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Bizbag wrote:
Captain K. wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:

So, now a Half-Orc, can take the Racial Heritage feat, and choose Half-Elf.

Scarred Witchdoctor with Paragon Surge.

Ha ha, good find.

Thankfully there may be some defence against this broken freak.

In Classic Monsters Revisited P54, it says of Orcs: "Elves are one of the few humanoid races with which an orc crossbreed is simply impossible"

The lines get blurred with the half-breeds though.

That probably has as much to do with avoiding lawsuits from the Tolkien estate as anything. Uruk-Hai are copyrighted.

That's where homebrew comes into play. I actually made an elf-orc race just for the fun of it.

Slim Jim wrote:
I forget how many DBZ characters were, at last count, capable of blowing up entire planets. (Four?)

All of them. The only exceptions being Bulma, Chichi, Mr Popo, Mr Satan, Videl, Chiaotzu, and maybe Yamcha. And the animals, but they aren't fighters anyway so they don't count.

In my last group, we had a magically protected safe that we kept our cash in. Quite helpful for my little dex based halfling with the 2 mil in gold and platinum.

It's not exactly pertinent perhaps, but this thread is reminding me of an encounter from my last campaign. We were on a ship and were being attacked by a megalodon type of creature. We were only level 7, I think, and the only caster at the time (me, a Hunter) didn't have large damage dealing spells. Mostly utility spells and some buffs. The ship did have cannons, but the meg was too close to the ship to aim them at it. So our fighter picks one up and fires it. Does a big chunk of damage, but the GM makes him do a Reflex save against recoil. He fails and both he and the cannon fall into the water and get swallowed on the meg's turn. Luckily for him, his con save was high enough that he could hold his breath long enough for us to finish killing the meg and pull him out.


An Eldritch Scion Magus doesn't get any bonus feats from his bloodline, but does he still get the bonus feat of a Magus? The info on it is a little unclear.

Like the title says, does anyone have any odd quirks when it comes to gaming? Just something you always do or something that annoys you that others don't.

For me, it's my characters all having the same weapons. I have 2 characters that have a level in Inspired Blade Swashbuckler, so they have to have rapiers. When I made my twin thieves, one Swashbuckler and one Rogue, I wanted to give them different weapons that weren't rapiers. I just hated the idea that 4 characters would have the exact same weapon.

In the end, due to lack of proficiency or free feats, I ended up giving the rogue a rapier and the swashbuckler a cutlass. Even though they have the EXACT same stats. It just felt better to me.

So, does anyone else have anything like that?

Not to mention that the high AC is just as easy to get with heavy armor as it is with high dex. And maybe even easier as armor has max dex limits.

Someone suggested using Magus with the Bladed Dash spell. Greater Bladed Dash takes 13 levels, but the base one only takes 4 levels. It looks pretty decent, and I think I can still use spellstrike and spell combat with an unarmed strike.

If I go with Eldritch Scion, I can still reduce MAD with Scaled Fist Monk putting the class features on CHA. Only thing is that I wouldn't be able to use Stormborn if I do add some Sorcerer levels as the Eldritch Scion doesn't have that bloodline available. The only one on both lists that still matches the theme is elemental.

I think I could make it work without using a tristalt, but I still think a gestalt would be best.

Hm... I will look at those.

Pummeling Style seems pretty useful for when I don't need to move to attack.

If I do go with a tristalt, I should have enough bonus feats that I won't really need a bonus feat from being human. I can go with Slyph as the race, using the Stormsoul subrace and the Like The Wind alternate racial trait. That'll give me +5 base speed, +2 Cha, and Shocking Grasp as a SLA.

I'm still trying to figure out what to do here, and I'm starting to get the feeling that I need to use a tristalt. I'd use Sorcerer, Monk, and Fighter. Gets all the benefits I'd need to Sorcerer and Monk while getting all the extra feats from Fighter.

I think it might end up coming down to "Ask your GM." To be safe, I suggest getting the Deep Red Ioun Stone for a +2 to your Dex.

I haven't seen that movie since I was a little kid. I think the girl had wings, right?

Hm, doing a game solo could be fun. It's also likely the only way I'd get to play my twins, lol.

