What are your favorite monsters from pathfinder / 3.5?


i would have to say for pathfinder i would go with the troll and death worm

for 3.5 id have to say the beholder and umberhulk.

I'm particularly fond of sahaugin...sahaguin...sahuagin...(sp?)

Shark people.

Pathfinder: Attic Whisperer, Totenmaske, and Lurker in the Light

3.5: Zern

Both: Trolls and Frost Giants

Sounds a lot like fish-men.

Trolls, giants, hags, trogs, mummies and of course, rust monsters and the rust lord (oh how the magic item obsessed character ran).

I actually don't like dragons very much.

Red Caps, Kobolds, Black Dragons, Owlbears, Erinyes, Skeletons, Gnolls, Lizard Men, Gelatinous Cubes, Frost Giants, Medusae and Derro.

Liberty's Edge

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Flumph and aurumvorax. No lie. They've been my favorite monsters in the game since 1E. Pathfinder flumphs are made of awesome.

Sovereign Court

I have become quite a fan of the beheaded from the carrion crown AP.

The bodak, the mothman, the alchemical golem, and the entire quipploth race.

Qlippoth, yeti, wolves.

My new favorite might be the Tome of Horrors from the Tome of Horrors Complete. Yes, the book has stats on itself.

Grey Renders, chimera and aboleths


Apparently the creative directors at Pathfinder decided to sneak it into the forums that we no longer reverie, but need a solid 8 hours of sleep now...
To explain beds in the homes no less.

Who would have thought you could do more than sleep in a bed?

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