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We had one going for Ultimate Combat, and have one going currently for the Advanced Races guide, so why not start up the Ultimate Equipment Wishlist early, and may be our incessant yammering might get heard.

I'll start:

  • New weapon and armor properties, both magical and mundage
  • More class specific items that give benefits to particular class features, and new ones for classes that don't have any
  • A set of feats that are based of a fighter's weapon group that augment the ability to fight with the weapon group (Think the Whip Mastery tree fro ultimate combat, but applied to broad groups of weapons, not just a single one)
  • Alternate proficiency rules so that non-full BAB classes can have an easy time of getting exotic weapon proficiency
  • More cool and quirky mundane adventuring gear
  • A way to make natural attacks and unarmed strikes masterwork on a case by case basis. So a monk can get weapon enhancements on his body, and monsters with only one or two natural attacks can get a buff as well.

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A usable artificer base class.

Silver Crusade

Rituals for enhancing a monk's unarmed strike that the monk can perform himself without a caster's aid. Or at the very least a piece of equipment that doesn't ruin the flavor of a barehanded monk, like brass knuckles, cestus, etc. do. Something that takes care of unarmed strike as a whole, so that a monk's flurry isn't reduced to punching over and over. Something that lets them keep kicks, knees, elbows, and headbutts on the menu. NOT something that takes care of each limb seperately and makes for a bookkeeping nightmare on and off the table.

African themed gear.

Artificial limbs and/or other mundane or magical body modifications.

Dark Archive

More uses for skills: skill tricks, and combat maneuvers that require no feats but do require minimum skill ranks.

Equipment tricks, and an updated crafting ruleset that isn't borked.

exotic armors

I'll second Mikaze's wish for a way for monks to enhance unarmed strikes in some way without something like brass knuckles. I'll take magic tattoos to do it.

I'll also second the new weapon and armor properties. I wanna see some crossbow love for enhancements, like the quick loading deal from MiC

Matt Stich wrote:
I'll second Mikaze's wish for a way for monks to enhance unarmed strikes in some way without something like brass knuckles.

Brass knuckles can no longer do damage as though they were unarmed strikes, so no enhancement there either.

Tatoos are cool.

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I understand that about 50% of the book will contain compiled content. This worries me as I definitely don't want to buy a book that contains a bunch of content I already bought, especially a hardcover.

A way to change my attitude about this is if the previously published equipment is revisited with new content, ways of use, and artwork for each.

Jeranimus Rex wrote:
Matt Stich wrote:
I'll second Mikaze's wish for a way for monks to enhance unarmed strikes in some way without something like brass knuckles.

Brass knuckles can no longer do damage as though they were unarmed strikes, so no enhancement there either.

Tatoos are cool.

Yeah, I know, but I was just using them as the example. You can't exactly make masterwork hand wraps, and even if you can, those are just that hand wraps. Kicks won't be affected, headbutts, etc. Tattoos seem to be a logical way to go.

Masterwork Yurts
Quilted cloth lining for body armor
NPC prestige classes
A Arcane NPC class counterpoint to the adept
Stronghold building guidelines

Would love to see more resources on prices / economics of gear. I’d be very pleased with a master price table of ALL weapons / armor, including not just the sale price, but also the recommended value an adventurer might get by pawning it off, weighted by some sort of supply/demand factors (ie. I’d imagine a +1 sword is going to be worth a lot more in a remote village than in a bustling metropolis where they’re a dime a dozen). Also include the multipliers for magic item pricing in this one centralized location. I know this info is already available scattered around, but if this book is called Ultimate Equipment, it would be nice to have a comprehensive chart available so I wouldn’t have to bust out the calculator every time someone price checks a magic weapon.
Taking that supply / demand idea further, it would be fun to see an optional system for trade good values (textiles, ores, etc) and info on trade routes/caravans, so we might be have rules to run a merchant-heavy campaign.

Lantern Lodge

Hwacha: an artillery piece that actually could resonably be used against players

Armed Kites

More riverine craft, including armed versions
(and the current description of "Keelboat", in the Core Rules, would better fit something like "Canal Boat" or "Flat Boat"; A Keelboat has a "keel" and is not flatbottomed. see Keelboat vs Flatboat )

Rules for rowing, punting or floating up and down rivers.

