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So good! I didn't think it was possible, but I like her even more. Best deity 10/10 would smite evil for again.

Makes me want to know more about the lives of the ascended pre-ascension now.

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I'd like to second the idea of faction/deity/class related shirts. (I'd also like to see more jewelry and keychain things too.)

Though I must admit, I'm personally not a fan of giant corporate logos. I like wearing something a little more that people will have to come up and ask me where I got it! (Perfect trap! Now I get to talk to you about Pathfinder! Haha!)

I will be buying that Everflame baseball tee though, I like that one the best.

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I've been eagerly awaiting this blog post, and now I'm 100% sold on this book.

So now my question is: gunslinging champion of Iomedae when?
(That art of the gunslinger lady is super rad)

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There's nothing else written about him anywhere that I remember that specifically confirms it(or anything about him at all really), so yeah, up to the GM to fill in the blanks on that one.

I love the idea of Iomedae having an adorable dragon son, though. (I even statted him up to be used as a temporary PC for someone in a homebrew I did. It was a blast.)

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Ah, so THATS how goblins make the transition to "good" guys.

IMO, that's probably the best outcome that could have happened with Ulthun. After the latest Tyrant's Grasp book I was wondering what situation would end up being canon.

Also pretty jazzed about new Aroden/Absalom content, I know couple people who are going to be excited for that. Can't wait!!

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I was just flipping through and noticed that pages 33-48 are missing out of my copy. It's fine until right after page 32 when it starts at 17 again, going on until 32 and then skipping to 49. (I thought I was having a serious case of deja vu there until I saw the page gap...)

I also want to add that I was very pleased about how quickly you guys solved my last issue.(the book got to me safe and sound) You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work!

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Hello, I just recently received my package and I noticed I was missing the print copy of 'The Dragon's Demand' that I ordered.

It does appear on the packing slip, and I triple checked the box to make sure I didn't just overlook it. Looks like it just got left behind. :(

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This isn't technically 'In-game' but... While the group I'm in was playing CC, we somehow got into an off-topic discussion about inhalers:

"Why, does [Inquisitor] need an inhaler to fight undead?

Because its Phar-asma!"

The DM had to leave the room after that one.

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I have a few that I'm playing currently. I mostly GM games so I dont get to play them as much as I'd like though. :(

'Bellamy' Tengu Paladin(Virtuouso Bravo)5/Champion 1: I play this character in a homebrew setting one of my friends made. He's a flamboyant dummy and I love him. Accidently drank a pint of someone's blood because he thought it was a "magical elixir".

'Keiran' Tiefling Sorcerer 6/Archmage 3: I played this character in another homebrew. I didn't get to play this guy a whole lot before he died. It was a tragic case of what doctors call "Greataxe to the chest". He absolutely deserved it though, he was a bratty rich kid who mouthed off to the wrong guy in the wrong place.

'Sera' Aasimar Paladin(Oathbound/Banishing Warden) 15/Sentinel 1/Marshal/Guardian 8: I play her in a WotR game. She currently has the group record for most deaths in a single campaign. Has made a ton of poor decisions but is still the groups appointed leader.
Poor dear has been through so much. :(

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I completely agree. While I kind of see what kind of direction they were going for with the spell, I see no reason why my cleric shouldn't be able to do her laundry.

Can't be looking like a slob while spreading the good word of her deity, no siree!

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Have you considered dual-pathing at all? If AC and defence is what you're looking for, Guardian is right up your alley.
While it may not be an immediate solution,(I think the next tier up is after the end fight of the book) it's definitely worth looking into for getting more defensive abilities.

I do also believe there are some goodies around in the citadel if you're perceptive enough. (You didn't hear that from me though ;) )