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Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

okay. 5k. now what did we promise the crew about pay?

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

also, I think Tap promised some nice outfits for them all. time to find a tailor.

Sorry guys, i've been swamped., right. So for pay, you subtract one plunder when you leave this port. That acts as their pay. So, you'll lose one plunder when you leave town.

You can, it's 10 percent for every die over 10 you roll in your check. So, if you rolled a 40, you could sell for 1.2K.

I don't think plunder is necessarily the way to get rich, unless you do a ton of it. Of course, if freely gained, it's all profit.

No worries man, just pop in when you can.

If you guys let me know what to part with and include a diplomacy or intimidate check, I can just give you a lump sum.

Then, you can do some shopping

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

how are we doing shopping? i mean mechanics.

Shield Bash Podcast
xeyed-jack wrote:
how are we doing shopping? i mean mechanics.

Also interested.

If we give 1 point of plunder (pop) to the crew, that is 1k of our 5. There are currently 4 players, so 1,000 gp each. Should we just tell you what we buy?

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

We also have a debt we need to pay off.

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

Okay, Tap. Break out the spreadsheetz/

I don't think we need to waste time RPing the sale/purchase. It's merely, tell me what you want to sell, and what plunder you want to cash in, then I'll give you $$$ and you can purchase what you like.

Rush, that is correct for plunder, yes. But, if you want to sell inventory as well, then that's what I'm talking about above. See my continued comments about that full plate;)

So, if you liquidate all plunder, you pay the crew, and have 1K each

Then, you can liquidate items from your loot:
Full plate armor, gems, items, etc

Then, divvy that up, and you can buy what you want.

Though, keep in mind the debt to Rickety of course.

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

In my own life I'd be paying off my debts as fast as I may, but as pirates?

Lol, right. You know there would be consequences - Rickety has many friends, but he also didn't give you a timeline. And, this is just your first time out.

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

Honestly, Rickety's deal seems awfully generous give our line of business.

Ricketty won't get paid back if we all die and our ship taken. So, investing in ourselves is good business sense. Still, if we ever need his services again (and we will), I'm sure he's gonna want to see gold. Best we have some then.

Shall we set aside, say, 10% then?

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

any rules on sale price of items? i know that some go with a 1/2 listed price.

Yup, it's 1/2 listed. I'm fine with you rolling to try and get a bit more, but keep in mind they're used to pirates, and won't be easy to persuade

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

okay, so what if I follow the merchant home, and mug them, clap my Manacles of Compliance on them, and then start the bargaining?

Ha! I'm certainly up for that and can dig up a quick map if you'd like to give it a try.

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

to negotiate a better sell-price? nah. but maybe rob their store. might be worth it. but not in Quent. maybe some less friendly place.

F Maenad Disciple of the Raging Sea / 4
AryaSunyata wrote:
GM Nayr wrote:

Good point Rush...795 gold each from that chest - as long as you're cutting Sunyatta in;)

Sorry...that's silver actually.

For gold, it would be 265 ea

So, the split from the scratch chests would be:
265 gold + 795 silver each

Can I get help with a list of what I should update my character sheet with? *High5*


Sure Sunyata; what did you need to know? For updating, that would be based upon what you want to buy

F Maenad Disciple of the Raging Sea / 4

Where can I see what I might be interested in buying? I don't have anything that comes to mind off the top of my head...

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4


that site is comprehensive for Pathfinder. Ignore anything labeled Mythic though.

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

also: for armor and weapons, a couple of things to keep in mind:

* weapons and armor have to be masterwork before they can be magically enhanced, so you have to pay for that first.
* magical enhancements increase the cost ... a lot. see: -a-weapon-enchantment

quick and dirty: "here is a really quick way to get the cost of the enchantments of any non-fixed cost magic weapon. First of all, pick up the total enhancement bonus of your weapon. In your case, you have the mandatory basic +1 enhancement bonus, plus the Inspired special ability. Inspired is equivalent to a +1 for effects of cost, so your weapon would cost the same as a +2 weapon when you sum the two up. "

Shield Bash Podcast

Also, don't buy armor. Unless you've got some really specific archetype for it, Monk's don't gain any benefits from armor.

But Bracers of Armor +1 are exactly 1,000 gp and would increase your armor class by 1. Just a suggestion

F Maenad Disciple of the Raging Sea / 4

Thanks so much guys!! Looking...

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

so ... how much are we getting each then?

sorry, we're starting up a big new project at work, and I've been working over time for two or three weeks now. 1000 gp for plunder, and how much for all our treasure (loot at 1/2 price + coinage).

No worries man, everyone seems a bit busy these last few months

I was kind of waiting to see what you wanted to sell; is there a column on the loot sheet for expendable items you want to get rid of?

yes. very busy. apologies.

