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Fromper wrote:
Bardrick wrote:

Question: Got the bundle & all the files have gone to my acct...except for the Foundry VTT/Abomination Vaults file it appears. Am I overlooking something or will this be a reach out to customer service moment?

You have to redeem that on Foundry's web site. IIRC, there should be a link with your redemption code.

Note that it's not usable unless you buy the Foundry software for $50 first. So you may want to hold off redeeming that if you don't plan on buying that right away. Maybe someone else you know will buy the Foundry software at some point, and you can pass the redemption code to them later.

A separate redemption code? I did not see one listed. Nor do I recall a link. Hmmmm. Detective work to do...

Ok, that made me smile. It's good to be a kid at heart. lol

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I'd say Welcome back Dark Mistress but, I too, haven't been here in the forum for a long while either--'til yesterday. ( And just to see if to see if the icon will still change like it did once upon a time, I will now utter the magic word: Smurf )

Question: Got the bundle & all the files have gone to my acct...except for the Foundry VTT/Abomination Vaults file it appears. Am I overlooking something or will this be a reach out to customer service moment?

Fromper wrote:
Bardrick wrote:

Foolish question, the bundle files will show up in the 'my downloads' as usual?

Yes, other than the Foundry thing. I haven't figured that one out yet.

Thanks. The Foundry thing will be new for me. New times, time to try new tech.

Dancing Wind wrote:
Bardrick wrote:
Foolish question, the bundle files will show up in the 'my downloads' as usual?

No, you will get redemption codes from Humble Bundle send to the email address you use for that site. Each tier will give you one code.

You can use those codes yourself or you can share them with someone else.

Log in and go to "Account Settings" and look for "Partner Redemptions." There is a text box at the top of the page to enter the Humble Bundle codes, one at a time.

Or go to this page to redeem the codes for Paizo PDFs
Partner Redemptions


Foolish question, the bundle files will show up in the 'my downloads' as usual?

Welcome to Pathfinder Anaclêto. You've asked about several things, but hopefully this helps as much as all the rest of the posts.

..common a secondary combatant in a fight, Rogues using what is around them to their advantage is a plus. That could be terrain to move into position for flanking, or dropping a chandelier or rock onto the bad guy/monster. The Barbarian is likely to wade directly into combat, the rogue fighting cleverly is great.

..roleplaying tips..personality quirks or favorite "stuff" add fun flavor to the game. A fear of snakes, or must have their coffee in the morning or a favorite beverage is requested at every tavern, a facial tick or scar, or being a half orc maybe your character thinks some odd foods(to humans) taste really good. Maybe part of the 8 CHA is your half orc talks to an invisible friend. What we see as weaknesses or oddities in real life can make for very memorable characters at the game table. Non-combat situations are moments where a rogue can shine as well with skills.

..names..I very much like what SmiloDan said above about names. I'd add that sometimes having a nickname can be fun too. Depends on the character.

..use magic device..This is indeed a very good skill for a rogue, and broadens a characters usefulness--particularly in unexpected moments.

Tag, you're it.

If a tiny moves in to a space to attack = move action. Then attacks = standard action. This means they are still sharing the same space at the end of the tiny creatures turn.

Does this help? What situation is creating the question/search for documentation?

Musturd - a slang reference for normally tasty brown mustard varieties that have spoiled from lack of refrigeration; alternate - during planting season, the seeds that are rejected/not used.



Post! ..or toast, whichever is your preference.

Korgan - a hunter of other warriors with delusions it shall bring immortality. Reference tales of "The Kurgan" which inspired such mania.


That's a pass on the smoothie. I'll opt for a bowl of mint chip ice cream.

I rolled a critical hit. Guess it was more of a 'had to be there moment'.

The great crossbow-loved to use that in the opening rd of combat. See gnoll. Impale gnoll.

An allied ship's crew: Captain (or 2nd mate of the primary ship) Magnum, Navigator Higgins, Helmsman T.C., Scrounger/Quarter Master Rick. (the TV characters lend themselves real well to this) Do like the Firefly crew idea above too.

