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Describe the last 3 characters you've played. Start with currently played. If it isn't Pathfinder, name the system. Starting level to ending level/point total. Also how long you've played the character.

Currently Playing: 9th level Ysoki Envoy/Ace Pilot named 'Fluffy'. (Starfinder). Game is ongoing for about a year now. Played 1-9th. Character is a pack-minded airhead who is obsessed with piloting and ships.

'Gatz' 16th level Fighter, no archetype. Iron Gods AP went on for about 2 years. Played 1-16th. Good natured, wishy-washy personality. Left his home town to find a girlfriend. Never tried to find one actually. Fancied himself a bit of a merchant, but honestly wasn't. Archer build, but also the front line tank. Ended the campaign wearing powered armor but still used a normal-ish looking bow. Oh, and an Adamantine Chainsaw.

'The Wizard Zam', 17th level Wizard (Universalist). Kingmaker AP about 2 years. Played 1-17th. Arrogant and Spiteful man who left Brevoy heartbroken after being betrayed by his fiance. Decided to gain revenge by living better and shoving it in her husband's face. Grew to become the Labor Minister (spymaster) of the Kingdom, and one of the leading business owners in the capital. (Did I ever mention that downtime rules are broken?). Had plans for a reincarnation machine, but didn't finish them before the campaign ended. Has 2 wives and a mistress. Was turned down by 3 party members and his own cohort!

Been in gaming limbo for several years now but among the last I played for more than a weekend were:

Kayerloth, Loremaster and Archmage (3.5E) who reached 27th(1-27) over the course of 2 or so years steady gaming then tacked on about 4 years playing on and off to get there. Married a noble women and war wizard of Cormyr and was last seen with his 2 regular companions travelling about in their acquired floating/flying island stronghold while building a fixed 'normal' stronghold in Cormyr not far from Eveningstar as a home for his wife and daughter.

Irina a Mystic Theurge (Clr/Sor) priestess of Erevan who never prayed twice for her spells in the same place and used a ton of spontaneously metamagicked spells. She often engaged foes while in Gaseous Form from inside an area of Black Tentacle or otherwise within or over hazardous terrain. Infamous in her gaming circle for having been Dominated by a vampire despite her Luck domain reroll ... back to back rolls of 1 and oops. The campaign ended shortly after having reached 16th level(1-16). Also a 3.5E character.

Morgan, a Living City RPGA character who reached 23rd level(1-23) but never actually played after earning the level as the Living City campaign came to an end. He was in action for about 6 years altogether starting as an AD&D character in ~1997 (2nd Ed), then 3.0E followed by 3.5E as each incarnation of the game came along. He was the Holy Seeker of Kelemvor to his companions, an archer and scout using a Composite Longbow he crafted himself he could strike his foes from great distance with great reliability.

currently playing Xize a 15th level Wizard/Pathfinder Savant mythic tier 3 arcmage/trickster. She's a gnome fire school speacialist. Rise of the Rune Lords Anniversary Edition AP. Game has been going on for years, I joined 8 months ago, but have only been playing this character for 6 months. Played 12-15th. She 's a CN character that's perfectly happy to go along with any plan so long as its not boring. Her mood changes so quickly I have an emoticon die I'll roll to she how she feels about things.

Dholid Bottleforge a 12th level Wizard/Arcane Trickster mythic tier 1 arcmage. Rise of the Rune Lords Anniversary Edition AP. Played for 2 month levels 10-12. He was a surley racist dwarven earth Wizard. He became obsesed with traps after nearly dying to one, wanting to make sure it never happened again. He met his demise via a botched save against a disentigretion spell after fleeing through a wall.

Draethlyn Whysperstep an 18th level Cleric/Pathfinder Savant mythic tier 6 arcmage/Trickster. He was one of 5 characters I played in a homebrew sandbox Pathfinder game that I was involved with for 8 years. He started out as the cohort of my 8th level trip build Cleric (he was her younger brother). I played him 6-18th. He was a LE zon-kuthon necromaner that built a kingdom from nothing. He was insanely charismatic and manipulative staying in great relations with the neighboring kingdoms which included one lead by a LG dwarven divine champion who claimed Draethlyn was his best friend and one lead by a CG freedom figher. With whom he established a thriving trade with.