F Maenad Disciple of the Raging Sea / 4

Some thoughts on those who have been traveling with Sunyata, since there is sometimes some space in between our RP and posts... points to keep present about the character in their day to day.

Sunyata could be described as beautiful in a strange otherworldly way, just awkward around social interactions... except in temples,ships and brothels, where she knows the social dynamics for the transactional quality all interactions have. ZERO-silver-tongued, zero charming with words, but imposing physically with a kind of non verbal body language that makes people respond, she has adapted her shortcomings this way, because she is a willful creature with intense rages that surfaces, with plenty of addictions which she tries to hide (she drinks a lot but isn't the life of the party, and does a weird herb pill that affects Maenads hardcore). She is a hardcore introvert with a serious chip on her shoulder... and uses substances to take the edge off... like any pirate, so she doesn't stand out much as some pirates are raging drunks. But if people interact with her close up and for long enough they start to realize she is really peculiar and ritualistic, carving out time for her martial practice, but is really helpful at the same time always willing to do things for people, because she knows she sucks at words socially. Also she is extremely reserved about her preferences for partners.. it's hard to read if she ever has an interest in any person in particular. But she goes to the brothels and there's some inklings she likes ladies. It's been vague and she is super reserved about her preferences.

I really enjoy fleshing out the story side of the RP in this game. I like the battle and banter between the characters, and the color/flavor the game is in the characters, I am enjoying all the different characters and have been thinking of how to manifest in RP Sunyata's strengths and weaknesses.

This low charisma/intelligence combo is an interesting challenge to develop... it doesn't mean the character doesn't have personality, maybe it's the opposite like they're more conflicted, or just are quirkier because they struggle with this weakness in life... so it requires some extra thinking about how to manifest those attributes... Examples of the low charisma might be like Luke Skywalker, Inigo Montoya (Princess Bride), William Turner - totally low charisma characters, never smooth, never able to really convince people easily, or always get their bluff called... but good guys, or have the heart in the right place, etc.

Found this tidbit that made perfect sense to me.

"High charisma isn't essential for cool heroism, and low charisma doesn't have to mean you're a clod or a goon. You can be good-looking with low charisma, you can be noble and heroic, and just maybe you're not imposing or silver-tongued. Just keep in mind that you don't have to be a rude slob just because you have a 9 CHA. :-)"

Who else has played low charisma/intelligence characters?

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

I try not to roleplay my stats, since the stats take care of themselves in how outcomes are determined. I leave it up to the GM to decide my character can't pull one off: You're gonna have to roll for that.

For the story telling bit, I really want it to be driven by who you think the character is, and what motivates them, not what the Paizo gods decided for game mechanics.

Thanks for that Sunyata, definitely a good peek into her inner workings. One thing I've been struggling with a bit in this is bringing in any background elements; since many of the relationships are canon, I find I have to tread carefully a bit with what I change. So don't judge me when one day we have a "but I thought they were friends", or "The rumors said he was dead" situation.

I've made low charisma characters aloof, generally, but I realize there's a ton more you could do with them! Feel free to try out your own twist on it.

Shield Bash Podcast

I've always viewed CHA one of two ways, depending on what I want for the character.
1) Appearance. High CHA could mean good looking, low CHA could mean ugly. But a somewhat low CHA (like an 8 or 9) would just come across as plain or non-descriptive.

2) Personality: High CHA makes it easy for you to get along with people. Make them comfortable with you and/or trust you. Low means your surly, stoic, rude, or otherwise off putting to people around you.

And I often factor these independently. I've had a character with a very high CHA and social skills through the nose, but his appearance was completely forgettable.

Like Jack said, I never let the Pazio gods decide what things mean to my character.

Also, cool background info. I missed the part where you mentioned she's a vampire. But I'll reread it. I'm sure its in there somewhere.

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

I thought you made the vampire bit up... assumed it was some kind of interesting delusion on Rush's part.

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

pretty sure that the only mention of vampire is when you address her as "Lady Vampire"

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

I tjought Rush had just given her a nickname

Yup; think it was the sparkly skin;)

Shield Bash Podcast

I did make it up. Nsyr got it, sparkly skin. Just keeping the joke running because I like dry humor

Thanks for the insights! I definitely see the validity of all the different points! Haha yes! Vampire was just because she is kind of otherworldly and pale silver skin... Could be vampire like. Given the race they're described as having elflike beauty so the way I interpreted it was that a low charisma could simply mean being super awkward and not able to charm anyone worth her life, which definitely worked playing it out with her terrible smiling and such it's more freaky or even cartoonish exaggeration like when people try to put on a lot of affectation because they're not natural, she is practiced rather than charming. Fortunately the lackluster expressive style lends itself to low charisma. The way I interpreted the low intelligence for RP is that she gets stuck on her fixations and doesn't reason it out too much beyond her obsessions... NOT THAT SHE can't learn things or retain information she just doesn't reason it out on an abstract manner... BUT SHE HAS HIGH CUNNING ... Like an animal cunning which is a form of instinct intelligence, her analysis comes thru her instincts not necessarily abstraction... Make sense?

