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@Anarchy_Kanya: When shooting an allies' attack you can potentially mess around with the order of events a little. You saw where they were aiming and with your superhuman abilities figured out it was going to be off-target, so fired at the same time they did.

@hyphophora: At your highest attack bonus includes all modifiers. It just means that you don't use the bonus for your second or later iterative attack.

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Sorry Scott, didn't notice that SW was ambiguous. Yes I did mean Secret Wizard.

Secret Wizard wrote:
...for how many daily rounds?

Freebooter's bane: at will.

Barbarian rage: 6 + Con mod rounds, and his build has a free feat for extra rage if desired.
Alter self: 5 minutes, either 1/day or 3/day depending on whether the GM allows a version of fiendish darkness to work on the oni-spawns SLA or not.
No warpriest spell buffs are assumed in those figures. Sacred weapon is constant, no duration.

Scott's builds do work usually, and all the above is derivable from his posts. I've noticed SW that you're unwilling to read others posts at all carefully. Is there a reason for that?

I can't see how your later shots would catch up with your earlier shots to redirect them so - IMO - this would be impossible, as in the FAQ quote.

@Secret Wizard: Getting to feats dependent on spring attack faster is the draw? I didn't think of that. It does seem a narrow use case, but probably enough to be worth power 0 IMO.

@UAE: Thundering shot inflicts deafened which isn't a great condition. Suppose the enemy has a 30% chance of making the save. The chance of failing to cast a spell when deafened is 20%, so the chance of your thundering shot stopping the spell going off is 14%. About 1 chance in 7, and you have to get within 15' of the spellcaster just to get the chance. Catching multiple spellcasters in the area is a rare and precious thing. If you want to self-deafen to beat enemies using sound effects, use a thunderstone; the area of thundering shot can't affect yourself. Deafening enemies doesn't stop them using sound-based attacks. I'd call this worthless.

I didn't write the review but I'm looking at the cloaked wolf now. Lure prey looks worse than stern gaze, always wary looks worse than either cunning initiative or monster lore (and it replaces both!), and the bonus feat list doesn't look great to me. Even as prereqs they'd mostly be coming later than you'd like. Is there some combo I'm missing?

It's enough as is. There's room for other guides and styles of showing how to get and use various class abilities, and I think starting another guide is the way to do those.

I'm not sure you can use a hand as a buckler and use a buckler on that arm at the same time. Different bonus types yes but the same sort of action.

Re more damage since this archetype keeps martial flex., remember feats like dedicated adversary.

Later jabbing style feats need dodge and mobility as prereqs. You aren't going to be able to afford them with VMC.

If you're looking at full spellcasters in low & low-mid level games then consider a dual-cursed oracle. The misfortune revelation especially, it can be used on yourself or allies defensively when they fail a save despite the name. Admittedly it's only 1/day/person, but you can pick up the fortune revelation as well at 5th level.

Nature, lore and lunar mystery oracles can use Cha in place of Dex for reflex saves and AC, which lets you get a high Cha without hurting your defences otherwise. Oracles can get some decent defensive spells from the cleric spell list.

The best way to deal with fear immunity? Get another means of dealing sneak attack which doesn't rely on scaring the unscarable. Dirty tricks (a ninja can be good at these with the redirect force ninja trick), or turning invisible (also a ninja specialty), or whatever.

About the skill ranks you're forgetting other bonuses - the sprite is listed as having a +8 racial modifier to escape artist, and it's a tiny creature with perfect maneuverability so gets +8 to the fly skill. With 6 Int it has 6 - 2 (Int mod) = 4 skill ranks per fey HD. With 1 HD it then has 4 skill ranks with a max of 1 in any one skill.

Similarly for the faerie dragon.

The imp is limited to LE spellcasters only under the improved familiar feat in the core rulebook. THis is more specific than the general rule of one alignment step, therefore it takes precedence.

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At what level? A first level diviner wizard is the definition of squishy, at L20 they're possibly the hardest to kill in the game. A level range is needed to make sense of this question.

I think it goes yes to all those. There is a problem though, and that's that the gun chemist isn't a spellcaster and can't get or use spell cartridges. Alchemists aren't technically spellcasters.