More open water craft. Perhaps, instead of trying to have dozens of types of boats, have a system that allows picking length, beam, number of masts, etc. and generates game statistics like carrying capacity, speed per round, modifier to skill checks, etc.

Rules for sailing in open waters.

Tent or portable building options, like gypsy wagons, yurts/gers or rules for building improvised shelters, like log cabins.

New crafting rules. Rules for building improved craft shops, including allowing multipliers for amount created, skill bonuses, etc.

Magical tatoos.

Hot air baloons.

Rules for "hidden" things. For example, a dagger hidden inside a walking stick, or a wand hidden inside the hilt of a two handed sword.

Rules for libraries. It's been already stated that large libraries can give benefits to Know rolls or other skill rolls; what are the rules if the players wish to build their own library? Stats for some of the famous libraries in Golarion, and the requirements they place on use.

Market, trade system, for the odd player that wants to play Traveller-style trade campaign on Golarian; Traveling town to town in a caravan, buying low, selling high and looking for questionables deals to make the little extra bit of profit. IMHO mundane trading should make little, usually only enough to cover expenses, thereby encouraging players to seek out missions/plot hooks.

Explosives rules, but only enough to codify explosives (gunpowder, fuse bombs, etc)as being too expensive, unreliable or dangerous for daily use.

Lantern Lodge

We already know Parade Armor gives +2 Diplomacy & Intimidate vs people of the same nationality, and that not wearing the appropriate courtiers clothing and jewelry gives a -2 Diplomacy when dealing with nobility, and that perfume can give bonuses in unidentified circumstances. So.......How about a unified set of rules for the effects of clothing on Diplomacy/Intimidate/Sense Motive/Bluff?

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Do we also get new materials?!
I once read about Earthblood (if that was the name) from Monte Cook. I remember I really loved that stuff/material, but can't find it anymore... I am sure it isn't in Ptolus!
Any chance you ask him to contribute that to the UE book?!

* really hope the name was Earthblood, and that Monte was the author *

Dark Archive

I would like to see support for a trading campaign as well, maybe a set of optional rules for those who want to play one rather than core rules for everyone.

I would like to second having a section on enhancing unarmed strikes and natural weapons, for both PCs and GMs trying to make more interesting and challenging encounters.

More crafting rules would be useful as well, especially if it made them more intuitive to use in game.

A new section on magic item enchantments and wondrous items would be awesome. I would really like to see an even more in depth guide to creating magic items, especially ones that give unusual benefits aside from numerical bonuses or copying spell effects.

Vehicle (and especially ship) design rules would be very welcome as well.

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sieylianna wrote:
A usable artificer base class.

+1 Pretty pleaase with Kobold head sprinkles

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Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
sieylianna wrote:
A usable artificer base class.
+1 Pretty pleaase with Kobold head sprinkles

I would also love to see this. It would make perfect sense to have this base class in book about equipment. It doesn't even have to be an exact remake of the Eberron Artificer, just someone who is awesome at crafting items (magical or otherwise) and maybe gets spells to enhance weapons and armor with magical properties. They could probably even get away with making it an Alchemist alternate class/archetype.

I always thought it was stupid that unwanted magic items were sold back to the market at a 50% gold loss. What about some rules to trade for items that are undesired by other traveling adventurers. Sort of like a straight up swap for weapons that nobody can use.

I'd like to see a more in-depth treatment of more European armor types--including ones that are already represented in the game, just like they did with Asian armor in Ultimate Combat. I feel like the culturally-specific Asian "update" in UC was both unnecessary (all those armor types could have been represented with already-existing armors) and overpowered (there's absolutely no way I'm going to believe that the leg armor components of an O-Yoroi provide more protection than a European steel plate legharness).

Owner - House of Books and Games LLC

Brian Darnell wrote:

I understand that about 50% of the book will contain compiled content. This worries me as I definitely don't want to buy a book that contains a bunch of content I already bought, especially a hardcover.

