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I play a sword and board paladin that uses two-weapon fighting in Pathfinder Society.He has an AMAZING AC,great damage(especially against evil),and criticals quite a bit.If you are allowed traits and you use this build,take this Sarenrae trait in the APG that gives 2 extra damage on criticals(I don't have the book on hand..).

If you are just going to use two weapons,use either tri-bladed katars or the wakizashi.You can be a half-elf and take the alternate racial trait to get EWP with either one.

Your stats for a 20 point buy should be Strength 17,Dexterity 15,Constitution 14,Intelligence 7,Wisdom 8,Charisma 15.They're petty MAD.Increase Strength at 4th,Charisma at 8th,and continue in that pattern.Buy an Ioun Stone or stat belt to get your Dex up to the levels required for ITWF and GTWF.Good dips are either fighter or samurai.Samurai you should take at 1st level if you want to use wakizashis.

Feats should look like this:
L1(Half-Elf):EWP(Tri-Bladed Katar)
L3:Double Slice
L5:Power Attack
L7:Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
L9:Improved Critical
L11:Two-Weapon Rend
L13:Critical Focus
L15:Blinding Critical
L17:Lightning Reflexes
L19:Combat Reflexes

At our table,we normally use cards to represent buffs and the like;we fold index cards in half and write the cards effects on them.Ex:"Inspire Courage,+1 attack,damage,and saves vs fear."

Dual-dagger-wielding assassin that maxed out sneak.Basically sneak up on anything and power attack with two daggers for two 12X crits.

Paladin,definitely.Smite+bonded mount+full attacks=death.

I'd love to join if I could...I will try to get a character in tonight.

All I can say is this looks like an awesome campaign.(I am one of the original players)

I'm guessing newcomers won't be attracted to this thread,because it already has so many posts.Perhaps you want to start a new thread asking for more players?

Dotting for later.


Good luck!

I'm still in.

Why,are you planning to cast the illusion of winning on yourself?

I think I'll try to introduce myself now...is that okay? It seems like the best time so far...

I was thinking:

The Headmaster feels a light tap on his shoulder,and turns around to find a young elf looking at him curiously."Is everything well now?"

Alright then.I wasn't going for anything that breaks the game(well,not more than is done so in this thread anyways :P ).It was basically a class that Dervish Dances at range.

Whoa,really? Maybe I'll have to pump up my character even MORE... :P

Also,is creating your own class allowed?

I could be new;what Invasion,btw? I haven't had the time to read through all the gameplay thread.

Being new,however,doesn't mean I can't help,does it? I would really like to try and sneak off a bit and try and figure out what's going on.I'm not sure if that's safe....especially considering I've joined during an invasion.

It would be slow combat,but it could work,and it sounds interesting.

Could tribes form alliances?

A few suggestions:
*If you have divine spellcasters,they each must choose a 'totem'.Basically,it is their domain,but refluffed.The tribe must try to exemplify that totem in combat(Ex. Bear Totem warriors must be strong and tough,Eagle Totem fast and perceptive,Cat Totem agile and wiry,etc.)
*I suggest that barbarians get a bonus on morale checks while raging.
*Fighters should probably only be allowed to wear medium or lower...I just can't picture a bloodthirsty tribal warrior charging towards you in stone armor.
*Clerics do not worship gods;they worship animal spirits.

Are we going to run the whole tribe? Is there going to be a food/resource mechanic? If so,let's say there are 10 people in each tribe.You,3 warriors,and 6 laborers/workers.Each person must eat 1 food each day.You can assign a certain number of people to scavenge each day;they must make a roll and see how much food they scavenge.

Between battles,you can roll Craft checks to try and make your own weapons and armor.

I would love to join,if there is still room.

IRL,I would equate to a Bard 1(Archivist)/Barbarian 1.


Looks balanced to me,but I'm not a licensed balance expert :P

It seems the DM's dissapeared. ):

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Alright,I don't feel like reading all 220 posts,but offense can only be the best defense IF you can instantly kill everything in sight as an immediate-and I'm guessing if you can do that,you can see invisible creatures and have x-ray vision.(AKA epic wiz :P)

Monkeygod wrote:
sphar wrote:

Awesome,a fellow Pathfinder Delver.