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1. Currently playing Trunk in the Hell's Rebels AP. He is currently a level 18 Rogue/Barbarian/Fighter with 1 Mythic level. He is an incredibly hard hitter who specialized in non-lethal damage and demoralizing enemies. My GM hates him because he destroys pretty much all enemies in 1 round while flanking.

2. Millicent the level 7 Gunslinger/Paladin. Worships Dammerich, the god of executions. Basically, she rides into town, kills everybody who needs killing and rides off into the sunset. PFS character.

3. Gordon Ragemonster. A Half-Orc Ranger switch hitter. PFS character.

My group is on the last book of Hell's Rebels and we are about finished. I haven't played PFS in over a year now because of family commitments so I haven't visited my PFS characters in a really long time. I miss them.

1. Winston Thornberry, a Fast-talking Snake-Oil Salesman who's getting a bit old and round to be adventuring. 3rd level Gnome Alchemist currently playing the first book of Carrion Crown, Winston's based on THIS GUY. Took Breadth of Experience as his first feat, and it's the greatest.

2. Kiyanna Shepherd. A young girl who left sick with wonder-lust. Followed a story-telling Priest to a temple of Iomedae, where she decided she would become the next person to pass the test of the starstone. Struck out into the Stolen Lands to make a name for herself with a group of Paladins. She's had so many near-death experiences that she thinks she's immortal already (she's been KO'd like 20 times, but hasn't kicked the bucket yet). Half-Elf Evangelist Cleric of Iomedae in an all-Iomedae party for Kingmaker. Went Monk-1/Cleric-4/Evangelist-X (Unchained-Monk/Evangelist-Cleric/Evangelist-PrC). Just hit character level 7, so I haven't been able to use my 3rd-level spells yet (Game on hiatus, we'll see if she gets any more play time).

3. (Forgot her name). Female Tiefling Black-Blade Magus. Her Black-Blade is called Gaspar, he has a mistrust of other magic weapons. She has a mistrust for everyone, but loves unusual perfumes. Was not thrilled that the entire game was played in a sewer. Played a thieves-guild 1-shot game at level 7 (Didn't have as much personality because it was a 1-shot). Spent a feat on extra traits just so that she could have all the sneaky skills as class skills. Spent 2 feats going DEX-based so those skills would be good. Spent her last 2 feats getting Preferred-Spell: Shocking Grasp so that she didn't have to prepare attack-spells. She was loaded up with utility spells that made thievery a cake-walk. THIS is her character portrait.

Outside of PFS, I mostly GM, so all but one of my recently played characters are from PFS. I have about a dozen active PFS PCs, ranging from 1st-12th level, but here are the three I've played most recently:

1. Atticus Nox, male tiefling investigator (empiricist) 4 (PFS): Atticus is a blatantly diabolic-looking tiefling (horns, claws, red scaly skin, prehensile tail). He and his business partner, an Asmodean cleric and barrister (my wife's aasimar PC), joined the Pathfinder Society to help foster Society/Cheliax relations. He's optimized for Knowledge checks and finding and disabling traps, and not much else (yet).

2. Zefira Lachlan, female human ace pilot operative 1 (SFS): I finally got my first real taste of Starfinder very recently, and decided to play a character based on my daredevil pilot from a short-lived Serenity RPG campaign I played in several years back. (That's the main reason she was the only human at the table for this game.)

3. Mumbly Peg, female kitsune hunter 2 (PFS): Peg's only been played for 1 of her 3 XP (the first two were GM credit), so I'm still working out what she's like. She was created specifically to get the owlbear companion from one of the We Be Goblins modules, but until I get a chance to run/re-play that for her (soon!), she has a normal bear. I'm thinking she will also be my first unchained rogue after she gains another level or two, to see just how much I can abuse having a flank buddy as a class feature. ;)

ETA: Capsule bios and portraits of all my PFS characters can be found on my blog.

HBOB, a Kobold, UC Scaled Fist Monk/Elder Mythos Cleric gestalt. Bold and charming, extremely helpful (took Adopted for the Helpful trait, used Aid Another/Bodyguard A LOT). Played him 1-7 before he was married off to lock in an alliance, and thusly, retired from adventuring with the party.

