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Dunno if it fits 'storm' exactly but an aqueous orb is a water spell which does useful battlefield control. Aggressive thundercloud (& greater AT) is a spell which might fit better but just does damage without the BFC and isn't as good IMO. Rope tornado and river of wind are barely-acceptable wind-based BFC.

Storm step will certainly fit, and is likely useful. It's a short range L3 teleport which also does a little damage to those along its path.

Sorry, there's a lack of good storm-themed spells at a decent level.

+2 Str and Wis sounds like the worst possible stat bonuses for an inspired blade swashbuckler who'll be getting fencing grace. The. Worst. Possible. They won't be any use for the other two classes either once you have fencing grace. I'd try and make a character which got something out of at least one of them.

Anyway, you're actually asking about feats. None of those is terrible except maybe death from above - a situational +2 attack only when you're likely to hit anyway is a waste. If you want to torment enemies with flyby attack on a regular basis then lunge is something to consider. If flying a lot then aerial roll will be handy.

Problem is you may have to land and stand in the way of the enemies a lot given the lack of front liners. Flyby attack is probably not going to be useful for that, nor aerial roll. Combat reflexes OTOH would be.

Fly-by attack is not spring attack. AoO's still work. If the allies have readied actions those work too.

The penalty reduction gets better later on but yeah, this is an option for style over substance.

A side note - you're going to have less offence than the average barbarian. I mean, you can still have Str 18 and a greatsword or whatever, it's not terrible, but no power attack or other feat based tricks makes a much less impressive engine of doom.

ErichAD nailed it IMO, though I think it could do with a bit more polish as an RPG before the fine buffing needed to make it something else.

If you take a look at the subjects of threads over on the second edition forums you can see this divide play out - the considerable majority are about combat balance issues and optimisation. Very few are about roleplaying, worldbuilding, adventure design, or random what-ifs as you may see on the first edition forums. Though of course we have some about combat balance & optimisation here too that's not all of them and never has been.

Sneak attack can add a fair bit of damage. But if you don't like it, and you find yourself playing a character who started as a rogue I'd multiclass. The sunk cost fallacy is after all a fallacy.

Some of the other drow FCBs are about getting off-list spells related to darkness, evil etc. IIRC.

One of the better archetypes of the occultist is the haunt collector. Not that the haunted implements are necessarily necromantic but they seem in-theme. They could go into the agent of the grave PrC though losing progression with their implements would be annoying.

A magus with spell blending could get into the PrC if you want a weapon-user. Given that this group has meat shields to burn maybe an eldritch archer.

'Whenever you make an attack action' means both shots yes, since barrage uses an attack action. And sneak attack applies to any attack made against a flat-footed target so also yes.

Price 189,000 gp

Edit: to expand on that, it's more than twenty times the weight of an average android in gold.

Dirty trick and steal don't get weapon bonuses. Well, steal probably does if your weapon has the sticky magic weapon quality and you scored a crit but that's a fairly exotic circumstance. Drag and reposition do if the weapon has the trip property, not otherwise - Derklord mentions this and provided a link above.

Sunder is performed with a weapon, grapple isn't usually. A +2 weapon, or +1 and weapon focus could explain the CMB difference. No idea what the CMD difference is about.

In general vigilantes fit the flashy mostly-mundane fighter concept better than rogues, fighters and even slayers. That makes them a good thing! For the right campaign even a social talent to make your batcave undetectable is great.

There's a few abilities which seem difficult for almost any campaign. Psychedelia discipline psychics can't walk down the street from level 13 without causing a massacre. Blight druids can but only up until people point spears and crossbows at him and order him out of town, which won't take long (from L5). Anything which outright requires you to maintain an evil alignment; besides the alignment itself you're generally required to not be a team player. Look up some antipaladin codes of conduct for examples.

Project image moves physical things just fine if you cast mage hand or a similar spell. It has similar but different limits; call it the same level?

Simulacrums do what you tell them to even if they don't like it. It needs to be a higher level spell than your twin spell IMO.

Though - someone disagrees with me. Bilocation, a spell with no real use I can think of, is your twin spell with a useless duration and 8th-9th level.

Potions/scrolls/alchemical items vs. permanent items (with wands to be reworked) is a reasonable place to put a split, but what about non-permanent other items? Elixirs, a necklace of fireballs, and the jingasa of the fortunate soldier could all fit in the grey area.

I guess there's situational uses for it, but in a lot of ways project image, simulacrum or clone would be just better. Or greater teleport & greater scrying...I'm not sure I'd make this a 9th level spell.

How would it work with the out of combat uses it's for? Is it basically a way to get twice as much magic item crafting done? Or for social interactions in two different locations?

179: A crowd stormed the Test of the Starstone and the other gods sent Golarion away rather than deal with hundreds of new, annoying gods.

Yeah, but even without casting a single spell the bard's better at shooting thanks to inspire courage. They can get one or two bonus feats via any of several archetypes, which is all the base rogue gets.

One side note, I'd get manyshot rather than clustered shots. Many types of DR can be beaten by fancy arrows or alchemical gear.

