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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Illustration by Vincent Dutrait

This summer we're unleashing Ultimate Equipment, a massive tome full of all sorts of equipment both magical and nonmagical. Last time, Sean asked you about what kind of items you would like to see in the book, and we got a bunch of magic item ideas. This week we're asking again, but this time we're looking for something a little more... well, mundane.

What kind of nonmagical equipment do you think should be in this book? It will feature all the nonmagical equipment found in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook, the Advanced Player's Guide, and Ultimate Combat, as well as a bunch of nonmagical equipment that we produced for the Advanced Race Guide, including weapons and armor. But what other sort of nonmagical things should be in this book? Specifically, we're looking for those nonmagical pieces of equipment that should be in the game, but that we haven't yet published.

As always, we are listening.

Stephen Radney-MacFarland

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Kevin Mack wrote:
How about a whip/sword (Like what Ivy in soul calibur has?)

I wanted to make a villain with Ivy's sword, so I reskinned the urumi from UC: Commonly known as a whip sword, this deadly weapon is fashioned from one to four 5-foot-long, razor-sharp blades of flexible steel. The weapon is wielded by whipping the blades at one's opponent. The coiled blade is fine and flexible enough to be worn as a belt.

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this is perhaps less technical, but drawings of outfits would be great. Always good for inspiration.

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

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I would LOVE to see some more detail on Clothing (including prices for buy individual items such as hats, boots, etc.).

While it may not be appropriate in this "general" sourcebook; following this up with a Player's Companion that deals with regional (& racial) fashions would also be wonderful. :)

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Bow Tie, Fezz, & Suspenders.
Master work versions should give you a +2 bonus to Diplomacy.
Because they're cool.

Pathfinder Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber
Xot wrote:

Bow Tie, Fezz, & Suspenders.

Master work versions should give you a +2 bonus to Diplomacy.
Because they're cool.

A necessity for every level 33 Shriner!

There are a lot to things you can create with Craft (Alchemy). I would like to see some love, and specifics, for some of the other Craft and Profession skills. It would be nice to have an use that isn't just flavor... or a small reward for choosing flavor (if you prefer).

Maybe an explanation why Craft (blacksmith) (armor), & (weapons) are all different skills? Especially when compared to Craft (Alchemy)??? Maybe we need to look at having general craft/profession at one level that open up the ability to specialize after a few ranks?

Tivilio wrote:
Xot wrote:

Bow Tie, Fezz, & Suspenders.

Master work versions should give you a +2 bonus to Diplomacy.
Because they're cool.
A necessity for every level 33 Shriner!

PreReqs for the Shriner prestige class.

Grand Lodge RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32, RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

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Xot wrote:
Tivilio wrote:
Xot wrote:

Bow Tie, Fezz, & Suspenders.

Master work versions should give you a +2 bonus to Diplomacy.
Because they're cool.
A necessity for every level 33 Shriner!
PreReqs for the Shriner prestige class.

Wait, I thought they were for timelords?

Dark Archive

I'm a big fan of all the older equipment books. Filled with potion capsules for teeth, double string elven bows, gnomish scopes for crossbows, dire picks and war spears.
Personally I'm hoping for kits similar to the ones in PSFG, but for, well...everything. Climbing, animal training, lock picking/burglary and so on. Also hoping for more weapons like war maces, war spears, broadswords, dire pick, mauls and dire mauls, and more variety of arrows/bolts. And pages of regional style so it describes the favoured weapons, armour, pets, alcohol, and so forth. Something like how 3.5 Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting did it. Environmental kits are good too.

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Gadgets and Clockwork gear
Weapon and Armor Properties (Extra Padding, Fluting, Quick Straps to remove certain armors quickly like Breastplate)
Expanded Improvised Weapons (like a normal razor)
Collapsible and Retractable Tools
More Alchemical Items - specifically ones I would like to see are specifically designed explosives for structural damage or ignoring hardness, satchel charges and placing mines (reading Malazan books I've been wanting to do an alchemical sapper for quite awhile)
Alchemical Weapons - I second the flamethrower or any form of weaponized sprayer. Also weapons that use alchemical items like a sword with a reservoir that can have alchemical fluids coating the weapon such as alchemical fire or silver would be nice. Alchemical ammo, bolts and arrows are also wanted.
Normal syringes for injecting prepared extracts (not just a spear or spell)

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All the stuff in Adventurers Armory was good, and kits that have a set of useful items pre-priced would be nice.

