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Power attack works differently, some feat prereqs change and CMB/D don't exist in D&D 3.5. There's a bunch of differences for some monster types (immunities mainly but undead/Cha use is significant). The basic numbers should add up mostly though.

So you need a reason for this group of weird misfits to be present? If they start in a travelling circus or similar that might help. If you need a way for magic to be utterly mysterious and distrusted even by the PCs then you need a different system, Call of Cthulhu (which could definitely work for this time period) or something. Not PF. Reading Horror Adventures might help but wouldn't be enough IMO.

Swordmaster's flair (red sash) is probably what you mean.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:
Kurald Galain wrote:
JiCi wrote:
The biggest weakness is that casting a spell provokes an attack of opportunity... and there is no option to completely negate this.
Well, except for Concentration checks, 5'-stepping, and spells without somatic components! Hmm, looks like you've got several options, then :)
Last time I checked (a few minutes ago), not needing somatic components to cast a spell doesn't let you off the hook for getting AoO'd for it, if you do it in an enemy's threatened zone.

True. Try quickened spells instead.

I'd assumed that a 5'+ thick hedge which does damage to those pushing through it is pretty non-transparent. I wouldn't assume it can be seen through. Without a 1'+ wide gap line of effect would be blocked too.

It's someone's attempt at making a cleric who concentrates on spellcasting and doesn't crack skulls in melee. The armor & weapon proficiencies are as listed. Does this answer your implied question? There isn't an explicit question there.

Also it's 6 years on and the OP won't need an answer, one way or another.

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Zenith Games' guide to the builds has 3 different synthesist summoner builds listed, and their guide to the guides links to a synthesist summoner guide. I haven't read thru any of them and can't advise as to their quality.

If you haven't otherwise picked up extended range, now's the time. You will want to hit enemies more than 30' away some day. Or really, melee doesn't have cooties.

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Toppling spell has a CMB which gets disappointing fast. Unless your GM lets you do things like hit by 5 magic missiles = 5 trip attempts it's not going to be routinely effective at level 9+. Concussive sonic spells just aren't effective.

Anyway, by level 9 either wizard or arcanist has plenty of spells, and the spell level edge of wizard is less important than it was (the difference between level 1 & 2 spells or 2 & 3 matters more than that between level 4 & 5). OTOH if you want a PrC then arcanist has more features to advance than a wizard does and so loses more by becoming a loremaster. They're both certainly workable. A blood arcanist might find the vestige bloodline appropriate to this concept though not necessarily very useful.

The loremaster is probably unnecessary, but if you really want sky-high knowledge skills it works.

Metamagics. Persistent spell is good for keeping lower level battlefield control & debuffs relevant. Apocalyptic spell is also useful for battlefield control but may not fit the character's flavour. I've used lingering spell to turn color spray & similar into improvised battlefield control, and fleeting spell is extraordinarily useful if the other players are poor at dealing with BFC and probably still useful even if they are good at that.

Aroden seems like your deity for recreating the Azlanti culture. As an arcane spellcaster it hardly matters that he's dead and unable to provide spells.

Diminished spellcasting seems to hit out of combat utility more than combat ability. You can usually find a way to have enough combat spells, but it's at the expense of having a free slot to prepare spells in or similar. The Jistkan artificer can punch very nicely but is less likely to have unseen servant or animal aspect or whatever to do something other than punch.

& I have to agree with Minigiant that hexcrafter and Jistkan artificer both add options to magus arcana and therefore don't stack - unless your GM is kind.

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No idea about your anime, but if kobolds are your sworn enemy you want a means of dealing with traps, survivability against many weak attacks including fire, and preferably some area or multiple target damage.

So; trapfinding, decent AC, fire resistance and either a lot of attacks or an area attack. A seeker oracle (flame mystery) might fit.

It is, yes. If you try to sunder using a +3 sword, you'll get that +3 to the attack and damage.

Edit: also that's a 3rd party magic property. 'Path of Iron, © 2015, Ascension Games, LLC; Author Christopher Moore' - it should not be taken as a rule outside use of that 3rd party material.

