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The 3.5 changeling was one of my favorite races. They were just so much fun for a player like me. Id love to see shapeshifting alien as a core race

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That's the point. They cant do it naturally because they aren't as coordinated with their other limbs, but when they undergo special training to be coordinated with those limbs, the get extra attacks.

It's a good point about not needing to be humanoid though. A beholder monk would get the same amount of flurry attacks as an octopus monk of the same level.

Still, I can attack much faster with both hands than I can with just one, which probably means I'd be able to attack faster with four hands than I can with two.

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IonutRO wrote:
CorvusMask wrote:
Woohoo, kasatha! My favourite race that nobody allows you to play as :D
I'd allow you, though I have my own rules on it: No multiweapon fighting for the same reason that humans don't get 4 off-hand Unarmed Strikes for having a head, two fists, and two feet.

They do, its called flurry of blows. It just takes special training because coordination isn't practiced with other limbs as much as it is with your arms and hands. So needless to say, if those other limbs WERE arms and hands, it would come just as naturally.

Also, I thought the Lombax idea was pretty awesome.

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I was thinking about putting together a class who heals automatically through an aura. The healing would kind of pale in comparison to magic, but would be automatic, so the player could focus on more fun things to do. I was thinking it would mostly mimic a fighter stat-wise, but more of a cleric for class features and flavor.

For now, let's just call the class the Life Warrior:
Hit Die: D10
Skills: Like a Fighter, plus heal
Weapons and Armor Proficiency: Like a Fighter
BAB and Saves: Like a Fighter

Aura: The Life Warrior must possess an item of sentimental value belonging to the person to be affected in order for them to receive the benefits of the aura. The 30' aura heals one point of damage every round, plus one point per 5 levels.

The aura also allows a save every round to surpress the effects of adverse conditions. A save may be made every round in which a recipient remains within the aura. A success merely supresses it for that round, but it resumes if they leave the aura. Conditions that may be surpressed are determined by level as follows-

4th- Paralysis
6th- Curses, Blindness/Deafness, Diseases
8th- Poisons
12th- Any Mental Condition

Additionally, the Life Warrior may heal one of the following through his aura once per round as a full round action-

4th- One point of ability damage
8th- One point of ability drain
12th- One negative level

Additional Features:

12th- Aura grants the effects of deathward
16th- Warrior may use raise dead as a spell-like ability once per day
20th- Warrior may use mass heal by sacrifising the use of his aura for the remainder of the day

So there it is. Try not to be too critical, but input would be great.

Thanks guys:)

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^Geez man, let the man make his pledge. He ain't harming anyone.

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Cerberus Seven wrote:
Dexterity determines reaction time, but strength is 100% correlated with actual speed. There's different types of muscle fibers, y'know, some for sustained force and some for bursts of exertion. So when you're drunk, you're just as capable of exerting force, but your coordination and reaction time are utter s@#^ which leads to all the whiffing vs moles.

Your comment inspired me to do a little research. The following quote was found on a speed training website which also supported your statement.

"The whole process is not very clear but the complex coordination and timing of the motor units and muscles most certainly must be rehearsed at high speeds to implant the correct patterns."

The site was for running, but I can't imagine the concept would be any different.

The site also went on to explain the importance of flexibility in speed and its need to be constantly maintained. Mind you, both flexibility and coordination fall under Dex.

Hitting a moving target is equal parts coordination and speed. However, since coordination is Dex only, and speed is a combination of the two, hitting a moving target highly favors Dex.

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I'll second that motion. I've given up on pbp, but when I was still trying to play, I remember having trouble a few times finding something that matched my idea for the character

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Melkiador wrote:
jimibones83 wrote:
Archery SHOULD be better than melee. Its the entire reason we don't still fight with swords
Archery existed alongside infantry for millennia. Modern Firearms are a totally different thing.

The benefits to killing your enemy before he reaches you don't need to he explained. Ranged combat has always had more potential than melee combat. Because of that, better ranged weapons were developed. The fact that archery was better than melee is the entire reason we have firearms. They're not entirely different, they're the same. They're both ranged weapons, firearms are just a more advanced version

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Strength to hit never made sense to me. It should be added to damage, but Dexterity should determine accuracy even for melee. So anyway, I've been experimenting with doing it that way. I have to say, while it makes way more sense, its a kick in the balls to melee types, forcing them to increase another stat. Letting them do 25 point builds balances it out pretty well though.

A new thing I'm about to try out, due to a post I read earlier today, is to allow full attacks with your move, taken at any point in your move. It just doesn't make sense to me that moving your legs would stop you from swinging your arms. Double moves will get one attack. I feel like, not only does it make more sense, but the melee types could maybe use a little boost anyway. They're always getting shown up by the casters.

