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Here's something that isn't weird, but still annoying. When someone asks you to do a chore, then comes up and tells you that you're doing it wrong. My dad used to do that when I was washing dishes all the time. It drove me nuts.

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No kidding. Although, it doesn't help when we ask Grandma what she wants either. We'd be driving back from whatever we were doing and call her to ask what she wants. We'd say that we'll be passing this, that, and the other. She asks what we're going to get for ourselves. But we don't know that, since we need to know what she wants. It takes forever to get her to tell us something she'll eat.

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When my mom asks me what we should have for dinner then shoots down all my ideas. Especially since she knows I'm pretty easy to feed and it's her and Grandma that have dietary restrictions. So why even ask me in the first place?

Just gotta make a tray to catch the dice. I didn't make that part for the prototype.

I got my tower prototype put together and it works perfectly. I didn't bother filling in the sides with yarn since I wanted to make sure it would work before putting in all the effort. Now that I know it does, I'm going to take it apart and fill it all in. I have to take it apart anyway since I sewed a platform in crooked and I want to write down exactly what square it should go in for future towers.

Being charismatic and being good-looking are not the same thing. Look at Hitler. He was short and fat. It was the force of personality that people responded to. How else would he get thousands of people to seek an 'ideal' look yet ignore that he was the exact opposite of it?

For a more palatable example, take the actress Uma Thurman. She has a fairly plain face rather than a conventional 'pretty' one. But she is drop-dead sexy when she wants to be. That's a facet of charisma.

Are people more likely to pay attention to a good-looking person? Yes. But that is only a part of what makes a person charismatic or not.

I think you're mixing up using different archetypes of a single class with taking levels in 2 separate classes. If you use an archetype for a class, you have to use that same archetype for every level you take of that class. For example, you can't suddenly take Trench Fighter levels if you've been using vanilla Fighter.

But you can take a level of a completely different class and then go back to the previous class with no problem on the next level. Lots of people take just a level or two of a class to get some benefits and then go back to the original class.

It wouldn't be too much different than all the people who sell prints of fanart and similar merchandise at conventions, I assume. Just a week ago, I bought a Pokemon keychain from one.

I like to make things out of plastic canvas. I'm hoping to get good enough to sell what I make. I've made Transformers, Daleks, and even gaming dice, all in 3D. I just finished my latest project and was trying to figure out what my next one would be.

I started wondering if a plastic canvas dice tower would be something people would buy. The outside would have different patterns on it - like the Tardis from Doctor Who, or the Autobot/Decepticon symbols. Stuff like that. Maybe even just stripes and zigzags of colors.

So, would something like that by a thing that would sell?

Tim Statler wrote:

A number of us who do not like the method the OP brought out is because we suck at rolling.

I've rolled arrays of 4d6, drop the lowest and then totaled it for point buy.

I've had a few in the 30s sure. Most come out in the teens (at best), and the most memorable was a -3 point buy.

Sheesh, what the heck did you roll for a -3?

Personally, I wouldn't mind rolling too much. But I have a slew of characters that I can pick from. If the stats don't match one character, I can play another. But if the stats are truly horrible, I doubt my character would be lasting long.

It's the one class that can have as many feats as a vanilla fighter since it can take Combat Trick as many times as it wants.

When I saw how similar the Phantom Thief and the Dashing Thief were to each other, I thought I should make a pair. Sadly, since they are built to be played together I might never be able to do so. But they were still fun to make.

I didn't really need the Phantom Thief levels for my Gun Chemist, but I based him on DC's Captain Cold and it just fit the theme.

PC1: Gun Chemist with levels in Phantom Thief and Trench Fighter for ranged attacks. Can also work as a skill monkey.

PC2: Kitsune Warpriest for melee, a few spells including heals, scouting, and item creation.

PC3: Phantom Thief Rogue for scouting and face. Can also disarm opponents and support ally.

PC4: Dashing Thief Swashbuckler for melee and disaming.

I'm still working on Hulk, but when I was going through the feats, I noticed a couple that could be useful if I tried making the Flash again. Circling Mongoose and the Spring-Heeled line. Instead of focusing only on boosting base speed but still only being able to attack one person at a time, he can move around and attack multiple people in the same round. It's a bit feat intensive though.

If I just want him to be able to attack just one more person, I can do it with Spring-Heeled Reaping which is only one more feat after Spring-Heeled Sprint. But if I want to attack 3 people, I'd need Greater Spring Attack. Which requires Improved Spring which in turn needs Nimble Moves. Basically it would be a choice of two attacks for one feat or 3 attacks for 3 feats. Monks do get bonus feats, but only from a list which means it won't really be helpful filling out the build except at level one.