Cost of getting new pages engraved for a printing press
More Herbs and mundane remedies
Alchemical Glue
Alkali flasks and Salts, reprinted from Dungeon Denizens Revisited
Cost of various standard Bribes (Guard, Customs, Official)

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For mundane equipment, please use some sort of organization/categorization structure to help players find an item they are looking for. Giving players an extremely long list of items, sorted alphabetically isn't all that useful. Sorting them into categories that make the items easier to find in the book would be a big help.

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Pathfinder Adventure, Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

This isn't exactly what you're asking for... but I would love for the book to include some sort of feat that causes the saving throw DC of mundane items to scale with the character. Something that changes the DC to 10 + 1/2 level + Int mod. I've been wanting to try playing an item focused character for a while, but the fact that the saving throw DCs of the items like Tanglefoot Bags and Thunderstones are so low is kind discouraging.

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Actually, take this, put it in UE.

In addition, items that would allow for stuff found in the Secrets of the Rose and Glove would be cool. A discussion on the alchemical properties of common plants, etc.

I think some kind of gaming kit would bepretty cool. It can be expanded on with an exotic kit or even a cheaterskit to aid slieght of hand.

There are some prety good suggestions here.

Personally, I would love to see an article about why certain mundane items interact with the different magics. An explanation for why diamonds, gold, and other materials cause magic to work when they themselves are not inherently magical.

Leading from there, it might be nice to see some magi-tech/technomancy style items that aren't themselves magical but use it to function.

EDIT: Spoilered due to irrelevancy. :_(

Also, there needs to finally be a table of NUMERIAN artifacts/equipment with descriptions. How long has this place been around in Golarian, and not single bit of the tech has escaped? Hell, I could imagine a special division of the Technic League that scours the world for stolen tech that's been smuggled out. But first...let us have some!!!

Pinvendor, this is campaign-agnostic.

It's going to be world-neutral. I had thought they specifically mentioned something about Numerian things not being in it too. Can't find that now.

Grand Lodge

Not sure if this has been brought up yet but more kits that bundle various items together, like those found in the Pathfinder Society Field Guide.

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Arrows come in a variety of mundane forms (smoke, blunt, barbed, etc), but Bolts only get one (standard).

An Armorpiercing Bolt would be nice and at the very least the same kinds of variety found in arrows should be found in Bolts.

Scarab Sages

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1970Zombie wrote:
Specific books and scrolls that are great works of the time and history. Also field guides and reference books. These items could apply bonuses to skill checks when referenced.

Religious Texts - I.E. To Feed Your Hunger, The Book of Magic, Hammer and Tongs, etc. Books that give bonuses to Knowledge Religion checks of the associated Deity.


Masterwork Holy Symbols = +2 dc on Channel Energy attempts

New Special materials that are craft-able via alchemy. (I.E. Obsidian that isn't fragile... because it's cool)

Some sort of casting focus to give casters a +1 bonus to hit with ranged touch attacks.

Asbestos cloak / clothing for fire resistance.

A lathe, the only tool that can be used to make a better version of itself.

A toothbrush (Maybe a prestidigitation effect to give you a circumstance bonus to Diplomacy?)

A water filter kit (used to check if water is poisoned/toxic and can also remove the poisons/toxins if you spend a round or two filtering it)

Quick connect and release buckles for heavy armor (cuts the time of having to put on and remove heavy armor, and makes it so you don't need multiple-people to put on a suit of heavy armor)

Silver Crusade

1. Collapsible pole.

2. Vermin repellant gas. Something to help low level characters survive swarms.

3. Fishing kit.

For the followers of Calistria how about make-up/body paint(s)?

Has anyone mentioned whetstones or other weapon sharpening equipment as opposed to other items that make/repair weapons etc?

That'll be $0.02 please ;p

Plates, Bowls, Toothbrush and razor already came up and were very good suggestions.

Things like pots, pans and cooking utensils.
More food options with pricing.
More and different options for trail rations. Whats included in them. Expiry dates. etc.
Small lightweight tents. 20 lbs is too much. My characters always end up sleeping under a tree.
Fold-able Chairs.