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I think you mean the Tusk Blades, Scott. They can be enhanced like a melee weapon to affect Gore attacks. But it's animal gear and I doubt a GM would allow one to be attached to the Helm of the Mammoth Lord. Though if the PC had a Gore attack through race or a class feature instead of an item, the GM might allow it to be used.

I had to homebrew the race, but I have a character named Alester. He's IB Swashbuckler 1 / Oath of the People's Council Paladin 2 / ES Magus X. The best thing is that at character level 4 (AKA Magus level 3), he gets a familiar that thinks it's a dragon even though it isn't. He can't be convinced otherwise.

His race is basically the dragonkin but with workable wings and a few alternate racial traits.

I would like to point out that there is a paladin archetype missing from the document. The Oathbound Paladin. It would actually require multiple entries as the different oaths replace different paladin features.

I've got a pair of fraternal twins that are meant to be played together. The brother is a Dashing Thief Swashbuckler and the sister is a Phantom Thief Unchained Rogue. They're backstory is that they were born into a noble house but had their family's lands and fortune stolen as children. Now they work to regain what they lost and get revenge, Robin Hood style.

They have several teamwork feats as well as both taking Improved Steal and Improved Disarm, though at different levels. If I can ever play them, I plan to eventually buy 2 Rings of Tactical Precision so they can each share a teamwork feat without needing the other to take it.

Claxon wrote:
When I hear Librarian I think of this guy.

Yeah, that guy! I own the first movie and all 4 seasons of the show.

There's another bard archetype called Archaeologist. It gets some rogue features, but the flavor is on point. Instead of studying in a room, you go out into the world to learn. Think of the Librarian movies and TV show. Or Indiana Jones.

And of course, there's also the good old wizard. Int based full caster that learns magic through constant study.

Ok, since I'm thinking of using at least a few levels of Stormborn Sorcerer, that the Scaled Fist Monk would be better to use than vanilla Monk. Since that way I wouldn't have to worry about both Wis and Cha and the third level ability lets you do a little electricity damage, which is pretty on theme.

Someone mentioned the style strike Flying Kick. You need a minimum of level monk levels, but you can move up to the monk's movement bonus and then flurry. It could be useful when I need to move up to attack a guy, but still want to full attack.

Hm, could work.

Name Violation wrote:
Heather 540 wrote:
There were actually 2 characters in my last campaign that had bonuses to their Stealth rolls that were over 60. The only reason the GM had them even roll for it at all was the chance of a Nat One. I kept thinking, what feats did they take?!
but on a nat 1 nothing special happens. It's still a 61 to find them

House rule for the group. Like I said, it was the only way those two could possibly fail a Stealth check at all. Of course, even then it became mute once the one that was a Rogue took a talent that let him Take Ten on Stealth at any time. Or was it a feat? Either way, he just took ten and no one could ever find him.

I'll take a look at Warrior Poet. That's a samurai archetype, right?

A few suggestions for items later on would be welcome.

Sounds like a plan.

Charging Stag Style looks pretty helpful. I think I want to at least start with a level of Monk, since Flash never uses a weapon so the Improved Unarmed Strike would be a lot more helpful sooner.

And yeah, I gave up on just straight speed. Even using a Quickling as the race, speed doesn't really matter that much once you're actually fighting.

My original idea was using a gestalt of Monk and Stormborn Sorcerer. The bloodline powers are pretty on theme and there are some spells that can mimic Flash abilities like Phase Door.

Ok, a while back when I was looking through the feats for Hulk, I made a note of a couple that looked useful for a speedster character: the Spring-Heeled line. It allows a character to attack while moving as well as doubling your speed. The final feat in the line allows you to attack two opponents similar to Improved Spring Attack but without the -5 BAB. There's also a feat called Circling Mongoose which is only useful when full attacking, but allows you to move in 5 foot steps around the opponent between attacks and basically flank with yourself.

Circling Mongoose has the same pre-reqs are the Spring-Heeled line, so the only problem is the total number of feats needed (7) and that the final feat requires BAB 11. Which is the feat that allows two attacks. Even if I ignore Circling Mongoose and stop at the feat that doubles the speed, it's still 5 feats. Improved Spring Attack only needs BAB 9, but it still adds 2 feats back to the total needed. So I won't be able to get this online before level 11 at the earliest even using a monk's bonus feats since they take them from a list. And Spring Attack isn't on the list until level 10.

