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Aboleths. I hate these guys. Anytime spent killing these things is time well spent. Take mah MONEY!

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James Jacobs wrote:

I ALMOST didn't put stats for Kazavon in the book, because I knew that once something gets stats, there's a certain category of gamer who will interpret that as a sign of weakness and deride it as being not as powerful as it could or should have been.

But in fact, a CR 25 foe is plenty powerful, regardless of how its statted up, and as always, if someone feels the need to make him even more powerful, that's GM prerogative to adjust things.

You are way too right there. This right here is why that Sorshen AP isn't out yet isn't it? DM to the masses. I really don't envy you, but I do wish you good luck.

Kalindlara wrote:
I believe that Sorshen and Xanderghul's plots are on Mr. Jacobs' "this will definitely happen someday" list. ^_^

They actually suggest you may want to postpone running a follow up campaign because of an "upcoming Pathfinder product". Sounded like this was a bit more than a "planned for someday maybe" thing, but rather something that was in the works. More of a six months to a year thing.

Just my opinion there of course, with perhaps too much hope sprinkled in. That said, having a book like this come out before a new AP featuring someone like Ileosa and her new Mistress would be good marketing....

First, credit where credit is due. Excellent freaking job on this guys! Artwork and overall repacking was a delight. Thanks people.

Now, not to derail this thread, but, originally for "Continuing the Campaign" we had mention of "Sorshen Rises". My hardback has changed this to "Sorshen's Legacy". I have no idea of how to do the spoiler thing but it's a minor one at best, still you may want to stop reading now.


"In fact, she may feature in a prominent role in an upcoming Pathfinder product".

Anyone heard anything about this? Seems kind of odd they'd put that in print for all time if they weren't going to follow up on it. Hopefully, soon. Or do we already have a thread on this topic and I simply missed it with my weak Forum-Fu?

And now I DO know how to do the spoiler thAng. Until I forget. Thanks guys.

Wanna make some really big cash? Convince the bean counters at Hasbro to pull their claws out of Savage Tides and do a full on conversion over to Pathfinder. G'wan, you know you wanna.

Just say'n.........;)

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Hey, lookee there, I've got almost a full extra check this month. I'll just put that aside in savings and....hmm. This looks kinda interesting but I'm just gonna save my cash and...and.

Did that Spicer guy mention Thundarr? No. No I can't. I should just save the...../sigh.

Damn you. Damn you all. Take my money. FAH!

I'm a hardcover kinda guy. Looks like I wait for the bundle.

Just bought this today. At the very least I'm hoping it'll make converting all that Conan material I've got from 3e a bit easier. Either way, it sounds kind of interesting.

We shall see.....

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I'm sorry man, I really am. I'm not out to pull your tail. I guess we're just going to have to agree to disagree here.

I see the problem of high level play going all the way back to first edition and walking through every phase the game has ever had. This new Mythic spin? More of the same, with the same solution as well. "If you(the players) can do it, I(the DM) can too." Problem solved. For me, maybe not so much for you. Like I said, different tables different values.

That aside, I give props to Paizo for doing anything even remotely like Wrath. Took courage. You get enough barking on the regular stuff, and 100 times more on the high level stuff. As you might be aware. Kind of like Scotty said," The more plumbing they put in, the easier it is to gum up the works."

S'all good man. Forget I said a thing. Hope your next run is a better one.

Am I being condescending? I think you're reading too much into it. Much like yourself however, I am stating my opinion. Simply because mine is different from yours doesn't mean I'm trying to belittle you in anyway.

I think where our opinions differ here is that you concentrate on Mythic being broken. I'm trying to tell you D&D, the system Pathfinder is based on is broken.

If you're going to play high level, you're going to have to tweak. Mythic or otherwise. Mythic does not create this problem. The foundation does. Well, the foundation and a table that wants to maximize. Seriously, if your table likes the max stuff you should probably stick to the lower level ends.

Uh huh. If you can do it, I can do it. You know how much powergaming that puts a stop to? There is no system that cannot be broken, no system that cannot be tweaked to insane levels. Make it your own game, or watch yourself get walked all over. That's not a game issue. Its a people issue.

Or, simply don't use the Mythic set if its too much. Honestly, high level play isn't for all tables and mythic ramps that up. Possibly just as well to let it lie in your circle. Me? I'm going to run Savage Tides as mythic next. But then I have a table where that's possible. Not all tables are the same. No, not better, just different.

Ah, theres some of that anger you spoke of yes? Not taking my advice? Pity.

That aside, personally I'm not looking for an AP to lead me by the ring in my nose. I'm looking for one I can build on and make my own. For me, Wrath did a great job of just that. Mythic rules and all. Perhaps something was lost in translation at your table.