More Special Materials!

Clothing that offers no AC and has no ASF that could receive enchantment bonuses and Armor special abilities.

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1) Gear that allows quicker access of items and weapons in time of need (thinking of age of sail bandoliers for holding multiple flintlock pistols across the chest and wild west bandoliers for ammo). Maybe make it a modular system, the character buys the base tactical belt that has X slots, then buys the various types of special compartment things for those slots.

2) Spell component tables, including regional rarity and possible substitutes (with penalties) for regions lacking certain items.

3) More race/region specific weapons that are treated as standard weapons for the untrained (just like the Aldori dueling sword).

4) Herbal remedies/resistances with alchemical recipes that are purchased like scrolls.

5) Clothing based on specific climates and weather conditions.

6) Region/Race/Religion specific gifts.

7) Giant table of different ships and cannons for pirate campaigns (example: a sloop has max speed X, max cannons of X, max/min crew of X/X, max load of X, hull draft of X, can be outfitted with a Long Nine cannon, cannot have a Paixhans or Carronade cannon, ect... ).

Since we now have the awesomeness of Clockworks in the game thanks to the Bestiary 3, I'd like to see some lower level Clockwork pieces of equipment, similar to the Pocket Watch previously printed in the Adventurer's Armory but more adventurer oriented. An example that I thought up of would be like a clockwork rolling cylinder that could be set to roll forward and maybe trigger certain traps, and of course the Cryptex containers made such great use of in The Da Vinci Code.

id like to see some specific weapons designed for taking down certain kinds of monsters. for example dragons bane arrows and stuff like that.

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Small critters/pets.

My druid keeps coming across vipers being used as traps or thrown weapons. He'd like to offer one a permanent position in his backpack as rogue deterrent.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

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Bandoliers for thrown blades and splash weapons.

Books. Blank books for writing in; holy books (which may or may not be used as a divine focus); books that add a temporary, small circumstance bonus to 1 knowledge check, etc.

Games/game pieces. We had stats for marked cards and loaded dice in APG I think, but not normal playing cards, dice, chess sets, checkerboards, etc. Some of this can have a use in game and cost guidelines would be useful.

Fishing gear. We have stats for a net and for a hook, but no rod and tackle. ("Fishing kit" as a single item would be fine.)

Hacksaw or bolt cutters.

Mosquito netting/general jungle survival gear.

Special belts/pouches that give pickpockets a penalty to Sleight of Hand when trying to pinch their contents.

A FOLDING 10-foot-pole, for easy carrying. (We always wondered how my 3 and a half foot tall dwarf easily carried a 10-foot-pole and decided on a folding one.)

"Entertainers' tools" -- like artisans tools but priced appropriate. Includes stuff a performer might need--whether juggling balls or rings or handkerchiefs or signs, but just lump it under one thing.

Less necessary, but sometimes folks like to note things like "mess kit" and "toiletries or shaving kit" and "armor polishing kit" on their gear list. It's usually not essential gear so it doesn't need pricing (but then you could also say that about stuff that is on the equipment list, like a whetstone), but I've seen players ask for them, so.


A few other common trade goods, like chocolate, tea, and coffee. ("How much does chocolate cost?" was a serious question in one of my games. Obviously you can wing it, but if there's room, would be cool to be able to look it up)

Various gears and clothes for weird weather and climates or professions.

Sample tavern menus with common food and drink costs.

Also, repeating from a post on the old thread, "pre-priced packages" would be nice. Stuff like a standard adventurer's kit (bog standard backpack, rations, waterskin, light source), a wilderness adventuring kit (some additional camping gear), a dungeoneer's kit (include stuff like a 10 foot pole and crowbar), a spellcaster's kit (spellbook, spellcomponent pouch, common foci and material components that cost GP).

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The 1E DMG had a great list of gems and other items that had mystical properties. I would like to see something like this for a variety of materials and colors so that there can be some interesting enhancements to magic items.

For example, using 100 gp of crushed rubies at part of the material component for Charm Person you increase the DC by +1. (This isn't meant to be a balanced idea, just a suggestion of what I mean). Or scrolls prepared with hematite in the ink are easier to read and the DC to read one is reduced by 2.