Izzek, a Tengu, core Rogue, currently level 3 in a completely different campaign... hoping that the GM will allow me to trade Uncanny Dodge for Scout's Charge when I get to level 4. Uses a greatsword, holds the line with the Fighter. Currently saving for Mithral breastplate. He started as a grave robber and is fiercely loyal to the group that has given him a chance at redemption.

Variel, the most Panache Elf you ever done seen. He uses Panache with rapiers, unarmed strikes, and bows. Fights defensively, always fusing the Panther and Crane styles. Has a Panache Pool, a Ki Pool, and an Arcane Pool... all of which will be interchangeable with 2 more levels of Magus. He is currently level 10, and will probably see level 20 if all goes well.

1: William, level 8 evangelist cleric of Besmara. Serpent skull from level 1 on and still being played. We have 3 rather new players in that party so a buffer who only grabs the spotlight through roleplaying, if at all.

2: Victor, Level 6 tyrant antipaladin of Asmodeus. Way of the wicked from level 1 on and still being played. Seemed a natural class choice in that path and I enjoy playing him.

3: Golo'in, fighter 10/Brawler 2/ankou's shadow stalker 1 in an iron caster build using Martial Flexibility to cast spells by getting item mastery feats on the fly. Played him from level 9-13 in curse of the crimson throne until the group broke apart. Having a fighter who can do more than hit people with a pointy stick is great.

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1. Bayushi Choudai, a Bayushi Bushi with a fondness for cookery (L5R RPG 4th edition), in an online game. His second outing (his first featuring the beginning of his unfortunate romance with another Scorpion samurai's wife), he infiltrated a Crane Clan province in disguise as a Yasuki Courtier. Kept his cover intact until the last in-game day, then slipped out of town ahead of the goon squad. As his lady-love got Shadow Bolted by the Lying Darkness and is now Shadow-corrupted (not the Shadowlands Taint, that's different), future tragedy is assured! Oh, and he's also allegedly going to be important in some sort of age of enlightenment, but I'm giving the GMs a hard side-eye on that one because he's a pretty worldly, attached sort, and I have little interest in playing him as even remotely supernatural.

2. Nalya Teskarova- Chaotic Good Varisian Oracle (Time Mystery), venerates a weird syncretic fusion of Desna and Yog-Sothoth in Return of the Runelords. Originally envisioned as a half-insane buff/debuff battery, as the campaign went on, she kind of turned into the party's "face" (charisma through the roof obviates a lot of unskilled penalties) as well as proving to be not so much crazy as dangerously aware. And, you know, slings Disintegrate at things that irritate her.

3. Asenath Gale- Chaotic Good Brine May Changeling Sea Witch whipped up for a brief semi-comedic privateering game- unlike her Lovecraft namesake, Asenath was plagued by her mother, not her father, but dealt with it by signing on with some Andoren privateers who claimed to be out to hunt down a Sea Hag who was causing problems along a trade route to Jalmeray. Asenath was extremely annoyed when the Sea Hag in question turned out to be not her mother, but her older sister, but the rest of the party convinced her that they could keep looking. She was fun. Her familiar was a Rhamphorhynchus named Toothy, she worshiped Besmara in an extremely a la carte, "I'm pretty sure that's not what Besmara says" way, and she usually rode on the ship's bowsprit to feel the waves. Good times. Since she survived, I may revisit her someday.

Currently playing Irlana the Halfling Hunter. First played her after my previous character died at level 2. That game lasted up to level 3 before the GM had to quit. Joined an ongoing game that was at level 5. It's still going on and we reached level 17 last session. Irlana focuses on flanking and AoOs with her boar companion and is a bit of a powerhouse. Also has the most cash of the entire party. (Last session, the GM had an NPC host an auction of some exotic animals and asked me if I could afford what I was paying for one. He almost didn't believe me when I told him how much I had. The other players had to remind him of how much gold he used to throw at us and that I spent less since Irlana focused on a single weapon with a backup bow. Unlike most of the other characters that switch out multiple weapons and so have to spend more money to enhance them all.)

Played Mazon the Half-Orc Inquisitor in a PFS game at a convention I go to. She's my only pure ranged character. I didn't much enjoy that game as there were about 10 tables playing that exact session and the GMs would move everyone ahead to the next point in the adventure when one table figured out how to solve the obstacle we were facing. So I didn't get to actually do much because of that.