BTW in PF a coin is 1/50 of a pound. An ounce is 1/16, right?

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Or you use more valuable stuff than gold pieces, and/or you have a home base or something.

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AoN has a list of SNA options with linked stats here.

There's a guide to polymorphing including wild shape here.

If you want a printed product, I can't help you sorry. Certainly not by Paizo.

The way it's written it's primarily a means of directing uncontrolled undead. As in, when you animate more than you can control. Being able to override 5th level clerics 25% of the time is a side effect, not the main effect.

The master of the mindless undead who wishes to prevent those undead attacking the creature struck rolls a DC 11 caster level check. Not a DC 11 + caster level check, it's very clear.

Switching your witch hex (if you choose not to have one permanently) isn't that big a deal, whether you use it for brew potion or not, but you're right that craft wondrous item for free is a solid extra feat. Switching arcane enlightenment daily is actually better done by the standard shaman, lore is not one of the best spirits to have as your primary one.

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So the arcanists hands are both tied to her backpack? Probably without much slack? With cords 2' long? That'd be...awkward, at best. The entangled condition, more likely.

Mystic past life lets you steal from one spell list only. Also you get (spellcasting mod +1) spells added to your list.

The closest I came to the same situation was 3 half-fiend rock crabs who I was prepared to rule could squeeze two different enemies as a standard action. Since none of them got to maintain a grapple past the first round on even one of the PCs that house rule went untested.

Point of order Derklord: the PA bonus damage for offhand attacks is twice the PA penalty, not 1.5x. I think you've confused it with the way Str bonuses apply.

@Nosta: Derklord seems to generally know this subject better than me and I won't try to second-guess his judgement. My minor correction just now doesn't change that.

When she hits with a tentacle she does 2d6+6 damage and gets a grapple attempt on the target. If the attempt succeeds it does the constriction damage, if it fails then no such damage. The attempt may be made with a -20 if she doesn't want to get the grappled condition. She can grapple up to 4 creatures this way, yes.

Maintaining grapples on multiple targets is something the rules don't cover well. RAW she can maintain a grapple on only one target and it takes her a standard action. Letting her maintain on multiple targets via a full attack if she took the -20 is a bit of interpretation/house rule. Not unreasonable mind you, and I doubt a +16 CMB will work on most characters capable of taking on a CR 15 enemy anyway.

The damage for a maintained grapple after the round where the character was grabbed is the tentacle damage + constrict damage.

Just in case you'd missed it - protection from evil's AC bonus doesn't apply vs. non-evil creatures. Your AC tops out at 28 if a construct or whatever attacks you.

There's the classics. A sculpted demon face whose mouth leads into a dark passage. The L20s walk into the darkness and disappear. The passage is dark because it's filled with a sphere of annihilation.

Or, a bunch of ninjas jump out and take the PCs hostage. The L20s heroically offer to take the PCs places. That happens. Then stabstabstab with thinaun weapons from D&D 3.x. (this may require a little more suspension of disbelief)

Inquisitor is a decent list to steal from. Some different combat buffs, and with an 18 Wis the litany spells might be useful. Inquisitor could well work with that previous life backstory too.

Captain Zoom wrote:
avr wrote:

Being staggered, it can make a charge up to its speed as a standard action. Pounce still works with that RAW.

If you're going to be a summoner, spell focus (conjuration) is a feat tax for augment summoning anyway. Varisian/Mage's tattoo is OK in its own right. 2 feats is the actual cost.

Great, no T-Rex for you (it doesn't have pounce). Or put another way, your options are now limited to creatures with pounce. Great.

Summons with pounce include some pretty good ones, and pounce isn't required - it's an option. A T-rex can still perform a standard action charge when staggered. It just gets one and only one attack at the end of it. Of course, that's all a T-rex gets anyway...

I'll buy the idea that a feat you would already take (Spell Focus) as not being an "extra" cost, BUT just because a feat is good (Mage's Tattoo) doesn't make it "free" - you still have to take it and if it's good, but NOT a feat you would have taken, then it's definitely NOT free.