Look at it this way, judging from some of your player's comments they had a good time, so not a total failure anyway eh?

You went into this with a negative attitude on the mythic rules. You came out of it with one. Sounds like everything worked out just fine and balanced to me.

Look man, its a game. I wouldn't get too angry. Maybe its just not your cup of tea.

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Look at all the interest this campaign still generates so many years later. They really REALLY need to put this into a pdf/book/whathaveyou form and update it. Should make Paizo and Wizards a bit of coin....

Full party or single player option would be good as well. Never did get around to doing NWN2, was going raid crazy in Vanilla WoW back then. But, a rep system would also be great. Something like the Old Republic 2 had. Score high with one party member, get the stink eye from another. Lots of replayability with that kind of thing.

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Turn based like Temple would be preferred but I could go BG2 real time with pause if need be.

The big thing though is a party to adventure with. I want NPC's to join me. NPCs that interact with each other as well as me. Bring them to life, give me a reason to put them on the frontline and worry about them.

Lastly, something as open as BG1 would be nice, as long as it doesn't detract from a well done storyline.

If you tone down the tier advancement I'd certainly run that by your table beforehand, your players might want to know the lay of the land before they start. That said, what you're hearing about a ramp in difficulty for a DM at book 3 and above is dead on the money.

Not scaling back at all has worked just fine at my table, it may or may not for yours. We start the last AP this weekend and with 5 players its been a fun run so far. Although it would seem my table is a bit "non traditional" I'm told. Keep an eye on the things and since it sounds like you know your group already you should be fine.

Sorry Old Guy. It seems if you're gonna make the kids cry you gotta do better than that. You stop by my place sometime, I'll give you some pointers.

See that word you used there? Balanced. That's about rules not story. I'm a DM, I tell stories, I have since the first edition where they blatantly told us to toss any rules that got in the way of the story. That's where Pathfinder gets its foundation and its why I don't think many people will find an easy balanced answer. The base of this game is built around a DM reworking the rules for his table as he goes.

Of course, while its one of the strongest points its also one of the biggest weaknesses. In the hands of a good DM its a blessing. In the hands of bad DM, well, I'm sure we've all been there at one time or another.

As to what it adds, for me, I finally get to play the Child of Bhaal as he was meant to be played(Baldur's Gate video game adaptation we play at my table). It means seeing why Elminster isn't just some guy that got a lot of levels but is really a lot more. It means understanding what it was to be a Runelord. Finally realizing that some drunkard with a few levels didn't just stumble into godhood but had a lot more going for him beforehand. And if they can do it I'm sure I can figure something out for my own crew, especially with all the ideas mythic tosses my way. For my table it adds a lot, once again though, your mileage, as always, may vary. We're all people so we'll always perceive it differently.

And yes, they could've added all of the mythic on their own. I could still be playing 1st ed too. For me at least, I'm not so much interested in seeing what I can add, but seeing what others have added. Since I don't think exactly like them its usually something other than what I had in mind. Maybe you can think of it as a datamine? Theres a lot there.

Before I go, Wheazy, you just called me insulting then you ask me to challenge you. You can't have it both ways.

Anyway, I think this is going a bit offtopic so I'll be shutting up now. Besides, I think some damn kids are on my lawn, gotta go run 'em off. Pack a slackers.

Yes, its entirely possible I sound offensive. However, facts are facts. Not everyone should be DM'ing. That doesn't mean the mythic rules are perfect, and it certainly doesn't mean anyone who has trouble with them should get out of the DM seat.

I'll try to clarify what I'm saying. Adjusting things is the DM's job, and the higher the level the more adjustment you're going to need. Add in rules like mythic and you crank that up to a new level. Sure, there are some ways Paizo could patch things, but no amount of patching will ever make the DM's job a simple plug and play situation. If this isn't something you want to do that's completely understandable and its also why there are more players out there than DMs. On the other hand, if you really want to sit in the DM chair you're going to need to work for it, and with mythic you'll need to work for it even more. Not good, not bad, just how it is.

I just don't see them coming out with a cure-all that makes everyone happy for a game that has a history of high level "difficulties" to begin with. Lots of patch cures have been suggested, places to start so to speak. Still haven't seen anything that will make "all of the people happy all of the time" though.

What can I say? I like the mythic stuff. Its a great place to start, but if you really want to use it, you'll need to take it down the road a bit. Maybe I don't see that as being as big a deal as some since I do that with any published material. Or maybe I've just been DM'ing way too long. Stuck in my ways. Don't mind me, I'm gonna grab my cane and hobble over to the corner. Carry on.