If you're talking about warriors (possibly even with the class) guarding the temples of Nethys then i expect those to be non-faithful of that temple. Paid or else loaned from a friendly church that doesn't look down on mere goons. As such they most likely use the weapons commonest in the local culture, or those of the friendly church.

Brigh does clockwork but she's also a forge-goddess. If her cult is big in the local area the her follower(s) with craft (weaponsmith) probably make most of the local weapons. As such again, the weapons commonest in the local culture are most of what they make and will be what they supply to their guards.

I could go on. A church or cult should grow out of the local culture rather than being a foreign import usually.

Winter witches are something of an exception Zotpox. They tend to be wannabe blasters who can just do damage.

Making archery work with sneak attack probably means sniping, and that's not all that effective. Oh, you can SA without sniping if your friendly sorcerer color sprays or glitterdusts the enemy, but cleaning up's not a high bar to meet. If the rogue isn't using sneak attack then they're worse than a bard who at least has inspire courage (probably).

Shifter is remarkably solid. Turn into an air elemental to fly & harass your enemies from a distance, turn your enemies into fishes if they come after you. Easy enough to to both by level 3.

Witches use their casting stat all the time. A headband of +int is the best thing you can get. For the remaining couple of thousand a cloak of resistance and some elixirs of the thundering voice could be reliably useful.

Veiled illusionist isn't explicitly a PrC for Sivanah-worshipers but the implicit requirement is hard to miss. Sivanah doesn't do Love, at least as a domain.

If you can get mirror image and a decent AC you are very hard to hit with physical attacks, yes. Expect that your GM may start getting annoyed eventually and will create enemies or use odd tactics specifically to get you.

But yes, veiled illusionist gives you useful stuff to do in combat or out of it.

Purely theorycrafting of course. Nine times out of ten the best capstone for a spellcaster is the one from Chronicle of Legends which gives +8 to an ability score. It's hard for anything weird and wonderful to do better than that. It's pretty good for non-spellcasters too.

The monk of the healing hand one has to be the worst, but the runner up is the cleric before CoL. No capstone at all is demanding that you take a prestige class to get actual class features, like you were playing D&D 3.x.

The samurai last stand is decent on its own, but with extreme cheese - "I challenge you little buddy! Now run away before the final battle starts!" - it gets absurdly good.

Against players? I dunno, how do you feel about a murder charge?

OK, OK, against PCs. It depends on the expectations. Some people hate losing their characters, some hate you holding back too much and want a challenge. I'd lean towards not doing something the party couldn't oppose, but you'll know your players better than me.

Whether the party could easily go to somewhere they could get the character raised (i.e. without the player losing too much time) and whether they could afford a raise dead is also a consideration.

Selling it is engaging in the slave trade. Use it or pass it on.

As I was informed a few months back, others can use it.

Weapons against evil first up. Burst of radiance and consecrate are a couple of 2nd levels of note.

Previous thread on a similar issue, BTW.

Mooncursed seems to be fine with your getting huge size with any of the six animal options, and if it required an existing animal of that size then an advanced bear with a template wouldn't be eligible anyway. A tiger gives you pounce which is always going to be nice to have, and none of the other options give you anything special unless you're in a campaign featuring a lot of water.

Anyway the obvious feat which gives bonuses to a mooncursed barbarian is extra rage power. There are a lot of good rage powers. Also power attack and the usual feats good for melee of course. You're going to have reach but probably not much dex; there are a couple of style feat chains which make that one AoO something for the enemy to worry about.

A phantom thief rogue can get the signature skill benefits faster. Not any better, but if you want the same general idea on a 10th level character rather than a 15th the class is there.

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If he's getting combat reflexes and using a scimitar then weapon trick (one-handed) works. I'd generally suggest going for passive numbers feats (weapon focus, toughness, extra arcane pool etc.) for an NPC to keep them manageable. With VMC he isn't likely to have a huge number of feats free anyway?

Spell perfection is a L15 feat BTW, it requires 15 ranks in spellcraft - and a couple of extra metamagic feats.

Concentration is a problem which can be more or less solved by items. If your evil party is likely to get rich quick then don't worry about it. Personally I'd hate to spend a feat on combat casting ever.

Kensai is a slow starting archetype. Low AC at first, not enough spells for a long time. If you're starting at level 1 I'd avoid it.

Boots of escape if your GM (or this AP) really likes grappling monsters.
Lesser metamagic rod of selective spell if you have some good area spells.
Handy haversack because those are just...handy.
If your AC isn't totally outclassed already then a +1 mithral buckler.
A belt of Con or Dex is on the big six list too.

Personally I'd likely get the rod, the haversack and some consumables (floating feather token, potion of lesser restoration, a few lesser talismans, various alchemical tricks) as I think DeathlessOne suggests.

An investigator is sneakier than a rogue and has her own magic. Being able to exchange formulas with an alchemist is a bit of synergy, and they can do TWF though their own main combat bonus (studied combat) doesn't start until level 4 for some reason.