No worries GM about the shifts we'll roll with ya.. I'm having fun...!!

F Maenad Disciple of the Raging Sea / 4
Sphen86 wrote:
I did make it up. Nsyr got it, sparkly skin. Just keeping the joke running because I like dry humor

I like your dry humor.

Shield Bash Podcast

Been trying hard to think of what to buy with my 1,000 gp. It's a lot of money, but at the same time, very little when you get into magical items and equipment.

Do we have any restrictions on what we're allowed to buy?

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

You can by a hundred pairs of boots, or not even one pair of boots. heh heh.

Shield Bash Podcast

Or even better than 100 pairs of boots, 200 right boots.

The peg leg doesn't need a boot.

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

sorry, i don't think you'll get boots of speed half price...

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Tap'll buy...more ale.
So 1,000 gp for the booty? What about the other loot we have?

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

yea 1k for booty, and now we need our spreadsheet guy...tap

Im swamped 11

Shield Bash Podcast
SubiculumHammer wrote:
Im swamped 11

Hi swamped. Welcome to the game. I'm Sphen. Do you know where Tap is? We've missed him and are greedy greedy greedy for our precious monies.

All jokes aside, I also don't have time to dig through it all to figure out what we are and are not selling.

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

This is what Tap has in his loot spreadsheet

bilge fight 1 suit of leather armor
bilge fight 3 heavy maces (I'll take one of these, I think)
bilge fight a buckler,
bilge fight masterwork handaxe
bilge fight 22 gp
boarding fight man's promise. 1550 gp
ghoul fight flasks of alchemists fire (we used these up)
ghoul fight two barrels of cheap perfume
ghoul fight a wedding dress inlaid with pearls and three tiny rubies
ghoul fight three very sharp daggers
ghoul fight a whalebone corset set with mother of pearl inlays
ghoul fight a dozen silver hatpins with tiny obsidians
ghoul fight quite an impressive mound of scattered gems.
sunken ship 1 scroll of buoyancy
sunken ship Chain shirt of brawling
sunken ship Several hundred gold pieces
sunken ship Several thousand silver pieces
sunken ship Various pieces of fine jewelry
grimlylows scrimshawed hammerhead shark skull with a piece of driftwood marked with runes thrust through it.
grimlylows ivory walrus tusk set with gold with a scrimshawed map of the Shackles
grimlylows curious harp made from the jaw of a n orca, set with pearls.
whale fight jawbone of a shark carved with scrimshaw images with silver and goldrings
whale fight huge hooked tooth from some colossal sea creature with a seaweed-plugged cavity containing six pearls,
whale fight 16 4lb silver ignots
whale fight silver spear head
whale fight 211 silver
whale fight 136 gold
Scourge Black adder venom (1 vials - 1 application each)
Scourge Masterwork handaxe
Scourge 4 doses of oil of taggit
Scourge 6 gold teeth worth about 30 GP total
Scourge leather snuff box studded with a diamond worth about 100 GP
Scourge A silver wedding ring worth 25 GP
Scourge dark reaver powder
Scourge 14 PP, 29 GP misc coin
whale fight heavy Xbow bolts +1
whale fight 1 Spider Climb
whale fight 1 disguise other
Plugg Bolts of Screaming
Plugg Bracer's of Armor +1

some of the items don't look clearly identified or specified, e.g.

* ivory walrus tusk set with gold with a scrimshawed map of the Shackles
* curious harp made from the jaw of a n orca, set with pearls.
* jawbone of a shark carved with scrimshaw images with silver and gold rings
* Several hundred gold pieces
* Several thousand silver pieces
* Various pieces of fine jewelry
* wo barrels of cheap perfume
* a wedding dress inlaid with pearls and three tiny rubies
* three very sharp daggers (Masterwork?)
* a whalebone corset set with mother of pearl inlays
* a dozen silver hatpins with tiny obsidians
* quite an impressive mound of scattered gems.

Shield Bash Podcast

Thanks for doing that Jack. I looked through the list and didn't see any of the items I claimed. So I'm good to sell it all (mostly). I think Sunyata should take the Bracers of Armor +1 if she doesn't already have any.
And the "1 spider climb" and "1 disguise other". What are they? Potions? Scrolls? Either way, those are pretty useful. We should keep those around.

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

Those bracers of armor... i wonder why no one is/was wearing them. I think they would have stacked with my amulet of natural armor? Give them to Sunyata, for sure, tho

I wonder if those very sharp daggers are masterwork

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