Not a fallacy and not an insult, its just how it is. While its good that people try to fill the roll of DM, not everyone is created equal. You're going to have varying degrees of success or failure. Not everyone can DM, and while many try, not all of them are really good at it. Almost everyone reading this has either had a bad DM or a killer DM at one time. Not right, not wrong, that's just how it rolls. Unlike games, humanity has no "balance".

Who should Paizo target? Hardcore or casuals? The one AP per month they publish won't be a hit with both audiences so who should they ostracize? What sells at one table certainly won't sell at another. Hence middle of the road APs. The mythic ruleset added to those APs simply adds another layer of customization required by the DM. More work for me, and if I do it right, more fun for my table.

As a DM you're in charge. Its your job to lead your table to a night of fun. An AP or even a ruleset is nothing more than a tool in your arsenal, not a crutch. Your imagination is your real weapon. Use it or you will fall flat on your face and drag your table right down with you. Sorry if it sounds harsh, but that's really what it comes down to.

That said, are the Mythic rules perfect? Of course not. This game has never been perfect, 1st edition to present. Just part of the bigger picture. Make your adjustments and adlib from there. Worked for Gygax it'll do for me.

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The only problem mythic rules has is the same problem any high level adventure will have, you can't write anything at that level that will appropriately challenge "your" party. "Your" party is going to be different from anyone else's so the DM has to "improvise, adapt, and overcome" as the saying goes. Honestly guys, this should be done in any AP. Publishers will quite often lose with the high level stuff because the module is perceived overkill(couple encounters from Savage Tides got that treatment as I recall) and people complain, or too easy and people complain. Lose/lose situation, glad I don't do that for a living.... End result? Middle of the road APs that require some doctoring.

An adventure path is the bare bones, as the DM you breath life into it, if you don't you aren't doing your job. I'm not trying to say this in a bad way at all, but I see people shaking their heads over Wrath and I utterly fail to see how a DM couldn't help but slaughter the playerbase wholesale.......with a little DM addition here and there of course.

Think of yourselves as chefs, something like Wrath is the turkey. Now spice it up, cook it, and serve it to your players. If you don't, all it is, is a dead bird, and no one wants to eat that.

And before you ask, no, I'm not going to tell you what I'd do because what I'd do is for my table not yours. Works for me sure, for you though, maybe not so well eh? Customization is key.

As to the OP's question, I hope they write another. This last one was pretty fun. That is, me and mine had a good time anyway.

It really all depends doesn't it? Are you and your table playing the game, or the system?

If you're all interested in the story than of course it can work. The old Baldur's Gate video games are a perfect example of a story along those lines. One mythic character surrounded by a party of regular Joes. Although the gameplay wasn't anywhere near what we have with mythic the storyline certainly was.

If you're worried about balance and adhering to the module as written, well, you're hosed. No, its not gonna work. Most likely the other players are going to wonder why they don't have those shiny godlike powers long before the many other problems of "balance" crop up.

I'll bet Manu Baba knew all about fiend spawns and Iomedae. Guy wrote a thorough review, you just know HE knew the answer. Well, if he wasn't busy getting someones love back anyway. After all, he promised.....

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Wow. Not only is the review a spammer, but he only gave the book a one! Those spammers can be brutal.

First want to thank Paizo for letting me know about this product, it really looks great. That said, you guys lost a sale since you had no hard copy to go with it. I went to the Adventure site and bought from there. Why? I like hardcopy and really didn't want to pay 50bucks for simple data.

Sales for stuff like this is obviously good for both of you. Maybe Paizo can offer a hardback combo deal as well? If you had I'd have bought here and not over there. Just sayin'.

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They've teased us with Sorshen for years. We know where she sleeps, we know she was mythic, and we know she needs a beat down. Time to do it.


Bought this last night, only paged through the pdf so far but it looks like it has promise. As always, diceless isn't for everyone but this seems to be making a good run for that type of system. Lots of potential to take the stairway environment in a lot of different directions as well. Good luck with this guys.

Just off hand I'd say raise his initiative. That said, with his dual argumentative nature I'm not sure that's appropriate from an RP sense, although certainly good gamewise.

Either way, since I'm running a Savage Tide game after Wrath is done I have to say, good timing on this.

Yes, America is rich. The problem is that the largest percentage of wealth is in the hands of about 1% of the population. Yes, that's a One. Sure as a country we have bucks, and the mega-rich use them while the rest of us, well, we just use the backdoor servant entrance...

Some good advice in this thread so far not just for the OP but really any new DM, take it to heart. That said I'll limit own advice.