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Revenge is one reaction, fear perhaps more likely, but another is gratitude for being spared. Having the full range of reactions show up tends to promote good behaviour which feels like a better game IMO.

If you have a player who insists on killing everything they possibly can in cold blood then that person's been scarred by overly grim GMing.

That looks pretty good. There's a spontaneous healing discovery which makes you even harder to kill. I'm not sure ioun wyrd would be a valid tumor familiar though - a construct isn't an 'animal suitable for a familiar'. There are multiple other options which give that +1 NA of course starting with an armadillo.

Staying within 30' when you don't want to be punched is probably a mistake. Point blank shot is a nice bonus but not essential. If you have a climb speed (say from a monkey fish or animal aspect extract) you should be able to climb up to somewhere it's hard to attack you back too.

Not sure about the lashvines.

Technically you can hide then. People will at least know the 5' square you're in though if you're an actual light source.

The nanite bloodline including the arcana seems to be intended for a melee shapeshifter who uses a manufactured weapon. As eldritch heritage or VMC it loses the arcana, which takes out the shapeshifter part.

The first nanite power is a poison. There's a guide or two about using poisons, but the point is you're likely going to want a class which gives some bonus to this. Alchemist (discoveries) or rogue (talents) or barbarian/bloodrager (rage bonus to Con applies to DC). An undead bloodline bloodrager charging an enemy to render them shaken could work; there's plenty of heavy metal imagery to draw upon there. A rogue or alchemist with a strange technomagic poison in their blood works too.

Coidzor wrote:
A Seamless Skin made from a Small size creature with the Young simple template (Tiny) that was then shrunk via Sculpt Corpse would allow a Tiny creature that donned it to become Diminutive.

Or you could go to the source - seamless skin more or less replicates recorporeal incarnation, which is a spell which says it can be made permanent for 17 500 gp.

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I'm really not familiar with American folklore, but I know there's settings all about this kind of thing - the Deadlands setting for Savage Worlds for one. Looking up them might be most productive.

A couple of ideas anyway.

Some odd religious type comes into town, offering free healing (and maybe other magic) for those who will listen to their teachings. Some suspect that the mystic is just scoping out the town for bandits or is otherwise a bad sort, and the suspicious people aren't going to wait for proof. Save the mystic or stand back as bad things happen to them?

A snake-oil salesman comes to town. Then there's an odd noise from his wagon one night, and the following morning the salesman and his wagon is gone, leaving odd tracks in the dust. Something snakelike is on the loose in town...

I think this relates to PF2; this forum is for PF1 rules questions. Flagged it to be moved.

SilentLucidity wrote:
What is your thought on exactly how the Reanimator potion works? To me it sounds like, being a 2nd level spell normally, that it effectively becomes a 1st level spell with them being 1 level lower. Which would mean casting it as a 1st level caster. However, you get it as a bonus spell at 3rd level which then makes me think you don't really get it early but once you get it it counts like a 1st level spell slot instead of a 2nd level.spell slot? Being that I'm playing one right now, your insight and thoughts on it could be invaluable. Or anyone else's thoughts really to help straighten it out. TIA.

Lesser animate dead is a 3rd level spell for a wizard normally. With this wizard archetype it becomes 2nd. Animate dead goes from 4th to 3rd likewise.

The archetype effectively makes them the same level as they'd be for a cleric, but not lower.

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For a kitsune (which you said you wanted to be) taking the fox form feat seems like the simplest way to get tiny.

If you want to use the shapechanger bloodline to extend polymorph spells significantly, remember the eldritch heritage feat line if being a sorcerer doesn't suit you.

VoodistMonk's listing a bunch of tricks to help aid another there.

The halfling race helpful trait is better than the combat helpful trait, and can be accessed by non-halflings via the social adopted trait if it fits your background.

Combat reflexes and bodyguard are feats.

I think the rest are self-explanatory. A couple others to note are the jungle opportunist trait if you're catfolk, and the magic trick (unseen servant) feat or the allied cloak spell if your GM allows your bonuses to apply to spell effects controlled by you.