Deckhand "muscle" types (or slaves being rescued) that could end up either backing or opposing the first mate's takeover: Huey, Dewey, & Lucy. The two fellows are Shoanti. Lucy is a dwarf who swings a pretty mean belaying pin. They can alternate between dangerous and comedy relief. She might even be a love interest the twin gunners argue over.

Also been a while since I watched it but 1962 movie 'Billy Budd' provides a couple of good ideas. The young innocent, naive new crewman, Billy; and the sadistic master-at-arms(who may give you some fodder for RP'ing your 1st mate character who takes over).

Slave npc ideas...halfling brother/sister duo who look out for one another, still young--and slow to trust others. Another trio who farmed--but base them on Moe, Larry, and Curly. A matronly type who was used to running a household and used to others following her orders--a bit bossy but looking forward to freedom, even though few listen now. Also a young-ish gal who is a bit shell shocked overall, but is fascinated by/latches onto the catfolk crew member mentioned previously as a new friend once they meet.

Is the crew and/or slaves roles filled, or do you need a few more ideas?

Character ideas:
Male, half-elf. Name: Quaya. Bit of gray hair at the temples. From the ship's crew. Quite wise, observant, reserved mostly, but low end avg intelligence. Works alternately as a rigger or as a carpenter aboard ship depending on current needs. Has a particular knack for firing a grappling hook w/rope from a crossbow. Will run the occasional dice game during voyages.

Female, human of 30 years. Name: Feenah. Rescued or not yet rescued slave from the failed raid mentioned above. Thinks of others around her first. Not overly heroic, but brave enough for small tasks to work against captors. Tinsmith by trade. Particular gift of good eyesight; can see details at distance others can not make out.

Orfamay Quest wrote:
The identical twin gunners with a friendly rivalry --- and sometimes not-so-friendly --- about which one is better at their guns. And possibly at other things.

These would be fun as dwarves.

A flying carpet is fun. For the accident factor you seek, maybe this rug likes to turnover & fly upside down when/if it reaches a height of 10 ft. (if you want a deadlier version add a random factor of when it turns over--the trick is can they stay on it)

Or perhaps they find some cute and cuddly creature that one PC adopts--until they later discover it has the same disastrous reproductive rate & eating habits of a Tribble.

They could also find a lost relic important to a temple in the area. The clergy could then grant them strong favor for future needs if they return it (but this could also gain them an enemy from within that same faith who had gained power from the relic being "lost").

Ring of Forcefangs is fun too, but perhaps it is cursed. If/when discharging the max 5 missiles in a single round, maybe it fuses their fingers together for a period of time (and also reversible by some action you devise). The can still use their hand to hold a sword, etc like a mitten, but playing the piano might be out of the question for a while. Fused fingers might make it more difficult to cast spells as well.

Thought it might be an open ended bit to customize. Appreciate the link. Thanks Joana!

Am taking up the GM seat halfway thru the book, thus maybe there is a reference elsewhere, but on page 73 under treasure it describes: "A recorder made from a kind of wood that defies all attempts at identification and smells faintly of honey. This instrument might fetch...if the nature of the mysterious wood is revealed."

That last part intrigues me. If someone can shortcut me to where else it referenced--or even any other thoughts on this item--it will be appreciated. Thanks.

Had a cavalier with a dip to get the phalanx fighting. Even with a defensive bent to my character (tower shield too) still did plenty of damage. Though we did have a pair of cavaliers in the party. Me, the anvil, and my friend was the damage hammer--which worked pretty well.

Found the halberd satisfying(piercing & slashing), 1d10 dmg, and it does have the brace property for 'ready pike' at 5th level.

60. Never cross a 10 ft pit on a sapling pole without first looking in the pit. There might be a gelatinous cube resting inside that cozy crevasse.

Brandt, I agree this is not a throwing attack and the Throw Anything feat refers to throwing things not yourself. lol.

Would also agree this is an unarmed strike. Regardless of attacking from the ground or as a divebomb, AoO's are the risk one takes vs. opponents with combat reflexes.

Good luck. Hope you, the player, and the party enjoy it. Do post to let us know how it goes and if you end up having to tweak it.