Sure. Though if you might take that feat and the fact it's a useful prereq gives you a little extra push and you then take it, you can drop the 'definitely NOT free'. It's more complex than absolutes.

As noted above, Cavall is correct that it's only 3 feats, not 4 as the prereq is Inscribe Magical Tattoo OR Mage's Tattoo. The former actually makes it only 2 feats if you can get Augment Summoning without having to take Spell Focus (e.g. Herald Caller).

Yeah, and if you're a tattooed sorcerer you get Varisian (aka Mage's) tattoo for free and the cost is just 1 feat. The cost does vary with what you're building from.

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The Thread Necromancer wrote:
Scott Wilhelm wrote:

GM: as you head up the hill, you see the warehouse silhouetted by the sunset.

PC: Warehouse? What's a warehouse? Is that like a werewolf that's a person that turns into wolf, but instead the person turns into a house?

GM: (scribbling furiously) It is now!

That's like the "Gazebo" strip from KODT

The gazebo story predates KoDT by a couple of decades.

If you're looking at non-wizard summoners there's plenty of good options but not normally an oracle. They don't have the aura class feature, and they don't have bonus feats. A tattooed sorcerer (abyssal bloodline for DR/evil) could get into tattoo attunement paying just the one general feat for example, or an arcanist with the occultist archetype gets a couple of standard action summons without paying anything, or the animal shaman druid archetypes can be pretty good.

But yeah, pact wizard should be just fine. If you're specialising in summoning then you can get away with 3 opposition schools.

For tying people up get bloodvine rope. Scott knows about this, he's just forgotten for a moment. Wrangler's gloves may also be useful.

If you enjoy being the party goon all the time, and your gaming group is fine with that then I guess that explains why you're always trying to get the last drop of optimisation on every character. Different gaming groups can be very different and that wouldn't work with the people I know.

How do you feel about herding cows? Until you hit 7th level it isn't hard to buy animals with the requisite number of hit dice. Learning the animal handling skill may be undignified but it is practical.

@Scott: 'A weapon can normally only bear one modification at a time.'

Both. They can attack at 5' and 10' range with normal weapons. If A had a reach weapon then they wouldn't be able to attack either B or C with it, and could attack creatures 15' or 20' away.

(Assuming that A is a large (tall) creature which seems likely given that they're using an axe. If A is large (long) then they can only attack creatures 5' away with that axe.)

Being staggered, it can make a charge up to its speed as a standard action. Pounce still works with that RAW.

If you're going to be a summoner, spell focus (conjuration) is a feat tax for augment summoning anyway. Varisian/Mage's tattoo is OK in its own right. 2 feats is the actual cost.

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Shamans, last 3:
Spirit Warden
Power 0, Versatility -1
This archetype replaces the spirit magic spells; the replacements are decent for anti-undead use. A hex for channeling to harm undead is OK, the hex giving a bonus on saves vs. death effects and energy drains is not the best considering that death ward is one of those replacement spells. It's workable overall if you expect to fight a lot of undead.

True Silvered Throne
Power 0, Versatility 0
Your spirit animal gets effectively split into a book you prepare spells from, and a clockwork spy which doesn't get most familiar abilities but which is cheap to replace. Not bad. Your wandering spirit abilities only work for an hour a day at 6th, 2 hours/day at 8th, 3 at 14th, and you can switch which wandering spirit you have for each hour. Similarly instead of wandering hex you have ritual hex. It'd be good when you have time to prepare and know what you're up against, bad when you're attacked.

Power 0, Versatility -1
A whole lot of divinatory abilities replacing wandering hex and delaying wandering spirit 8 levels. If your GM's willing to let augury, divination and scrying reveal secrets this is workable, but a lot will try to minimise their effect.

'The grenade detonates at the beginning of the wielder’s next turn' both for grenades and the grenade launcher. Fuse grenades are separate from both (and lower tech) and have a random, 1d3 round fuse.

