in the civil war, though that did not make them good and true worshipers of Aroden, or even Iomedae. They had been, and continue to this day, to be diabolists. It was in this culture of secret demon worship that Kaleb was raised. One day during his study of the family history Kaleb came across a reference to the Empyreal Lord Ondisso. It seemed that his family had at one time worshiped the Empyreal Lord, until a string of ill-luck and bad investments nearly ruined them. The family patriarch at the time chose diabolism as a way to reverse the family's fortunes. Kaleb felt drawn to the Empyreal Lord, and began studying him in secret. He grew increasingly ashamed of his family's secret as his faith in Ondisso grew. At the age of his majority he left his family, heading north with the intent of expiating his family's shame as a crusader in Mendev. He is diverted from his journey to the Worldwound to answer a plea for help...

I knew I had forgotten a couple of things. Your character should be a 20 point build, two traits but not any Carrion Crown exclusive traits, Occult classes
are fine, and I would like a background with a PG13 dark secret included. You'll be starting in the city of Lepidstadt.

Races: Core preferred, and no Changelings.

No 3rd Party material.

Amelia Blackheart Character Sheet

Lilly the Phantom Sheet

Amelia flanks with Lilly, and both have Outflank, so they both get big bonuses to flank.

Amelia's attack does 8 to 15 (normal attack) or 12 to 19 (power attack).

Lilly has 2 slam attacks that each do 4 to 13 for 8 to 26 damage or 6 to 15 for 12 to 30 damage with power attack.

So their combined DPR is 16 to 41 or 24 to 49, depending on Power Attack.

Amelia can cast Detect Undead at will, and Lilly can fly and look through walls in incorporeal form.

With the GM's permission, Lilly will look like a ghostly little girl when not in combat, and when in combat, her body will tear itself apart and turn her into a bloody torn horror in combat.


Amelia, when she's not in combat

Amelia's Scythe


Amelia was born many many years ago (Dark Secret : She's Aasimar, not Human), and has grown up slowly, and lost all the friends she had in the orphanage. You see, Amelia was an orphan, left on the doorstep of the orphanage. From a young age, she scared most of the Orphanage staff, speaking to ghosts, especially one named Lilly. This was especially terrifying to the staff, as Lilly was an orphans taken by sick person many decades ago, and left in pieces and parts all over town.

For Amelia, Bad Things were never something she wasn't aware of, she grew up knowing they were real. As she grew up, the staff became more and more fearful of her, for she seemed to age so slowly, less than a month for each year she lived. Finally, after she had been in the orphanage for 15 years, they threw her out, telling her she was 'old enough' to make her own way.

She has, her training has been... varied, to say the least, but Amelia and Lilly have made names for themselves, be it as someone to get rid of malevolent spirits, or someone to guard you, or just someone you can trust to deliver messages unopened and unread, the duo have earned a reputation for thinking outside the box, and surviving situations that many older appearing folks lost their lives to.

It was 20 years ago that she saved the good doctor, soon after she left the Orphanage. The poor doctor had entered a Crypt searching for something, and found something else. She never did get a straight story out of the man, but Amelia and Lilly, despite Amelia looking barely into her double digit ages, had killed a necromancer who had cornered the Professor. He was ever so grateful, and over the years, she has traded mail with him.

Unfortunately, she was unable to make it in time for his funeral, but she has come to say her respects.

Outwardly, Amelia appears to be a girl in her mid teens, 16 or so. However, given her outsider blood, she's much older than she looks. Lilly looks like a young girl, a ghostly young girl, until she becomes angry, then her ectoplasmic body shreds itself apart and turns into a bloody gory creature of anger and rage.

I don't think I'm going to make it, I've had a lot of stuff come up IRL, not sure I should be adding a game right now.

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It's been a long time since I've done a straight up fighter and I've got the urge. This looks like it would be a great place for one.

Dotting to work on him just a little bit.

Presenting for your consideration, Silas Womarsh.

Okay, it looks like we have three applicants:

Amelia Blackheart - Spiritualist (Scourge)

Kaleb Soren - Two-Weapon fighting Warpriest [No character sheet yet]

Silas Womarsh - Fighter

* * *

Re: Dark Secret

Amelia, I'd prefer something a little more darker than what you picked.

Silas, I might have missed it, but I don't see a Dark Secret in your background.

