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Also the Sniping weapon enchant is an option.

Consider, if you allow Rogues to take Slayer Talents(without limiting language), they can then use that to take Ranger Combat Style as well. At that point, why even have a Slayer class?

If the whole point is to confuse the new player less, you are just moving the goalpost (the range of the sneak attack). So first time the enemy is just out of range they will have the same confusion, but now if they actually read the rulebook or play in someone else's game they will also have the confusion when the 30' range is enforced.

In the end, would it be OP? Well probably not (other than giving rogues an pre-req-less method of TWF), and especially not in the hands of a new player, but I don't think it solves the confusion issue. If its the player pushing the range change, mention the items. They aren't cheap, but it gives them a goal to work toward.

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As far as 'detect magic' goes, I vastly prefer the Lantern of Auras. Not only is it a lantern that doesn't need fuel, it also allows you to take a full round action to do the detect magic shtick. Its also made of cold iron, if you really need an improvised cold iron weapon for DR. You can also go with a divination Cloak of the Hedge Wizard for a similar pricetag.

In general the party shouldn't "need" an in-combat healer, but they will need out of combat healing. As mentioned, there are quite a few ways to accomplish that, between using the heal skill and recent planar feats, to wands of cure light wounds or infernal healing. It really depends on what the party makeup is. Condition Removal will be the stumbling block at higher levels, but most conditions can be removed with 'gold'.

Remember that if the party has access to a decent sized town, spellcasting services are basically always available (at the temple at least) and the going rate is 10gp x spell level x caster level. So 10gp for a CL 1 cure light wounds, which is actually cheaper than a charge from a wand. Though its probably more efficient to hit up the local Asmodeus Wizard Tower for a charge of Infernal Healing which heals 10hp over a minute for 10gp.

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Traits are commonly considered worth '1/2 a feat' in terms of their power level and the Additional Traits feat gives you 2 more traits, so maybe someone extrapolated from those. (ninjaed)

Also why I typically try to link from Archives of Nethys since its actually the official PRD (like, if you click online rules on the Paizo website it links you to AoN).

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A common level dip for Half-orc Skalds is 1 level in Bloodrager. Inspired Rage says you can use the bonuses from another rage class feature instead of the bonuses you normally give out. This gets you rage at +4 str/con, +2 will -2 AC, and allows you to trade your 1st level bloodrager power for a familiar (bloodline familiar). I like Celestial just to help out early game for a little extra healing. Since you now have a familiar, you should really make sure its a Valet familiar, so you can share Amplified Rage with it. I like Community-Minded for a Trait as its a partial Lingering Peformance, though only allowing morale bonuses (and not penalties) to linger. The feat would allow the enhancement bonus to linger as well.

My Totemic(Tiger) Skald also went Red Tongue and Urban. Urban to double up on the +Dex from Totemic. So, you start Raging Song and give everyone Dex, on your next round you choose to use the Bloodrager rage bonuses on yourself instead of +Dex, but the +Dex (morale bonuses) stick around for another 2 rounds due to Community-Minded, negating some/all of the -2 AC from Bloodrager. And since you have Amplified Rage and your familiar is in a carrier at your side, your rage is actually +8 Str/Con +2 Dex (Enhancement and Morale, more at higher levels), +2 Will, -2 AC. Since Skalds Vigor is based on the bonus Strength (not Strength Bonus) that you are receiving from Raging Song, and Raging Song allows you to use the stats from other Rages, you should be Fast Healing 8. And I mean everyone accepts your +Dex song, even casters. Because at the start of their turn they choose not to accept but the Morale bonus lingers for another 2 rounds. Of course, if they have Immediate Action spells they want to cast before they make the choice they may not want to accept.

Tack on the Defensive Rage Powers like Guarded Life(and greater) to convert damage that would reduce you below 0 to nonlethal, the Fercious Action and Flagellant feats to act normally while below 0 and when you have non-lethal while below 0, and double dip the fast healing because all healing heals both non-lethal and lethal at the same time. Basically you can go to your -Con (which is buffed from song) acting normally and healing '16' /round with no actions on your part.

I went Red Tongue because at 7 you can share a Rogue Talent with your party, and I picked Combat Trick for a teamwork feat... I think it was Paired Opportunist, or Outflank I can't remember.

