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I was think three levels of rage chemist and 2 levels of titan mauler with duel wielded great swords.

What do you guys think? Do you think it would be a good blend of both classes? Or if you could change it what would you do with it?

One more question would the rage mutagen stack the rage ability? i dont see a rule say otherwise but maybe im missing something.

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My god, you have done it.

You combined the absolute worst archtype for Alchemist and paired it with an almost unplayable one for Barbarian.

If this is for a friend, why do you hate your friend?

If this is for you, why do you hate yourself?

All Joking asside.

Seriously, Rage chemist is so bad as to be almost unplayable, as you level you get worse.

And TM, if it actually worked it would be cool, but it doesnt, so its not.

Silver Crusade

Sir, you just made the choice to multiclass into two of the few broken archetypes in Pathfinder.
Sucking -6 to each attack will hurt a lot more than the benefit of wielding two greatswords will provide you damage-wise, which I believe is what you want to get from your character. I'm not even entering into the fact that you will be out of combat for some days after less rounds that you have fingers on a single hand if you fail some Will saves.

For a low level game, maybe you should not feel too much the pain. But if the DM allowed you the concept and you are a reasonable player, I suggest you check this and use the Titan Mauler and Ragechemist from this document instead. You may then even wield two Large bastard swords as one-handed weapons instead with the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat while raging.
Rage and Mutate bonuses to Strength are both morale bonuses and thus don't stack, only the highest bonus applies at a time but you will be able to blend rage powers and discoveries in a perfect way. With vestigial arm you may even wield a shield in addition, or two-weapon fight with your swords as two-handed weapons instead of one-handed, removing by the same time the -2 penalty from Jotungrip at higher levels.

My whole concept was a Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde thing. thanks for your honesty. Dose anyone else have any opinions?

Silver Crusade

If your DM after reading doesn't allow the revisited archetypes I provided before (they blend perfectly with each other and avoid the original mistakes of the designers ; and don't worry about balance, I'm REALLY picky when it comes to it), you have the Vivisectionist alchemist archetype, the Feral Mutagen discovery and the Master Chymist prestige class to deal humongous damage with a melee alchemist.

thank you both for your insight i havent been able to play for a while. Hopefully they errata both archetypes and make them a little better.

If you want more Jekyll/Hyde, use Beastmorph and Vivisectionist. Both archetypes have the flavor you're looking for, and unlike Comatose...err..."Rage" Chemist, actually function. Beastmorph gives you animalistic abilities at the expense of disfiguring your appearance; Vivisectionist gives you sneak attack instead of bombs and has a lot of scientific experimentation horror type effects (like gaining Anthropomorphic Animal, but as a "injection" done as part of a lengthy surgical procedure).

You can go straight Alchemist or just dip Barbarian a tiny bit if you do want rage. You could use Wild Rager archetype if you want. For a full class Barb it is as unusably bad as Comatose Chemist is for...anyone, since the save scales so fast and will basically guarantee attacking your friends. But if you have a godawful charisma and only go in for a level or 2, the will save DC can be 10 or even less. Failing it makes you confused and you lose control of your actions (and could attack allies, as per the spell), but on the plus side, rounds you're confused don't drain from your rage, so it extends the usage per day nicely. Once you can make the DC on anything but a roll of 1, you mostly have control over when to use it and end it (you can choose to purposefully fail saves), but it'll retain that 5% risk of things going badly on a given round and activating or not ending when you don't want it. Fits the flavor of what you seem to want well, and as long as the party keeps its distance from you in combat, no tragedies should happen... You get a new save each round to try and end it...

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