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Maris its the roman name for death

Want. Also loving the Core only direction. If only because it comeswith promises of more.

Paizo, why must you release something new to get excited about every time I make a purchase? Curse you and your effective business model!

They are evil in that regards. 20th level evil wizards all of them. jk

thank you both for your insight i havent been able to play for a while. Hopefully they errata both archetypes and make them a little better.

My whole concept was a Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde thing. thanks for your honesty. Dose anyone else have any opinions?

One more question would the rage mutagen stack the rage ability? i dont see a rule say otherwise but maybe im missing something.

I was think three levels of rage chemist and 2 levels of titan mauler with duel wielded great swords.

What do you guys think? Do you think it would be a good blend of both classes? Or if you could change it what would you do with it?

that is my mistake and i should have looked it up first. my apologies.

the rage i do believe ends when you become fatigued.

id like to see some specific weapons designed for taking down certain kinds of monsters. for example dragons bane arrows and stuff like that.

also would like to see one or two archetypes for anti paladin.

by far epic meepo your archetypes are stuff of legend. paizo should think of hiring you.

Id also go core because it has all the rule sin it to play.

ok thanks for all the help i was having hard time rapping my brain around all of that. thank you for clarifying.

the arctic druid from the APG gets wild shape at 6th level. Now in the ultimate magic book you get banish flame at 6th level and since they both take away something from the core class at 6th level technically you cant use either of them together. that's how i read the rules on archetypes unless im missing something completely obvious. Id like others opinions.

can you be an arctic druid with the arctic domain? my sources say no but i could be reading the rules wrong.

so i was looking at the sandman archetype and was wondering a few things about steal spell. so when i kill the the creature that i stole the spell from do i keep the spell after they die or dose it go away? i think it would be over powered if you got to keep it. What do you all think? also its on page 83 of the APG just to clarify

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Id have to go with the magic item compendium.

so now my question is what if you cast slow on the waterfall and then cast water walk on your self?

thanks for the link definitely getting the 3rd bestiary.

thanks for the quick reply

Is the displacer beast OGL? if so is it in any of the monster manuals?

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i learned it is never a good idea to fight a crocodile near a body of water while in full plate armor.

id include some nasty fungus in there like the violet fungus or some stuff like that.

in most of my games that that i have played yeah they are considered an eastern flavored character but that doesn't deter me from playing one. also if you think about it there were monks in medieval Europe just not the kind that you were used too. But Ive been trying to incorporate them in to my games as much as possible to get rid of that eastern feel.

armor making rules would be cool. so that if you want to make your own specialized kind of armor tailored around a character.

since they were slaves i would start by teaching them to defend them selves against the lizard folk and set up proper defenses so that they can survive to see a more civilized world. Then i would start with the whole agriculture thing. Personally i would appeal to there goblinoid side but in a good way if thats possible.

We let that rule slide along with the encumbrance rule.

exotic armors

As i dont have the book yet i just wanted too see what the developers liked in the book.

Not to sound stupid but what is we be goblins? ive never heard of that. Is it an adventure path?

i would have to say for pathfinder i would go with the troll and death worm

for 3.5 id have to say the beholder and umberhulk.

Our group usually gets rid of the weight limits so we can carry as much stuff as we want.

sounds familiar to i cast magic missile on the darkness.

thanks i did not see that

lol this made my day

I was looking through my core rule book and looking at the magical weapons and there is no description for the seeking crossbow. i don't know if this has already been caught but i thought i should post it.

How about a mace with heads on both ends like the two bladed sword.
Another idea would be a shield with short knives on the edges so it can double as a slicing weapon and still protect you.

I would like to see a bladed shield that could double as a weapon and still protect you would be perfect for those shield bashers

This might be a bad idea but what about exotic armor we have exotic weapons i think it would be cool if we had exotic armor just my two cents.

Well then id just go with the fighter he is kind of the beginner class.

i would still like to see some archetypes for the anti paladin just my two cents

What about a Frankenstein monster of some kind. it could possibly be a more powerful zombie.

Darkholme wrote:
Fair points all, it was just an Idea I had, and I can admit that it wasn't a great one. It was just a matter of: hmm, have they ever thought of anything like this? lets see what people say.

No problem. when i red your first post it sounded like a neat idea. Then i read ever other persons post, i agreed with them too. No harm in posting your ideas though.

As the player id probably listen to all sides but id probably come to the same conclusion as the original player. Seeing as it is the most just and devout thing he could have done.

id probably give him an ex bonus for doing a good job of playing his character well.

I was also thinking of ideas for archetypes for the gunslinger,ninja, and samurai because all of the classes differ from the base classes enough where they could possibly get there own archetypes but maybe this would be splitting hairs. I think it would be neat if paizo did something like this though.

an archetype for the anti paladin

Telikenetic orb + implosion nothing like getting to watch some one collapse in upon itself

So my question is can you have archetypes for alternate classes? for example an archetype for the anti paladin and so on.

Any ideas for archetypes that you can think of put here.

The rouge will be able to dip into most of ninja talents from what I herd. So this might balance things out.

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