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They must be purchased left-to-right as long as the parentheses are together. All your examples fit this. (p. 19 of the Core Set Rulebook.)

Sometimes a checkbox is added but is separate from other checkboxes in the power, like the Barrier add-on to Bouncer Kess's healing power. Those don't require you to take the others first. Herald of the Horn Hakon's Diplomacy power has one of these as well, added at the end.

The order they were released is:

Rise of the Runelords
Skull & Shackles
Wrath of the Righteous
Mummy's Mask

None of those use the Core Set. They're all standalone games, but to get the entire Adventure Path and characters for each of them you need their Base Set and 6 additional decks. (5 Adventure decks and 1 Characters deck.)

To add to what Jenceslav said, Grazzle's powers aim for healing and scouting (examining). He's best off not doing huge Combats at all, instead scouting out Locations and leaving the Banes he can't handle for others. In Wrath you can't avoid those all the time, but decent Spells and Mythic Charges help make up for it.

Also, not every character is good in every Adventure Path, with every size party, or in every role in every party. Maybe you'll decide to play a different character in Wrath, or maybe you'll end up with an epic story of how you managed to squeak through impossible odds! Mine was taking Siwar (Bard CD; eventually added Ultimate Intrigue) through PACS Season 3: Season of Plundered Tombs. If you poke through the PACS forum you can find me posting in the threads for scenarios from Adventures 3-5/6/P. Siwar isn't great at Combat, but is good at making other people fight instead of her and supporting them in those fights.

You can only use one card of any type that determines what skill you're using. For example, only one card that says "for your Combat check, ...". (Core Set Rulebook p. 11, Mummy's Mask Rulebook p. 11; both under the heading "Determine Which Skill You're Using")

In the Core Set ruleset the entire table collectively can only play one card of each type (ignoring cards that say you may play them freely). (Core Set Rulebook p. 8, "Encountering a Card")

In the older ruleset each character can only play one card of each type, but different characters can play the same type of card. (Mummy's Mask Rulebook p. 9, "Encountering a Card")

These limitations are per check or step of the encounter, so you could play a Spell Before You Act and then for a Check to Defeat, or use the same Weapon's Reveal effect for two Checks to Defeat, or similar. (Also under "Encountering a Card".)

Only the Core Set and Curse of the Crimson Throne have the new look and rules. Everything else uses the original look and rules.

There are conversion guidelines and such around so you can use the old cards with the Core Set cards and ruleset.

With Core+Curse you should be able to go to 6 players and use the normal rules of using cards with the current Adventure's Deck/Level number or lower when building Locations. (You only need to use all the cards with the Core Set alone because you might run out of cards when building Locations otherwise.)

You could report it to the developers at Obsidian. Unfortunately, development for this version of the game was halted years ago and a quick search for Hawkmoon over there shows that this card has been broken for a long time.


I expect what you want isn't something that can edit PDFs, but a desktop publishing or page layout program. Page layout is the part of desktop publishing where you combine text, images, and other elements onto virtual pages to put together your document. Modern ones output to PDFs so others can view or print what you've created.

You may have used a program like The Print Shop to create cards or posters; that's a simple version of page layout.

Adobe's InDesign is probably the most popular layout program nowadays and is available via subscription. Serif's Affinity Publisher is a cheaper alternative with a permanent license, while Scribus is an open source alternative. There are others as well: (Wikipedia's list of DTP software).

I still use an older version of InDesign (with a permanent license) to create documents, but have been meaning to get a copy of Affinity Publisher to try out.

Hope this helps.

You can play solo, but you'll probably want to play more than one character so the various skills are covered (as well as some variety).

Buying it now I'd recommend getting the Core Set and Curse of the Crimson Throne. Those are the newer sets and will give you everything you need to play a adventure path (Curse) plus a shorter one in the Core Set.

PACG also has four "first edition" base sets (Rise of the Runelords, Skull & Shackles, Wrath of the Righteous, and Mummy's Mask). Each of these base set has five expansion decks needed to get the entire adventure path and one extra character deck for variety and for playing with 5 or 6 characters/players.

The rules changed somewhat between the original four sets and the Core Set, but the various cards are compatible with a few fixes.

The other decks you have seen include additional characters (typically 3 or 4) you can use with any of the sets. These cards use the older look and rules. They were also used to play in the card game's version of PFS organized play.

Hope this helps.

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1. No. "If you display a boon for any reason other than playing it, ignore its powers." (Core Set Rulebook p. 7)

2. Not usually. Once you flip the card the encounter has started, and under "Encountering a Card" (Core Set Rulebook p. 8, Mummy's Mask Rulebook p. 9) you'll find something like "During each step, characters may play only cards or use only powers that relate to that step...." Healing cards is an effect that doesn't normally relate to anything happening during an encounter.