I would also like to see something like the crystals from the Magic Item Compendium. Basically some modular enhancements to items.

Dark Archive

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*for sure a new crafting system.

*On the magical side of objects, they are almost always focused on adenturers. I could be fun to see some magical "in home" objects. (ie a neverburning oven or an always hot bath tub)

*Sometimes also, I'm affraid to gives magical/special items to the monsters as the PC will eventualy get them and might become too strong. So "monstruous" magical items could be fun too. (ie rings for giants, head circlets for hydra, brading armor for wings and so on)

*A list of reagents found on monsters. (ie, the "cornocupia like" pearl from the throat of an ancien dragon, the skin of a cloaker ...)


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Torture implements, with descriptions of use, bonuses to Intimidation and Will Saves to resist particular tortures, and stats for use in combat, both as a weapon and as what happens when someone uses Animate Object or the item is possessed by a poltergeist. (A poltergeist can just throw books in a library, but in a torture chamber? With a pear of anguish, for example? Ouch.)

Ceremonial items for both religious rituals and magic ones. Thuribles. Vinculums. All the assorted magical and religious dungeon dressing.

Exotic jewelry and clothing. Snoods and hennins. Handflowers and scapulars. Stuff for different cultures so we don't have to default to flavorless descriptions like "hat."

Cosmetics and perfumes with mechanical benefits for some, if just to explain what societies have what fashions and how you get a Diplomacy bonus for wearing the local fashion, be it war paint or powdered hair. This also treads into alchemy. Can citronella repel monstrous vermin? Also, let particularly expensive cosmetics and perfumes work as power components for particular spells. Like having Hideous Laughter work better if you use a clown's white face or a rubber nose, or Charm Person work better with some particular exotic perfume.

Guidelines for making more interesting armor out of hide. If a critter has a +7 or +12 natural armor bonus, shouldn't I be able to make a fancier suit of protective mail out of it? What if I want to make armor and a shield out of a bulette?

For that matter, options for crafting weapons, consumables and alchemical items out of creatures with special parts suited to the task, preserve their supernatural qualities using skill rather than magic.

Also, more options for using craft to make masterful and interesting non-magical improvements to weapons. Serration, spring loaded mechanisms, the ability to coat their surface with a reservoir of alchemical or poisonous substances.

Oh, and wearable traps. Arrow shooters that make their own attacks, scything blades that shred outward against creatures grappling you. That sort of thing.

Also, magical extra-dimensional carrying cases for machining tools for trapsmithing, forge and anvil for weapon and armor smithing, curing racks and lie for leatherworking, each kit being able to store access to the predetermined tools and enough space to store works in progress and raw materials for consumption in crafting. Make crafting accessible to people who can't rest long on their mission to save the world.

Oh, and an amendment to weapon focus so that you can use it with paired weapons that function similarly. For example, being able to select two weapons from the same weapon group with weapon focus relevant feats. For example weapon focus (longsword and shortsword)

Also, reskins and interesting descriptions for weapons that are functionally identical to existing weapons but have new names and flavors, and perhaps bonuses to combat maneuver checks or the like.

More weapon properties, and updates of existing weapons with properties introduced in ultimate combat.

Sczarni RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16

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More holy symbols would be nice. Magic holy symbols are cool (and there aren't many of them, either!) but there are lots of things we can do with mundane holy symbols as well. Special materials (gold, adamantine, etc.), hidden compartments (the god of secrets would love this), and maybe even a masterwork Holy Symbol (though I'm not sure what bonus it would grant aside form being more expensive).

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

1. Plants/Herbs/Poisons - descriptions of bonuses associated with them
2. Magical meals/brews - Some were brought up in the Elves book which used Alchemy and cooking, and have seen some beverages that have magical effects associated with them. Would be good to see this expanded.
3. Buildings/Rooms/Businesses/Strongholds. Various costs of buying and/or building these from scratch. (Materials cost)

Jiggy wrote:
Xot wrote:
Tivilio wrote:
Xot wrote:

Bow Tie, Fezz, & Suspenders.

Master work versions should give you a +2 bonus to Diplomacy.
Because they're cool.
A necessity for every level 33 Shriner!
PreReqs for the Shriner prestige class.
Wait, I thought they were for timelords?