I frankly wouldn't allow that. You can't have downtime before the game actually begins, and you can't retrain a level before the game begins either. You can tell him that he'd have to begin with the needed levels of Wizard and can maybe retrain them later, but he can't do it before the start of the game.

Letting a character craft some items before game start is fine though, as long as the character has the feats and gold to do so.

Understood, thanks.

Ok. Thank you.

Can anyone tell me what Spontaneous Alchemy is? I was looking through the feats for my alchemist, and a feat called Instant Alchemy caught my eye. This is what it says:

"When performing spontaneous alchemy, you can craft an alchemical item as a standard action if its total crafting time is 10 minutes or less and you have all the equipment and materials required in hand. Items that require 1 hour to create with spontaneous alchemy take you only 10 minutes, and items that require 1 day take you only 1 hour."

But I can't find rules for spontaneous alchemy anywhere. Using search on Archives just showed two feats and two items, but nothing for what it is.

Ok, so.... feat ideas, anyone? I assume Power Attack will be needed, and I'll probably want Iron Will.

Extra Rage is always good for a Barbarian. Extra Rage Power could be useful if I have the room for it.

Those two and Bone-Spike Mutagen. It gives a +2 to Natural Armor.

That's true. And no, I wasn't getting into bombs. He'll have them, but won't be using them much.

And I totally forgot about the discovery Lingering Spirit. You treat your Constitution score as 10 higher for determining when HP damage kills you.

Ok, so I'll just push Furious Mutagen back to level 15 instead of 13. Dual Minded needs 10 levels of Master Chymist and Alchemist so I still couldn't take it first unless I do go with an 8th level of Alchemist.

Oh yeah, alchemists have horrible will saves, don't they?

Ok, so I think I'm going to go with Guarded Life. I'm building the character up to level 13 so that's two advanced mutagens from the PrC to pick.

I like Furious Mutagen, but it needs 11 combined levels of Master Chymist and Alchemist so I have to take that second. For the first one, I like the look of Restoring Change. When changing back and forth between normal form and mutagenic form, I heal by 1d8 + character level. It's either that or Extended Mutagen to double the length of time of the mutations.

I'm not sure. Guarded Life seems pretty useful. Keep him from dying and all that.

I've decided not to take an 8th level of Alchemist. I don't see any discoveries that really fit the theme other than the 3 I'm already taking. I mean, he'll have access to bombs, but he's not really going to use them.

Still don't know what rage power to take.

I actually have a pair of characters built to be played together. One is a Phantom Thief Rogue and the other is a Dashing Thief Swashbuckler. They're focused a lot on stealing and disarming, and Phantom has Butterfly's Sting to give crits to Dashing. They may not be too interesting or unique but I am hoping to play them at some point.

Do you have a suggestion for the rage power?

Got a possible point spread for Hulk. 20 points, putting the +2 into Strength.

16 Str, 12 Dex, 16 Con, 14 Int, 12 Wis, 7 Cha.

Or I could go with 10 Dex and 15 Int.

I think I'm definitely going to go with the Lesser Beast Totem for claw attacks. Since it takes an hour to make a mutagen, I probably won't be able to do so while adventuring. So the rage power can give me attacks once the mutagen wears off.

You can't choose reach with Evolved Companion.

That does help, thank you. I've never made a wizard before. Tried once, but I was too new to the game and my brain fried.

Ironically enough, I have made an alchemist before, but he was a gunchemist and I was focused on that part of the build and completely forgot he had spell like features.

I'm making an alchemist and it says that they write down what extracts they can make in a book that basically acts like a wizard's spellbook. But how does that work exactly?

They prepare spells like clerics and druids, but they learn spells like sorcerers and bards? And they can add spells without leveling?

Can someone help me out here?

You get it automatically as a class feature of the Unchained Rogue instead of needing feats.

That is a good point. I'll stay away from the archetype.

So I think I'm going to take 8 levels of Alchemist instead of 7 before going into Master Chymist. That way I get one more Discovery. A big question is, do I want to have only 2 levels of Barbarian? If not, how many do I add and when?

I'm going to go with Human rather than Half-Orc.

Got a Bag of Holding and all the wearable equipment I'm going to need already. Plus my character has a mount so if a second bag ends up being needed, it can be tied to the saddle.

Although it's kind of funny, this character is one of the few that has to decide between a Masterwork Backpack or animal barding at level one even with max gold.

It's already magic. That's why I don't want to change it out. It's +5 and has a 50% Acid Resistance from the material (house rule due to being made of dragon skin) as well as Electricity Resistance and Fire Resistance.