A way to change my attitude about this is if the previously published equipment is revisited with new content, ways of use, and artwork for each.

Well, another thing to consider is that this book will probably allow anyone with the Armory book to toss it. Hopefully it'll fix all the weirdness with that one, and resolve some of the issues that have been burning on the boards for ages.

So you could pretend the Armory never existed and instead say that it'll be about 60-65% new material :)

Maybe it's the economist in my talking, but more on the economics of everything.

-How much do buildings cost
-How do spells affect mundane economics, like creating a stone wall out of air, how many casters would it take to equal how many workers
-More mundane items, clocks, suits, vehicles (I know they're in UC, but there's only like 10 or so)
-Prices of labor, servants, slaves, experts in different fields
-Modifiers, like 10% cheaper on wood goods for cities in the forest, 10% more expensive for having it shipped.
-The ability to let the players make money on the market, not just sell at half buy at full crap, why can't wizards actually make money crafting items, or bowyers make money crafting bows. Obviously it's not as get rich quick as adventuring but it's safer.
-More golem stuff, I always liked that.

I'm an item guy, so this could be an amazing book for me

Take the opportunity to fix the exotic weapon problem.

We have, what, three human culture groups? Europe/default, SE Asia/Xian, and India/whatever it's called. Maybe treat Japan and China separately since they're so popular and give Xian in Golarion both groups.

This is already partly done with monk weapons, but it's not done properly across the board.

Characters from Xian should get naginata as a martial weapon just like dwarves get dwarven urgosh as a martial weapon. The weapons should be rebalanced as such with only rare and difficult weapons like one handed bastard swords or kusari-gama or those that are costing something in terms of race or class design like the aforementioned dwarven urgosh being balanced as worth a feat, and the others being flavor choices that come with your region.

I suspect this would be more popular if it came in the form of bumping up the pseudo-european martial weapons to match the non-european martial weapons. Some of the problem comes from undervaluing wide crit range weapons in a game that has the critical focus tree.

Atarlost wrote:

Take the opportunity to fix the exotic weapon problem.

I think they should fix monk proficiency by flat out stating that monks are proficient in all monk weapons, but other than that I don't see or understand a problem with the eastern weapon stuff.

Bumping up exotics would be nice, either by decreasing the pre-requisites or adding feats that incentivise their use.

The eastern/western disparity is purely fluff. The important thing about the weapon tables are the stats, not the name.

New magic items (wondrous items, rings, rods).
New enchantments for magical weapons and armors, especially the guided weapon enchantement presented in a 3.5 AP (legacy of fire i think) either as it was or altered.
The introduction of potion belts like it was in the forgotten realms setting book, i understand that probably due to being non-open content there can't be a copy paste, but i think that even an altered version that effectively does the same thing is enough.

-A lot more types of magical rings, boots, cloaks, belts, hats, vest, vestments, robes, circlets, helmets, amulets(neclaces, periapts,etc.), and bracers
-more special materials
-no more cursed items
-new types of weapons/armor
-more alchemical items
-more minor and major artifacts
-more specific magic items like flametongue and frostbrand
-less class/race specific magic items
-some magic items based on items from real world mythology
-more magical properties for weapons and armor
-a section devoted to item creation rules
-magical items that use objects that haven't been used yet like clocks, spyglasses, yo-yos, buttens, combs, hairpins, earrings, woman's undergarments, watches, toys, stuffed animals, glass eyes, peg legs, eye patches, marbles, pens, paintbrushes, etc.
-more third eye magic items like the one found in cult of the ebon destroyers module.

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Dragon78 wrote:

-more special materials

Yes yes, more special material.