At higher levels, since you can be a tiger almost all day (note that Totemic doesn't remove the larger size options from Wild Shape, just the other forms), I also planned on picking up Planar Wild Shape for some DR. Though I think I needed to pick up the Druid's Vestment for another use of Wild Shape to get it earlier than level 12. If you go the Wild Shape route, make sure to pick up Natural Spell so you can basically do everything in death-pounce-kitty-form.

All in all, I think most of my feats were spoken for until about 13, but most of the main shtick was online about 7ish (operate normally while below 0), mostly wild shaped with natural spell by 9 (7 hours a use, 2 uses with Vestment), and celestial/fiendish by 11 (for 9 hours/day). Only real 'you need this' type items would be appropriate sized Barding (armor) and the Vestment, and maybe Amulet of Mighty Fists. All else is gravy.

Though you would have to give up Sacred Tattoo to do the below 0 shenanigans because you need to keep Ferocity for a prereq. I also played this character in PFS, so it trades out Scribe Scroll for Extra Performance, so your mileage may vary. You would also need 13 Wisdom for Natural Spell. Personally (on 20 PB) I went with 15+2 Str, 14 Dex, 12 Con, 8 Int, 11 Wis, 15 Cha with the intention of getting an ioun stone of +2 Wisdom (slotted into a wayfinder for Blind Fight) to meet the Wis requirement and then advancing Str most levels. I also took Skilled in place of Darkvision to help with skill points, and Dusksight instead of Weapon Familiarity to get Low-Light Vision. Since I didn't really care about orc weapons because Wild Shape.

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Slayer? Study target gives bonuses to Bluff & Sense Motive (and knowledge, perception and survival checks in addition to attack and damage).

So by extension, Sanctified Slayer archetype for Inquisitor (though does actually have magic). Inquisitors get 1/2 level to Intimidate, Sense Motive and Survival. They can also get Wis to Bluff with the Conversion Inquisition, or roll twice with Clandestine Inquisition Wis mod times per day, or both with the Heresy Inquisition, or add your Wisdom as well as your Charisma modifier to deceive using the Politics inquisition.

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The 2 level dip in Far Strike Monk gets you Combat Reflexes, Quick Draw, and Precise Shot (without needing Point Blank Shot), or just PBS instead of Precise and Evasion immediately instead of just at level 11. Sure, you will delay Uncanny Dodge, though you keep the Wis to AC when flatfooted/etc so you kinda have partial uncanny dodge. Dropping that down to a single level dip, you will lose 1 feat, -1 to all saves and evasion.

If you are simply looking into Rogue for damage (ie sneak attack), consider a 1 level dip in Medium instead. 1 level gets you +3 to non-spell damage (Champion), which is pretty close to 1d6 sneak attack, but not conditional on flatfooted/flanking. Since its 'non-spell damage', it also applies to things like Acid Flasks, Alchemical Fires, etc.

Personally, I would suggest deciding if you are a thrower or stabber and feat up accordingly and use gold to fill in the other when needed. Also, for PFS its important to note that Startoss Style's damage bonus only applies to when you are throwing the dagger, not when you melee with it. Per the Campaign Clarifications page "Page 15—The Startoss Style feat's bonus on damage rolls applies when making ranged weapon attacks with thrown weapons, not when making melee weapon attacks with them." Spend gold on adding Agile to your weapon if you really want 'slashing grace' and get Fortuitous for an extra attack (at -5) when you Disrupting Counter. If you take Ricochet Toss, you won't need additional daggers so its easier to keep up on the enchantment.

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Not an item per se, but another solution to the problem is taking 2 feats, Martial Focus and Ricochet Toss.

If feats are all spoken for, consider maybe a 2 level dip in Far Strike Monk, it gets you at least 3 bonus feats, +3 to all saves, pseudo-rapid shot (flurry with thrown) and evasion, but you can't wear armor. Since you are likely dex primary anyway get someone to use mage armor on you, or a wand.

If you are not playing PFS, see if your GM allows custom item creation, since there are rules for combining items. And then just add Blinkback to your Belt of Dex at like 50% increase IIRC (on the Blinkback portion).

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Looks like you are talking about the Shackles Pirate (also known as Coastal Pirate on other websites for copyright reasons).