I plan on going Rogue(Burglar) 5/Bard 1(Dawnflower Dervish)/Pathfinder Delver 4/Pathfinder Chronicler 2.

what sort of rogue are u thinking? I don't wanna step on ur toes with my Ninja. If I go that route, I am thinking full 13 levels in that, very infiltrator based.

Otherwise, I'll do the same, but as a caster.

I really don't care what you play;I am completely skillmonkey,largely scout-based.I have little to help with in combat other than swinging a scimitar for 1d6+4 a round.It could actually be nice to have a fellow scout so I don't die alone :P

Well hello people of Avalon Academy,I've been told to introduce myself :P

I'm gonna be playing a Scout/Fighter 6(Gestalt)/Dervish 9/Tempest 1

If anyone has any ideas on how to integrate myself into the campaign,or just has some general tips for me,do say.

Kethrar views Corellon primarily as the god of creation and magic.Kethrar take this is in a different way than most elves(as he does with all things),and believes Corellon would like his followers to mix magic with technology.

Awesome,a fellow Pathfinder Delver.

I plan on going Rogue(Burglar) 5/Bard 1(Dawnflower Dervish)/Pathfinder Delver 4/Pathfinder Chronicler 2.

Ah,I see.I guess my Con is 12.

I like to break systems :P

Anyways how is my character going to be integrated into the campaign?

My guy will be too....let me see what his attack bonuses/damage would be while Dervish Dancing at level 20 with two +5 keen Scimitars....:

Attack Bonuses:+40/+40/+40/+40/+35/+35/+35/+35/+30/+30/+30/+30/+25/+25

Ummm....okay,so without anything but damage bonuses,let's say 10 of those hit,the damage would be 30d6.A +10 enhance bonus(I kno I'm not getting it :P) for an extra 100 damage,plus 20 from Strength,plus 50 from Dervish Dancing,plus 1d6+3 for TWR,and if I crit on any(which I probably will with a 15-20 crit range),it does 2d6 bleed damage and staggers them.

I won't be doing that,however :P

My old build was doing 3 attacks at 3d6 each... >_< if I crit,that would be 2d6 bleed.

Oh,I haven't even been getting max hp for every level.My HP should be...202.

Also,thanks Kryz :D

My attack bonus is +21 from:+14 BAB,+5 Dex,+1 Weapon Focus,+1 Enhancement bonus.

My scimitars are +1 Keen Scimitars. Should I up the Enhancement bonuses?

grr,I may have to remake my char.I am sucking BADLY compared to some other chars I've seen(A +37 attack??!? :O)

JohnLocke wrote:
Kethrar wrote:

Also,would it be alright for me to carry a few items that I have already crafted in my travels?

Here's my character,by the way.

I'm still getting my feet wet with the artificer; are the items you want your power sword and battle harness? If so, that's fine with me.

I took a quick look at your characters' stats, to my math they came up to a 30 point buy. Could you go over them again and see if you can get them down to 25? Thanks!

Yes,the items I want are my Power Sword and Battle Harness.

Also,I'm counting racial bonuses in my ability scores...is that how you got 30? I counted it up again and got 25.

An all elf party? This could get interesting. :D

Also,thanks for the link.I'm almost done statting out my artificer now.

Alright,my deity is going to be Corellon(I'm an elf,and he's the Elven god of crafts and war,both of which are part of the artificer)

I'll get my character up in a bit.By the way,do you want me to use the 3.5 artificer or the 3rd party Pathfinder artificer?


First Set:
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (2, 4) + 6 = 12

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 5) + 6 = 15

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 2) + 6 = 12

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 3) + 6 = 14

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 2) + 6 = 13

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 2) + 6 = 11

Second Set:
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 1) + 6 = 11

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 6) + 6 = 18

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 6) + 6 = 17

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 2) + 6 = 11

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 4) + 6 = 15

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 4) + 6 = 11

I'll take the second set.