And finally, Lini the Gnome Archaeologist. She was my very first character ever and is the one that died at level 2. I have since re-built her to be more effective, but haven't been able to see how well I did as I don't like switching out a character unless they die.

So basically, the last 3 characters I've played are the only 3 characters I've played. If Irlana dies or the game has to end for any reason, I plan to use a character I made fairly recently.

Big Tom, night folk adept (Blue Rose, not PF). Just started, he's still first level. Easy-going & a bit overconfident. Doesn't generally let on he knows magic pretending to be a simple carpenter.

Franz the Traveller, dwarf swashbuckler & explorer (Shadow of the Demon Lord, not PF). Reached 7th level (started at 1st; SotDL has a possible zero level start but this was not used) before dying to a dragon which spawned demons when injured. Which also killed the rest of the party and the game. Didn't get to roleplay a lot because the GM ran the game very hack'n'slash, but he loved his luxuries and sharing those luxuries.

Jynnjun, kobold sorcerer. Played 1-8 so far. She mostly uses cold and shadow magic. She was going to be a showy, less than sensible character but I was...outdone. Jynnjun spends a lot of time tearing out her nonexistent hair.

~~Blue~~ (Hc Svnt Dracones) Adrenaline junkie, sneak, scout, master of the piledriver, unintentional face of the party, goes through power armor like cheap cardboard (both in the sense of being able to break her enemies' and the amount of damage she receives to her own).

Reed Skinner (5e, Tomb of Annihilation) Halfling ranger 11, hunter of man and undead. Amateur dinosaur racer. NG, the N doesn't stand for nice. Has the highest non-crit damage per attack in the party with his bow. Partnered with Crow, his deinonychus animal companion and mount.

Jasper Geone (5e, homebrew setting) Human Eldritch Knight 5, grew up in a dwarven mining guild. Currently On a mission to escort the only known dragon egg to appear in several millenia to a safe place. Uses sword and shield and several elements (except fire) among his various cantrips and a variety of defensive spells for his actual spell slots.

I'm mostly the GM so my characters are not very many or all that often.

Currently: Viconia, 7th level bard in RHoD set in Norwold.
The only player and therefor character who knows anything about Mystara, and the only one who has played through the adventure before, so I take it upon myself to throw in tidbits of lore at every opportunity. Likes drink and being sarcastic at the enemy.

Wookie heavy gunner in a SWTOR FFG SW game. Unlike all other wookies, he bothers to wear armor - the cheapest and easiest. He has a thin, tight armor with all his fur sticking out around the head and hands. Likes: his big gun, shooting Sith and shooting Imperials. Dislikes: Sith and Imperials
Gimme a break, I only played him for three sessions.

and....(thinks long and hard)

Some 3.5 rogue in an abandoned game from a few years back. Can't remember her name, only that she rarely got to SA things*.
Can't remember much about her other than that she didn't like slavery.

*I would have suspected the GM of creating encounters that f!@&ed over my characters if it isn't for the fact that it would be very much against how he comes across in all respects. My supercharged could only charge three times in his career, being constantly stymied by terrain or positioning otherwise, and one of the three times he could he went up against someone who had Sidestep Charge. My rogue met nothing but elementals, constructs and undead after the first combat.

I'm always my group's GM, so I very, very rarely get to be a player. I don't even remember three characters I've played in the last three years! I have played two, both using the third edition DC Heroes rules. One is Equinox, who has both fire and ice powers and my favorite of the two, Shroud, the Master of Fear. Both are heroes, despite Shroud's title.

I am currently playing Magis Kamilin, a Taldan Human Universalist Wizard 8 / Loremaster 1 who just attained the title of Enigma of the College of Mysteries of Absalom. We're playing through a Pathfinder conversion of the D&D 2e Night Below campaign. He is modeled after my Red Robe Wizard of High Sorcery NPC from my high school D&D 2e campaign.

I am also playing Sineya Fray, a tiefling Rogue (Thief) 3 that is modeled after Melaka Fray from the Buffyverse. We're playing the 5e Curse of Strahd campaign.

Lastly, I am playing Zodak, a goliath storm giant soul Sorcerer 2 in a home brew 5e game.

