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Hmm. The bit I read before writing in that edit said that all GP costs would be assuming you were earning capital, but there are costs for both listed. Let's do a little math and see.

For the watchtower, the cost if you're purchasing rather than earning should be 35*20 + 9*30 + 25*20 = 700 + 270 + 500 = 1 470 GP. That's consistent with your feeling Ellias, so everyone ignore my edit above please.

Infusion specialization has a short description with little ambiguity (unlike most kineticist rules) and by RAW would reduce the burn. I suspect RAI would be different but there's no proof.

It sounds like you're looking at the downtime (optional) rules, which I'm not really familiar with but there are a bunch of examples there e.g.


Create 35 Goods, 9 Influence, 25 Labor (1,470 gp)
Rooms 1 Armory, 1 Bell Tower, 1 Gatehouse

A tall structure that serves as a guard post.

Caster’s Tower

Create 88 Goods, 9 Influence, 81 Labor, 11 Magic (4,750 gp)
Rooms 1 Artisan’s Workshop, 1 Bath, 1 Bedroom, 1 Cell, 1 Ceremonial Room, 1 Kitchen, 1 Lavatory, 1 Magical Repository, 1 Office, 1 Scriptorium, 1 Scrying Room, 1 Sitting Room, 1 Storage

The home and laboratory for a spellcaster.

Note, there are costs in GP which can be substituted for the goods etc.

Edit: on a second look, the GP costs assume you're spending time under the downtime system too. Double them if you want to spend cash alone.

Suppose shields had a worse reach, i.e. 'adjacent targets only with shield bashes'. Depending on how much your players use enlarge person, lunge etc. this might matter to them, might not.

Alternately or in addition you might say that you need a swift action to switch between being ready to bash with your shield and getting the AC bonus. Or even if it's a free action that does mean that off-turn you can get the AC bonus or be ready to take AoOs with the shield but not both.

Just thoughts, I haven't gone over those ideas carefully.

Edit: Thinking about means of boosting other styles which wouldn't equally boost shield bashing styles has been harder, I haven't come up with anything I think at all good there.

19-20/x2 critical is probably more use than the 20/x3 when x3 damage is very likely more than you need. However, this will be more than outweighed by the higher base damage of the axe; an average of 5 points more when you're looking at a Large weapon, 7.5 more if you get to use Huge size damage somehow.

Are you asking for suggestions for more house rules to limit the effect of shield bashes, or for some to boost other styles, or have I missed what you're after entirely?

Rather than a pink and green ioun stone you probably want a circlet of persuasion, come to think of it. And since people always ask: yes, you can wear a headband and a circlet and get the benefits of both, the latter uses the head item slot not the headband item slot.

Since that leaves you a couple grand extra, a cure serious wounds potion, a water breathing potion and one more such potion might be on the cards.

Mythic tiers give you mythic feats as you gain them which you don't need to pay for using normal feats. See the table here.

The main reason to go Str based is to avoid the taxes on Dex based; you're spending a general feat, a character level dip and a mythic feat to go Dex based which the Str based character just doesn't need to pay.

That said I do like going Dex based better, the slow lumbering guys are usually mooks or villians in most popular media.

Here's a possible list of items which about matches your 300K. Adjust it to fit your tastes of course. It's heavy on the big six and similar.

25 000 Cloak of resistance +5 (don't argue, just get this)
36 000 Belt of giant's strength +6 (since this is apparently what you want)
101 350 +5 ghost touch keen adamantine katana (or something like this; if you have improved critical drop keen of course. Ghost touch, adamantine & +5 are important for being able to damage everything though.)
33 700 +5 restful mithral breastplate (it doesn't sound like there's going to be a lot of healing in your group.)
5 600 Headband of unshakeable resolve (running away is embarrassing.)
8 000 Pink & green sphere ioun stone (you wanted Cha)
8 000 Scarlet & blue sphere ioun stone (you wanted Int)
8 000 Pink rhomboid ioun stone (you will want Con)
5 000 Dusty rose prism ioun stone (AC)
750 Wayfinder (to store whichever ioun stone is most important to you)
32 000 Amulet of natural armor +4
32 000 Ring of protection +4
3 750 Four-leaf clover
750 Potion of fly

Involuntary teleportation is generally a Will save in PF.

