Retooling "We Be Goblins!"


OK, so here's a wacky idea. In playing "Burnt Offerings," the party's paladin promised Gogmurt the goblin druid to kill as few goblins as possible in exchange for information from him. The paladin basically killed everything that moved anyway, and Gogmurt survived. Now I have "We Be Goblins!" in my hands.

WHAT IF Gogmurt had joined up with the Licktoad tribe? What if a goblin sorcerer somehow had access to a Lesser Geas spell? What if Gogmurt arranged to have the spell cast on the paladin so that he could repay his debt to goblinkind by becoming a hero to the Licktoads -- an honorary goblin who carries out the quest for the fireworks as outlined in the adventure?

Imagine a party of humans/elves/gnome having to leave all their fancy equipment behind and being encouraged to act like goblins. Obviously the encounters will have to be beefed up, but I'm pretty psyched for the idea. Any suggestions/ideas/constructive criticisms of this crazy plan?

And what about the mysterious fan aboard Kaijitsu's Star? I would love to have its secret relate to Rise of the Runelords rather than Jade Regent, but I'm having trouble making a connection. Anyone got an idea?

serfmonkey wrote:
In playing "Burnt Offerings," the party's paladin promised Gogmurt the goblin druid to kill as few goblins as possible in exchange for information from him. The paladin basically killed everything that moved anyway, and Gogmurt survived.

Er, hasn't the paladin violated the code?

I like this a lot. A creative way to instill a consequence to a player's actions instead of stripping them of class abilities.

I think this would be kinda cool to do actually. I don't have We Be Goblins! on hand so I can't give any direct idea on how to modify it for increased power level.

On the fan idea, it's possible that it could just be turned into a Siehedron medallion and call it a day.

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The paladin's deity could actually transform the party into 1st-level goblins. If they ever want to get back to their real lives, they have to win the approval of the tribe the paladin betrayed by completing the quest as written.

Well, there's some question about whether the paladin broke any code because the goblins were all trying to kill him, so his actions were all "in self defense" -- and therefore he "killed as few as possible."

I did consider the possibility of transforming the party into goblins, but it seems like there should be a much more egregious transgression for a deity to get involved to that extent.

But yeah, the idea is that instead of being stripped of class abilities he gets a much more direct lesson. I think it definitely has possibilities!

As for the fan, as written it has some secret related to the Jade Regent -- a map? a message? I don't have the adventure, so I don't know what it's supposed to be. But since the shipwreck is "Kaijitsu's Star," it seems like there could be something here directly related to Rise of the Runelords. A Sihedron medallion would be OK, but I'd like something a bit more specific that would logically fit within the storyline. Thanks for the comments so far!

Not to sound stupid but what is we be goblins? ive never heard of that. Is it an adventure path?

I think it was created for "Free RPG Day," but it's a fun, short adventure in which players take on pre-generated, 1st-level goblins as characters. The Licktoad goblins of Brinestump Marsh (south of Sandpoint) need heroes to traverse the dangers of the marsh and bring back a cache of fireworks from an old shipwreck. Each character has a special set of gear and a crazy song to sing, and I'm sure much wackiness would normally ensue.

I'm imagining my regular group being forced into doing this because of the paladin's shady adherence to a promise he gave. And much wackiness ensuing!

So far I have "Turn the PC's into goblins via the paladin's deity" and "Replace the fan at the end of the adventure with a Sihedron medallion."

Is that all the Paizo community has to offer? Hasn't anyone run Rise of the Runelords who might have some ideas about how to tie this adventure more specifically to the campaign? Breeyark!

I'd try the Rise of the Runelords forums for this. You might find more people who know the AP back to front.

However, I could suggest you leave some letters of some kind. You could make it a direct address from Xanesha similar to the letter in Foxglove manor as foreshadowing (be sure not to give anything away!) but that doesn't entirely make sense...

However, legal correspondance with Justice Ironbriar might be some way to introduce him, especially if it reveals him as corrupt, and the adjudicator on any captured npcs trial...

But then, take it to the AP board. We have a subforum full of the most brilliant minds in the business. You'll find what you need.

Legal correspondence with Justice Ironbriar! Very nice! And I will post this over at Rise of the Runelords. Thanks!

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mageem87 wrote:
Not to sound stupid but what is we be goblins? ive never heard of that. Is it an adventure path?

We Be Goblins

We Be Goblins wrote:

A most unusual adventure for 1st-level goblin characters.

The Licktoad goblins of Brinestump Marsh have stumbled upon a great treasure—fireworks! Yet unfortunately for them, the tribe member responsible for the discovery has already been exiled for the abhorrent crime of writing (which every goblin knows steals words from your head). To remedy this situation, the Licktoads’ leader, His Mighty Girthness Chief Rendwattle Gutwad, has declared that the greatest heroes of the tribe must venture forth to retrieve the rest of the fireworks from a derelict ship stranded in the marsh. In order to prove themselves as the Licktoads’ bravest goblins, the PCs must complete a series of dangerous dares, from swallowing bull slugs and braving the dreaded Earbiter to dancing with Squealy Nord himself. Yet even once they’ve proven their mettle, the adventure is just beginning. For the ship in question is far from uninhabited, and Vorka the cannibal goblin would like nothing better than a few tasty visitors....

We Be Goblins! is an adventure for 1st-level characters in which the PCs play a horde of malicious and murderous goblins, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and compatible with the 3.5 edition of the world's oldest RPG. The adventure takes place outside the town of Sandpoint in the Pathfinder campaign setting, but can easily be adapted for any campaign world. It also serves as a preview of Pathfinder Player Companion: Goblins of Golarion, and as an optional prequel to Pathfinder Adventure Path's upcoming Jade Regent Adventure Path.

Written by Richard Pett.

This special 16-page Pathfinder Module will initially be made available for Free RPG Day on June 18, 2011. Print editions will be available exclusively on beginning June 20, 2011. A FREE PDF will also be available on that date.

Note: Due to the special nature of this product, it is NOT part of the Pathfinder Modules Subscription.

We Be Goblins! is sanctioned for use in Pathfinder Society Organized Play. Its Chronicle Sheet and additional rules for running this module are a free download (232 KB zip/PDF). Pregenerated characters are available here (803 KB zip/PDF).

And it is still free from

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