Currently playing:

Little John - Basic name for a character I didn't think was going to continue past a one shot. 3.5 cleric, with awful stats, worshipping a dead god in a homebrew egyptian themed campaign. Great fun for a really basic and poorly built character.

Have played most recently:

Horace 5e lore bard, I ran him basically as a pathfinder-style mythos Hastur worshiper/victim, was great fun to play a nihilistic hedonist in a curse of strahd campaign setting.

The third character I've played a while ago - Jericho, a pretty standard life oracle build. He died to shocker lizards at level 2, and the group as a whole switched to starfinder shortly afterwards (which I am currently GM'ing). It's actually been a long time since I've played a pathfinder campaign instead of a one-off.

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'Second Chance' Halfling Witch 1/Oracle 1/Medium 1: Force rerolls with Oracle(Misfortune) and Witch(Fortune w/Cackle), Medium Marshall to turn failures into successes. Probably going to tack on the aid another halfing stuff as well.

'Grevane' Kitsune Occultist 14 mostly fighting in fox shape using Agile Amulet, self buffs and Shadow Beast for utility. Was formerly a Mouser Swashbuckler 1/Sacred Fist Warpriest 1, but higher levels transitioned into full caster/utility. Scrolls of various shapes for when things get real and fox form isn't useful. (Magical Beast Dweomercat Cub, Air Elemental, Dragon, etc)

'Tigger' Half-orc Bloodrager 1/Skald 5, amplified rage w/valet familiar (despite all his rage, he's just a rat in a cage) and skald's vigor. Totemic, Urban & Red Tongue so eventually giving power attack to the whole party and pouncing as a tiger. Planning on playing with the rage powers to convert (level in) damage taken that drops you below zero into nonlethal to double dip the skald's vigor, feat that non-lethal doesn't knock you out, and full function below zero.

Firebug wrote:
'Second Chance' Halfling Witch 1/Oracle 1/Medium 1: Force rerolls with Oracle(Misfortune) and Witch(Fortune w/Cackle), Medium Marshall to turn failures into successes. Probably going to tack on the aid another halfing stuff...

Preacher Inquisitor can force rerolls, as well. It takes 3 levels to get it, but still might work with Second Chance.

Sovereign Court

Preacher is just 1-2 uses for a dip. The action type is weird, because the general rule of free actions is during your turn only and this archetype doesn't have any language to change that.

Witch/Oracle are 1 per target per day, and I was planning on advancing Medium after this because... the original idea was to make a Medium useful beyond dipping for Champion.

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I have a few that I'm playing currently. I mostly GM games so I dont get to play them as much as I'd like though. :(

'Bellamy' Tengu Paladin(Virtuouso Bravo)5/Champion 1: I play this character in a homebrew setting one of my friends made. He's a flamboyant dummy and I love him. Accidently drank a pint of someone's blood because he thought it was a "magical elixir".

'Keiran' Tiefling Sorcerer 6/Archmage 3: I played this character in another homebrew. I didn't get to play this guy a whole lot before he died. It was a tragic case of what doctors call "Greataxe to the chest". He absolutely deserved it though, he was a bratty rich kid who mouthed off to the wrong guy in the wrong place.

'Sera' Aasimar Paladin(Oathbound/Banishing Warden) 15/Sentinel 1/Marshal/Guardian 8: I play her in a WotR game. She currently has the group record for most deaths in a single campaign. Has made a ton of poor decisions but is still the groups appointed leader.
Poor dear has been through so much. :(

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#1 Rick Belfry Not Pathfinder - weird simple-rules CoC spawn. Deeply insane Cthulhu cultist dedicated to the resurgence of the great old one. Incompetent and a failure at everything in life, with horrible attributes. Male human, although twisted enough it's hard to say for sure. Played to be creepy & disturbing. I made it clear that he's fair game for PVP. Short term PC, he'll likely be terminated next 1-2 sessions. In-game, he just regained consciousness, spitting out a couple teeth, after being KOd by another PC.

#2 Vargri Pathfinder PFS. Travelling magistrate with full Law Enforcement powers.
Lawful Neutral male human Inquisitor of Erastil. Martial artist capable of Whirlwind Attack. Brawler-1/Inquisitor-4.