First thing to note, is that it was printed during the 3.5 era, as noted by the 3.5 icon (on Archive of Nethys) and the fact that it requires the 'use rope' skill that no longer exists in Pathfinder. It looks like D20pfsrd 'updated' the prestige class to Pathfinder rules with no sources shown as to how or why or what they changed. This is why D20pfsrd is not a good rules source because they just 'fixed it' with no mention that it been changed.

So doing some quick research, I can't find a strength score for a ship in 3.5, but I don't have many of those books anymore. If I was GMing, I would probably just use the chart for Fogcraft vessels in the Shackles Pirate entry as a starting point from the original book(Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting).

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Blade of Three Fancies for +4 Sacred bonus to perform. Doesn't even have to be wielded, just within 10'. A bit expensive at 5,248 gp, but its also a +1 glaive that allows color spray 1/day.

If you want to work in feats, Deific Obedience has a few that give a large bonus. Calistra is +4 profane or sacred bonus to all charisma based checks & skills for example.

Artistic Ale is a +2 alchemical bonus for 6 hours(so 6 times longer than the lozenge) to all perform checks (not just sing), but also costs 6 times as much.

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Blistering Invective is a feat-lite version of Dazzling Display. It is also based on them hearing you versus seeing you so there might be a niche advantage against blinded foes. The save is just to stop from catching fire, there is no save for the 1d10 fire damage.

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It is important to note that any amount of non-lethal damage will still knock you unconscious when you are below 0 hp but still active with Ferocity (or any other means).

Unless you serve Zon-Kuthon of course. Flagellant is the feat that fixes that.

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Halforcs can pick it up through Ferocious Resolve, and sort of the same thing with (but better) Ferocious Action.

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If we're talking effective health vs max HP, alchemist's elixir of life deserves a mention. The Contingent Resurrection aspect of it basically doubles your HP.

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If you are set on a particular weapon, but it doesn't have the scatter preperty, consider the Gun Scavenger archetype. It trades out Quick Clear, but Change Out is effectively Quick Clear that lets you add a trait (scatter, +10' range or +1 size on pistol whip).
Its a bit ambiguous what the scatter range is when you give it to your gun though. I've seen arguments for 15', 20' and first range increment.

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It will be important to pay attention to your bonus types.

Feral Mutagen(alchemist) can get you +2 competence bonus on intimidate while your mutagen is active.
I like the skill unlocks for intimidate, which allows you to frighten in addition to demoralize, though you may need to take 5 levels of Unchained Rogue depending on the campaign (PFS vs home). That said, Rogue has a few archetypes that work well, I like Rake because you can forgo a sneak attack die for a free action intimidate check and a +5 circumstance bonus per die past the first. I typically mix it with Underground Chemist for a different take on Alchemist.
Other people like Thug which lets you trade out Shaken rounds for Frightened and can forgo sneak attack dice for the ability to Sicken. I prefer the skill unlock and a Cruel weapon.

Next, a few consumables.
Gravelly Tonic(50gp, 1 hour) for +5 alchemical bonus.
Elixir of the Thundering Voice(250gp, 1 hour) for a +10 competence bonus.
With just those 2, you pretty much won't be failing.

Dead Man's Headband(3600gp) for a +2 circumstance bonus. Or just Masterwork tools(50gp) though they are typically more awkward to use in combat. Thremyr's Beard, Lesser(32,250gp) for the +5 circumstance.
Deific Obedience(Kazutal) for a +2 sacred bonus, for a +4, or Iron Eye of you have access to Channel Energy which may be profane if you channel negative.
Deific Obedience(Gyronna/Ozranvial, Zipacna) for a +4 profane bonus.
Dahak would be a +2.

Also bear in mind that bonuses directly to Charisma (and other ability scores if you add them too), may also apply. Circlet of Persuasion/Enlongated Cranium/etc.

Gory weapon for an immediate demoralize after you crit. A bit expensive at a +3 enchantment. I prefer the Cruel enchantment(+1) because it allows you to tack on sickened if you hit an already demoralized opponent.

I like Larger than Life which doesn't give you a direct bonus, but size matters for intimidate checks, so its effectively a +4 most of the time. You either get a -4 if you are smaller, no penalty if you are the same size, or a +4 if you are larger than the opponent. You can get a similar effect from a Rod of Subtle Menace(12,305gp).