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Next encounter, I'd be sure to tell him you automatically win because trolls, orcs, and goblins don't actually exist.

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They're all pretty good, but Amiri is by far the best. The detail in her costume is amazing

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Surgery still exists in these games, they just aren't common procedures for PC's. Still, you could easily have it removed. I mean, it'll be the size of a small water melon before it hatches. It should be pretty easy to spot if someone cuts you open.

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^Thats also a good point to counter Avoron's. Fatigued is a weaker form of exhaustion because fatigue can turn into exhaustion. There are no conditions in which dazed turns into stunned, nor do the rules make any claim that daze is a weaker form of stunned, there for dazed is not a weaker form of stunned. They are similar, but they are not varrying strengths of the same condition.

Oozes are certainly not immune to daze, only mind-affects, which includes some dazes.

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This is the official recruitment thread for a game held in a homebrew setting I've been wanting to flesh out.

Things to Note:

* Magic does not exist, psionics do. Brief history in spoiler below.

* Guns Everywhere. This means advanced firearms such as revolvers and rifles are common. Other tech will exist but will not be immediately available. Brief history in spoiler below.

* 2 posts per day minimum, would prefer more most of the time.

Character Creation:

* Paizo material only, with exception to DSP's Ultimate Psionics

* 25 point build

* Core races, in addition to Blues, Elans, Half-Giants, and Maenads are playable. Not that I dislike other races, just that I'd like to keep it simple while I flesh out my setting

* No E, no C-N

* 2 traits, or 3 with a drawback. Must all be taken from different categories

* Max hp at first level, half +1 beyond first

* Max starting gold for class

* Please format your character sheet as close as you can to this. Everyone's sheet being the same just makes it sooo much easier for me in the long run. The closer you are to this example, the better your chances

* I'm not requiring a backstory since I don't yet have much of a backstory for the setting. If you decide to write one, I prefer it be simple so that it still makes sense as I begin to flesh out my setting.

The Setting:

The civalized world consists of numerous mountaintop settlements that formed when the low lands became uninhabitable. Travel to and from settlements is mostly by airship. The land below holds many ruins, but is extremely hostile and unable to house settlements.

Only a generation ago, a race of aliens known as illithids found a way to the planet through some sort of gate effect, which sparked the birth of psionics. The event is now known as The Awakening. What they seek is not known, but they hesitate none to kill any and all in their way, in the most brutal of fashions. The illithid were tracked here by a race who hunts them called the githyanki. They brought with them technologies never imagined, but are dangerous to barter with.

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@thorin001 In my GM's defense, he's not trying to do all that. I just thought perhaps he was mistaken.

@Cevah Thats a great bit of insight, however, after I thought about it for a moment, i kinda questioned. I think a pit could be very distracting. For instance, if I were working at the top of a cell tower, there would be nothing but the task at hand, but those heights would distract the s@~~ right out of me, literally.

EDIT* After I realized heights make me crap my pants

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Under A Bleeding Sun wrote:

If the GM says he can't he can't, not sure what the issue is. Its kind of a GM fiat area anyway and different GM's rule it differently. Unless your running it in PFS mode, in which case he should let you take 10 barring danger (maybe he considers the rigging dangerous)

My house rule is taking 10 gets you 7 and taking 20 gets you 15. Not a fan of the take 10 rules so I limit them some. People still use them when success is certain, but much less often.

I'm quite aware that it's the GM's right to rule however he wants. You can house rule if you want, but in our games, the GM, whether him or me, wants to apply the rules as intended by the developers. Sometimes they're hard to understand, so I came here for verification.

I'm sorry but this is the rules section, not the house rules section. The issue is that your telling me I have no right to question a rule.

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The rules state that you can take 10 anytime your not in immediate danger, but I haven't really found a clear Pazio definition of what "immediate danger" means. To me, danger and immediate danger would be defined as this-

Danger: Any time your conditions could result in harm if immediate action is not taken, such as walking a tight rope.

Immediate Danger: Any time your conditions positively result in harm if immediate action is not taken, such as standing in a burning building.

The reason I bring this up is because I'm a player in a Skull and Shackles game and the GM ruled that the rigger could not take 10 on his job. He claimed it was some sort of special work task which you can't take 10 on, which I question. I get that it's a special work task, but don't understand why you wouldn't be able to take 10. I was curious as to if he has misunderstood something, but I don't want to read the book and spoil the fun.