#3 Dara Pathfinder. Female human on a quest to free enslaved tribe sisters and brothers from rapacious Frost Giants. Badass reach cleric who goes both ways - positive and negative channeling. Will move against the Frost Giants only when she is capable of solo-fighting two frost giants at once - around 9th or 10th level.

Might be mixing them up, as they're all PFS:

Moonblossom - Kitsune Oracle 3 (Spirit Guide, Lunar, Deaf) and Mist (Wolf) - A follower of Ashava who was touched by the divine during a visit to Varisia. The deaf curse is often tricky to play around, and does sometimes make it difficult if party member don't take it into account as the RP then often goes off of what she can see.

Rathalan - Shoanti human Shifter (Weretouched, Tiger) 4 / Unchained Rogue (Scout) 2 - A solid frontline fighter that likes to wade right in, but in working for the society has learned several skills not common among Shoanti. Mid-size, but solidly built, with tiger stripe tattoos going down his arms and legs.

Rikaru - Kitsune Sorcerer (Nine-Tailed Heir, Starsoul BL) 4 - A frail, but mischevious spellcaster specializing in disabling his enemies. He started out very proud and cocky, but several near-death experiences have tempered his attitude somewhat. As a kitsune with multiple tails, though, he does consider himself to be a cut above the common, but mostly keeps this to himself, understanding that other races may not recognize the significance.

Last three characters I´ve played:

Nina Luna, 15th lvl drow witch (no archetype). Have been playing Nina for 3 years: she´s become filthy rich and lately she got married with a human sea captain, she´s now pregnant with twins. Nina is a powerful healer and good with crafts, she prefers to Divine and Scry things and plan ahead

Olga, 1st lvl human witch (no archetype). Have played her once, she´s 13 years old and has a pretty bad teen angst, she usually Intimidates adults to buy her alcohol. So far she has just tried to not get killed, but she dreams of becoming so powerful she could bring her dead family back to life

Issa, 6th lvl unchained half orc rogue (no archetype). My first rogue since 1990´s, I´ve played her for a year. Issa spends her loot on wine, food, clothes and gigolos, as a rogue she´s a basic two sword backstabber

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You may notice a bit of theme running through these...

In order:

Generic Redshirt (Pronounced "Jen-a-rick Reed-she-ert" in the worst possible caricature of a french accent you can manage): Lvl 1 UC rogue. Played him for a one shot ran by one of the players in a game I'm GMing when two of the group members couldn't play one session. He is basically Guy Fleegman (Sam Rockwell's redshirt character in Galaxy Quest), and I had a lot of fun playing him exactly that way. Lots of shrieking about being sent out to die and nobody knowing his name, which, of course, they didn't in the one-shot.

Bil the Ninja, Son of Bil the Ninja: Half-elf Ninja 4/Swash 1. I tell people to imagine Milhouse as a ninja when describing him. He is partially that, partially a bit character from Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, and partially a character from a book series. (Bonus points if you recognize it!) He was raised in a ninja school when his father (Bil the Ninja, of course) died in the first hours of his first excursion to the Emerald Spire, the first time he ever left the ninja school. Just like his father, Bil, Son of Bil, was raised as a joke by the leaders of the ninja school. They told him that he only has one "L" in his name because he is only a half-elf, and only elves get two "l"s... (Notice the homonym puns there... Yup.) So Bil, Son of Bil has joined the Pathfinder Society because he heard that he might be able to meet elves that way, and earn his "l" and that of his father... He asks everyone where he can find an L, VCs, shopkeepers, capture enemies, other pathfinders... Everyone is very confused when this happens. Bil is very naieve, but is trying his best. Sometimes, it works out; sometimes, hilarity ensues; most times, he just manages to fail his way into success.

Bil the Ninja. The original Bil the Ninja didn't survive very long. Literally the first PFS scenario (Emerald Spire lvl. 1) I played with him went horribly wrong for him. But I liked the character concept, so Bil, Son of Bil, was born.

Bil, Sr. was melee fighting Mr. Explodey Robot Guy, who I didn't know was explodey because I'd never played that scenario. Mr. Explodey robot guy did what he does when he died, and Bil Sr. was the recipient of a one-hit-negative CON-score-insta-kill due to REALLY high damage rolls for Explodey Man and having been on his last HP when it happened.