As mentioned, Hurtful, Enforcer and Cornugon Smash work well.

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The part where Perfect Aid says it doesn't stack seems to imply its not supposed to stack, but traits aren't explicitly called out in the non-stacking section.

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It sort of exists in the form of Improved Share Spell, though it comes with more restrictions.

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Scott Wilhelm wrote:
Firebug wrote:
Startoss is disabled when you use a weapon in your offhand, so you can cut the TWF feats.
Yes. That's why I'd recommend that if you are using Startoss Style Feats you use a big, heavy weapon like the Sphinx Hammer and take Vital Strike Feats. Awesome, but really not the flavor the OP wants.

So your suggestion is to carry a weapon(Dwarven Sphinx Hammer) in your offhand (because its a 2 handed weapon and takes 2 hands) when the feat we are talking about doesn't work when you are carrying a weapon with your offhand...

I have made the character I've talked about in PFS, and its currently level 7 and my flurry round is: +16/+16/+11 for 1d4+15 17-20/x2 crit. I am intentionally provoking and getting an AoO on each of those, but assuming they only take the gambit once I am making 2 attacks(fortuitous) at +15/+10 for 1d4+10(due to PFS ruling that Startoss doesn't apply to melee, and PBS not applying). This is without Haste, the third feat in the Startoss line, or Deadly Aim/Piranha Strike. Unarmored, but my AC is 23 and effectively 27 in melee due to disrupting counter. To sum up, the 1d4 isn't the important part, its the +15.

Scott Wilhelm wrote:
Sense Vitals wrote:
allows you to see the vital areas and weak points of creatures within 30 feet of you as a warm glow. This allows you to use any manufactured weapon to make sneak attacks
So, lets say I have like Scent and Greater Blindfighting, and an Eversmoking Bottle, and Sense Vitals. You normally don't get your Sneak Attack Damage if your target has any Concealment, even if you are good at dealing with it. Does Sense Vitals allow you to inflict Sneak Attack Damage in a situation like in an Obscuring Mist or something?

Nope. Does Sense Vitals say it allows you to ignore concealment? Same Answer. A warm glow off in the fog is still concealed. Essentially, the warm glow is fluff text not rules text. If it was rules text it would state the effect as mechanically ignoring concealment, or at least in regards to lighting rules. Do you lose concealment in the dark because you have eyes that 'shine blood red' from the spell? Same answer.

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Ryan Freire wrote:

Your big concern with thrown daggers is needing: Quick draw, TWF, The style feat, precise shot, point blank shot, the startoss feats, a damage booster feat or even two (power attack, butterfly sting, and/or deadly aim) double slice, etc etc. PLUS either a blinkbat belt, and either fighter levels, or ANOTHER prereq feat plus ricochet toss

Its so feat hungry you NEED levels in something like fighter, warpriest, swashbuckler, or brawler to simply have enough feats to be up and running before like level 9.

Startoss is disabled when you use a weapon in your offhand, so you can cut the TWF feats.

As I mentioned earlier, a 2 level dip in Far Strike Monk can get you: Combat Reflexes, Precise Shot(can ignore prereq of PBS), Quick Draw, and effectively a 'rapid shot' when you flurry your thrown weapons. So 3-4 of your feats in 2 levels, and ignoring the TWF/Double Slice you shouldn't be as far behind as you think. Flying Blade Swashbuckler or Unchained Rogue gets you Weapon Finesse for when you want to melee for free. The Swashbuckler version also gets another free feat at 4/8/etc and 'far shot' (technically +5' at level 3, 5, 9, 13, 17) and Improved Crit at 5 .

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Dragon78 wrote:

Surprise and Fear. Fear and Surprise. Our two favorite elements are fear and surprise...

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Ranged Feint has some promise if you reduce the action needed significantly. There are a few swift action feint abilities such as Moonlight Stalker Feint and maybe a few other things.

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The reason I mentioned Startoss Style was you get +2 damage per feat for throwing. So +6 damage. The option of rebounding attacks around corners is just gravy.

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Orodhen wrote:
Flying Blade Swashbuckler might also be worth considering.