So is this a feasible way of making the Flash, not so much replicating the sheer speed, but the ability to move while attacking multiple opponents?

There were actually 2 characters in my last campaign that had bonuses to their Stealth rolls that were over 60. The only reason the GM had them even roll for it at all was the chance of a Nat One. I kept thinking, what feats did they take?!

There are several races that have a natural attack. There are several feats that can give natural attacks to specific races. There are classes and magic items that can give natural attacks. It all depends on what theme you're going for.

For example, I made a kitsune that's a Feral Champion Warpriest with a level of Adaptive Shifter. That gave him Bite, Claws, and Tail Slap. An Animal Totem Tattoo gave him Talons. All of those are things a fox can do, Talons just being Claws on the feet. I could have dipped other classes or used items to give him hair or wing attacks, but that broke the theme for me.

Could have been worse. One time, my party got caught in a teleportation spell trap that split us up. Two of our members got sent into a locked room that had a puzzle for a lock. One of those tetris type puzzles. They spent an hour real time trying to figure it out. The GM put one of the pieces into place himself after the first 30 minutes. Then the session ended for the day. They had to go back in the middle of the week to keep working at it. Neither of them had any way to get around the puzzle due to their classes.

One should always be able to attack in both melee and ranged. That's why all my melee and magic focused characters have bows while my ranged focused characters have kunai.

And I wasn't worried about the number of bombs, but the range increment for landing a hit. I forgot they were touch attacks.

No crafting cost, good. Acid flasks, gotcha.

I'm not entirely sure whether I want an archetype or not. Giving up extracts seems a little harsh, even though Metamorph is pretty on theme.

Ok, here are the starting items for my alchemist.

Alchemist's Kit: Includes alchemy crafting kit, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint & steel, ink, inkpen, iron pot, mess kit, soap, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and waterskin.

Cold Iron Kunai, Leather Armor, Rope.

Using max starting gold, I have 125 left. Even if the GM makes me take average when I do play him, that's still 50 left. I don't think I need any more regular equipment that all characters would likely need. Should I just save the gold for crafting extracts, bombs, and mutagens?

On that note, do bombs, extracts, and mutagens even have a crafting cost? I know potions do.

Hm. I guess I can switch it out. Move up Weapon Focus Tail Slap and put in Craft Wondrous Items at 11 instead.

Hm. I figured it meant you can use the feat for a single attack using Lunge without an AC penalty.

You still get the attack, don't you? Otherwise the feat doesn't work. It would literally be increasing your range for the turn that you can't attack on.

Thank you for the advice.

Meh, still don't really like the idea of giving up half my feats, even if I do have a few to spare. Especially since I won't get the rage power until level 11.

No, I'm not taking Vivisectionist. Never heard of metamorph as an archetype. I will look up Boro Beads. And I don't really need a ranged weapon, ok.

I think the goblin on our last campaign used allocation. No one else wanted to use the potions though since there were often a tooth floating in them.

Natural Attacker, mostly. 8 levels of Alchemist with a 2 level Barbarian dip before going into Master Chymist.

I'm making an Alchemist character and I'm wondering if there are any items I need to give him. Any specific alchemical items and such? And should I buy a ranged weapon? He has the bombs, but those have a short ranged increment.

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Scott Wilhelm wrote:

I recently posted a Natural Attack build: Angry Bird , that gets 6 Attacks/round that do 1d6 + 6 each (only considering Strength bonuses), so that would be an average of 57 points of damage in a full attack (assuming all the attacks hit, that is). Respectable

Plus, good Saving Throws and lots of utility and self-buffing potential.

I have a kitsune with a similar Natural Attack theme. I made two builds in case the GM said no to multiple natural weapons as a sacred weapons. Though honestly, the only difference was changing out Weapon Focus for Improved Natural Attack.

Feats: 1: Fox Shape (Racial bonus)
1: Weapon Focus Bite (Class bonus)
1: Weapon Finesse
3: Toughness
4: Dodge. (Class bonus)
5: Iron Will
7: Blood Feast: After damaging a living foe with a Bite attack, +1 morale Atk and Dam with Bite until the end of your next turn.
7: Hammer the Gap: When full attacking, each consecutive hit against the same foe deals extra damage equal to the number of previous consecutive hits. Multiplies on crit.
9: Lunge: Can increase your melee range by 5 feet for the rest of your turn by taking -2 AC until the start of your next turn. Must be done before any attacks are made.
10: Monkey Lunge: Standard action, can use Lunge without AC penalty. (Class bonus)
11: Weapon Focus Tail Slap

I made a leveled version as a backup for a campaign, adding in Gore using Helm of the Mammoth Lord, and Talons using an Animal Totem Tattoo Eagle version. I get the Tail Slap from a dip in Adaptive Shifter at level 2.