And thanks to a Muleback Cords and a Belt of Physical Perfection boosting my Str to 14, I can handle an extra 5 pounds.

Ok, I've decided to come back to this as the rest of my characters that need finishing really need rebuilding. And I want to do this one first.

I really wish that I could take two traits from the same category. I like both the Enduring Mutagen and Alchemical Adept a lot. I think I'll go with Enduring Mutagen though. It's say one additional minute per level. Not one additional minute, but one additional minute per level. That's pretty handy.

For the other trait, I think I'll go with Reactionary. Gotta go first so he can drink that mutagen and start swinging.

I'm also thinking of using the Ragechemist archetype. It fits the theme, only loses poison which I wouldn't be using anyway, and gives decent enough bonuses to Str, natural armor, and even Con if I go up to ten levels of Alchemist.

Hm, the Nimble enhancement could work even with the lower bonus to the armor itself. I need to get a ring of protection anyway.

I'm actually trying to figure out how to get my current playing character's armor to have a higher max dex. I don't want to use the Bracers because I already have an item in that slot and my current armor has a nice selection of energy resistances.

For all my characters as a whole, there are only 3 that don't wear any armor. One is a Monk. One is a Monk/Sorcerer. And the third is a leveled backup that has Create Wondrous Items and could make the bracers for half price.

Wyvarn is certainly more fitting with the theme, thank you.

I have a character that is a homebrew race and several of his feats reflect that race's abilities. But because it's a homebrew race that I made, I won't be allowed to play him in other games. So I want to build a second Magus based on this one that is a playable race.

The race I made has a natural flight speed and can take the Lizardman feat Dangerous Tail. The only other naturally flying races that I can find are Strix and Syrinx. But both give a penalty to stats that I need - Syrinx gives one to Dex and Strix gives one to Cha. (I'm using the Eldritch Scion archetype.)

The classes I use are a starting level of Inspired Blade Swashbuckler, 2 levels of Oath of the People's Council Paladin, and the rest Eldritch Scion Magus with the Dragonic bloodline.

Here are the feats going to level 11.

1: Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus, Fencing Grace
3: Flyby Attack
5: Extra Arcana
7: Dangerous Tail
8: Death From Above
9: Skill Focus Fly
11: Powerful Wings

The arcana are Familiar, Arcana Accuracy, and Wand Wielder.

So, do I go with Strix or Syrinx and only change the Dangerous Tail feat? Or go with a race that can't fly and change all the feats that deal with it?

This will be handy when I finally play my own Magus. Although I will need to actually build a second Magus as my first is a homebrew race and has feats that reflect what that race can do. (Not homebrew feats, just feats that some races can take and others can't.)

I think you just answered your own question there.

I haven't played her yet, but I have a character that's a Swashbuckler 1 / Bard 1 / Vigilante X.

The Swashbuckler level is to get Weapon Finesse so I can use the human bonus feat for a level one dex to damage, as well as getting parry. The Bard level is for a bit of music and magic, which fits perfectly into her backstory. And then Vigilante the rest of the way.

I will keep those in mind.

This is probably impossible, but is there a way to give an animal companion a ranged attack? And said companion isn't an ape with opposable thumbs so can't hold a bow.


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There's Weapon Versatility but I'm not sure if it applies to natural attacks.

My first introduction to Pathfinder (and Tabletop RPGs in general) was at a convention where they ran those little adventures that only take an hour. The GM gave me and the others at the table a pre-gen and we just played the game. Since every stat and bonus was printed on the sheet, it was easier to figure out than it might have otherwise been.

You could try doing some little solo sessions with a couple different characters to show the different combat styles - melee, ranged, magic. Skills should be easy enough to explain.

Found a decent trait for the Swordsmith. It's called Spark of Creation and is on the Magic list. It gives a +1 to Craft checks and when I make a magic item, the price is reduced by 5%.

Ok, I think I'm done with my cavalier. Any further adjustments can wait until I actually play her. I now have 5 characters left - Monk, Druid, Warpriest, Wizard, and Swordsmith.

That last one is going to be particularly tricky as it is a third party archetype, but I'm not sure if I want to do third party traits and feats. It's a fighter archetype from Drop Dead Studios. It loses armor and weapon training/mastery and proficiency with heavy armor and tower shields. But it gains 3 extra skill points (one that has to be Craft Weapons), proficiency with every personally crafted weapon, and the Master Craftsman feat at level 5.

It can also give enhancement bonuses to a single weapon that also apply to his Ref and Will save and Cha skill checks when wielded. Wielding the weapon also transforms the swordsmith in the same manner as the dual identity class feature.

Probably won't be able to play the Swordsmith, but I just really liked the theme of it.

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