Speaking of...

If you do go with a dagger thrower (like a flying blade) consider a 2 level dip into Far Strike Monk, it gets you 3 bonus feats(quick draw and choice of 2 others), good saves, evasion, and a pseudo-rapid shot in flurry.

Flying Blade Swashbuckler does make use of taking Combat Reflexes on Far Strike because they actually want to provoke when throwing daggers to get the free swing from Disruptive Counter. Also pick up a Fortuitous enchantment on your main dagger for another swing on that AoO. Take Martial Focus and Ricochet Toss and you just need a single dagger.

Throw in Startoss Style/Comet/Shower/Swashbuckler's Precise Throw, and damage shouldn't be the limiting factor. River Rat trait for an early game +1 damage bonus, Deific Obedience(Pharasma) for another +2 to attack. Though for PFS at least, the Startoss line's damage bonus only works when you throw the dagger, not when you melee attack.

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UMD and a wand/scroll of Sense Vitals?
Venomblade Fighter, though its 1d6 per 6. (edit: Starts at 6 and 1/4 after. Saw it traded out something at 6 and 12 and assumed)
Level dip into another class that gives sneak attack at level 1?

What are you looking to get out of fighter?

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MrCharisma wrote:
LordKailas wrote:
Minigiant wrote:
MrCharisma wrote:
Alternatively simply take Expeditious Retreat as one of your spells at level 4 - it's a swift action to cast and gives you enough movement to matter in the encounters that matter, and you can get your Mithral Breastplate later.
How is it a swift action? I'm reading it as a standard
I don't know what bloodline you've chosen but the Shapechanger bloodline would let you do this at 4th level.

Nope, aparently I just misread/misremembered the spell (good catch).

Now I have to go apologise to my GM =P

EDIT: I know what it was, when I was deciding on spells I was choosing between Expeditious Retreat and Cheetah's Sprint. Cheetah's Sprint is a swift action and I guess I just missed that difference. *sad face*

Occultists can also get sort of a swift expeditious retreat in Sudden Speed. Same movement bonus(and untyped) but only lasts a minute.

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Various Talismans, Besmara's Bicorne, Robe of Needles, Shawl of Life-keeping(ninja-ed), Sleeves of Many Garments, Iron Rope, various Ioun Stones, and potions/wands/alchemical items. Should be enough to get you started.

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My guess is that they started with Resist Energy, which also doesn't have any elemental keywords, and added on the extra stuff from there.

The original printing (Shattered Star #2, Curse of the Lady's Light) even has the same duration as Resist Energy at 10 min/level. Which frankly makes it a little strong, since its duration is still only reduced by 1 minute per fire breath. I mean, its still only 1d4 damage per use so not terribly OP.

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Some systems make it so you roll different sized dice depending on how good you are at whatever it is you are attempting.
One of my friends made a system where you increase the die size depending on your skill (and decrease it from negative modifiers).
So you would start with a (d2<-d3<-)d4->d6->d8->d10->d12-> d12+d4 ->d12+d6, etc.

Various versions of Shadowrun required you to get a TN(target number) 15+ on a d6... because when you rolled a 6, you rerolled and added 6 and repeat until you stop rolling 6s.

Typically though, these are more skill based vs class based systems but you could make the case.

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My favorite fighter that I have actually played is my 'Triton' fighter. Essentially Eldritch Guardian/Mutation Warrior with a UMonk dip and (ab)use of Intrepid Rescuer.

Triton Fighter:
Undine with a Hat of Disguise to look like a Triton (You could also go mostly human to look like a merfolk)
Water sense, Amphibious, Hydrated Vitality
PB(20): 10 str, 15 dex, 12 con, 13 int, 14 wis, 13 cha preracial(+2 dex/wis -2 str)
Squirrel Familiar(protector)
Weapon Training(Monk group)
Paired Opportunist, Combat Reflexes, Intrepid Rescuer, Evolved Familiar(reach), Monkey Style, Weapon Finesse, Piranha Strike
Agile Amulet of Mighty Fists (for both)
Since Stunning Fist/Monkey Style/Intrepid Rescuer/etc are all combat feat feats they get shared to the familiar.
Essentially, stand as a swift (monkey style) move into position and fall prone, familiar does the same
If either of us is attacked in melee it provokes from Intrepid Rescuer, and we both hit them due to Paired Opportunist.
Protector Familiar just to make sure it has a better chance of living since its key to the build.