Liberty's Edge

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I hope, there are more items, like there are in "Crown of the Kobold King".
I really loved the Crown itself and the Heartripper Dagger. Both are cool items, which give some great boni, but for a price. My sorcerer isn't sure, if he wants to wear the crown all day long, because he would look kind of...well...
And the dagger - awesome powers, but you get them for a price!
As I said, I loved those two items, and would like to see more of these kind.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Charter Superscriber

Oh, and would you be so kind to add my most favorite item... :)

Vegetable Cutter
Aura strong evocation; CL -
Slot - ; Price -; Weight
In the hands of any female this is just an ordinary, wood-framed vegetable cutter. But as soon as a human male touches it, it reveals its full properties as a +10 keen vorpal human man bane vegetable cutter, and runes start to glow on its wooden frame, reading in common: ”Danger, do not touch! Keen, vorpal and sharp!”
A man gets a Will Save (DC20) to not show off when a woman is nearby watching (this DC increases by 5 for every woman present beyond the first).
On an attack roll of 1-7 it scores a criticial fumble threat. If the threat is not confirmed, the user takes 1d4 damage and 1d6 bleeding damage until magically healed. If a criticial is scored, the user loses 1d3 fingers and takes also 2d6 bleed until bandaged by a woman. Present women start to grin after a crit (important, they do not laugh just grin) which increases the males Will Save DC by another 10 points if he uses the cutter again within the next 5 rounds. Any Bluff or Intimidate checks made against women after such a critical also receive a -5.
Requirements Nothing is known about this hellish device as it seems only women can create such an item, and they seem to keep its construction a secret at all costs.

Thank you! :)

gloves that can be enchanted and do unarmed damage.

Vest of resistance, gauntlets of ogre power(that stack with enh bonuses), electrical version of flametongue/frostbrand, boots/sandels of waterwalking, bracers that deflect ranged weapons/ranged touch attacks, ring that is protection/resistance, magical rings that have spell effects(magic missle, lighting bolt, et.) X number of times a day that anyone can use, gloves that enhance unarmed/natural attacks

C'mon folks, Ultimate Equipment is super far off, and unlike in some of the other "Wish" threads, this one might actually have an impact on what gets printed/worked on in the book!

I for one would love to see mythological magic Items thrown in as major artifacts.

Also, mundane item creation rules, so folks who want to stat up different kinds of lamps can actually go to town.

A x5 crit melee weapon, so people can complain a little bit less about the falcata.

A magic weapon property that increases the critical range of bludgeoning weapons.

Both (Not just one, but both) a feat and a magic weapon property that increases the crit multiplier of a weapon.

Silver Crusade

Jeranimus Rex wrote:
C'mon folks, Ultimate Equipment is super far off, and unlike in some of the other "Wish" threads, this one might actually have an impact on what gets printed/worked on in the book!

Repeating "rituals or some other options for monks to enhance their unarmed strike that doesn't ruin their flavor".

Reasonable trap-building options for PCs.

Golarion cultural and religious-themed items.

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Individually wrapped pieces of bacon, I am so sick and tired of everyone having individually wrapped sausages but no bacon, it should end in ultimate equipment.

The Exchange

More regional/racial weapons and armor with explanations of what they are and why they are used.
More non-magical gear that is interesting and usefull.
Rules on building/ renting homes and forts
Varisian gypsy wagons

Enough mundane items and gadgets to make even Batman jealous. Also, as many utility wondrous items as you can fit in the boot.

Dark Archive

Another thing I would like to see is some more variant weapons that are linked to common weapons for feat purposes. The scorpion whip is a step in this direction, as proficiency with whips also provides proficiency with them, and the gladius (depending on how you read its description) is another since "Feats and abilities that affect short swords apply to the gladius."

In 3.5 they had several variant weapons, like the barbed dagger and longaxe, that were exotic weapons but shared the benefit from feats like weapon focus with the base weapon. I thought this was an interesting idea and I would love to see Paizo use and improve it.

A whole section on boats of varying sizes.

Liberty's Edge

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Charter Superscriber

Throwing daggers with a larger range increment...

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Dryder wrote:
Throwing daggers with a larger range increment...

This, and some way to let weapon-throwers get multiple weapons with good effects without it costing so much. No, I don't have any good ideas on how to do that! LOL

I would be so happy if even one of these made it into the book.