If the base investigator isn't distinct enough in flavour from the vivisectionist there are lots of different archetypes for the investigator.

Thrown weapon builds require insane numbers of feats; always more than you think. In this case you've missed the two-handed thrower feat, required to throw more than one 2H weapon per round. A fighter dip or similar might be needed to get everything online reasonably quickly.

I shapeshift into an army of PF1 goblins and convert the mussels into pickles, paving the way for PF2 goblins to be considered valuable members of society.

Key. Maybe shorter, but that's the general idea.

Yes, rogues get overshadowed pretty easily. If she's using the unchained rogue variant/optional rule it will help in combat at least. If she's using the core rulebook rogue then one of you really needs to change.


In a room with them, neither talked to nor remember: not met, not even heard of them from this alone.

Talked to but don't remember them: not met, not even heard of them from this alone.

Passed with no interaction or memory: not met, not even heard of them from this alone.

On the other side of a wall/door with a few words exchanged: met.

On the other side of a wall/door with no words exchanged: not met, not even heard of them from this alone.

Fought someone invisible for one round: not met, maybe heard of.

Seen them glitterdusted but otherwise invisible for 1 round: not met, maybe heard of.

If the invisible person left anything behind - blood for example - you could mitigate the save bonus via 'Body part, lock of hair, bit of nail, etc. -10' though.

In several of these cases there should be someone else who can prompt you enough to meet the 'heard of' threshold. I edited the above after rethinking BTW.

At level 1 a MoMS monk gets stunning fist without needing to spend a general or bonus feat. At level 6 a MoMS gets either a bonus feat or a wildcard slot but not both. I think the rest of what you wrote is correct Zepheri, though it's a difficult read.

I don't think the math agrees with you Melkiador.

A barbarian has about 2 HP/level more than a kineticist, 4 more when raging, and a couple of points of DR by L10 with no further investment.

If burn has no effect on HP then force ward increases the kineticist's HP by (level/2 + .5) * level; from about 6th level to more than the barbarians'.

Similarly flesh of stone gives DR = kineticist level. Much much more than the barbarian, even if you get stalwart etc.

If burn is no problem then some kineticists will appear to be made of rubber.

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First I'd try to retrain alertness. You get that feat free when you're carrying your familiar/spirit animal, no need to buy it separately.

With martial flexibility it helps to have a feat or two to build off rather than being limited to entry-level feats; if you take combat reflexes then options like bodyguard open up, or dirty fighting allows flexing into the improved combat maneuver feats, or weapon focus or improved unarmed strike open up a surprising number of tricks. Retrain alertness into one of those?

For future plans I'd stick with shaman because you have the most levels in that. The half-orc alternate favored class bonus fits your desire to have as many spells as possible, and obviously it's going to work best when you have as high a level in shaman as possible:

Add one spell from the cleric spell list that isn’t on the shaman spell list to the list of spells the shaman knows. This spell must be at least 1 level below the highest spell level the shaman can cast.

It may be worth retraining the sorcerer level too if it's not key to your character concept.

For future feats some metamagic effectively gives you access to new spells. Reach spell or blissful spell or tumultuous spell can turn old spells into new, more useful ones. It's not possible yet, but remember your spirit magic spells are cast spontaneously - you can add metamagic to them on the fly. It would also be possible to concentrate a bit on summoning if you like, one of the nature spirit hexes lets you cast summon nature's ally spontaneously. Augment summoning is the obvious feat to aim for if you go that way.

Also: see the aether or earth defensive talents. Kineticists can be little walls of meat with no burn problems. This is more an image problem than a technical problem IMO.

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First, you usually don't multiclass full spellcasters - extra spellcaster levels in your main class gain you more than a handful of low level spells. A single level dip in sorcerer is something that is used for certain spellcasters specialising in blasting, but they're usually all about focusing on a single spell or a few such, not on getting as many as possible.

The quote you've got there is about being able to select unusual (and not previously available) spells as part of your spells known. They're still limited by your number of spells known as defined by the class though.

Edit: one means of increasing your spells known is alternate favored class bonuses. Instead of adding +1 HP or +1 skill point, many races have the option of adding a spell to your spell list (shaman) or to your spells known (sorcerer).

A literal reading of disguise self (& so hat of disguise) limits you to the same creature type; this might be a problem for half-dragons. I suggest asking the GM to not read that literally because it's silly, but be aware it's a potential issue.

Wander over to giantitp and you may see the playtest version of the legendary bard. A cunning google may find you playtest versions of older legendary games classes there.

Jonathanheimer wrote:

Sorry guys but the above build is not RAW there for not legal in PFS.

Reynolds posted in a similar discussion on magic item creation feats, that spell like abilities do not count towards prerequisites for the feat because you are not actually casting the spell, dont get an actual caster level, etc.

So no that build is wayyyy off.

There simply isn't anyway to cheat the system when it comes to being able to increase your actual caster level for spell progression effects other than to level up.

Note the date above - 2014. Then consider how the rules have changed (via FAQ) since then.

This is why thread necromancy is a bad idea.

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