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FWIW, I played Amaryllis (d4 Wisdom) and spent most of these scenarios with no plunder. Didn't mind a bit.

What I did find annoying is having Agna (our best ship battler) get the ship that only allows 3 plunder. :(

Just another scenario where nobody got any good upgrades.

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If you don't have the appropriate skill, you'd roll a d4. (p. 11 of the Core Set Rulebook.)

For most Spells it means you can Discard them instead of Banishing them.

Yes, you'll be over your Hand Size at the start just like a character with a Cohort. Your Hand Size has not changed, so if you don't play any cards before the end of your first turn you'll have to discard some to get back down to your Hand Size.

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Brother Tyler wrote:
I'm generally sitting on the main PACG discussion forum page so while there are the links to all four forums at the top, the bottom only shows the other three forums and their most recent discussions.

I also come here through there, mostly through inertia. All four Card Game forums used to be there, but the Society forum disappeared when they modified the website's forum implementation a few years ago.

ObTopic: More information about the cancellation would be nice, but it's not unreasonable to assume poor sales + creator champions leaving = cutting their losses.

The copyright situation hasn't changed, so no.

This is a question for the Pathfinder RPG forums, not the Card Game ones.

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PwrSrg wrote:
So it has now been another 9 months. ANYTHING??

About a month ago, yes. It's dead. Final special at PaizoCon.

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Try asking Paizo Customer Service; they might be able to send you the missing cards. (Contact info is at the bottom of every page of the site.)

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1. The cards go back to wherever they came from.

2. You can change which card is the current one. Perhaps its "When this is the Hour" power is useful, or you have a card or character power that cares about the current one (like how some Blessings recharge if their Deity matches or choosing which Harrow suit is showing), or you have a card or character power that lets you take the card on top of the Blessing discards.

Hope that gives you some ideas. :)

Keith Richmond wrote:
In theory, Skizza's power feat "(☐ If you would bury or banish it, you may discard it instead.)" provides the functionality you're looking for. Certainly, it made the consideration of proficiency less necessary / clear cut.

Isn't it the same issue as the Alchemists, though? Cards with recharge checks aren't handled immediately under the new rules, they go to Recovery. At Recovery you're not playing them, so the power doesn't apply. (The entire power starts "When you play a card that has the Alchemical or Firearm trait...")

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It doesn't say it prevents the effects from failing the Check(s) to Defeat, so those would still do damage. You also resolve After Acting effects before getting a chance to avenge.

It would stop "If undefeated..." powers between the original failure and the start of the avenge encounter.

I don't think it would help if the avenger's encounter is failed; "When you avenge" is part of resolving the original encounter (after After Acting but before applying Undefeated effects.) I'd expect "While you avenge" or something similar. I'm not certain on this one, though.

Hope this helps!

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I'd make a list of all the appropriate cards and roll a die or choose one randomly in some other way. Excel or your favorite spreadsheet program would be good for this.

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A correction: you take a Hero Point after each Scenario and can spend them on Feats using the rules from the Core Rulebook. (Generally one of each Feat per Adventure.)

When you take your third Power Feat (not your third Hero Point), you are rewarded with a Role as described on p. 20 of the Core Set Rulebook. Your third Feat goes on your new Role.

Hope this helps!

elcoderdude wrote:
Calthaer wrote:
...so that the boonosity can become even more supreme.

Seldom have I seen someone's play style expressed so concisely. (If someone had quoted this line to me from this forum, I would have immediately have said "Calthaer".) I could readily imagine a T-shirt with some variant of this phrase... :)

(My own would be along the lines of "If we solve the scenario, I'm happy.")

Heh. I'm like you, plus "I might get to play one new character per year." Right now our group is still on hold due to store gaming area issues. :(

There are ways to redeem cards or ignore the Corrupted trait that aren't Scenario/Adventure/Adventure Path rewards.

(If you want spoilers, you can always do some research at the Wiki. :)

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Powers worded as "When (something happens)" are used every time their thing happens. So yes, Sajan reduces both the before acting Combat damage and the during combat Combat damage.

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If it's a Check to Defeat then yes, you take Combat damage even if it's not a combat check. Then you proceed on to the second check.

Lances care if it's your first combat check of the turn, and Alain (WOTR) has an entire Role dedicated to them. (Well, Mounts and Polearms.)

You may look at two cards, but the Fortune Teller only cares about the top card.

See this thread about CD Alahazra, who has the same type of power.

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eddiephlash wrote:
Oh no! If you are already in the server, you can find the channel under the Adventure Card Society group. Not sure why the link isn't working. It should work if you type "pfschat.com" in your browser.

Because "pfschat.com" and "www.pfschat.com" are not the same. Your link above is to "www.pfschat.com", but the one that does what you want is "pfschat.com". If you want them to do the same thing, whoever does your web or DNS stuff needs to set that up for you.