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Item creation rules have always been my achilles heel when it comes to understanding the rules. I have a player wanting to craft a wondrous item that causes a harmless electrical current to pass over the body with jolt. Anyone wanna walk me through how to apply the rules to this request?

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Illithid Telepath 1 | HP 50/50 | AC 20 T 13 FF 17 | SR 26 | Fort +3 Ref +5 Will +12 | CMD 20 | Init +3 | Perception +22
Anaxian wrote:

Ladies, ladies, you're both pretty.

*flares tenticles* lol

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Illithid Telepath 1 | HP 50/50 | AC 20 T 13 FF 17 | SR 26 | Fort +3 Ref +5 Will +12 | CMD 20 | Init +3 | Perception +22

I spot a hole... in its skull lol

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The pic of the sick goblin really brings this post together, lol.

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Illithid Telepath 1 | HP 50/50 | AC 20 T 13 FF 17 | SR 26 | Fort +3 Ref +5 Will +12 | CMD 20 | Init +3 | Perception +22

Well it's been days, I would like to continue. Not to mention, I can do the exact same thing. I think my DC is 1 lower because I'm not wearing a headband, but still, pretty close.

EDIT* F' it, charming her is good enough reason to go back

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Illithid Telepath 1 | HP 50/50 | AC 20 T 13 FF 17 | SR 26 | Fort +3 Ref +5 Will +12 | CMD 20 | Init +3 | Perception +22

Tomb of the Black Prophet? That sounds like good lootin there;)

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This idea sucked when WoTC had it, which is the whole reason we even have Pathfinder. Speeding up gameplay would he great, but not if it costs all our options.

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Illithid Telepath 1 | HP 50/50 | AC 20 T 13 FF 17 | SR 26 | Fort +3 Ref +5 Will +12 | CMD 20 | Init +3 | Perception +22

In case anyone was curious, Zhu Da tusha means Lord Slaughter in Chinese. However, to achieve what I'm going for here, read it as if Jabba the hut said it lol. That's what it would sound like if he said it himself.

Zoo-Daa-to-shaaa... ha ha haaaa... lol

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Rynjin wrote:
There is a need to bring up Mythic Adventures, since that was what Paizo wanted to do INSTEAD OF Epic levels, which they found unwieldy and nearly impossible to balance.

Obviously not. I admitted your response before you made it and then requested further discussion, so no, there was no need to bring it up.

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I'm curious if it would work just to halt progression of BAB and saves all together. Let me explain, here are my ideas-

Continue giving feats and attribute points at the same progression, but allow those feats to be selected from an epic feat list.

Scrap post 20th level classes. Instead, use a generic class that anyone can take after level 20. Give it 1d10 hit die, 4 skill points, and a bonus epic feat every even level.

For multi-classers, grant the hit die, class features, and skill points of that class.

As for epic feats, they should probably be slightly more powerful than the power gained through the average multi-class level, and there would need to be a lot of them. Some of those feats should make up for the lack of class features in the epic class by granting spell slots beyond 9th level or granting extra dice of sneak attack damage and should have appropriate prerequisites, while others would be more independent.

I think this approach would be simple and well balanced. Your numbers wouldn't get as crazy and ridiculous but you would be able to continue gaining power and options.

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Leo_Negri wrote:
Ah but the problem is, that you can't get the Iconics (with the exception of Harsk) for that price, they are all unavailable on Paizo and they go for a hell of a lot more through another retailer, assuming you can find one that has them in stock.

Holy crap your right. I just looked them up at, which is a pretty well priced site, and Seoni was a whopping $25.50! Thats crazy man. I like that mini a lot but I wouldn't pay that lol.

So, @Ahrien Soon enough you will be able to get 6 iconics, including Seoni, for just a few dollars more than she costs by herself at the site I checked. Granted, she is one of the high priced ones, but they are all much higher than $3.

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christos gurd wrote:
please, i beg anyone. I need to know if i can start slaying undead with a chainsaw hand.

Shop smart. Shop, S-Mart.

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Im pretty sure the physical universe in Golarion is similar to our own. In fact it spells it out that way in similar settings I play in. Magic is not part of the laws of physics here, there for it wouldn't be a part of the laws of physics in Golarion. Sure, you can look at it however you want, it works the same way either way, but I believe my paraphrase above illustrates the general intent, which is that magic is magic, not science.

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I find it strange to focus so much on sexuality in this kind of roleplaying game. It seems to happen a lot with paizo though lol. Captain K's list was quite entertaining at least:)

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I just scanned. did it even say which class she is?

