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Does he need to be... corrected?

Pulg wrote:

Sorry - some of the post got eaten.

A Liv Tyler.

Oh I got that one. subtle. I like.

I'm changing the subject.

Let's talk about pie. Which one is your favorite to throw at unsuspecting tourists?

Cheeseburger Pickle Pie

(cause their is no way I was gonna waste a pie I was gonna actually eat.)

It makes more sense to throw a pie that goes well with the unsuspecting tourist. Crabapple and Vaseline is my recommendation.

Vaseline pie? Why would one do such a thing to a pie?

Oh wait don't mention that movie with jason biggs in it.

Have I mentioned that there’s a movie with Jason Biggs in it?

Scarab Sages

This pie.

[REDACTED] the pie until it's expression turns from one of malevolent glee to one of utter shame.

Sovereign Court

You certainly know how to deal with things don't you, GoatToucher? And yes, if could -correct- Doktor Verruckte that would be just dandy.

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I am just dandy. Justice Dandy, to be precise - it's an inherited position, of course, and entitles me to spank anyone I like between Snoopy's birthday and the Feast of St. Glitterpee.

Those are not euphemisms for body parts, by the way.

Oh, wait. Yes they are. My mistake.

:arches an eyebrow at Doktor Verruckte:

:Without changing expression, the Doktor begins to silently weep. The front of his trousers darken:

There you are.

Sovereign Court

Doktor Verruckte! I can't believe that you have just soiled yourself! I'm sending you back to GoatToucher's workroom for another two weeks or until you learn to be pristine clean, I won't tolerate your messiness any longer!

*The doc gets dragged away screaming by a small group of ten marsh giants under GoatToucher's influence.*

In meantime GoatToucher, you'll have to be my mad scientist.

I'm back ftw

You're feeling titanium wizards again?

After what happened the last time?

Don't judge me!

I hereby sentence you, Vidmaster7 Claudette Areolus Tarzan von Obst, to twelve years in this thread. The only condition for your release shall be if you do manage to post the last post in it.

*beats the gavel into the table*

How did you know my middle name was Areolus?

The helmet?

Secret. :)

*removes the powdered judge wig*

*keeps removing the shredded pieces of it until not too many remain stuck to her carapace*

You have a lot of those it seems.

Every lady has secrets.

Some just more then others eh?

Haley Starshine

I said sneak attack @#$%!


Order of the Stick quotes, I believe.

Let them amuse their little selves, I say, while we concentrate on WINNING.

Sovereign Court

A most capital idea!

Pulg wrote:

Order of the Stick quotes, I believe.

Let them amuse their little selves, I say, while we concentrate on WINNING.

I see.

Scarab Sages

Ancient Dragon Master wrote:

I see.

*casts blindness on Ancient Dragon Master*

It was in fact a quote from ms. Haley Starshine

Space butter! I’ve got space butter for sale!

It’s like regular butter, but it’s from space!

Scarab Sages

*samples space butter*

Why, I can't tell the difference between this and a dead crab alien!

Oh crap, he knows the secret!

I mean... uh...

Lies! Lies and slander!

Sovereign Court

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Yeah, that's a really good law firm. So if anyone has any sought of legal problems, just head to Lies, Lies and Slander for all your help.

Post! ..or toast, whichever is your preference.

Lets see If i can get another 12 hour win.

1.12 isn't bad, though. Time zones have advantages.

>.> -_-





And there you have it, folks! In the ultimate battle of smileys, I am now the clear winner!

*shuffles away VM7's corpse*

o_O I must of missed the part where you won...

Scarab Sages


Smiley Satan would disagree with that assessment.

Smiley satan is as terrifying as his name suggests.

But thats ok I have Elvis on my side

Scarab Sages

I have Robert Oppenheimer.


Alright then IHIYC you can stay here you get a rose.



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