RP as a fish out of water.

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The problem with using a potion is that with potions you are the caster and the target. So you would end up grappling yourself. Which is a different type of build.

Potions wrote:
Potions are like spells cast upon the imbiber. The character taking the potion doesn’t get to make any decisions about the effect—the caster who brewed the potion has already done so. The drinker of a potion is both the effective target and the caster of the effect (though the potion indicates the caster level, the drinker still controls the effect).

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Doesn't matter if its a replacement or not if its untyped. They don't stack due to the FAQ since the 'type' of the source is 'Charisma' bonus.

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Slyme wrote:
Racial heritage: Sylph ... Aasimar

Well, you would need Planar Heritage for Slyph or Aasimar since they are native outsiders not humanoids. Regardless of the fact that they have alternative race features that allow them to count as both.

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Suggestion "Kill him before he kills you"?

Also the possibility of a custom curse that they view any allies as enemies.

Geas/Quest (and possibly lesser, though they get a save) would also work to make them do it of their own 'free will' or all of their ability scores get penalties up to -12 (to a minimum of 1).

A little less GM-reliant but Jealous Rage could also work though would take some prep.

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LordKailas wrote:
Reksew_Trebla wrote:
Except because each side picks from a different list, it is like saying a Cleric//Wizard gestalt wouldn’t get both classes’ Spellcasting. They are the same feature technically, just drawing from different lists of spells. Another example would be saying that a Wizard//Sorcerer gestalt wouldn’t get both classes’ Spellcasting, cause they draw from the same list, even though the Spellcasting functions differently for each of them.

spellcasting is called out as an exception.

Gestalt Characters wrote:
Gestalt characters with more than one spellcasting class keep track of their spells per day separately.

Its more like a fighter and another class with bonus feats, say monk, don't get both at the same time. Both class' features are just "bonus feat".

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Might be easier to gain 10 mythic tiers level 1-10 and then lose 10 tiers level 11-20.

That way you get the coming into power section, and then start passing it off when you aren't level 1.

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tg_research wrote:
Secondary question is whether a character who is Withdrawing can still do Attacks of Opportunity - such as when the coward stopped just around a corner, and the Chaser decides to go into the corner square. My understanding is that when moving up to that corner, he would trigger an AoO from the Coward with a Cover bonus (because it would be a melee attack 'through' the corner)

Per the Cover rules: Cover and Attacks of Opportunity: You can’t execute an attack of opportunity against an opponent with cover relative to you.

You do not have to use an overrun maneuver to move through an enemy's square. You can use Acrobatics to tumble at a CMD+5 as well.

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Blade Adept Arcanist? It'll get you spellstrike, and near wizard casting. But unfortunately, limited to 1h weapons like most Magus.

Oracular Spellstrike of the Ascetic Mystery for Oracle, but limited to unarmed strike and cleric spells (a bit harder to get lightning bolt that way).
Similarly limited to unarmed strikes(and also combat maneuvers), Blood Conduit for Bloodrager. Not exactly spellstrike, but after you hit swift to cast the spell.
You could probably work in Ascetic Style with a monk 2h weapon(seven branched sword, tri-point double edged sword), or just versatile design on your favorite 2h sword.

And of course, Kineticist. Through you would have to wait until 13 for quicken metakinesis.

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Reksew_Trebla wrote:

Monk of the Four Winds 12/Heritor Knight 6/?2//Mobile Fighter 20.

... 3 full attacks minus 3 attacks with Greater Vital Strike applied to all of it plus 4 move actions. Yeah. I laugh at your “Mythic lets you do more actions” reasoning for Mythic being better.

At the cost of 6 ki points. So... twice a day assuming a 22 wisdom? And assuming the party isn't set up to enable you to do so every round (I mean, a ki channeler would be perfect). You probably also need a high dex for those two weapon fighting feats and maybe a high strength as well for damage.