Hit Die: 2d8 ⇒ (5, 3) = 8

Would I be able to play an Artificer?I'm not sure if they fit into the Forgotten Realms area.

I wouldn't be going straight artificer,however.

Oh,a Politics section wouldn't make people start threads that end up in flame wars.Not at all


I would love to play;however,I'm not very familiar with the realms setting.Could I have a little more backstory,or a link where I could find some? Also,can you list the gods and their domains?

I'll be a skillmonkey Rogue(Burglar archetype).Probably Half-Elf,going Dervish Dance.

Shade has always loved the thrill and excitement of traps and puzzles.He's always wanted to go on an adventure;until now,he's made his livings off of stealing from houses and fencing it to the local thieve's guild.

One night,the thieve's guild sent him a letter.It said,"The Breaching Festival is upcoming...you are one of my most favored...'staff'.I would like you to participate in it....among the riches from completing the challenge,I will award you ownership of the guild.I am getting old,and need a younger soul to take on such adventures as these.

-Headmaster Shaarash"

There's my short bit of backstory...wil try to get more in later.

No,you stack Rapid Reload with alchemical cartridges.IMO,the Pistolero gunslinger is the way to go.They get multiple attacks,and they can even dual wield if you want to dip two into alchemist and get bombs as well as the Vestigial Arm discovery(reload with that arm).

Go Human.At 1st level,pick up the feats Rapid Reload and Point Blank Shot.Since you'll be attacking touch AC,not having precise shot won't be as horrible as it would be for an archer.At 3rd level,pick up Precise Shot,and if you want to dip a level into fighter for your 3nd level,pick up Deadly Aim;as a full BAB class,taking a -1 penalty to attacks is no problem.

Your stats should go:18 Dex,16 Wis,12 Con,8 Cha.

Skill-wise,Perception is a must,and Acrobatics is nice to tumble out of melee.

Take Toughness at 1st level.You want to live until you get your better spells.

In PFS,you can't use any Craft skills to craft anything-ever.

Combat casting is good,as is Improved Initiative.

Put your Int down one,and bump your Dex up to a 15.Then increase it by 1 at 4th level.

Sorry,I'm not experienced with casters,that's all I have.

I am IN!

This sounds awesome;totally my style(I'm a rogue :P)


Except the only good cult is a fake cult,so I win and you lose.

Yeah,what is up with my posts dissapearing!? D:

Anyways,can I try and get myself into the game somehow,or do you want me to wait until tomorrow?

Here's what i've got so far;sorry it's taking so long,I need to get down all my skills.PLease look over this,anyways.

A green-clad elf walks foward,two scimitars drawn.

URG,really sorry,haven't even been to high school yet so I don't know.I might say that a few times.

Cool.I guess I'll try to ease my way into gameplay soon now,I'm almost done with my character...unless you have a specific plan for how I fit into the current story.

Alright then.

Can my magical sentient scimitars have the keen property?

After he defeated his opponent in the duel,he felt a knife cut him across his back.He gasped,and dropped to the ground.

Next thing he knew,he woke up in the university,with someone(the headmaster?) next to him,looking at him curiously.After a brief conversation,the headmaster gifts him with a mithral breastplate,saying this would be better for protection than simple leather armor.This is probably where he joins the university.

Is that good?

Sadly,it will take a while to get his stats online)I have it all written down).

More questions to bug you with:
How should I introduce myself to the campaign?
How much gold/gear do I get?

Alright,I'll probably make him level 16(he has been training for over 50 years!).

He will have a quiet personality,but will still have a presence.He prefers to let his swordplay speak for him.He does not know what happened to his parents;he just found himself in the forest one day,with nothing but two scimitars at his sides.Somehow,he taught himself how to survive,and taught himself swordplay.

One day,he decided to venture out,and got challenged to a duel.Not only did he manage to defeat his foe,he did it in two hits.(Maybe this foe was a student?) I'm assuming the university then found him,and asked him to join.He would accept,having always wanted a home.

I was planning for his blades to actually be sentient,yes,even if it was just in his own mind :P

I will post mine in a bit...I;m still interested.

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