I'd call it not unlike charitable impulse or hold monster in effectiveness. 4th level seems about right.

Removing the creator's name was done to separate their setting of Golarion from the original setting of Greyhawk. If your creator fits into your Golarion (or other setting being used) leaving the name on seems OK.

Whatever caused problems with the first 3 ideas he came up with is obviously something to watch for. I don't know what 'they did not work the way he had first thought' means that could link all 3 of those.

Consider a magus with an unholy black blade which they barely control. That's Michael Moorcock's Elric, more or less.

Or a someone with a desire for power whose last twisted schemes for political dominance fell apart, and who needs something from this adventure (cash if nothing else?) to try again. Could be any class, but the more socially oriented sneaks (e.g. teisatsu vigilante, brazen deceiver bard, perhaps a PoW discordant crusader zealot) might fit best.

An aerokineticist should be able to rule the skies by 15th level. Why bother? Well, maybe they've got a hate on for some people or nation and they'll need allies to do more than guerilla warfare. Those allies are the party of course.

Dodge isn't a lot of use in double-digit levels unless you've otherwise spent a lot of resources on AC, or if you're planning to build on it. I'd suggest getting quicken spell for the bonus feat at level 13 instead. It's a good time to get that feat, when you can quicken 2nd level spells like mirror image or see invisibility, and 1st level ones like shield, sure casting or true strike.

Otherwise it looks fine to me.

The GM can certainly control supply and demand, but most find it too much work to place severe controls on supply of magic items at least. And it can be hard to justify controlling either supply or demand once the PCs are able to go to a major trading city.

Infinite may be too strong. But not by much; for 3rd level characters 150 gp/day with near-zero investment/potential loss if unable to sell, and producing goods which are widely valued and salable (unlike gunpowder) becomes a huge amount really fast. And there are more tricks for higher levels which pull in money even faster.

If there is a social contract to limit blood money to replacing material components for adventuring spells only (and if tricks like magic jar aren't involved) then OK, the spell isn't a big deal. On that point we agree.

The rule you need to be a spellcaster to use craft (alchemy) was ditched, but the principle that alchemy is something more than making benchtop alcohol and lemon juice batteries is still there. Exhibit A: the tanglefoot bag.

BTW square brackets not angled ones for formatting on

FayetteGamer wrote:

Really? Doesn't the nuance you applied to free healing also apply to spell component costs? Shouldn't loot along with level progression quickly outpace what could be earned from Masterwork Transformation, much like how in Elder Scrolls games, the stronger you get, the more expensive an item needs to be for the player to justify carrying it due to the limited carrying capacity (increasingly limited when a caster takes Str damage from using Blood money)?

Unless the point of the game is resource management, I don't think this should be significantly disruptive. If the game is about resource management, then a lot of spells like goodberry would cause the same issues as blood money.

Thanks for the feedback/dialogue. This is helpful.

Infinite power on the PCs part isn't freedom for the GM to hit hard, it literally is infinite power. Infinite healing is just elimination of HP loss as resource management. And no, low Str doesn't limit how much you can spend on magic items, it just eliminates a couple of types of magic item from consideration and makes handy haversacks mandatory. There are a lot of lightweight magic items in PF.

And while the GM can say that there's a limit to how many masterwork weapons you can sell at even half price, masterwork transformation's not the end of the shenanigans to make money from blood money - it's just the beginning.

Yup. Something to ask 3rd party publishers or homebrewers about (or your GM, or do it yourself), perhaps Isabelle Lee when she gets her Patreon or whatever set up.

No, no and no. It's its own very specific thing which is like an animal companion but not. D10 HD and full BAB can show you that if nothing else. Anything which applies to a list of things like animal companions, mounts, eidolons etc. has no particular reason it would apply to a homunculus companion.

I'm not too fussed about healing being free, it gives me as a GM more freedom to hit full force. Blood money though is broken IMO. It's in the game to explain how someone isolated and without access to new resources was able to cast spells with material components and it breaks the game's economy if allowed on normal PCs.

Remember that wealth is power, so infinite wealth (e.g. by casting a mere 2nd level spell, masterwork transformation & selling the result) is infinite power.