Bonus Character: Torvald Utney. Lvl 1 fighter. NOT the famous shot-putter... Although I did consider making him into one using the AWESOME "rock thrower" build I saw elsewhere on these forums, just to make that joke. Abandoned the character as I grew bored with him.

#4 Knot Male versatile human (Tian-Min) fighter (lore warden) 7/inquisitor (spellbreaker, thieftaker) of Calistria 2/rogue (bandit, pirate) 7/
(Pathfinder) SKULLS & SHACKLES played 18mos --- Slave shanghaied to crew a pirate vessel, wove his first whip from a hammock in the crew galley and proceeded to kill the pirate w/ a cat o'nine tails after disarming him. They called him Knot ever since.

#3 -Destrachis- Male drow noble magus (kensai) 6/rogue (bandit, knife master) 4/ arcane trickster 9/ MYTHIC Trickster 9
(Pathfinder) WRATH OF THE RIGHTEOUS played 2yrs --- Escapee from the Darklands and his Matron Mother, totally ignorant of the surface world, totally paranoid; birds would make him lose his s#!+. demons; he wouldn't bat an eye. that's how ignorant and arrogant he was.

#2 Nirotalion Male venerable savage elf (Snowcaster) witch 15
(Pathfinder-CURRENT) REIGN OF WINTER played 3yrs now --- Captive to duergar dwarves for 500 years, got his first class at the venerable age of 607. Played like "Hey! You kids! Get off my lawn!"

#1 Devereaux Deville Male imperious human brawler (shield champion) 2/monk (war scholar) 4/
(Pathfinder-CURRENT) HELL'S VENGEANCE played 6mos--- Blind ex-iomedaean monk-turned-brawler blinded after a Solar killed his parents. played like Daredevil from Marvel Comics; i use the Brawler's shield champion archetype with a light quickdraw shield, renaming it BillyClub in the stat block.

1) Kyrus Staccato: Skald/Bard; Playing in the Iron Gods campaign. Currently still level 1. Playing for month.

2) Kian the Unbroken; Shaman (Witch Doctor): Playing Strange Aeons. Level 8 currently (1-8). Playing for about 8 months.

3) Sern Springsworth; Vigilante (Zealot) of Milani; Playing Hell's Rebels, Level 7 currently (1-7). Playing for about 8 months.

Yes, we currently have 3 games going on simultaneously.

Luque Pacia: human silksworn occultist, level 7 in a home brew AP we’ve been playing for 15 months. Played him from 1-7 so far.

Casimir Svaldifari: human warpriest of azathoth, level 12 in a Giantslayer campaign that ended prematurely at 12. Was backup character to the inquisitor below. Played him only at 12.

Ulgauf Giantbane: dwarf sanctified slayer inquisitor of Angradd, level 12. He died. Played him from 9-12.

Grand Lodge

Byakko Kageneko - Male Tiger Skinwalker Warlock Vigilante/Unchained Rogue/Arcane Trickster, skill monkey and utility character

Lance Casanova - Male Sylph 'Paladin' Warpriest of Calistria/Vigilante, reach fighter and face skills (makes bards blush)

Raethiel Lightbringer - Male Half-Elf Paladin/Oracle of Sarenrae, dedicated to healing and diplomacy

Gadderson Granite Carver - Shaper Psion Dwarf from 3.5, he thinks anything that isn't built to serve dwarves is racist against dwarves. Easily offended, absolutely undiplomatic, chews garlic habitually to ward off vampires and other people. Specializes in summoning Mr. Fish, a betentacled Astral Construct who fights his battles for him.

Astral Ne Liligrad - Lunar Oracle aasimar diplomat/summon monster specialist who panics under stress and starts babbling in celestial. Once managed to pass out and save the party by having her summons defeat an enemy after it had reduced the party to negative HP. Key skills, running away screaming while placing bodies between herself and her pursuers.

Phriggle - A ganzi Ninja with a crown of thumbs atop his head instead of hair (wears a Sauron style helmet to cover said thumbs). Saved the entire party's lives numerous times, survived impossibly deadly circumstances, and blessed with a ton of luck and 5 Int leaving him as a classic "too dumb to die" character. Once managed to grapple, pin, and tie up an enemy mid-flight before riding said enemy into the earth. Lived.

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