* * *

I'll consult the players and see who they will prefer. I'll try to have a final decision made by the beginning of next week.


Darker Secret : Amelia tracked down Lilly's original killer, and left his body parts scattered around his home?


Silas' Dark Secret is that he is responsible for the deaths of his younger brothers. If you're looking for something Darker and/or more Secret I can work something out.

Amelia and Silas, those are suitable dark secrets.

I'll let you all know who makes the cut either tomorrow or Tuesday.

After thinking things over with the input of other players both in public and private, I believe that Silas Wormarsh would be the best fit for the campaign at the moment. I thank both Amelia and Kaleb for your interest.

Silas, I've sent you a Private Message, but please dot in the Gameplay and Discussion threads.


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We need some arcane casting, but will probably choose two new members, so submit what you like.

Rules for Character Creation
• 20 point buy
• Classes: All acceptable.
• Races: Any Core, plus Aasimar, Tiefling, Changeling, and Dhampir.
• Traits: Two, one of which should be from the Carrion Crown Player's Guide. No Drawbacks.
• Starting Wealth: Average by Class
• Alignment: No Evil.
• HP: Max at 1st level, Half + 1 each additional level
• No 3rd party material, please.

• Every character will need at least a short background. If you can incorporate some horror elements into it, that will only help your chances of being selected. Please also give mention to your relationship with Professor Lorrimor.

• Dark Secret: Every PC should have a dark secret of some sort, which, if exposed, would cause extreme embarrassment at the very least. Please keep it PG-13 and not entirely counter to your alignment. This should be part of your background, although if you wish to hide it via a spoiler tag or to send it to me via private message, that's perfectly acceptable.

• Please give me a rough idea of where you want to go with your character, and what skills s/he brings/will bring to the table to round out a good party.

• I'd also like to know your anticipated posting schedule. I'll be expecting at least 1 post per day unless you've already let us know you'll be gone for a short period.

Hello again GM_Fuzzfoot. Long time no see. This is Hadanka from Bones of Biting Ants. ;)

Level 6, correct? VMC, background skills, hero points?

Will the cleric of Pharisma be too upset if I take control of the evil undead to use them up against the enemy?

I'll be submitting a support bard shortly

Here is a rough build for Gruingar. Haven't bought all the gear yet. Might adjust the spell selection a bit.

Looks like the oracle and cleric are covering buff and support spells pretty well. So I thought you could use some offensive casting. Howling agony, control undead, magic missile, and ray of enfeeblement can make things much more difficult for the opposition.

Gruingar crunchy bits:

Dhampir sorcerer 6 (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 89)
N Medium humanoid (dhampir)
Hero Points 2
Init +3; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +13
AC 13, touch 13, flat-footed 10 (+3 Dex)
hp 32 (6d6+6)
Fort +5, Ref +7, Will +8; +2 trait bonus vs. fear effects, +2 vs. disease and mind-affecting effects
Defensive Abilities negative energy affinity; DR 5/lethal; Resist cold 5, undead resistance
Weaknesses light sensitivity
Speed 30 ft.
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 1st; concentration +6)
. . 3/day—detect undead, touch of fatigue (DC 17)
Bloodline Spell-Like Abilities (CL 6th; concentration +11)
. . 8/day—grave touch (3 rounds)
Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 6th; concentration +11)
. . 3rd (4/day)—howling agony[UM] (DC 20)
. . 2nd (6/day)—command undead (DC 19), false life, mirror image
. . 1st (8/day)—ant haul[APG] (DC 16), cause fear (DC 18), chill touch (DC 18), liberating command[UC], mage armor, magic missile, reduce person (DC 16)
. . 0 (at will)—detect magic, detect poison, disrupt undead, drench[UM] (DC 15), jolt[UM], message, prestidigitation
. . Bloodline Undead
Str 7, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 21
Base Atk +3; CMB +1; CMD 14
Feats Eschew Materials, Greater Spell Focus (necromancy), Spell Focus (necromancy), Varisian Tattoo[ISWG]
Traits making good on promises, seeker
Skills Appraise +5, Bluff +11, Fly +7, Handle Animal +6, Intimidate +10, Knowledge (arcana) +5, Knowledge (engineering) +2, Knowledge (geography) +2, Knowledge (history) +2, Knowledge (nobility) +2, Knowledge (religion) +10, Linguistics +7, Perception +13, Spellcraft +10, Use Magic Device +9; Racial Modifiers +2 Bluff, +2 Perception
Languages Common, Hallit, Kelish, Necril, Osiriani, Shoanti, Varisian, Vudrani
SQ bloodline arcana (corporeal undead affected by humanoid-affecting spells), hero points, resist level drain
Combat Gear potion of cure moderate wounds; Other Gear cloak of resistance +2, handy haversack, headband of alluring charisma +2, page of spell knowledge (mage armor)[UE], page of spell knowledge (reduce person)[UE], 370 pp
Special Abilities
Bloodline Arcana: Undead (Ex) Formerly humanoid corporeal undead are humanoids for your mind-affecting spells.
Damage Reduction (5/lethal) You have Damage Reduction against non-lethal damage
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white only).
Energy Resistance, Cold (5) You have the specified Energy Resistance against Cold attacks.
Eschew Materials Cast spells without materials, if component cost is 1 gp or less.
Grave Touch (3 rds, 8/day) (Sp) Melee touch attack leaves target shaken for 3 rounds or frightened for 1 round.
Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy) +1 to the Save DC of spells from one school.
Hero Points Hero Points can be spent at any time to grant a variety of bonuses.
Light Sensitivity (Ex) Dazzled as long as remain in bright light.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in dim light, distinguishing color and detail.
Negative Energy Affinity (Ex) You are alive, but react to positive/negative energy as though you were undead.
Resist Level Drain (Ex) Negative levels don't impose penalties or become permanent, but still kill if exceed HD.
Spell Focus (Necromancy) Spells from one school of magic have +1 to their save DC.
Undead Resistance +2 bonus to saves vs. disease and mind affecting effects.
Varisian Tattoo (Necromancy) Spells from chosen school gain +1 caster level.