Grapple has no size restrictions RAW. If you want to grapple the largest dragons go for it,

For feats a mutagenic mauler looking to grapple might go

Brawler 1: IUS
1: improved grapple
Brawler 2: TWF (flurry), snapping turtle style
3: snapping turtle clutch
Brawler 5: snapping turtle shell
5: ???
7: greater grapple
Brawler 8: ITWF (flurry), ???
9: rapid grappler

With a couple of free feats you could improve your non-grapple fighting ability, or improve your defences generally (the tiefling feat armor of the pit isn't terrible if you're concerned about AC), or pick up fringe feats related to grappling - claw wrench or whirling hold perhaps.

You may like the accelerated drinker trait. While you're not required to be big to grapple, it does help and a bunch of potions of enlarge person may be worthwhile.

UnArcaneElection wrote:
avr wrote:
{. . .} Versatility swordfish {. . .}



A lot of the brawler archetypes can work for an unarmed fighter. Mutagenic mauler, or battle dancer, or just the base brawler class are worth a look. The first dumps martial flexibility for a simpler combat buff if you find flex. a pain, the second has combat mobility options, and the last just works well enough IMO.

Doc link

Shamans start off slowly, sure. The one I saw played to ~L13 chose the wind spirit for flavour and was seriously annoyed to discover how bad his first spirit magic spell (alter winds) was. But by L7 he had a handful of cleric spells as well as the basic shaman ones, could pick up arcane enlightenment for mirror image and dimension door, and choosing an appropriate wandering spirit could broaden his spell list further - and even lore (for early-access legend lore) was sometimes useful there.

And the base shaman spell list is not as narrowly focused as a witches which gives more flexibility just there. Sure you don't have as many debuffs but you have enough, with more utility, more defensive spells, and a few damaging spells - more than a witch does anyway.

shamans P-S:
Possessed Shaman
Power -1, Versatility +1
Instead of spirit magic (i.e. your bonus spell slot each level and the different spells you can prepare in those) you get a couple of maxed skills which will use Wis as their stat regardless of their usual stat. When you get a wandering hex you can add a third which you can select each day, in place of that class feature. Skills aren't good enough for this to be a good trade but it has some potential for doing weird things.

Primal Warden
Power -2, Versatility swordfish
Primal refers to primal magic (i.e. wild magic) here. Random spells cast using your spirit magic spell slots is just too random to be useful, ever. Likewise the primal blessing hexes.

Serendipity Shaman
Power +1, Versatility +1
You gain a bunch of luck-related options, some of them quite good, for which you pay...nothing. Well, unless you pay a hex you get Luck domain spells in place of your spirit magic spells (pay that hex and you can choose Luck domain or or usual spirit magic spells). It's a solid upgrade.

Haven't you had a fairly long discussion about the intimidating slayer? Anyway, TWF requires more feats, which makes 2H easier. The extra feat from being human is nice to have but certainly isn't required. The only real requirement is being medium-sized, small is a pain for intimidation.

Re dhampirs and healing, I meant that literally - talk to the other players and make sure that at least one will have a character willing and able to use a wand of inflict light wounds (or infernal healing assuming your GM hasn't put a significant price on devil blood) and you're OK to play a dhampir.

Blade's cool, but remember in PF that you need to have your healing nailed down to play a dhampir. As a samurai you won't be providing any of your own so make sure someone in the party can/will wave a wand of inflict light wounds around, or channel negative energy or something.

Ideally you want spells which affect multiple targets and give a morale bonus. There aren't that many of those; bless and fiendish rage are the best that fit, and they're not on the same spell list for any class. But...bless is on a number of lists which can be added to a base class spell list.

So, a psychic with the faith discipline, VMC imperious sorcerer could work. You won't get a lot of feats but the encouraging spell metamagic may well be worth getting once you can (L9). L1 and L5 might be spell focus and spell specialization, or persistent spell and blissful spell, or any other pair of feats you like on a spellcaster.

Traits? If you go for metamagic then metamagic cost reduction might be useful, if you want to make the most of the diplomacy bonus then the traits which make social skills int-based might be worth taking, or whatever - traits make very little difference and can be applied to whatever you find shiny without reducing the effectiveness of your character.

