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Food, Water, Ultimate Psionics


The mechanics of this book are solid, just as its 2 predecessors. So happy to have them bound together in between a hardcover, and the art on said hardcover is as good as it gets. I certainly appreciate taking the job to Wayne Reynolds here. Sometimes I still stop before I open it just to take another look at its awesomeness. It truly belongs poster sized and framed, hanging on the wall of my gameroom.

The art on the inside is certainly a step up from the old art, but doesn't come close to the perfection you'll find on the cover. It's deffinately nice to see it in color though. Its to bad the pages aren't glossy. The quality of the paper used is nice, but the pages seem to want to stick together a bit. Nothing beats glossy in my opinion.

The only real issue I have with this book is the lack of an index. I use the index in my books constantly. This is so important to me that it's gonna cost it a star, and it is the sole reason for that ding.

This is a wonderful book. I don't know how you could call yourself a fan of psionics without it on your shelf, and if your not a fan of psionics, it's probably because you don't have this book on your shelf. To me this books a necessity.

Mines brand new, but if they printed a copy tomorrow with glossy pages and an index, I'd buy another. Fantastic job guys!

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highly satisfied


I have to say Khorramzadeh disappointed me. That sux because the balor in the Legends of Golarion set was awesome and I was looking forward to adding another awesome balor of a slightly different pose to my army, but in my opinion he falls quite short of the first fire demon. Im also pretty dissapointed in Hepzamirah. I've only just started this AP so I don't know who he is, but his mini looks pretty generic.

The rest of the minis are all great though. The horned demon is very cool and the purple he's painted in is quite eye catching. Lol, he'd look a lot meaner in red but the purple does look great. There are also many many winged minis in this set that all look very nice. And the minotaur, yes my god finally a minotaur mini worth the name.

Now for a couple words on Baphomet. This is one of my new favorites.. He is just awesome. I don't think my words can do him justice. Great detail, great paint, and that's the least of compliments I can pay to this guy. If you can't afford the set, purchase this guy as a single above all others. Trust me you will be happy.

Deskari is certainly cool, but im not a huge fan of insect looking monsters so ill let another write about him.

I had one mini broke off its base but I'm so happy over all it didn't even bother me. Good job guys!

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why not a trident?


This piece is great. The lower jaw with the huge fangs is awesome. I have a huge issue with it not holding a trident though. PF's trolls, like their goblins and ogres, are sooo much better than WoTC's. I would rated this 5 stars if it were holding the right weapon

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0 Stars

I saw this movie at best buy. I'm a big fan of the Nazi Zombie mode on Call of Duty so I had to check it out. Wrong, it belongs in the trash. One of the worst movies I ever saw, almost as bad as Charlie's Angels. Dubbed, lame story, low budget, jokes were hard to see as jokes, and not even a speck of nudity to help me justify the purchase. Wish I would saw this here to review it before people wasted their money on it

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mostly good


I got my case a couple weeks ago. Of course it doesnt come with a mini for every creature you encounter but most the gaps can he filled with a pawn or a paper mini. I was surprised that judge ironbriar didnt have a mini though. This is as far as i am in the AP so hopefully the rest of the tough guys have minis.

The rune giant would be flawless and one of my favorite pieces if not for his eyes being to close together, leaving him looking... lets say, simple. I also have a issue with the ogrekin. The book has awesome artwork for these monsters but the mini set gives you a generic looking ogerkin. Not a fan. I understand they do this so that you can use the same one for every encounter, but I'd rather have separate ones that look as awesome as the art.

On the upside most the rest of the pieces are pretty nice. The female sorcereSS, dwarf ranger, amieko, and several others are all excellent quality and i will use them for many more games after runelords. The stone giants, forgefiend, and the ogre brute are some of my favorites. And the rune giant is still awesome, even though he looks like he rode the short bus