Gruingar soft bits:

I arrived to late to pay my respects to the Great Man. Upon finally arriving, I meditated over his final resting place for a time. Saying my final goodbyes. I wonder what progress he made in his research for my family. I will probably never know.
Then I learned that some of those present at his interment may be continuing his work and research. The stories I was told are contradictory and vague. However the possibility remains, maybe they do have some of his written works or the knowledge that he had gleaned. I will have to find them and see what can be learned.

Gruingar hates undead. It is really the only thing he is very passionate about. Undeath has warped his body, soul, and magic. It is a blight upon his family. If it could be excised from the world, it would be a near perfect world no matter the cost.

Long-Term Goal:
He hopes to somehow remove the undeath from himself and his family, removing the taint so they can become normal humans again.

Dark Secret:
His family became Dhamir when his great grandmother tried to become a lich by sacrifing her entire family line. During the ritual, his father ended up killing her. The necromatic surge of the interupted magic permanently altered everyone present at the clan home.

Lorrimar was one of the few outside the family that knew of their shame. He was doing some research for Gruingar, trying to find a way to remove the taint from the bloodline.

Here is a link to Buggles the Brownie fey and Billy his barely adolescent human fosterling.

Background story and answers to your other questions will follow shortly

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'd like to put forth for consideration Annaka Tayran, a Chelish woman whose back-swept horns and faintly glowing gold eyes mark her apparent fiendish heritage. Despite what some would judge as an impassable barrier to holiness, she has thrown herself fully into the church of Erastil, becoming an expert with the longbow and a staunch protector of those trying to live simple lives free from suffering. Early in her days of training in Erastil's paladinhood, she encountered Professor Lorrimor when she and her mentor stopped a band of thieves from robbing his caravan just outside of Caliphas. The professor's thanks was effusive, as he was transporting a priceless relic, the Eye of Isis, from the university to his home for further study, and such a wonder was irreplaceable. She hadn't known the depth of his gratitude, though, until she received the summons dictated in his will.

Most are quick to assume that, given Annaka's displays of holiness, her fiendish heritage is long-distant, a freak manifestation of a transgression generations in her history. The truth is much more disturbing - the stain upon her is from an infernal contract negotiated by her mother when she was yet unborn. Annaka was the product of an affair between her mother Allaia, a noblewoman in one of the lesser branches of the house of Thrune, and an ifrit dancer enslaved to the family. She'd thought the dalliance unlikely to be of consequence. But when she found herself pregnant, she knew that any sign that would mark her child as parented by anyone but her prominent noble husband would be disastrous.