So to clarify, 18-21 attacks of varying accuracy with maybe 2d10 extra damage on each attack, that's the benchmark? I posted a build last month where the character had 13 attacks(with a singular natural attack, and 4 more with a weapon) and their familiar also made an additional 12 attacks... without gestalt or mythic or really caring much about weapon attacks (other than to trigger more natural attacks). All at full bonus (or higher due to bonuses on AoOs). Damage wasn't optimized, but hey it was just to see how many attacks with only a single natural weapon.

How about lets agree that Mythic has a higher optimization floor and gestalt has a higher ceiling. In a party where you have both, its easier to GM for a higher floor because its more consistent.

Sovereign Court

Mythic gives you extra actions per turn by spending points. The very first thing a Champion mythic path gets is Champion's Strike. If they choose Fleet Charge with that ability, they can spend a swift and move their speed and gain an extra attack(that ignores DR). Basically every champion can have pounce a few times per day if they want. Champion also gives you 5 hp/tier and (another) path ability each tier. A relatively weak tier 1 champion path ability simply adds 30' to your move speed. Mythic Vital Strike essentially multiplies all of your static damage not just your weapon dice when you use vital strike. A 3rd tier universal ability allows you to grant spells as a deity, and allows you to cast spells from 2 domains as spell-likes from any spell level equal or lower than your tier. Ie, a tier 9 with the Luck domain can cast Miracle for free once per day and they only spent 1 of the 9 path abilities they get on it.

Mythic Archemage's first ability lets them cast a spell as a swift action, even if they have already used it today, without spending the spell slot and non-mythic enemies roll twice and take the lowest of their saves. One of the 1st tier abilities they can select simply makes it so they can't fail concentration checks on any spell of a lower level then the maximum they can cast. Oh, you readied an action to interrupt that spell cast and did a hundred damage so the concentration DC is 115? Auto success.

Gestalt generally gives you more options to choose from. IE a Caster|Caster is still limited to 1 spell (and 1 quicken I suppose) per round. Sure, you could get better saves, higher HD and more special
abilities with Gestalt, but those special abilities are much weaker than mythic ones.

Sovereign Court

However, based on the "A phantom blade can spend an appropriate number of points to grant the weapon multiple abilities as one action." line, effectively, as many times as you want. You just take 1 swift action to do so(and have to pick everything during that swift action), but can grant your weapon all of the powers you have points for... and doesn't make it higher than +10.

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VoodistMonk wrote:
But still infinitely more attractive than literally every other small weapon option...

Infinitely? Flame Blade, Vigilante(Warlock), Kineticist and multiple classes with high percentages of static damage (swashbuckler, medium, etc) beg to differ.

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JiaYou wrote:
a non-Skald Suggestion: The idea is for you to build one with a tower shield in one hand and a bastard sword in the other, but ANY shield works. Fairly early on you get the ability to have your shield fly out and protect an ally for level rounds/day, but from level six you can have your blessings, fervor, and touch spells work through the shield. If your shield is a buckler then you can wield that and a bow without any hassle.
Except as soon as you use the bow (or 2h the bastard sword), your shield falls to the ground and stops protecting your ally.
Sacred Shield wrote:
A bulwark must maintain one hand free to direct the shield; if she no longer has a hand free or if the duration of her sacred shield ability ends, the shield drops to the ground and ceases providing any benefit.

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Medium(Champion) works fairly well, since its damage bonus is not based on Str and doesn't get reduced for offhand or increased from 2h. Halflings also get 1/3 level to damage from its FCB as well. Throw in Weapon Finesse, Spirit Focus(Champion), Deific Obedience(Pharasma), Piranha Strike, Risky Striker (probably in that order) and an Agile Dagger and you should be set. River Rat trait for +1 damage with daggers (for early build help).
At level 1 (assuming 18 post race dex): +6 1d3+4
At level 3 (assuming MW dagger): +10 1d3+6
At level 6 (assuming belt of dex +2 and +1 dagger): +16/+16 1d3+9
At level 9 (4&8 into Dex, assuming +1 Agile dagger): +16/+16/+11 1d3+25

I normally go Str base for Medium but Dex works just fine, just a few feat taxes.

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Considering Protector archetyped familiar requires you to trade out Alertness, and Blood Sentinel doesn't get Alertness... not sure it matters.

But assuming your GM is letting you ignore that, a Ring of Counterspells (or two) keyed to Dispel Magic (and/or Greater) would get you through 1 attempt. Disjunction still ruins your day, but it does that to everyone.

