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Full Name

Sir Spenser Pellinore Quixote The Last, Marquis de Exupery


Taldan Human


Cavalier 8

|AC 22, T 12, FF 20|HP: 60/60|F +7, R +5, W +1 (+6 vs fear, +2 vs other emotions/death)|Init +2, Perc -2|CMB +13 CMD 25|3/3 Challenge, 2/2 Tactician 2/2 Sovereign Court Contacts







Special Abilities

Knight of the Tome, fey connection, heroic might, eye for hidden potential, chivalry, madness


Chaotic Good






(Quixotic) Taldane, Sylvan, Celestial, Aklo, Varisian, Infernal, Tian


destitute nobleman, pergamon, knight errant, Lot's ward

Strength 20
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 7
Charisma 14

About Spenser Quixote

6'3'', 190 lbs.; black hair; blue eyes; a bit light-skinned for a Taldan; spindly, his great strength seems to come from nowhere; visible elven or fey heritage; long, droopy mustache that periodically falls off; on a quest "to save The Stories" with no coherent explanation beyond that, often appears unsure as to how to go about it, where to go to do it, or where he is at any given time; some Taldan archivists and historians are less than certain that there ever was a March of Exupery; speaks an odd dialect of Common, one which he might just be making up as he goes along; likes lentils; a lot smarter than most take him for; mount is a mighty bactrian camel with a bad attitude, named Lot; both were once trampled to death by a panicking elephant

Voice of: Claud Allister.

Primary Motivator: Conservation
Secondary Motivators: Heroism, Adventure
Tertiary Motivators: Nobility, Beneficence, Recognition
Emotional Disposition: Excited
Moodiness: Labile
Outlook: Optimistic
Integrity: Conscientious
Impulsiveness: Spontaneous
Boldness: Intrepid
Agreeableness: Agreeable
Interactivity: Engaging
Conformity: Conventional
Sense of Humor: Unintentional

If he were an ice cream, he would be...honey lavender

If he were a pie, he would be a...swan pie

If he were a soup, he would be...French lentil soup

If he were an historical building, he would be...Castle Neuschwanstein



Experience: 21

Prestige: 9

Fame: 39

Prestige Awards:
Height of Fashion

Faction Objectives:
Season 6:
DM +
Recruit Named NPC Noble ++
Recruit Servant +!
Recover Incriminating Evidence +!
Fulfill Other Goal Without Alerting Those Not In Or Joining Faction +++!
4+ Ranks In Diplomacy +!
Enhance/Preserve Pathfinder Society's Reputation +!
Total Goals met: 5

Faction Rewards:

Noble Title: Marquis
Defender of Katheer
Worthy Foe
Lion Blade
Ulfen Guard

Crown of Spring and Summer
Proud But Discouraged
Twin Tomes
Masterful Performance
Clockwork Spy
Resources of Redemption
You Rescued the Minotaur Prince
Righteous Redemption
Air Affinity
Elemental Awakening (Earth ++, Air +++, Fire , Water +++ )
An Exchange of Secrets ++++++ (Forgotten Lead +"The Blakros Matrimony")
Impressive Influence
Always Welcome in Breezy Creek
Glorymane Resplendent
Political Aspirations (Senatorial Candidate)
Advocate for Hao Jin
Liberator of 322

Deaths: 2
- trampled by an elephant
- laid low by Halfling Assassins

Perils: 1
- devoured in a nightmare by a gibbering mouther

Travails: 1
- jailed for injudicious valor, then drugged and kidnapped

Hit Points: 60 (8d10+8)
Initiative: +2
AC: 22, touch 12, flat-footed 20 (+10 armor, +2 Dexterity)

Speed: 20 feet

BAB: +8/+3
CMB: +13
CMD: 25

Attacks: +1 Greatsword +14/+9 (2d6+8/19-20) or +1 Adaptive Composite Longbow +11/+6 (1d8+6/x3) or dart +10/+5 (1d4+5) or (when mounted) +1 Lance +14/+9 (2d8+8/x3)

Other: +3 morale bonus to attack rolls when charging

Saving Throws:
Fortitude: +7
Reflex: +5
Will: +1
Other: +6 vs fear; +2 versus death effects, emotions other than fear; Cold/Electricity Resistance 3, Acid Resistance 2

Skills: Bluff +6, Climb +7, Craft (Pergamano) +14, Diplomacy +13, Handle Animal +10, Intimidate +10, Knowledge (Arcana) +10, Knowledge (Nobility) +9, Knowledge (History) +8, Knowledge (Religion) +6, Linguistics +12, Ride +12, Sense Motive +4, Swim +7

Other: +1/2 level to Knowledge (Arcana) checks regarding written knowledge, +2 to Ride checks to stay in Lot's saddle; +1 circumstance bonus to all Intelligence- or Charisma-based checks while in Absalom; +4 morale bonus to Handle Animal and Ride checks to drive Lot in range of monsters with Unnatural Auras; +1 to Diplomacy checks vs Humanoids from Katheer; +3 to Diplomacy checks against Human nobles, politicians, and aristocrats; +3 to Intimidate checks when in Taldor or dealing with Taldan citizens abroad

Favored Class: Cavalier (+2 to Banner bonuses)

Racial Abilities:
Heart of the Fey
Low-Light Vision
Eye for Talent

Regional: Chivalrous
Combat: Armor Expert
Faith: Student of His STORIES!*
Magic: Magical Knack (Wizard)*

Armor Proficiencies (Light, Medium, Heavy)
Shield Proficiency
Weapon Proficiencies (Simple, Martial)
Fey Foundling
Precise Strike
Power Attack -3/+6\9
Additional Traits*
Fearless Curiosity
Mounted Combat
Intimidating Confidence

9th level: Xenoglossy, Improved Precise Strike

11th level: Dauntless Destiny

13th level: Iron Will?

Class Features:
Order of the Tome
Mount: Lot the Camel
Challenge 3/day
Tactician 2/day
Specialized Knowledge (Arcana) +4
Chivalrous Charge
Banner +4/+3
Powerful Knowledge (Arcane, CL 6th, INT 16)


GP: 3,088

authentic certificate of nobility
aristocratic finery
+1 Burnished Mithril Full Plate
+1 Greatsword
+1 Adaptive Composite Longbow
19 arrows
3 darts
masterwork backpack
masterwork pergamon's kit
mess kit
grooming kit
scrivener's kit
flint and steel
5 sheets of parchment
heritage book
book of fairy tales *book of puzzles (9 uses)
2 silver weapon blanches
1 oil of bless weapon
2 potions of magic fang
1 potion of cure moderate wounds
1 potion of shield of faith (CL 6th)
1 potion of barkskin (CL 9th)
3 flasks of holy water
1 bottle of liquid Chaos
Insightful Scroll Case:
-scroll of lesser restorationX2*
-scroll of shieldX6*
-scroll of false lifeX6
-scroll of flyX2*
-scroll of fireball
Belt of Giant Strength +2
Lot's luggage

* = cannot be sold