So the deal was struck - in exchange for Allaia's soul, the daughter would be perfect, in her mother's own image. But the devil took this more literally than she could have realized...for Allaia was grasping and devious, ready to give herself over to damnation for her own vanity. And so the child was as well, ever tempted to turn to evil for power, glory, or security. It took only one lie, one necklace secreted away from the boudoir of a friend's mother, for the first signs of fiendish influence to show. Annaka instantly repented, but the contract was too strong. Even years in dedicated service to Erastil hasn't yet conquered that pull toward darkness...

Mechanically, I'd be looking at a divine hunter paladin with the Chance Savior campaign trait. The party looks a bit weighted toward melee at this point, so I'm hoping to provide ranged support for the group, as well as some backup healing, status removal as needed, and party buffing.

Mechanics question for GM:
Would it be possible for Annaka to be built with the Hellbound corruption? I completely understand if you don't want to deal with it, or if it seems too unlikely that she'd have gotten through her entire life without eventually succumbing to it, but it seems quite fitting for the character, and she'd be fighting tooth and nail to keep from getting much benefit from it. ;)

Level 6. No background skills or hero points.

I also should have probably put a time limit on this. Let's say the deadline is June 10 for submissions.

@ElterEgo - You asked "Will the cleric of Pharisma be too upset if I take control of the evil undead to use them up against the enemy?" Yes.

@Rennaivx - My main concern here is that you could become an invalid character too easily and rather quickly. Since this is a long campaign, I think it is best not to be tied to the mechanics of Hellbound.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Thanks for the response. I'll keep the flavor and ditch the mechanics of the corruption then. Also, I think I've decided on the tortured crusader archetype instead of divine hunter, although she'll still be an archer. It just fits a bit better with the conflict inherent in her character.

EDIT: Your guidelines say average starting wealth for the class, but since we would be starting at higher level, do we follow the Wealth by Level table?

Ellioti wrote:

Here is a link to Buggles the Brownie fey and Billy his barely adolescent human fosterling.

now with background, dark secret and mechanics.

My usual post rate is well above 1/day, if the group flow is good.

GM Fuzzfoot wrote:


@ElterEgo - You asked "Will the cleric of Pharisma be too upset if I take control of the evil undead to use them up against the enemy?" Yes.

Ok, not a problem. Was not a major part of his build and had nothing to do with his personality. Will just drop Control Undead for a different spell.

Here's my apply with a character I've been refining for Carrion Crown games.
Jeremiah "Mad Prophet" Racek.
He is level 9, but I will surely downlevel him if he gets picked, or in a couple days if you are interested to see real stats.
You can find general backstory on the link page. He's a tank/support/bad touch cleric of the Lantern King, and I will be PMing you his dark secret.

I will drop my submission from this game, as I have already been picked somewhere else. Best of luck to everyone

My humble submission:


Aasimar Azata Blooded Bloodrager 1 Arcane Duelist Bard 5
Chaotic Good

Taliesin was raised in a horrible home to a mother who sought power for her cabal. She labored to develop the perfect person of might and magic. To that end her and the other women of the cult sought to seduce otherworldly beings into their bed. Luckily for Taliesin he was the result of a pairing with a celestial being and not an abyssal one. Once he was old enough he began to train in a combination of combat (focused on harnessing one’s inner rage), thieving skills, and magic. It was found that he had a knack for producing magic through oratory and that is where his education was focused. Combining his music with martial prowess he soon became somewhat dependent on his bow as a means of casting his spells.

One of his trials had him roaming the local countryside with only his bow and the clothes on his back. It was then that he met Professor Lorrimor. The Professor had been waylaid by a humanoid lupine of some sort. Taliesin shot the beast, barely injuring it, but enough to distract it. This was enough for the professor to slash the beast with a silvered sword. Attacked from both sides the creature fled.

Once he went to university, Taliesin learned that life was not just about finding power. The professors, just like his mother, had their agendas so he did not care for them much. The other students he enjoyed. As such, he left after a year or so without completing his studies and headed out to find his fortune among the people away from those who would try and control him.

Dark Secret:

As part of their breeding program they had their children pair up to draw out desired traits. To his shame, Taliesin was paired up with his half-sister. He continues to harbor embarrassment over this.