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+1 Ultimate Technology, for freaking sure

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i feel like cartman waiting for the wii to come out waiting for this book and iron gods to hit the shelf

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Wasn't someone talking about running an all psionic game a while back? Whatever happened to that?

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Please tell me this will get a pathfinder battles set.

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Sorry guys, I forgot to mention, Shalelu is no longer there. An extra day has passed as you all went about your normal activities and she has left town to scout out the goblin tribes and see what she can find out. I have good news for Vanea though, you have secured a part in an upcoming play.

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Gullyble Dwarf - Lvl 7 DM wrote:
And what people don't seem to recognize is if they did not ignore it as not being worth the man-hours then they're committing to hiring more men for more man-hours which means you're going to be paying more for your Scenarios/Modules/APs.

that doesnt matter. you dont put out an unfinished product and then claim it was to keep the price down. in my line of work, if i failed to calk a window or install some quarter round and claimed it was to keep the price down, i would never get called back. there are no other publishing companies usining this as an excuse, and thats because its no excuse. but, i do find what jacobs said to be somewhat reasonable

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
I think this game needs kobolds to be the main villains. I know some of you guys don't want that, but I'm speaking for the other 99% of us.

I like your wise remark and all, but I have a feeling my statistics are more accurate than yours

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Cheapy wrote:


I did not expect this to be resolved so quickly, with jimibones83 taking the answer so well. Nothing against ya Jimi, but usually when newish posters make a thread on this topic, things are going to get nasty fast. Major props!

I was all ready to post this link, so I'll post it anyways: Ex-Member of the Pathfinder Design Team, the Esteemed Sean K. Reynolds explaining this. (And if you read the other posts, you'll see why I thought this might get nasty :))

id rather understand the truth than get my way, its just how i am. that said, after i thought about it i realized i was probably using it wrong, so i was expecting the answer i got.

ive actually been playing 3.5 since it came out though. i switched to pf last year. if i were gm'ing i would have immediately noticed the error in what was being done, but rarely getting to play a pc, i was excited and overlooked it. i just wanted to verify before i notified the gm

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If im invisible and take a full attack action, does every attack qualify for sneak attack or is it just the first one?

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I have a player trying to use vital strike while firing both barrels of his double barrel musket. Is this legal? The wording seems a little cloudy. It seems to maybe be RAW but not RAI

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Ok, explain this like I'm a 3rd grader so I can then explain it the same way to a friend of mine. He firmly stands on the idea that bonus power points stack each level. For instance, a 5th level psion with a 14 INT gets 5 bonus points. He believes the character would get that 5, plus the previous 1, 2, 3, and 4 points from earlier levels. I just want something I can show him "officially". (Watch me be the one in the wrong... LOL).

key ability x 1/2 yur manifester level. No they don't stack, the chart simply shows the result of the equation for each possibility

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I kinda thought the same thing as I voiced my opinion about the action bar. I'll just have to try it and go from there. I'm a to late to to the game to have my opinions change what's already going on, but that's the nice part about getting in early enrollment. If I try it and don't like it I'll have a voice to leverage change.

After the tedious task of reading several years of blogging in a few days to catch up, I just felt the need to comment lol. I'm like the guy that shows up super late for the party with a ton of energy.

"Let's do it!" (In my best Joe Swanson voice)

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Ah, I get it now lol. Yes I came into the game pretty late and didn't understand some of the things people were talking about so I figured I'd read the 2 and a half years worth of blogging on the goblinworks site. Tedious yes, but I'm much more familiar with what's going on now. I'm nearly half way through

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Edward that would have been a wonderful spot for a spoiler lol

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They have royal protection? Lol, I missed that. That's ridiculous. That's doesn't change the fact that the paladin should fall, but to have a good, royally protected goblin tribe, that the goblin expert didn't know about is completely absurd. It sounds to me like neither you nor your players understand how to play this game

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MrSin wrote:
Titania, the Summer Queen wrote:
Titania, the Summer Queen wrote:
Um they need to get a loan and resurrect the children. Bring them all back.
Since restoring the village back to life is a long and arduous process, I would slowly restore their powers as more and more villagers are restored. And only during times that he is actively involved in something that will directly bring back another villager.

Saranrae: Child of light, I have taken away your powers and will only give them back in times of great need and in the name of this village. It will take a life time of work.

Paladin: Wait, your holding my powers ransom and you expect me to work for a lifetime? Yeah.... No. I think I'm going to go be a barbarian or something now.

Saranrae: Then you child, were never a paladin to begin with

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It doesn't matter, evil is not punishable. Only specific crimes are punishable and the punishment must fit the crime. The only exceptions to this are irredeemably evil races.

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