Of course! The Shriners are Timelords! It all makes sense now. Their miniature cars must be bigger on the inside than the outside just like the Tardis. Put em in gear and they can travel through time once they hit 88 MPH. GENIUS!!!

Canada Guy wrote:

Balanced Weapons
A balanced weapon is a carefully weighted version of a normal weapon. When wielding it you can use the Weapon Finesse feat to apply your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier to attack rolls with a balanced weapon sized for you, even though it isn't a light weapon.

You can't add the balanced quality to a weapon after it is created; it must be crafted as a balanced weapon (see the Craft skill). The balanced quality adds 300 gp to the cost of a normal weapon. Adding the balanced quality to a double weapon costs twice the normal increase (+600 gp).

I'd also like to see mundane bonuses, qualities, and upgrades for weapons and armor for use in low magic settings where the usual magical and enchanted equipment wouldn't be setting appropriate.

And as said by many others consumable items like medicinal herbs, food, and drink would be welcome.

I love this idea. +1

I could even see Masterwork quality being required for a balanced weapon, bumping up the cost to 600 for a single weapon. Similar to how the weapon must be masterwork in order to be made out of a special material. Seems fair as you are forgoing the feat tax to get your dex bonus.

+1 on beverages so useful when game mastering and want to know what something costs in a tavern. Maybe more spices for food as well.

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

Extraordi-Nerd wrote:

I could even see Masterwork quality being required for a balanced weapon, bumping up the cost to 600 for a single weapon. Similar to how the weapon must be masterwork in order to be made out of a special material. Seems fair as you are forgoing the feat tax to get your dex bonus.

I always thought that Mithral should do this automatically.

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Another thought occurred to me; not sure if anyone has suggested it yet. It'd be nice to have various mundane/cheap substances and charms detailed which superstitious common folk use against traditional folkloric monsters who prey on them which they're otherwise hard-pressed to contend with such as fey, undead and shapechangers. Like how salt, when hurled over one's shoulder, might cause pursuing undead to loose a standard action on a failed Will save; thereby granting a commoner a chance to flee. Or how about a nonmagical iron nail or horseshoe charm which grants a +4 equipment bonus on stealth and intimidate checks against fey? A similar garlic charm would grant the same bonuses against vampires while a silver one would work against lycanthropes. Folklore is full of these sorts of items; it'd be nice to see them reflected in game.

Dark Archive

1) food and drink prices
2) surgeon kits
3) more weather specific clothing
4) bigger mundane items like pianos/organs, furniture, ect

ulgulanoth wrote:

1) food and drink prices

2) surgeon kits
3) more weather specific clothing
4) bigger mundane items like pianos/organs, furniture, ect

There is some food prices in the section on taverns in the GMG. It does have quite a bit of fish.

Dark Archive

true but i'd like more on it, especially for more fancy food

Liberty's Edge

A) Food and lodging - and perhaps recipes that brovide bonus when cooking with certain herbs, etc
B) Strongholds and castles
C) Costing for services such as map makers,etc
D) Costs and rules for modifying equipment
E) costs for making and modifying vehicles
F) Costs for modifying ships and vessels

Personally, I would love to see more clothing options, different fabrics and styles broken down by region with illustrations, etc. I'd like to see both individual clothing items as well as more outfits.

I would also love to see prices for real estate and furniture, etc. A lot of the APs provide a base of operations or a safe house and it would be cool to really kit it out.

I would also like to see premade adventuring kits. Maybe with a slight discount.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd like to see some more Equipment Tricks (for the feat Equipment Trick, from Pathfinder Companion: Adventurer’s Armory).

Also, another vote for premade adventuring kits, real estate, and flavorful stuff.

Grand Lodge

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Peltage - Stone or metal worked cylinder with a series of bands on the inside that release a heavy hand-sized ball. Usually carried over the shoulder of dwarves

A retractable blade launcher on the forearm. (Think Assassins Creed)

A retractable grappling hook on the forearm, works like a 15ft grappling hook or make grapple attacks in 15ft ( Think Link's Wall Grapple from Smash Brothers)

An oversized gauntlet the offsets the penalty for using an oversized weapon by providing a better grip, you still are limited to one category larger

A type of thunderstone that rather than deafening the area it allows everyone to immediately make a perception check to target creatures and items my echo location.

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