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Not sure if these ideas have been already been suggested, but here are a couple of suggestions on how to make the thematic experience richer and the individual scenarios more unique:

1. Include a map in the base set that shows the area and different locations that the adventure takes place in. A map would help enrich the experience and give more of a sense of context when traveling to different locations.

2. Include a new type of card such as an "event" or "story" card. Include several of these in each adventure pack - some specific ones for each scenario. The idea is they get inserted into the blessings deck (say in between every 8 or 10 blessings) and each ones tells a little bit of story or triggers some scenario specific event to happen. I think this would help make the scenarios more interesting and give each one more of a different feel from the others.


I wouldn't want anything that might increase the price, but I'm all for a bit more story.

1. There is map in the RotR Players Guide. That might serve this purpose.

2. I'm not in favor of anything that changes the blessing deck like this. There would be two problems: Recharge effect for matching blessings. Taking blessings from the blessing deck when the villain is undefeated.

I'd be totally willing to pay for a downloadable PDF that had a bit more story for each scenario. Even just a single page for each scenario would be great. Maybe telling me more about what is going on, how they each connect, a bit of text to read about who the villain is and the same for the henchman with proper names. The villain/henchman part you could even hold off on reading until you encounter them. I would play money for that. Even if it was a copy/paste of stuff from the adventure path.

I totally agree regarding a PDF. I downloaded the first PDF for Rise of the Runelords just to get a little backstory and would LOVE if an abridged version were available for PACG. Reading about Aldern Foxglove, The Monster in the Closet, etc. really helps bring the game to life.

The Exchange

I think I recall that they had more info but removed some since people didn't want spoilers?

A additional resources PDF with a few more paragraphs to read before each new quest would go a long way to adding immersion to the adventure. As an optional download I would be happy to pay maybe 1-5 bucks per expansion.

Scarab Sages

What if, instead, there were cards that could be added to the existing scenarios which had a little more story text on them and changed the scenario's special rules as an optional add on? Could do the entire AP in one release and it would allow players who have already played an AP to have a unique experience with it if they want to play through again with some new players.

Could also use this to create higher and lower difficulty modes.

One thing I was thinking they could do, would be to put key words on locations. Then some monsters would get shuffled into an open location that has that key word, instead of being encountered at the location where it was found, for example an aquatic creature might shuffle itself into an aquatic location when it's revealed. Other monsters would get bonuses if they were on the right key word, etc.. It could open up a few options for some interesting new cards.

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