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Bleached Otyugh wrote:


*looks hungrily at the count*

I'm pretty sure he isn't kosher, if that makes any difference to you. He'll ruin your diet, as well.


I swear every time I see that avatar and name my mind goes to a gross place and I wish it wouldn't

Pulg wrote:

Show us something new instead!

Oh no.

I really, really, really shouldn't have said that.

Very well.

I'm far to frightened to click that link.

You'll have to go to Walrus Hell too, in that case.

That is an awfully specific hell to have to go to I feel. especially if you aren't a walrus.

Scarab Sages

*examines Vidmaster7 from several angles, including some of the inconceivable non-Euclidian ones*

Yes. Yes, I can see it. A big yellow bow is just what you need....

Well that may seem to be true from the non-euclidian point of view I however feel the addition of a bow would do little for my outward appearances.

Anything of interest happening around here?

(Looks around)

(Sips from coffee)

Not much new, it seems.

Scarab Sages


*sneaks up on The Fiend Fantastic from a Yuzz-axis direction, plants a great big yellow bow on HIM*

*Picks up the banana-with-a-string from his shoulder*

Gorilla Grodd is over there, you know.

We know. We're trying to create half-fiend gorillas, which is where you come in. Sadly, despite that tempting banana, he doesn't seem to be interested. Maybe some of Dr. GoatToucher's Never-Fail Volcanic Libido Liniment would help?

Sovereign Court

*Briefly stops enjoying the banquet to speak.*

As someone who knows Gorilla Grodd, I must warn you that he is not an individual you wish to make angry. Play to his hubris if you must, he considers himself a genius first and an ape second, but you would be better off going after those that fail him. He has been known to pay most generously to have his incompetent henchmen taken away and punished. Now if you'll excuse me.

*Goes back to enjoying the banquet, ready to meet the new year (and possibly the win).*

Scarab Sages

Not even 10 minutes into 2018, and I get my first all-new experience: a snakebite!

Granted, it was a ball python.


It's an omen. You obviously need to convert your home into a trap-filled dungeon and barricade yourself in it.

Or, you know, don't cuddle with snakes.

Gonna INTERRUPT Sissyls win here.

More time than you got.

that time sure.



As you say.

I do say.

You don't say?

We all say.

Nope. Just me and him.

Scarab Sages

He and I. Lay off the Viking-speak!

Paizo Charter Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Superscriber

I have nothing to say.

Sovereign Court

And I have THIS to say: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! And no, I'm not going to be singing the song! It's pathetic, it's deplorable, it's disgusting and the part about "my father gave me nose a tweek and told me I was bad" would make no sense to me as poisoned him when I was ten.

I think im allowed to break out viking speak I got the beard for it.

*breaks out a red mushroom, eats it, puts on a horned helmet, roars out her berserk rage and cleaves IHIYC with a mighty axe*

Dammit. I don't have the beard for it. Sorry.

but that is ok axes and berserker rages are like the next best thing to a beard.

Awww thanks.

No problem.

Bearded axes are a thing, y'know.

Failing that, Sissyl and Vid could go into partnership. Imagine - a berserker with an equally berserk beard fighting alongside them, eidolon style!

I don't know about being sissyl's eidolon...

Dark Archive

You could always be my Shade...

Scarab Sages

...Or perhaps you could serve as one of my Mechanicals!

Actually, upon a moment's further consideration, I am not certain how that would work....

Hmm Yeah gonna lead towards sissyl if those are my options.

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Paizo Charter Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Superscriber

Vidmaster7 and Sissyl sitting in a tree..

* gets smacked in the back of the head by Grandpa Wonderbra *

Ok, I'll stop.

*uses her eidolon ball to recall Vid*

Thanks, Vid. I'll let you rest until the next eidolon battle. Maybe we'll reach FaWTL6 city gym tonight.

Sovereign Court

FaWTL6 city gym? That's a pretty intense place, no briginds or other unscrupulous people are there, just high level proteans, inevitables, elementals, aberrations and other such nightmarish horrors. Seriously, why do you think people put "For Foolhardy People Only" all around it?

I'm there every night, pumpin' iron and oilin' me pecs. It makes them go faster and reduces friction.

You think you're fit and you have hair?

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My money's on Sissyl and Vidmaster taking the gym.

* hands Sissyl a bag containing potions, elixirs and various magical trinkets to assist in her battle *

Uh... pika pika?


Hey none of that now. The trainers aren't around we can take it easy.


Yeah, okay. Here's some slime mold for you. Just make sure it doesn't run away now, you hear?

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