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I was think three levels of rage chemist and 2 levels of titan mauler with duel wielded great swords.

What do you guys think? Do you think it would be a good blend of both classes? Or if you could change it what would you do with it?

can you be an arctic druid with the arctic domain? my sources say no but i could be reading the rules wrong.

so i was looking at the sandman archetype and was wondering a few things about steal spell. so when i kill the the creature that i stole the spell from do i keep the spell after they die or dose it go away? i think it would be over powered if you got to keep it. What do you all think? also its on page 83 of the APG just to clarify

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Id have to go with the magic item compendium.

Is the displacer beast OGL? if so is it in any of the monster manuals?

As i dont have the book yet i just wanted too see what the developers liked in the book.

i would have to say for pathfinder i would go with the troll and death worm

for 3.5 id have to say the beholder and umberhulk.

I was looking through my core rule book and looking at the magical weapons and there is no description for the seeking crossbow. i don't know if this has already been caught but i thought i should post it.

So my question is can you have archetypes for alternate classes? for example an archetype for the anti paladin and so on.

Any ideas for archetypes that you can think of put here.

I would have to say at one point i played a lizard man thief witch was a very interesting concept.