Hope this helps!

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Tyler Beck wrote:
Class decks are, as of today, ALL in there! So you should be able to build your character as it truly exists! :)

Do you mean the cards or just the characters? If the cards are there, how do you get to them? I can find the characters and the Adventure Packs easily enough, but not the Class Deck cards and neither of the instructional links talk about them. :/

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As a workaround: click on any event entry, then click on the day in the upper-right of the event description. You'll be on that day and able to navigate by day.

You can also replace "schedule/agenda" at the end of the URL with "schedule/2020/05/xx" (26-31) to go to the start of that day.

Hope this helps.

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BR wkover wrote:
Better late than never, but these are instructions for text and dice formatting: Formatting Link.

Your link requires a login and rejects my personal MS account. You might want to use a more public service than your organization's SharePoint instance.

While it looks like you're trying to link to an image, it might be better as a text or word processing document or a PDF. You could put it on any of the common file sharing services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or plenty of others. Alternatively, do the example up as a web page. Any of these text-based methods would be better because folks could copy, paste, and modify the examples.

Hope this helps!

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Because there are other cards that reference the Danger, so one needs to be set. One example is the Ingratiating Minion Barrier.

The Adventure Decks for the first four Base Sets have one Adventure's worth of Scenarios on cards in the format those sets used. They also have the new banes needed for those Adventures as well as new boons for the characters.

Those Scenarios, however, were designed knowing that you would have the Base Set that goes with that deck. Thus you may be missing cards that are needed to play the Scenarios, like Locations, Henchmen, and any set-specific Support cards.

You'll also be missing the first Adventure for each AP; those came in the Base Sets.

Yasha Vienne wrote:
Perhaps I am missing something. What is the advantage of discarding a card to draw a card when this ultimately drains health?

It gives you a chance to get a card you want at a time you don't normally get to draw cards: the start of your turn. Perhaps you used your last Combat Spell during someone else's turn or you'd like to get rid of an extra Weapon/Armor/Item in hopes of getting a card that lets you explore again. Maybe you want to find a card that can heal someone or remove a Curse/Scourge. Once per game you can choose to discard a card in hopes of getting something more useful.

I'm playing "Captain" Jirelle in the Season of Tapestry's Tides (PACS Season 5) and her Favored Card Type is Ally. If I don't start with a Weapon it's usually worth it to dump something on my first turn in hopes of getting one.

Yasha Vienne wrote:
Would not a better benefit be recharge a card to draw a card?

Yes, that would be better! Probably too much better as a bonus for using a mat.

If you're playing under the Society rules, don't forget that the Character Mats also count as an item that lets you reroll one die per Scenario in addition to letting you discard and draw once. (Accessory Perks)

1. It means a card with the Attack trait, yes. Some Items and character powers that act like Spells will have it too.

2. You can't play another Spell and use a power on the displayed Spell because using a power on a displayed card counts as playing the card. (Page 7 of the Core Set Rulebook, second paragraph under Playing Cards.)

3. Yes. You can't just skip your turn; you still have to go through all the phases of the turn even if you choose not to move or explore. Notably, you still have to advance the Hour, you still do Recovery and reset your hand at the end of the turn, and you still need to do anything that your Location or the Scenario tells you to do during your turn.

Hope this helps!


Longshot11 wrote:
Should Leng Spider, Phase Spider and Paeta lose the Spider trait and gain Outsider trait instead?

I was wrong about the Phase Spider (Blink Spider); it's a Material Plane creature that goes between planes when hunting, not an Ethereal Plane creature that comes here sometimes. So they're not Extraplanar at all. Sorry about that.

The Leng Spider could be an Outsider, if they wanted. I don't think they'd have to remove the Spider trait to do it.

Longshot11 wrote:
Should Mistress Anemor gain Vermin *instead* of Spider, or should it lose the Elf trait instead?

I think Mistress Anemora is fine as-is.

Longshot11 wrote:
Should Deskari lose the Vermin trait (and if not - should Vic's statement be overruled and the Locust Demon gain Vermin instead?) and why?

I'd maybe remove Vermin and add Locust to both of them; they're not mindless creatures and shouldn't be affected by powers that affect them. However, I'm sure the devs wouldn't want to review every card with the Vermin trait and either replace or add a "species" type to them. Sometimes we have to accept that the Card Game is an inexact abstraction of an inexact abstraction of a fantasy multiverse. :)

For background, in the RPG Vermin is typically a non-intelligent being type that is used for insects and small animals. None of the non-Vermin you've listed above are Vermin in the RPG: Leng and Phase Spiders (Blink Spiders) are extraplanar Magical Beasts, Paeta is a Phase Spider with class levels, and Mistress Anemor is a Drider (a drow+spider Aberration).

Dream Spiders are a type of spider and thus Vermin, as are regular Spiders in all sizes, large groups, and even Chuffy's pet Stankrush.