In an underwater campaign the characters simply have to be able to breathe underwater and that usually means by race. A deep shaman would let you pick a surface race if you're starting above 1st level, but that's about as much as that feature's going to do for you in such a campaign. If the campaign requires it you probably won't have to spend class features on it.

The other improved features essentially make those features useful at all. Note that knocking prone underwater is, um, not that great. Pretty much only helpful against something clunking along the seabed. You still might be better with a shaman taking a different spirit even in an underwater campaign which is why I didn't rate it higher.

4 more shamans:
Draconic shaman
Power -2, Versatility -1
One of the archetypes which gives a drake companion. As with all of them you pay far too much - in this case you lose your primary spirit, the ability to take witch hexes, your spirit animal (you need the drake instead, and it doesn't get any spirit animal bonuses) and a couple of hexes. The only saving grace is that you're still a full spellcaster.

Grasping Vine
Power 0, Versatility -1
Your spirit spells and a couple of your hexes get replaced. The replacements are OK except for one of the hexes, which would be useful only in a campaign with an unusual number of plant creatures. Your spirit animal gets plant immunities which is nice.

Power +1, Versatility -1
An archetype which requires the Pathfinder Society to exist in the campaign world, though it doesn't require a PFS game. A bonded item in place of a spirit animal, not the best but OK. OK replacement spirit magic spells. Then there's the big change - in place of your wandering spirit you can focus on skills, spells or weapons each day and get some useful benefits with that category. The wandering spirit is more flexible IMO, but the Pathfinder's Past feature can be made to synergise with your primary spirit very effectively.

Power +1, Versatility 0
Your usual spirit magic spells are replaced by some good mind-affecting attack spells. Also any mind-affecting spell can be delivered via your spirit animal to gain +2 caster levels. If nothing else this can extend buff durations. If mind-affecting stuff is what you want to do this archetype is pretty solid.

The alignment was specified in the improved familiar feat which copied over the imps requirement from the original version of that feat in D&D 3e. The one-step rule for other familiars was added but the imp wasn't changed to match.

There are other improved familiars with sorcerer spellcasting, the tidepool dragon at least and I think more. The faerie dragon is good for more reasons than just the spellcasting though.

What weapon mastery feats is it you're after and by when? It'll probably be possible to make an effective character without whatever weapon-specific feats it is you're after, using longsword and long bow, but it may require a very little lateral thinking.

Over at giantitp there are more than 13 000 posts on this subject.

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Some opinions of shaman archetypes to share:

shamans, first 4:
Power 0, Versatility -1
You get the most extremely situational spells possible in place of your usual spirit magic spells which is bad, but then with exorcism and wrangle condition you get counters to a wide variety of effects that you'd usually have to prepare spells to fix. That costs you half your hexes which I rate as a hit to versatility more than power; it only costs you one hex to pick up slumber after all.

That's a weak power 0, and I could be talked into -1.

Power 0, Versatility 0
No curses allowed by hex or spell, and you gain access to some unexciting but probably useful buff hexes. Meh.

Crystal Tender
Power 0, Versatility -1
The theme is that you protect minerals from exploitation like a druid might protect a forest from exploitation, but of course there's no natural or sustainable level of mining so this is less defensible to society. Oh, and the replacement cost for a shaman's spirit animal, always extortionate, gets increased by 50%; keep it out of sight at all times. You get the option of very minor DR in place of a wandering spirit ability, and you lose a hex to be able to share ioun stone abilities with your spirit animal (who should still be out of sight at all times.)

Deep Shaman
Power 0, Versatility +1
An archetype which changes the waves spirit specifically. Most of the changes are minor buffs to abilities you otherwise wouldn't have used, but you do lose access to the water sight hex. It's intended for an underwater campaign, rated for that.

If your game uses alignment at all then your choice of those is going to be a bit restricted. Imps require a LE master, faerie dragons require one within one step of CG, etc. Your concept is likely to rule out some of those.

For the magic item use, a faerie dragon actually has sorcerer spellcasting so doesn't need to use UMD for wands/scrolls of spells on the sorcerer spell list, any of the others need to use the UMD skill. A non-sage familiar can share your skill ranks, a sage needs to spend its own skill points.

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