A perfectionist shavtoosh is another way of making improved unarmed strike a minor gold tax rather than a feat tax. A cestus or gauntlet is cheaper than anything magic but few feats help with their use, they truly are emergency weapons.

An oracle can cast touch attack spells in melee. Summoners have a worse spell list for this and not enough spell slots really.

Grappling tends to take all the feats available. Besides improved, greater and rapid grapple there's a bunch of other feats which are tempting. Including styles devoted to grappling - these are good enough that it may be worth the feat tax to use them with claws too.

How to make a summoner an effective unarmed combatant (without grappling) is a harder ask. They won't have significant damage easily; power attack or piranha strike helps but isn't enough on its own. There are stunning fist-alikes but they have a pitiful number of uses/day for a non-monk. They could possibly focus on aid another instead, there are ways to make that a significant bonus and it doesn't depend on using a weapon.

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As a synthesist summoner the hag is targeting you not your eidolon for anything except hit point damage. You go into a coma, your eidolon-armor vanishes unless you have the magic item which keeps it around, the armor vanishing has no effect on your coma.

Taking the weapon off him when it's not drawn is probably the steal combat maneuver. The monk could ready an action to disarm as marcryser suggests though. Tripping the enemy would still work obviously unless their counterpart is a naga (Edit: wait, PF nagas don't have arms. Something else snakey) or something.

There are buffs which might be useful against disarming like the dazzling blade spell or the unseen magic weapon quality.

It's a top-tier talent tho' not beyond that IMO...and boring. Boring boring boring. Traits are best as a reminder of your background and this says nothing about you.

The first paragraph refers to the older versions of the tarrasque SheepishEidolon. I didn't edit that second paragraph in, its reference to flying 200' up and the not amazing attack bonus of the spines is how to deal with it in PF.

Fly out of size + reach + jump range, have enough ammo and keep an eye on the duration of whatever fly effect you're using. If the enemy can shoot back make sure you can handle that. As a tactic it's embarrassingly easy where it's possible at all. Finishing the tarrasque is another matter, but one which is basically outside combat.

It used to be that the tarrasque had no ranged options. You'd almost certainly be fighting it outside, so stay out of its charge range (with a fast horse or flight) and you could wear it down with arrows.

PFs version has a bunch of ranged attacks but the attack bonus isn't amazing. It's a little harder but the option of buying a bag of holding full of arrows and flying 200' up to shoot it to pieces is still there.

First, while getting precise shot at level 1 isn't essential you're going to need it some time.

Startoss shower & comet have startoss style as a prereq.

And yes you're right about swift action congestion being a problem. If it takes to round 3 to have both styles and a single buff up you have an obvious problem. Drop slipslinger and get deadly aim maybe?

A clockwork goliath is dealt with like most golems; fly above and shoot them, or use simple illusions to bypass them. It has a ranged attack, but the attack bonus is fairly ordinary so both plans should work well even if you fight it at like 10th level. It's still better than the viridian golem (CR 18) who would lose to a 1st level strix fighter, or could be bypassed with any spellcaster with the invisibility spell.

The clockworks aren't immune to much magic like a golem is so a good battering blast by a level-appropriate spellcaster can turn it into rubble instantly. I'm not sure this is an important difference.

Staves are effectively spells known and extra spell slots. Spell storing weapons and armor (and even rings) are like extra spell slots too.

That works. You get another at level 9 too; outflank is likely the best then. You can only give out one teamwork feat so those with other feat prereqs should be avoided.

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Mindblade magus is an archetype made by Paizo, not by any 3rd party.

You can choose a different psychic weapon each time you spend psychic pool points to create one, 'of her choice' means chosen then.

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Shriekers aren't that sort of problem. They're not a direct threat, they alert others - that's always been the shrieker's role, the living alarm trap. The description I see doesn't even mention a CR or damage.

And axe beaks? 10' reach, plenty of speed and they're usually used as mounts. They do that role just fine and the sudden charge is just gravy (lance + 10' reach with a free trip is scary).

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25. Read the Evil Overlord list. Take onboard the advice and don't make excuses.

