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can you be an arctic druid with the arctic domain? my sources say no but i could be reading the rules wrong.

Shadow Lodge

Do you mean the Ice domain? I cannot find an Arctic domain. But if you meant the Ice domain, yes a druid can take it as it is a subdomain of the water domain

the arctic druid from the APG gets wild shape at 6th level. Now in the ultimate magic book you get banish flame at 6th level and since they both take away something from the core class at 6th level technically you cant use either of them together. that's how i read the rules on archetypes unless im missing something completely obvious. Id like others opinions.

Shadow Lodge

Ah, that's where you got it from, yes, an Arctic Druid can take the Arctic Domain, the Domain powers described aren't replacing anything. Instead of having an animal companion you'll have the powers listed under the Arctic Domain as well as the bonus spells

ok thanks for all the help i was having hard time rapping my brain around all of that. thank you for clarifying.

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