Greater Magic Aura should work against Arcane Sight in general, but not sure about the Greater version (since it doesn't specifically call it out). Alternatively, just use Greater Magic Aura to make them show up with... as many spells as you care to name (essentially just hand your GM a printout of 100 spells). That gives them a wealth of options to targeted dispel, the vast majority of which are fake. If they go with a random dispel (non-specified) then have a few other effects on that you don't care about, like cantrips previously mentioned.

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avr wrote:
RAW it works, and a buckler gun is more effective if you throw it at an enemy than if you pull the trigger.

This reminds me of a Shadowrun(3e) game where it was more damage for the Adept in the party to throw a Tiffani Self-defender than shooting it (something like 4L damage vs 1/2 str L with missile mastery). Granted, he typically threw toothpicks at the same damage code so your mileage will vary.

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Level 20 NPC wrote:

I know I'm late to the party, BUT

what about a spirit summoner?

Well, it trades out the Summon Monster SLA... so after level 10 its worse than a regular Summoner as a healer. Of course, a regular Summoner doesn't doesn't have much access to healing summons until 9 anyway.

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A nifty thing about Phantom Blade is the possibility of critting with a Harm. Sure, it can't take them below 1 hp... at least the spell itself can't.

I played a Phantom Blade in a evil game, and the damage in general is a little lacking. The spell list is more buffs and condition removal compared to a Magus. There isn't a corresponding 'shocking grasp' for the build, but I've found Stricken Heart was my go-to. Of course, I was eventually allowed to go Improved Possession so it wasn't your normal game...

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Positive Pulse is actually pretty good against Haunts and is only a 1st level spell. It both damages the haunt and buffs the party against the haunt.

I used Quick Change on my Kitsune Fox Shape 'fighter' for instances where I would want to shift back to 'caster'. Swift to go to 'caster', move action pull a scroll from a haversack and standard to cast it. Otherwise we're talking a standard to just revert back to normal.

Draconic Ally is a little expensive (250gp material component), but effectively gets you a (weak) scout ally that can use a 6d8 breath weapon once a day for CL/days.

Bed of Iron for those who wish to sleep in medium/heavy armor without Endurance.

Bone Fists is an untyped bonus to Natural Armor and some damage for natural/unarmed attacks.

Adhesive Blood / Resinous Skin / Kinetic Reverberation for 'tanking' or deterring repeat attackers.

Instant Weapon for a weapon that can strike incorporeal. Bonus points for using it to make a Battle Poi since it deals fire damage.

Jumping on the Diplo-mancy, Raiment of Command is also a +5 untyped bonus to Diplomacy and Intimidate (for hour/level!), with another +10 typed (competence) to Bluff or Disguise to impersonate someone specific.

Monstrous Extremities can be useful for natural attackers, but bear in mind that it does have the Polymorph keyword. Which is basically nonsensical, since it doesn't specify a form, so you end up turning into a single limb.

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A little expensive for you right now, but Inheritor's Light (6,555 gp) would work well with Fey Foundling. Especially if your GM allows you to upgrade it past +1.

Otherwise, start with the basics: +1 Armor(~1k), +1 Shield(1k, light shield so you can still use the hand for LoH), +1 Weapon (2k), Cloak of Resistance +1 (1k), Ring of Protection +1 (2k), Amulet of Natural Armor (2k), etc.

Opalescent White Pyramid ioun stone (cracked, 1.5k) if you want to use an exotic weapon and don't want to spare the feat.

Robe of Needles(1k) is cheap and useful if you don't normally have a ranged attack, since it targets touch. Important to note that even though it does only 1 damage, if you have damage bonuses (aka, smite evil) those still apply.

Corset of Delicate Moves(2k) would allow you to use a second Lay on Hands on yourself once a day.

Deathwatch Eyes(2k) if your GM withhold current health information from the party.

I like Ioun Gauntlet(1600gp) for the enhancement bonus to a skill (which is uncommon).

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Paladins make good Furious Finishers, since they can just mercy away the fatigue. Bloodrager for the rage, since Barbarian has alignment issues. However, meeting the requirements of both furious finish and vital strike will have to wait at least until 6 (with retraining).

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