Wayangs make good enough magi or wizards that restricting the double-trait metamagic reduction to them wouldn't be enough to make any kind of balance. It really is too much.

& yeah, the owners of ships trading with Minata must have plenty of stories about apprentice wizards to tell.

In American english -ize, NZ or Brit -ise. Whether for optimise/ize or emphasise/ize.

Foxfire (Sp): At 1st level, as a standard action, you can create up to four eerie spheres of light that function as dancing lights. While in possession of one or more of these spheres, you can attack one target within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack by directing a sphere at it. This sphere deals 1d6 points of fire damage. Whether or not the sphere hits, it disappears as if its duration ended. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier.

That's a pretty terrible ability, are you sure you want it? The action economy is just awful and the damage is poor.

The vengeful comets spell has a similar visual but it's not kitsune-related. It does have a better action cost. There's probably other similar spells or items - but not kitsune-related that I can think of.

Playing against type is one thing (e.g. half-orc mesmerist) is one thing, but I'm not a big fan of not even trying to optimise a character. And, well, if you put the work into it an elf barbarian as per the OP can be fairly optimised, similarly for the others there.

Sysryke wrote:

You either skipped or misunderstood the OP. This thread is for unoptimized race class combos. Good point, wrong thread :)

Edit: not sure if I misspelled my emphasised word, but the point remains

Yanks misspell many words with their love of z's, but you're correct by their lights.

There's the witness spell. I'm struggling to think of something that works exactly like the summoner bond senses ability though.

Way back in D&D 3.5 there was a halfling variant (strongheart?) which got a bonus feat in place of the general save bonus.

There's a kitsune star gem sure. Kitsune racial feats couldn't really be described as fox fire, but there's non-racial feats like faerie's strike which might be.

I don't think one demoralize attempt should be able to stack with itself. I'm fairly sure the same source rule can and should stop that.

If you only do shaken with the skill unlock due to a successful save then the thug ability can then exchange 4+ rounds of shaken for 1 round of frightened. The extra round of shaken from thug would work too. I don't see those abilities otherwise working together.

The antiquarian's ability to ignore spell failure is part of their 'relic casting' ability which specifies how their own magic works. I'm pretty sure it's meant to work with antiquarian spells/not-quite-extracts.

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zook1shoe wrote:
the Barbarian archetype handbook does not have any information on the Pack Hunter, and with the updated Lore Warden in the Fighter handbook

OK, my suggestions:

Pack Hunter
Power 0, Versatility 0
Losing a rage power for a trait-level version of raging vitality is bad, but getting a bonus to AC vs AoOs has to be better than trap sense for a barbarian. You probably don't care about being able to select teamwork feats instead of rage powers but nothing's forcing you to take that option. Overall a wash.

Lore Warden (Adventurer's Guide)
Dip Power 0, Versatility 0
Full Power -1, Versatility 0
The original Lore Warden was criticised for being an upgrade to the core fighter. This later version has been cut down to match the vanilla, no-archetype fighter prior to the addition of advanced armor training in the Armor Master's Handbook...which makes it worse than the vanilla fighter now.

If you've your own opinions on these Zook, maybe now's the time to share?

Soulsight goggles are your answer. 15K cost. The below are cheaper but the goggles are what you're after.

Runeward tattoos don't provide sight but they do at least warn you when spells are cast, and they're relatively cheap. A lantern of auras or a witchlight lantern don't do arcane sight, but they would at least provide a form factor for your custom item.

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Mark Seifter on the subject. No, it doesn't change the RAW, but it does provide some advice.

DMDM's guides on planar binding and similar, you may find them useful.

I will say that if you're offering anything close to a fair deal, the couatl is likely to be the safest of those.

How strong they'd be depends on how many like them there are. An army or a nation would have tactics worked out to beat them, e.g. transmute rock to mud perhaps followed by the reverse, or decent archers flying far above somehow, or buffs which purely affect their enemies like haste. They'd be weaker than most in this case.

If OTOH they're the only one in the world immune to magic then their enemies mostly won't expect this and they will have a serious advantage.

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