First off, 'i bet these clerics don't have combat reflexes, so...., isn't a case of metagaming, its combat savvy that comes from playing, you should congratulate them on this. Guys a cleric, he's wise but not dexterous, probably, good bet to do just what your player did there. Now if the player starts quoting stats like he's read the module, yeah theres your metagaming.

Second, and this is freakn huge, keep your frustrations to a minimum and don't turn the game into a DM Vs. PCs match. You will always win, until you become known as a killer DM, after which you will always be alone.

Honestly, this probably isn't the best series for a first timer with a group of powergamers. Possibly not even a good group for you to be DM'ing at all since you seem to be worried about telling the story rather than simply rolling empty dice, although your sorc sounds like she has the right idea, maybe not the best mechanics though. That's a good thing to have on your part as a DM, story first, mechanics later. Keep following that and you'll come out fine. This is after all a roleplaying game.

Oh, and uh, +6 on demons eh? Uh-huh. You trust this guy do you? I see. I'd probably give that one a good look. Stuff like that is just gonna get worse later on....

The thing is, I've subbed since back in Shattered Star. Never had a problem until Wrath. Every book so far has been delayed with this AP though. Meanwhile some people seem to get it on time regardless of having a sidecart full or empty. Its like they have two lists, those we take care of, and those we....well.....the other people.

Seems like they have an expanding infrastructure and those two goblins they keep chained up in the warehouse just aren't keeping up anymore. Time to expand guys. Or at least buy those two a sammich or sumthin.

Same here with waiting on the download, still. Kind of a bad business design. I try to support Paizo, rather than buy elsewhere that actually would have been cheaper. In return I get dumped into a line with no end in sight because of things in my sidecart.

At least kick us a download.

Fall-From-Grace from the old Planescape Torment game is the first and as far as I know the only demon to ever change her stripes. Back in 1st/2nd edition anyway. Her origin was an extremely good reason to have her do so. With Arue you actually have divine intervention.

I don't see Nocticula being a former empyreal as a problem, but I'd be a tad skeptical as to her actually seeking redemption. Goddess of outcasts, artists, and the glories of midnight? Seriously? She wants to be the Goth's new goddess does she? Sounds fishy to me, or worse, like some kind of Twilight thing. When you add to all this the fact she has a known brother who makes regular visits to his "loving" sister things become even more unclear. Is he in on the redemption gig too? Who else, the maid, the gardener, Shamira?

All of this is of course my opinion, but, did anyone else notice the only thing said about this from the esteemed Mr. Jacobs wasn't exactly a confession praising our powers of observation? Never underestimate the DM's ability to point you in the wrong direction with a few words that neither confirm nor deny your own speculations.

Either way, it'd be nice if this was part of a "continuing the adventure" shtick for the end of the series. Yep, probably still time to toss that in there if you haven't already. Just sayin.....

Actually I can think of a non evil human lich from the Forgotten Realms, Ioulaum.

That said, he's probably the most powerful caster that world has ever seen, unless you count Karsus' spell that took out Mystryl making him the most powerful. Of course he couldn't control that power and died screaming so I don't really think it counted.

At any rate, lorewise there are precedents for neutral and good versions of the lich, just not really that common. Although as always, if its good with your DM and works with your group, roll with it. Might want to watch out for random parties of peasants wielding pitchforks and torches though, I could see a lot of those in your immediate future...

Well then, back to waiting it is. I hate waiting. Thanks for the heads up though guys.

Are we there yet?


Sooooo, I subscribe, it says I've been charged, and I get no download. You guys got to download yours already? What did I miss?

XPs. Hmm, those are those little things that always fall off and you step on 'em and....hmmm, no. Oh yeah! They're the things that roll around and...and....hmmm, no. Nope, haven't used those in years. But if you really need some I think I've got a case or two in the attic. More than welcome to 'em if you can find them in amongst the other junk.

It really all comes down to what you play as far as rolling goes. If you're going to do a 1st/2nd edition run put that point buy stuff out of your head now. Stats never increased back then without serious magic, books/wishes/etc. You didn't get a freebie handout to your scores every few levels. Worse for some classes, if you didn't have an 18 your casting abilities were limited to say the least.

All that aside I still use 4d6 drop the lowest reroll 1s. What can I say, old habits die hard. Since I'm the DM I really don't care what your stats are like, I'm pretty sure I can come up with something you'll find challenging.

I guess a better question would be how similar are stats from a 15 point buy by level 20 Vs. 4d6 drop the lowest but never getting any stat increases via leveling?