-A way of creating a weapon 'set' for duel wielders so that they don't have to spend double the money on their weapons even though they are probably doing less damage than a two-handed fighter. Just make it so that the weapons need to be close to eachother in order to function.
-Items that create temporary magical throwing weapons or temporarily enchant mundane ones. Maybe a set of gloves that enchants anything the user throws? This way a character who focuses on throwing weapons will be viable without spending huge amounts of money.
-Fixed rules for crafting non-magical items. The current crafting rules are a 3.5 holdover that simply needs to go away XD

More useful mundane items.

More uses for mundane items.

Rules/stats for cars, ships, planes, suberines and other vehicles.

Minor and major magical traits to spice up magic items.

More indepth crafting rules for magic and mudane items.

magic enchantment that weapons can detect a type creture.(like sting from the hobbit/lord of the rings)

A lot more variaty of wepon/Armor enchanmets that have a set price and/or +1-5 cost value.

A lot more magical rings

More types of magical gloves, belts, boots, hats, cloaks, mantls, vest, and other clothing and jewelry items.

Shadow Lodge

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sieylianna wrote:
A usable artificer base class.

I'd like this Ultimate book to actually do what it's title implies, and be about equipment, not throwing out more rules/classes/etc. I'm still bitter about Ultimate Combat, the book that gave martial character some cool options, and then gave spellcasters the ability to use those options more effectively at half the character level.

And I'd rather see a class that was based on tech than magic, but we all know that Paizo isn't going to do that...if it's flashy and effective, it's a spell, a spell-like ability, or (Su).

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Must. Ignore. Flamebait.

Weapons that upgrade!

an artificer class, the best to craft and use (magic)items and that can craft minor artifacts at 20 level

more rules to create magic items or alternate system
more special materials and magic items

Cheapy wrote:

Must. Ignore. Flamebait.

Weapons that upgrade!

Like Legacy Weapons? I can dig that. I liked the idea behind Legacy Weapons but I hated the implementation of them in 3.5

Something like that.

I do not think that there'll be an artificer class. Paizo playtests their classes. At most, I think there might be an alchemist archetype?

More special materials like the all sky metals, plastic, rubber, crystal that can be used as weapons/armor, strange alloys, etc.

Organic and/or living weapons/armor

+1 on more special materails.

Prices for different beverages.

Liberty's Edge

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I'd like to see, in addition to new equipment, would be rules and feats developing the improvised weapons. How about improvised shields and armor?

Rules for additional uses of permanency. Can a druid get permanency cast on their shillelagh to make there own permanent magical weapon? Granted, they'd be the only ones who could use it...

Special materials would be nice. As would something like the wpn & armor gems from 3.5.

Is there any chance of us seeing the oil of impact again. Darts filled with this magical/alchemical substance would explode on impact.

2nd hidden item rules. Maybe also so deceptive function equipment, ala james bond. Cufflinks that act as alchemist bombs. Brooches the turn into poisonous shurikens. Returning bladed Bowler Hats.

Also, there is a huge group of farm type equipment aside from the scythe that is lethal. Pitch forks for example. You could use rules for the ranseur, but a pitchfork would only have the reach of a spear.

Alchemical weapon pellets. These were awesome, and we got them so late in 3.5.

Bracers. There are effectively 2 useful bracers in the system so far. And while both are useful, the hands/forearm slotts are sorely under used. Maybe another 1 handed glove, since you're only allowed to wear one glove of storing at a time.

Ring of force fist. Or weapon. It just struck me odd that we have a ring of force shield and bracers of armor, but no ring of force weapon. Kind of ruins it if you're going for a theme.

Enchanted instruments. Enchanted Toys. Figurines of wonderous power: Toy Soldier: group of 10, diminuative to fine soldier who follow the users commands to the best of their capability. Great for kids of all ages and useful in military planing as well.

Just a few of my flu induced thoughts.

A better crafting system.

One major problem with the current RAW crafting system is that it is faster to create items that are more difficult to make. That is, if two items have the same price, and one has a higher DC to make, it is faster to make the one with the higher DC.

A common house rule is to just say you can set the DC to any DC higher than the base DC to speed up crafting, but house rules are house rules and don't fundamentally fix the system.

I'd like to see an overhaul of this system from Paizo.

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