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Yeah it seems like it works more like implosion. Where you just choose a target for it every round. I will probably continue to treat it like it used to be in my home games.

I know I used tohave them take the damage for entering the square but I could see it igther way with how it's worded.


That wasn't an attack. its how we give Pulg a trim.

Eh I've had worse.

It had to be removed but fear not it will regrow quickly.


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*Cough Cough*

That's good.

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Dragon headaches are dangerous things.

Yeah hide behind the most flammable person... well I guess I'm not as flammable now.


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Just a Mort wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Mine was dead at night. It amazes me how many people hear a fire alarm and there first reaction is to call the front desk for 10 minutes instead of Oh I don't know evacuate the building. It was within my first month here too mind you.
They're hoping front desk will tell them it's a false alarm so they can all get to bed. Our school some joker broke the fire alarm panel while moving chairs. The chair leg hit the press glass to trigger alarm part of the alarm.

Yeah the thing about it was I'm actually going to check and see if there is in fact a fire while like 50 people are calling to see if they should get out of a potentially burning building. I probably didn't start answering the calls till everyone would be good and trapped and passed out from smoke inhalation. Just saying had it been an actual fire they would all be dead except those people on the 1st floor. the other people I was amazed by was the ones using the elevator to come down. to ask me if there was a fire.

Well I think my cloths burned off this time.

I opened High G's book. you should take a look.
see: Old Book with velvet-tie clasp:


Ack! morning breath...

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gran rey de los mono wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
gran rey de los mono wrote:
eBay is useless. I tried searching for a lighter, and all it had was 13,749 matches.
It is a pretty solid amount of matches at least. we probably need to call smokey in on that one.
Are you nekkid because all the matches are raising the temperature, of do you have a "thing" for anthropomorphic bears?

Ah you forgot option number 3 I accidentally set my cloths on fire with the matches.

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Is it getting hot in here?

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Yay an excuse to use this alias!


Yeah sorry i'm actually immortal. It just grows back.

:: Feels the is the appropriate aliase to use for a flame war ::

I think the best barber I've had so far was that dragon. Talk about thorough

<haven't used this one yet>

Its a biblical name he was a mighty hunter. People associated that with a insult because of bugs bunny but bugs was using it sarcastically.

Ouch Harsh burn but that's OK I forgive you. >.>

captain yesterday wrote:

A bunch of stuff happens, Kevin Costner shows his bum, and then a bunch more stuff happens.

** spoiler omitted **


They will never know what they missed. Also I used to know a cat with your name

The next poster knows for a fact its hurts to help.

So turns out Red dragons don't make good business partners when your product is made of wood.

The next poster knows where it all went wrong.

Forgetter of this avatar.

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Sharoth wrote:
Click Bait

*Cough Cough* this is what I get for clicking strange links *cough* your just lucky my beard grows at a superhuman rate.