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Class decks and new mats

Cure spell timing

Here Comes the Flood

Incendiary and Toxic Cloud - Both Can be Played at Once ?

Sihedron Medallion. Question

"a" versus "your"

"Burnt Offerings" Path Starting Decks

"Cannot Be Reduced"

"Cure"-type Abilities on Characters

"farming" for boons

"Ideal" Characters for S&S OP

"If you aren't proficient in Weapons, difficulty for this check is increased by 4"

"Owner" mechanic and power level

"Running away"

"Spiel 2015" fair in Essen / Germany

"When to play cards" clarifications

"Worst Fale Evar!!!1" Bad rolls and such...


'Even if your character doesn't have any of the skills listed'

'If you don't have the arcane / divine trait, banish this card' Question

'Some items are not shown here because they're a surprise'

*Spoilers* for Mummy's Mask

2 Questions about the Divine Skill

2 quick questions

2 Quick Questions

2 Quick Questions Regarding Combat

2nd Character Add-On Deck

2nd half of deck 4 too easy?

4th episode of my PACG SS Let's Play series on YouTube - Sunken Treasure

5th Ep of my PACG Skull & Shackles Let's Play series on YouTube

6 custom characters in the works. Looking for balanced ideas.

6 player games blessing deck seems to shallow

7 or more players?

8th Ep of my PACG SS YouTube Let's Play series - The Wreck of the Infernus

9th ep of my Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Skull & Shackles Let's Play series

15 class decks announced

214: The final blow...

About feedback and its effect

About my conquering heroes

Abusing Seelah's Power

ACG Edition Question

Achievements, do you have any?

Acid Arrow is Elite?

Acquire Discard and Banish with Divine, Arcane, Magic

Acquiring a replacement base set box

Acquiring Boons that you can't use.

Acquiring new cards for your character deck

Act Fast! Rare! - This Post Makes You Smile A Lot!

Add Graphic Representation or Chart of Player Turn in Future Editions

Add one die...which one?

Added Blessing Dice Type: Reword the Rewording?

Adding "+" modifiers together

adding cards to deck

Adding Cards to your Hand

adding Class Decks

adding dice question

Adding in new decks to the base set

Adding More Theme

Adding Skill Feats: do they stack or can you skip a box to get +2?

Adding The Skinsaw Murders to the existing base set....

Additional Blessing of The Gods cards

Additional Errata?

Adowyn's animal search power

Adowyn's Character Card

Adowyn / Leryn in a Class Deck set?

A Bit More Editing for PACG OP Guide

A Card You Used to Hate, But Now Find Useful

A collective term for cards / powers

A Companion Book

A couple newb questions ...

A couple of questions

A couple takes on the Runelords - A New players experience with RotR

a custom ability question.

A few questions.

A Few Quick Questions Not in FAQ

A few WotR questions

A great time

a heads-up

A heroic death?

A lazy susan / turntable - the ultimate PACG accessory?

A Light Question

A List of Basic Cards in each set would be really nice

A little more S&S speculation to pass the time

A look at armor

A Melindra mini!

A mini to strike fear in our hearts

A Nice Gesture for Subscribers?

A noob question on combat checks.

A Plea to the Powers that Be

A question about categoies and subcategories to acquire

A question about monster traits

A question of class.

A question of Strength (aka wonderings about the Strength spell)

A question regarding “Banish this card”

A Round of Applause for Malcolm_Reynolds

A suggestion about loot cards

A thought for the upcoming character decks

A traits question about Fire Sneeze

A very malevolent Sandstorm

A Wild Ranzak Appears! (and Ekkie too!)

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