In other words, just because it looks like a spider doesn't mean it's a Vermin. :)

There's at least one example of an intelligent Vermin in the Card Game: Xanthir Vang, a Worm That Walks. Watch Reepazo order him around!

cartmanbeck wrote:
You're correct, it DEFINITELY means they recharge 1d4 cards from their hand. No question.

This is correct.

cartmanbeck wrote:
Consequently, If they roll a 4, and only have 3 cards in hand, then they can't fulfill the closing requirement.

Not true in this case; don't forget the terms changed in the Core Set. This is the When Closed (formerly When Permanently Closed), not the To Close or To Guard (formerly When Closing).

When Closed isn't optional, so if you roll more cards than you have in your hand you recharge what you have. (The first paragraph under Counting Resources on page 14 of the Core Set Rulebook.)

I flagged this for moving to a different forum, as it has nothing to do with the existing Adventure Card Game. I'm not sure what's the best forum for product suggestions, but that's up to the mods.

Personally, I haven't been impressed with these sorts of "physical games with a digital arbiter". I tend to think the physical pieces just add to the expense and they would have been better off making a pure video game.

Regardless, I'm glad you're having fun with the Journeys game! :)

Farrindor wrote:
Technically the PFS 'Seasons' are not an 'Adventure Path', as the boxes are AP's and organized play is 'scenarios'. It's nitpicky I know, but he WAS right there.

Each of the Guild Seasons 0-5 is in their own Adventure Path and has an Adventure Path card. For example, the AP card for Season 5 is named "Season of Tapestry's Tides" and the award lets you add a Loot card to the deck box of one your other characters. (I don't own any of the post-Core Set PDFs, but I assume they have exactly the same types of entries as the Core Set and Crimson Throne story books have just like their older counterparts match their base sets.)

Setting rules terms aside, "adventure path" is what the Paizo folks call their long-form story products in whatever form. I usually say "campaign" for both the RPG and Card Game when talking about them even if I do mean the books or boxes and not just the games being played.

ObTopic: I'm glad that excessive min-maxing, card counting, deck thinning, and all those sorts of things are not that necessary to be successful at this game. I gave up on obsessing with that long ago. :)

You're correct: you have to actually fail a check to get the scourge. Defeating Cindermaw and having it converted to undefeated doesn't count.

You can deal with the resulting damage however you'd like, of course.

If he discards a Weapon for its power he may recharge it, regardless of whether or not the check is successful. But if he fails that check, he'll (likely) take damage and have to discard some cards. Any Weapons remaining in his hand that are discarded for damage are not recharged because they aren't being discarded for a power on the card.

There are other times he might discard cards as well, like at the end of the turn so he can draw other cards. He doesn't get to recharge those either.

Similarly, he might have a Weapon he buries for its power. He doesn't get to recharge those; they have to be discarded for his power to work.

They were released at the end of May (2019). Whether or not we get more Card Game depends on how well Core and Curse sell.

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Hannibal_pjv wrote:
Hmmm would it that case be easier to say use 24 plessings and 6 proxys when making hourglass?

You might be playing with a smaller or larger hourglass, so they need to give a ratio instead of a fixed number.

1/5 *

FWIW: skimming through the parts of S&S available on the Wiki, there's about the same number of Veteran and non-Veteran Monster cards in the Base Set; the first three decks add a couple non-Veterans each. Many of the non-Veterans are Basic or Elite so they drop out eventually, though.

More importantly, Hammerhead Shark is a Veteran and I think you fight more of those than all of the non-Veteran increasers combined. :)

1/5 *

Many characters didn't work in Society play for a long time. Some still don't, despite the availability of Ultimate decks. Quinn seems like a character that will eventually work very well with a post-Core deck of some kind. Until then I see no need to change anything.

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FWIW: You might want to pick a term like Substitution or Replacement card, as neither Remove Curse nor Elemental Treaty are Loot cards. (There are examples in other Seasons as well.)

I've been using "substitution" since I don't think that word is used elsewhere in the PACG, but "replace" is the one used in the instructions themselves.

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Keith Richmond wrote:
Anyone remember why "non-blessing" was specified there? Were people running out of blessings in some scenarios at AD3+ once Basic blessings were removed?

Pretty much. In S&S you've got 35 + (5*AD#) Blessings if you remove the Basics; a Scenario with a lot of Blessings or a defeated (but not cornered) Villain could run the box completely out of Blessings.

You'd also lose the non-BotG Blessings in the later sets, which might be popular copying targets.

As you mentioned, there's also the cards that care about whether the top discard has the Basic trait.

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They're all from before the Core Set was released. However, the Transition Guide (in the Core Set Rulebook), the Core Conversion Guide, and any additional Society rules from the Guide to the Society and other sources apply.

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