I imagine you need magic to make them since alchemy is not purely mundane chemistry, but they don't need magic to operate.

With the right options a sorcerer or wizard can do support and out of combat healing. So long as you're OK with working out your aggression via spells, and casting the odd spell to buff your own defence it works fine.

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The crossblooded archetype is notably bad. First you lose a lot of spells known, and this also puts you a half-spell level behind other spellcasters. Which means you're a full spell level behind prepared spellcasters; you get 2nd level spells at 5th level for example.

The loss of lower-level spells known may be 'offset' by the human favored class bonus, but doing so means you have effectively lost your favored class bonus. A human non-crossblooded sorcerer gets those extra spells without losing one per level, or a kitsune can get a save DC bonus out of their FCB, etc.

Then of course you take a -2 penalty to your will save, which is annoying for a character who is unlikely to have a great wisdom score.

There are unusual and even unique things you can do with the crossblooded archetype, it's just they're seldom worth the very high cost.

A Kasatha isn't hard to make as an eidolon. Take something which can have a biped base form and spend two evolution points on the limbs (arms) evolution. Take the multiweapon fighting feat. Done.

David knott 242 wrote:
KahnyaGnorc wrote:

Ask your GM if you can get a hat or mask of Charisma. Both of those slots would "fit" for Charisma (as opposed to, say, boots or undies* of Charisma), so more likely to get an ok, with or without the 50% boost in cost.

*Yes, I know there's no "pants" slot.

It is really a pity that Purple Duck Games stopped selling their PDFs through Paizo. I really loved their "Magic Pants" supplements.

Try DriveThruRPG, it's not like they stopped selling their PDFs entirely.

AoN suggests alchemical reagents are PFS-legal. Get a 350 gp fire fragment and use it as a focus for +1CL on spells which do fire damage.

504. Weregeese or gooseweres.

505. Obsessive terrier-like humanoids.

506. Kobolds, the earth spirits who turn good, valuable ores into worthless cobalt.

Rogue not rouge. Unless all your talents are pink, or possibly related to makeup.

You may have some difficulty landing your dirty tricks later on, CMD scales faster than AC and you have 3/4 BAB and lack inspire courage or any other accuracy boost.

I'm not sure that underhanded trick gives you the prereqs for quick dirty trick. Weapon trick (one-handed) would have a similar effect though.

Yes, you can ready an action to cast a spell. Readying magic missile against another spellcaster to force a concentration check is an old trick.

L3 ability: if you spend a standard action to feint you also get a move as part of the same standard action. Your actual move action is still free. If you can feint as a move action, you get a move as part of the same move action. You still have your standard action in this case.

L11: no feint required, no, and it seems to suggest no action is required. It doesn't say what happens if you move; I'd think it stops working if the square is no longer adjacent but there's room for other interpretations.

Since you don't get the 20th level power it can't upgrade to it. I can't imagine it'd disappear in a puff of logic. That leaves staying the same.

The negative energy HP damage is in reference to a ruling for sneak attack on enervation & similar in D&D. I'm not sure what the equivalent for calcific touch might be (probably untyped damage, possibly bludgeoning?) but doing a bit of extra HP damage with sneak attack on the spell alone doesn't seem like it'd break anything. There's little synergy between dex damage and HP damage.

If you're covering all the utility spellcasting for the party you probably don't want a 6-level spellcaster or an arcanist because you'll run out of spell slots. A shaman will want at least some melee ability just in case, for the same reason.

Whatever the status of shifter/fighters with this feat, shifter/fighter/druid should work, yes.

Yes you could duplicate contingency. There's no obvious reason you'd need the material component either, shadow evocation makes no mention of needing those.

The contingent spell is the spell you cast, and a greater shadow evocation fireball (or whatever) is not the same as a normal fireball. Unless you had some other exemption you couldn't fit an 8th level spell into contingency IMO.

What does the player want to do? Do they want their character to float about and fight like a dancing weapon, or do they want to give bonuses to the person wielding them, or do they want mind-affecting spells like Brandon Sanderson's Warbreaker? That would have some effect on the best way to handle this I think.

Mirror image probably isn't good - when you can get greater invisibility as a swift action it's usually better, and you probably won't know which creatures which can beat one but not the other - but those others do sound good.