Initiative +6
AC 21, touch 15, Flat Footed 14 (+4 Dex, +5 Armor, +1 AC bonus, +1 Buckler) 
HP 46 (1d10+5d8+6con+5fcb) 
Fort +4 Ref +8 Will +5


Speed 30ft 
Rapier +5 (1d6+1/18-20x2) 

Composite Longbow +8 (1d8+1/x3, range 110') 
w/arcane strike +10 (1d8+3/x3, range 110’)
plus deadly aim +8 (1d8+7/x3, range 110’)
Rapid shot -2 to hit, +1 atk at highest bonus


Str 12 Dex 18 Con 12 Int 12 Wis 12 Cha 16
BAB +4 CMB +5, CMD 19

Starting Stats
Str 12 Dex 15 Con 12 Int 12 Wis 12 Cha 14
Dex +2 Cha +2
Str 12 Dex 17 Con 12 Int 12 Wis 12 Cha 16


1. Point Blank Shot

BF2. Arcane Strike: As a swift action, you can imbue your weapons with a fraction of your power. For 1 round, your weapons deal +1 damage and are treated as magic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. For every five caster levels you possess, this bonus increases by +1, to a maximum of +5 at 20th level.

BF3. Combat Casting

3. Precise Shot

5. Rapid Shot

BF7. Disruptive

7. Deadly Aim


BF10. Spellbreaker




Chance Savior: Fate smiled on you and Professor Lorrimor one day in the not so distant past. Through a matter of pure chance, you were in a position to save the late scholar’s life and did so. His gratitude was effusive, and he promised that he would never forget you. You are unsure of the nature of the summons in his will, but believe he may have listed you as a possible heir in thanks for saving him from an untimely demise. Your ability to think quickly on your feet has stayed with you, and you quite often feel that you’re in the right place at the right time. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Initiative checks.

Focused Mind: Your childhood was either dominated by lessons of some sort (whether musical, academic, or other) or by a horrible home life that encouraged your ability to block out distractions and focus on the immediate task at hand. You gain a +2 trait bonus on concentration checks.


Skill Points = 40 (34 class + 6 INT)

Acrobatics 7 (1 rank, 3 class, 4 Dex)
Bluff 7 (1 rank, 3 class, 3 Cha)
Climb 5 (1 rank, 3 class, 1 Str)
Diplomacy 10 (4 rank, 3 class, 3 Cha)
Escape Artist 8 (1 rank, 3 class, 4 Dex)
Know (Arcana) 6 (2 rank, 3 class, 1 Int)
Know (Dungeoneering) 5 (1 rank, 3 class, 1 Int)
Know (Engineering)
Know (Geography) 5 (1 rank, 3 class, 1 Int)
Know (History)
Know (Local)
Know (Nature) 5 (1 rank, 3 class, 1 Int)
Know (Nobility)
Know (Planes) 5 (1 rank, 3 class, 1 Int)
Know (Religion)
Perception 8 (4 rank, 3 class, 1 Wis)
Perform 12 (6 rank, 3 class, 3 Cha)
Sense Motive 8 (4 rank, 3 class, Wis 1)
Spellcraft 8 (4 rank, 3 class, 1 Int)
Stealth 11 (4 rank, 3 class, 4 Dex)
Use Magic Device 10 (4 rank, 3 class, 3 Cha)




Class Abilities:

Arcane Bloodline

Disruptive Bloodrage: At 1st level, the DC to cast spells defensively increases by 2 for enemies within your threatened area. This increase stacks with that granted by the Disruptive feat.

Bloodrage: At 1st level, a bloodrager can bloodrage for a number of rounds per day equal to 4 + his Constitution modifier. A bloodrager can enter a bloodrage as a free action. While in a bloodrage, a bloodrager gains a +4 morale bonus to his Strength and Constitution, as well as a +2 morale bonus on Will saves. In addition, he takes a –2 penalty to Armor Class. The increase to Constitution grants the bloodrager 2 hit points per Hit Die, but these disappear when the bloodrage ends and are not lost first like temporary hit points. While bloodraging, a bloodrager cannot use any Charisma-, Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skills (except Acrobatics, Fly, Intimidate, and Ride) or any ability that requires patience or concentration. A bloodrager can end his bloodrage as a free action. When the bloodrage ends, he’s fatigued for a number of rounds equal to twice the number of rounds spent in the bloodrage. A bloodrager cannot enter a new bloodrage while fatigued or exhausted, but can otherwise enter bloodrage multiple times during a single encounter or combat. If a bloodrager falls unconscious, his bloodrage immediately ends, placing him in peril of death.