Does the target remain standing or is he/she knocked prone? (it specified the attacker could end up prone, but didn't see notation for the target)

The DC to remain standing seems a bit low given they are basically pile driving into the opponent like an NFL linebacker. The DC 20 so far is good, but maybe consider adding the 'severely unsteady (earthquake) +10' from the chart as well. Could also be a certain damage level triggers the added DC (the harder the hit, the higher the DC maybe). This would also give the player something to work towards to remain standing.

Might also be good to define what size of opponent or size difference between characters renders this tactic ineffective.

Just my two copper's worth:
The easiest way to adjudicate it might be to treat it like a bullrush, but one that deals damage as per the falling rules vs the normal move the opponent result.

If landing on top of the opponent, I can see both characters ending up prone in the same square after a successful attack. But that could be situational too.

Absolutely do believe the defender should get an attack of opportunity if it would have incurred the AoO normally otherwise--as if both were on the ground.

This dive bomb attack also opens up the potential for weapons with the brace property. Your PC could be impaling himself on these. {One could even make a case that any piercing weapon that connected with his flesh on the way in from the defender might have a percentage chance to become self-braced against the ground--but that would have to be house ruled.}

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Be a hero, have fun, laugh much.

I like if they add to the story, but they can be like a second pc unless care is exercised. I experimented with cohorts in a party(he ended up marrying her). The group hadn't used them much up to that point but after a while others joined in. The wizard had a couple apprentices, the cleric had taken a novice under her wing, the bard's cleric sister joined us for a time.

Haven't gone that route since, as it didn't fit for my other pc's to have one. That and cohorts do tend to take the extra time at the table to run them.

(do like the idea of the list of npc's from the town you are in)

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..and the mere glancing touch of a wraith was something to fear.

...and some dice needed the numbers to be colored with crayon to give them contrast...

Back in my day, a mere glance of text on a cursed scroll could teleport you into a room with no windows or doors which was populated with two huge spiders...


I haven't read it yet(unfortunately), but "Freeport, The City of Adventure" should have plenty of pirate flavor to offer.

Words of wisdom...I've always felt one way of engaging their imagination is in the details of description over the course of the adventure. Not overly long prose, but little details added here & there; the smell of gunpowder for the cannons, stepping past someone securing a rigging line, the pounding of feet upon the deck, the salt breeze, or a light haze covering the stars. Their minds start filling in the rest. Sights, smells, sounds, touch.

Have fun!

229. Train them to entertain with pig riding contests.
230. Teach them how to raid caravan wagons(or anything else) whilst the party distracts the guards.
231. Take bets on how high they bounce when the druid's eagle companion drops them from on high. (plus a squares contest to see which part of the meadow grid they land in)
232. Raise them to be well treated, personal valets for the party.

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225. Clearly one gobby was taught necromancy, as this thread was renewed. lol.
226. In one past adventure we saved a goblin female and she became a chamber maid at our friend's tavern; the bard dressed her in pink taffeta for this as well. Perhaps this could be their fate.
227. Raise them for few months, then smuggle them into your biggest rival's stronghold and turn them loose. Enjoy the chaos, then feign complete innocence later.

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121. Paizo II: All the character need do is hold out the flat of the blade or appropriate piece of armor before them like a plate and say, "The Customer Service team rocks." (or a similar phrase) and a warm, delicious, freshly baked cookie appears before them. Functions once per day.

116. Gambler: (light melee weapons only) As a move action, when the base of the handle or hilt is struck lightly upon a hard, flat surface two illusionary dice (d6) will pop from the handle as if rolled from the hand. The dice fade away after this roll.

117: Vegas: (armor) Wearer can always detect the closest gambling activity within 100 yards.

91. Lyrical (armor only): the wearer has perfect recall for lyrics to any folksong, limerick, shanty, or diddy they have ever heard. Does not improve one's singing voice, nor enhance bardic performance. However if the wearer imbibes alcohol of any type they may be overcome with the urge to regale those around them with song after song. Even if the armor is removed the effects stay with the wearer for another 1d4 days.