Edit: also, see invisibility. No need to let the GM use invisibility against you, right?

Come to think of it telekinesis/telekinetic maneuvers might do it via a grapple maneuver too.

Yuelral's blessing (aka forest's blessing on d20pfrsrd) is a wizard discovery which is something like this. Pantheistic blessing might do it too IIrC?

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@InvisiblePink: there are games which try to handle this - FATE and various games based off it, or Amber Diceless for example. Having a strong aspect or coming first in the strength auction means that yes you really are strong in ways that you aren't in PF. Those are games built more around creating a narrative than trying to be a convincing simulation, and they make some players break out in hives though.

You'll probably like long-term buffs that don't cut into your combat actions. Heroism, overland flight, resist energy/protection from energy, heightened awareness for example. Obviously some dimension doors so you can use dimensional agility; that'd likely be most of your 4th level slots. Maybe a couple of scorching rays for when you need a missile weapon, and a few fog-type spells if you get a goz mask or fog-cutting lenses.

As with many things an alchemist can do, grossing out other players is at least part of the benefit.

If you go with a valet familiar remember that they share any teamwork feats you get.

A halfling nature fang druid with dervish dance and a roc animal companion could be pretty effective. Just about SAD on dex (a little wisdom required). Make the roc stay medium size so you can continue to ride it easily, and its dex stays high so it can make fly checks for sharp turns indoors. The nature fang slayer talents can get you ranger combat styles - the mounted combat style should have you covered. Pick up the risky striker feat at 7th level or so.

Yqatuba wrote:
How much can a neutronium golem lift ? (large size, 503 str)

In more readable notation (and without typos), 23 Str has a light load of 200 pounds, 480 more than that means multiply 200 pounds by 4, 48 times.

i.e. 503 Str has a light load of 200*4^48 pounds, or about 8 octillion tons. About 4 times the mass of the Sun so finding a mass that size and a good place to put your feet to shift it could be a challenge.

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There's a nanite sorcerer bloodline and racial heritage (android) is possible, so available evidence says yes.

Also steal breath and possibly call the void. Was Anakin secretly a catboi?

Roco wrote:
For that matter, casting with somatic components, can't you just free action switch grip of weapon, cast spell, switch grip back? There's no rule saying you loose the use of a weapon hand if it was used to cast a spell.

No, but the buckler has a specific rule saying if you use your buckler hand to cast a spell's somatic components you lose the AC bonus until your next turn.


It's why a wizard can use a two handed staff and just let go with one hand to cast but still get the use of the two handed weapon.

If that's not the case, how would someone using a shield and sword cast somatic spells but still keep their shield bonus and use their weapon? If there is a way?

You're benefiting from the lack of rules with respect to light shields here. If a rule was to be made which was consistent with the treatment of bucklers it might well frown on passing your weapon to your shield hand, casting a spell with your weapon hand, then passing the weapon back to the weapon hand. No such rule exists.

And actually in PF2 they dropped all such rules and made somatic components unnecessary IIRC. Early in the playtest it was an action to switch hands or change your grip, and you needed a free hand for all spells, but they dropped that.

Tremorsense on a flying creature with minimal land speed may not be a great idea.

3 evolution points implies either a 13th level master, or at least 7th+, Int 13+, Cha 13+, and a feat spent on evolved familiar (which would give you 2 points free and a 1 point fixed evolution.) The latter probably doesn't need packages as such either, there's a fairly limited number of good combinations to remember.

AoOs occur before completing the action that triggers them. In the case of movement this means before they move out of the square, which is important because otherwise they could be out of your reach when you get to take the AoO and so you wouldn't get to effectively use the AoO.

That's the 3rd of your options as I read them.

blahpers wrote:
Core Rulebook wrote:
Studded Leather: Similar to leather armor, this suit is reinforced with small metal studs.

People have pointed out just how bad this would be as armour - worse than leather alone. I think the equivalence to brigandine is headcanon to make studded leather make some kind of sense (the studs are just holding the plates in place), plus of course there's the lack of other brigandine in PF.

You're wielding both, it should be fine. I think there's an example with someone with +6/+1 BAB wielding a longsword and a shield and not using TWF, but they can attack with the longsword at +6 and the shield at +1 or vice versa.

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