Bardic Performance: He can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to 4 + his Charisma modifier. At each level after 1st a bard can use bardic performance for 2 additional rounds per day. Each round, the bard can produce any one of the types of bardic performance that he has mastered, as indicated by his level. Starting a bardic performance is a standard action, but it can be maintained each round as a free action.

Rallying Cry (Su): At 1st level, an arcane duelist can use performance to rally dispirited allies. Each round he makes an Intimidate check. Any ally (including the bard) within 30 feet may use this check in place of his own saving throw against fear and despair effects. Those already under a fear or despair effect can attempt a new save each round using the bard’s Intimidate check. Rallying cry does not work on effects that don’t allow saves. This is a mind-affecting ability that uses audible components.

Distraction counter magic effects that depend on sight. Each round of the Distraction, he makes a Perform (act, comedy, dance, or oratory) skill check. Any creature within 30 feet of the bard (including the bard himself) that is affected by an illusion (pattern) or illusion (figment) magical attack may use the bard’s Perform check result in place of its saving throw if, after the saving throw is rolled, the Perform check result proves to be higher.
Fascinate: Each creature to be fascinated must be within 90 feet, able to see and hear the bard, and capable of paying attention to him. Each creature within range receives a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the bard’s level + the bard’s Cha modifier) to negate the effect. If its saving throw fails, the creature sits quietly and observes the performance for as long as the bard continues to maintain it. While fascinated, a target takes a –4 penalty on skill checks made as reactions, such as Perception checks.
Inspire courage An affected ally receives a +1 morale bonus on saving throws against charm and fear effects and a +1 competence bonus on attack and weapon damage rolls. At 5th level, and every six bard levels thereafter, this bonus increases by +1, to a maximum of +4 at 17th level.
Inspire competence: The ally must be within 30 feet and able to see and hear the bard. The ally gets a +2 competence bonus on skill checks with a particular skill as long as she continues to hear the bard’s performance. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels the bard has attained beyond 3rd (+3 at 7th, +4 at 11th, +5 at 15th, and +6 at 19th).

Arcane Bond (Composite Long Bow): an arcane duelist gains the arcane bond ability as a wizard, using a weapon as his bonded item. He may not choose a familiar or other type of bonded item. He may use the hand holding his bonded weapon for somatic components. If a wizard attempts to cast a spell without his bonded object worn or in hand, he must make a concentration check or lose the spell. The DC for this check is equal to 20 + the spell’s level. A bonded object can be used once per day to cast any one spell that the wizard has in his spellbook and is capable of casting, even if the spell is not prepared. A wizard can add additional magic abilities to his bonded object as if he has the required Item Creation Feats and if he meets the level prerequisites of the feat.

Aasimar Azata Blooded Racial Traits:

+2 Dex, +2 Cha
Acid / Cold / Electricity resistance 5
Glitterdust 1/day as a spell like ability
Darkvision 60’


Belt Pouch (Caltrops, chalk x10, small steel mirror, whetstone, flint and steel) 3.25#
Haversack (candles x5, rations x3, silk rope 50', pitons x3, 5 fish hooks, string 50', sewing kit) 10#
Ioun torch
Water skin 2#
Mithral Shirt +1 12.5#
Composite Longbow +1 (arcane bonded) 3#
MW Rapier 3#
Dagger 1#
Effcient Quiver 2# (60 arrows)
Ring of Protection +1
Cloak of Resistance +1
Belt of Dexterity +2

Light Load 43, Medium Load 86, Heavy Load 130 
Total Gear Weight: 32.75 pounds, Light Load (plus the fraction that coin weighs is still well under a light load) 

PP 100 GP 178 SP 0


Cantrips 6 (unlimited per day)
1 Light
2 Mage hand
3 Prestidigitation
4 Read Magic
5 Detect magic
6 Flare

1st Level 4 (4+1 per day)
1 Feather fall
2 Grease
3 Hideous Laughter
4 Silent Image

2nd Level 3 (2+1 per day)
1 Heroism
2 Invisibility
3 Scare

Have a few ideas in my head. Will submit something by this weekend.

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Awesome! I'm definitely interested.

My ideas...Would a Half-Orc Fire Kineticist called 'Cole Burrns' work?

Or...maybe a Dhampir Bard?

Both would be valid submissions.

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