I don't think Variant Multiclassing works for PrC. And there's not much point in it when I'm only leaving the qualifying class for a two level dip before the PrC.

Very last post of the thread. Character

Eh, I've got some feats to spare. I don't really have any chain feats in the build, unless I decide to go with Vital Strike or something. Plus I can get the feat a lot sooner than the discovery.

Wow, I haven't posted here in 3 months. Well, I think I've finally gotten the Hulk figured out. I decided to do the build all the way to level 20, but I still don't know what the last 2 feats should be. Here's the build:

Stats: 16 Str, 12 Dex, 16 Con, 14 Int, 12 Wis, 7 Cha

Faith: Indomitable Faith: +1 trait to Will.
Magic: Alchemical Adept: +2 trait to Craft Alchemy to create alchemical items and only ruin materials on a Nat One.

Feats and Discoveries/Powers:
1: Alchemist: Feat - Iron Will: +2 Will.

1: Human Bonus Feat - Skill Focus: +3 to single skill. +6 at 10 ranks. Skill chosen: Craft alchemy.

1: Throw Anything

1: Brew Potion

2: Alchemist: Discovery – Feral Mutagen: After drinking a mutagen, gain Claws 1d6 and Bite 1d8 for long as it’s in effect. +2 competence to Intimidate.

3: Barbarian: Feat - Extra Rage: +6 rounds of rage a day.

4: Barbarian: Rage Power – Lesser Beast Totem: Gain 2 claw attacks while raging. (So I don't run out of claw attacks.)

5: Alchemist: Feat - Master Alchemist: +2 to Craft Alchemy and when making alchemical items, treat price as if SP to determine speed. Needs 5 ranks in Craft.

6: Alchemist: Discovery - Spontaneous Healing: Once a round, free action, can heal 5 HP. Can use once per 2 alchemist levels a day. Auto-activates if knocked unconscious from HP damage until conscious or used up.

7: Alchemist: Feat – Improved Natural Attack: Increase damage die for selected natural weapon by one size. Needs BAB 4. Attack chosen: Claws

8: Alchemist: Discovery - Bone-Spike Mutagen: When taking a mutagen, gains +2 Natural Armor which also counts as MW armor spikes. Needs lv 6.

9: Alchemist: Feat - Rending Claws: If both claw attacks hit, deal 1d6 precision damage. Needs BAB 6.

10: Alchemist: Discovery – Lingering Spirit: Treat Con score as 10 higher for determining when HP damage kills you. Reducing Con to zero knocks you comatose, but can only die after another 5 point drop.

11: Master Chymist: Feat – Extra Rage Power: Gain a rage power. Must qualify. Guarded Life: While raging, if put below 0 HP, one point per level becomes non-lethal. Immediately stabilizes if in negative HP from lethal damage

12: Master Chymist: Mutagen – Dual Mind: +2 Will. If failed a save against an enchantment spell or effect, can roll again next turn at same DC. If roll succeeds, immediately changes form. Can’t use if can’t change form.

13: Master Chymist: Feat - Recovered Rage: While raging, regain one round of rage by knocking a foe to below zero HP. Foe must have HD of at least half your character level and can’t exceed maximum daily rage limit.

14: Master Chymist: Mutagen – Extended Mutagen: Double the duration of mutation.

15: Master Chymist: Feat: Dodge: +1 dodge AC.

16: Master Chymist: Mutagen – Restoring Change: When changing to and from mutagenic form, heal by 1d8 + character level.

17: Master Chymist: Feat

18: Master Chymist: Mutagen – Burly: In mutagenic form, gain alchemical bonus of class level to Strength check, Strength skill checks, Con checks, CMB, and CMD.

19: Master Chymist: Feat

20: Master Chymist: Mutagen – Evasion: Gain Evasion feature when in mutagenic form.

Thoughts and comments?

Ok, thanks. I'll just pick a different discovery.

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