I find a combo of both together makes good options for custom maps so you are not just replaying the same terrain--whether that is overlaying map pack pcs on the flip mat or extending the area of the flip mat as needed.

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1. Ranger. My sentimental, traditional favorite over many years. Don't even need spells to enjoy playing one.
2. Fighter. My 'go to' class. Love the tactical element, going toe to toe with the opponent...and once in a while it just boils down to holding your ground with everything you've got or the party dies. (Cavalier gets a nod here as well).
3. Tie between Bard & Inquisitor. In real life having a love of playing music and being able have that in a character is fun with a bard. As for Inquisitor--Keeper of the Faith, Protector of the Faithful (from those who would abuse the faith) I've enjoyed this class so far.
Honorable mention: Rogue. A rogue is what you make of it.

My wife's favorites are:
1. Alchemist. Meet Fidjit. A very small, live wire, pink, female gnome bartender with purple hair and a love of all things that go boom. Always check your drink before consuming and don't plan on stealth tactics lasting very long.
2. Rogue.
3. Bard.
Honorable mention: Paladin.

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Intriguing question scallywag. From a player standpoint I can see why they'd want to get a really cool mount. Am presuming this is a horse. Also presuming we're giving or looking for an option for the party to do so. So my two cents, just for fun...

From Cavalier I think some relevant text is: A cavalier's bond with his mount is strong, with the pair learning to anticipate each other's moods and moves. Should a cavalier's mount die, the cavalier may find another mount to serve him after 1 week of mourning.

Think a good starting point is the mount reacting in a similar manner. It too mourns for 1 week for the missing part of itself it lost, the enemy rider. From a role play angle I'd presume the players must use handle animal or another class feature to begin to build a relationship with animal as it overcomes it's loss and maybe skittishness if it was treated poorly, etc.

From a crunch standpoint I imagine a lot of folks might disagree, but one option is to keep HD and HP as is. Then regress the feats back to beginning two + the lt armor proficiency, plus skills of a regular riding horse. If you decide to let them unlock skills, feats, abilities, or tricks the horse is capable of they would need to either retrain the animal or figure out what the horse knows and what commands it responds to. Could be any number of words in a foreign language or signals from the rider that they'd might need to spend a good deal of time to figure out. Perhaps even researching the training habits of the enemy as a small side adventure.

1. The color yellow makes goblins cringe. If yellow moves the goblin's whole body begins to vibrate rapidly until overcome with the urge to go stabbity-stab berserk all over the place(part of why they're addicted to fire).
2. The color pink immediately triggers mating activity. No Gobs know why and don't care--"mating fun!"
3. Owls are demonic. They take food that otherwise be Goblin's and steal Gob babies too.
4. Goblin who kills owlbear be superhero. They who wear the feathers & claws be showered with many mates. Eating the meat makes you invincible --'til you are hurt again. (head makes a good mask too)
5. He/she who bonks most enemies that day wins. Wins what? Well, that could be anything.
6. If he/she bonks a horse, well that's a holiday and friends must honor he/she with shiny fireworks. To not honor in this way is an insult.
7. Gnome meat tastes good. Dwarf too, but a bit tough. Believes if any live specimens eat vegetables they are spoiling the meat & he/she must take steps to prevent them from doing so. {Elves eat veggies and elves don't taste good, thus the above logic}

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360. Us? We're here to build a monastery on top of the ruins of yon keep.

Turin the Mad wrote:
lucky7 wrote:
351. We are masters of our individual skills. To not be together is dumb.
351a. "But Brain, what do tu-tus have to do with aboleths?"

351b. "Come Pinky, we have work to do."

346. We were hired to find the cake.
347. We were hired to bake the cake.
348. We were hired to guard the cake.
349. Here are the girls to pop out of the cake, I'm their manager.
350. All this, and still no cake. Let the quest begin!

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320. If I survive long enough, I get to wear the gold tunic.
321. Them thar, they be mah couzins, and you friend broke our still.
322. Hey, it beats being a gladiator.
323. Because good career opportunities for a half-ogre are limited.
324. I get to poke things with a big stick.
325. It's the best way to increase my dagger collection.

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