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Hi all,

Background for question (can skip this if you want).
I started playing the PACG with the Core set back in March. I loved it and quickly bought and played CotCT which I also really enjoyed. At this time, I went on a bit of a binge and purchased as many of the adventure paths as I could (RotR, WotR, etc.). Even though there were some guides about conversion of rules, several people seemed to suggest playing pre-core games with pre-core rules and core/post-core with the updated rules. Having played most of the way through RotR and partway through WotR, I REALLY like the changes they made to core (still enjoying, I just don't think I would have fallen in love with the game had I started with these). However, there was one change which seems to be both good and bad: boon card duplication. I understand that higher level cards should be more unique and rare, however, a number of the basic 0 level cards are really quite useful for multiple characters. You need to debate which character can have cure, which can have the luckstone, etc.

Question: Has anyone tried adding some proxy duplicates of some of the base level cards? I appreciate the smaller and more manageable box size for my core set compared to others, but I wonder why they decided to not include any duplicates, even for the more basic boons.

Thanks in advance.

I see the fact that a SINGLE player cannot have duplicates (except basic/0 level blessings) as a major improvement.
There is no fun playing a character that has 6 Cures in her deck and therefore is sure to have one at any time in her hand.

However limiting to "no duplicate within the whole party" works well only with small parties.

In a 6 players game (like we usually play) if there is only 1 Cure, then at the very best it's gonna be played once every 6 turns. But in reality we see it played only once or twice in a single game.

And you get to only have - at the best - 1/6th of the good cards. In reality much less since in a 6 players game chances are you aren't the good one to acquire when you reveal the card and the boon is just lost.

So much feeling is that you should get 2 sets of cards for parties of 5 or 6.
Now the issue is that taking two Core covers that for levels up to 3, but we need another campaign (CotCC-like) fast to covers cards of higher levels (having twice the full set of Harrow Blessings would make no sense).


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Another option would be to add one or two class decks to the game box.

JohnF wrote:

Another option would be to add one or two class decks to the game box.

Aren't all of the class decks for pre-core games?

Gaius_Octavian_Calderon wrote:

Aren't all of the class decks for pre-core games?

No reason you can't use class decks with Core games! In fact, for Organized Play, that's assumed to be the default. The blog post explaining Adventurer's Packs talks about ways to let OP players use more of the new cards from Core and Curse because they are assumed to be using class decks.

Similarly, you can use Core characters, or class deck characters with Core/Curse cards (via the Adventurer's Packs - follow link above if unfamiliar), with Pre-Core content.

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