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Consider this book sold. Do I need it? Nope, sure don't. The thing is, what books like this offer is really invaluable. They offer a different take on the game. No matter how close you look at something you'll never see it from someone else's perspective, that's where the stuff you missed is usually at. And you always miss something....

I like the idea behind this. The DM never rolls dice, well, almost never. That takes away some of the adversarial elements that can spring up between DM and players, leaving a more story oriented atmosphere. And as Papa above pointed out, if you really don't like something you have no control over you can always spend an XP to avoid it.

Basically, a rules-lite system with a very interesting background. If you have a good DM it could be a great game to play. Of course if you have a bad DM it doesn't matter what system you use, you're doomed anyway....

Either way, its definitely worth a look.

Actually, this would be doable. Maybe the crystals have abilities that can be broadcast to underlings, upping their power levels by a substantial amount, making them a challenge for level 20 characters. Maybe they aren't all that rare, putting a few into the hands of "lieutenants" and such. Perhaps being close/in range negatively affects how magic works, well, mortal magic anyway, causing teleports, divinations, and such to falter. Yeah, doing this wouldn't be all that hard really, bit of work on the boosts and you're in there.

As to loot, well, you're hosed. They need to forget about the loot carrot, after all, they're already level 20. At this point they aren't thinking about the next score, they need to put their eyes on the real game.

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Wait. You guys are DM'ing and you're telling me you don't fudge rolls behind that huge DM screen? I..... You......


What was it Khan said? "You can't even break a rule. How can you be expected to break bone?"

I'm sorry, I don't mean any of this in a bad way, its just kind of shocking to see how far things have changed. No wonder you see all this "optimized" stuff. I bet you guys run your Paths without customizing them to your group too.

See, I've always put story and party enjoyment over random rolls, no module can ever cover your group with the options they need. Your group is always unique and if you want to bring the story out you're going to have to customize here and there. And if you see some little twist of luck wipe your party out because the bad guys got a string of good rolls, that's got nothing to do with a good story. Used to be a good DM would fudge things. I dunno, maybe I'm showing my mileage, but my players always have a good time, so I suppose it all works out. Different strokes and what not....

I'd be completely against gods being unassailable by the players, yet at the same time I don't think putting gods into a beastiary like Dieties & Demigods is a good thing either. Back in the day that book was taken too often for a Monster Manual 2, rather than a reference and background guide.

Mostly I look at it like what Raistlin did in the dragonlance Legends series. Run around on the god's home plane screaming your head off killing her minions(after a suitably epic journey just to get to that point), then lure her away from her point of power where she's vulnerable. Once there, spring the trap, whack the god, viola. Well, ok, maybe a little more complicated but you get the idea.

So, for my campaigns at least, deities are beyond mythic, most of the time. Until you catch them with their pants down around their legs, then they're no more mythic than anyone else, assuming you're prepared.

To answer the op's question, yes, yes you are the only one.

That said, I think maybe a part of the problem you're having is a phrase you brought up, "moderately optimized". Stuff like that, and players who indulge in it(let alone go overboard with it) will kill a story pretty quick. An "optimized" party can make for a decent game, but rules like the Mythic ones can really end up like fire in a kid's hands. Not a pretty sight....

Maybe I'm lucky to have started playing when this was still a roleplaying game. I see things in terms of story, not damage per second. Maybe a less serious less "optimized" approach, with more of an emphasis on storytelling would work? I dunno, different strokes and all that I suppose. Good luck either way.

Sorry, didn't notice all that had been written about something a few pages back. I'll just delete what I wrote and let sleeping dogs lie...

As for the topic, looks interesting, and better yet, free.

Page Count? The great nemesis of writers the worlds over. Interesting, I'd wondered how it was determined where the party ended up level'wise. The overall process makes a bit more sense now. I always modify modules I DM and kept wondering why no one just added a little extra spice here and there to up the levels by endgame. You've got 20, might as well use 'em.

Page Count. I hate that guy.

James Jacobs wrote:
Vexous wrote:
Do we know yet if we'll be hitting level 20 by the end of this run? Last I heard it was a maybe yes maybe no kind of thing. Really hoping this one goes the distance.

I just finished developing part 3, and by the end of that one, your PCs should be WELL into 12th level.

SO... things are looking QUITE good for hitting 20th level by the end. Maybe even a bit before the end!

In the words of the immortal Eric Cartman, "Sweeeeeeeeeeet!" Thanks for the heads up guys.

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Do we know yet if we'll be hitting level 20 by the end of this run? Last I heard it was a maybe yes maybe no kind of thing. Really hoping this one goes the distance.

Stuff like this? Yeah. See, stuff like this is why I subbed.

'Nuff Said!

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