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1. No. "If you display a boon for any reason other than playing it, ignore its powers." (Core Set Rulebook p. 7)

2. Not usually. Once you flip the card the encounter has started, and under "Encountering a Card" (Core Set Rulebook p. 8, Mummy's Mask Rulebook p. 9) you'll find something like "During each step, characters may play only cards or use only powers that relate to that step...." Healing cards is an effect that doesn't normally relate to anything happening during an encounter.

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If you don't have the appropriate skill, you'd roll a d4. (p. 11 of the Core Set Rulebook.)

For most Spells it means you can Discard them instead of Banishing them.

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PwrSrg wrote:
So it has now been another 9 months. ANYTHING??

About a month ago, yes. It's dead. Final special at PaizoCon.

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Try asking Paizo Customer Service; they might be able to send you the missing cards. (Contact info is at the bottom of every page of the site.)

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1. The cards go back to wherever they came from.

2. You can change which card is the current one. Perhaps its "When this is the Hour" power is useful, or you have a card or character power that cares about the current one (like how some Blessings recharge if their Deity matches or choosing which Harrow suit is showing), or you have a card or character power that lets you take the card on top of the Blessing discards.

Hope that gives you some ideas. :)

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A correction: you take a Hero Point after each Scenario and can spend them on Feats using the rules from the Core Rulebook. (Generally one of each Feat per Adventure.)

When you take your third Power Feat (not your third Hero Point), you are rewarded with a Role as described on p. 20 of the Core Set Rulebook. Your third Feat goes on your new Role.

Hope this helps!

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Powers worded as "When (something happens)" are used every time their thing happens. So yes, Sajan reduces both the before acting Combat damage and the during combat Combat damage.

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If it's a Check to Defeat then yes, you take Combat damage even if it's not a combat check. Then you proceed on to the second check.

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eddiephlash wrote:
Oh no! If you are already in the server, you can find the channel under the Adventure Card Society group. Not sure why the link isn't working. It should work if you type "pfschat.com" in your browser.

Because "pfschat.com" and "www.pfschat.com" are not the same. Your link above is to "www.pfschat.com", but the one that does what you want is "pfschat.com". If you want them to do the same thing, whoever does your web or DNS stuff needs to set that up for you.

Hope this helps!

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As a workaround: click on any event entry, then click on the day in the upper-right of the event description. You'll be on that day and able to navigate by day.

You can also replace "schedule/agenda" at the end of the URL with "schedule/2020/05/xx" (26-31) to go to the start of that day.

Hope this helps.

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BR wkover wrote:
Better late than never, but these are instructions for text and dice formatting: Formatting Link.

Your link requires a login and rejects my personal MS account. You might want to use a more public service than your organization's SharePoint instance.

While it looks like you're trying to link to an image, it might be better as a text or word processing document or a PDF. You could put it on any of the common file sharing services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or plenty of others. Alternatively, do the example up as a web page. Any of these text-based methods would be better because folks could copy, paste, and modify the examples.

Hope this helps!

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Because there are other cards that reference the Danger, so one needs to be set. One example is the Ingratiating Minion Barrier.

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Hannibal_pjv wrote:
Hmmm would it that case be easier to say use 24 plessings and 6 proxys when making hourglass?

You might be playing with a smaller or larger hourglass, so they need to give a ratio instead of a fixed number.

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Mummy's Mask and Blessings from that era changed the wording of those powers to "If the [hour] has the [diety] trait...", which seems to indicate matching any blessing with the right trait was intended going forward.

FWIW, the Pathfinder Adventures game rewrote all of the old blessings with the above template.

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In every other Adventure Path (except We Be Heroes?) you only include boons up to the Adventure's adventure deck number/level.

You only include the other boons in Dragon's Demand (and other Adventures designed for use with just the Core Set) because there aren't enough in the box otherwise.

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Your link isn't publicly visible. (It requires you to be logged in to a Google Account and request access.)

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I gave it a try. Unfortunately, I couldn't download the rules package (it just sat there at 0 bytes downloaded) and without it the app is useless. Hopefully you all will have better luck.

Also note that the app is "free with ads".

CyberMephit wrote:
Please, tell me it's not a replacement for a sequel/update to Pathfinder Adventures app!

I wouldn't expect any updates to it, as Obsidian lost money on the project. Perhaps someone else will try if the new set is popular, but the PACG is a rather complicated game.

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You can only use one card or power that says "for your combat check" or otherwise determines the skill to use for a check. (Determine Which Skill You're Using, p. 11 of the Core Set Rulebook.)

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Unfortunately, the most useful non-Blessing B/C/P cards are Basics. (Cure, Remove Curse, Elemental Treaty.) The Market lets you dump a non-Spell for them, unlike the Substitution reward.

Oh, well. Glad we're already done with PluTo. :(

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As part of a side project, I've updated the existing tents with their deck lists, Basic and duplicate counts, and (in a few cases) fixed some errors.

I can't promise a timeline, but I plan to create tents for the rest of the pre-Core characters as well. Sorry these things take forever.

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Would it be better to do this like the other Substitution effects?

- Swap cards in at the start of the Scenario.
- Old cards have to be in your character deck.
- New cards are only eligible if they fit within the Tier limit.
- Anything that happens to the swapped card happens to the card it replaced.
- At the end of the Scenario, you put everything back before doing upgrades.

In practice you wouldn't do a bunch of swapping every game, but if there is a rebuilding issue you would know that your deck always consists of the old cards.

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1. Not really, though there is the limit of how many cards you can play per check/step (one per boon type) and you can only play a specific power once per check/step. (p. 7-8 of the Core Set Rulebook)

2. You can display as many cards as you want. It is a little weird when you're talking about Armor, but that's the game abstraction for you. :)

3. Yes, normally when you close a location you can't explore any more. (p. 15 of the Core Set Rulebook)

4. When something says "a new X" it means from the vault (box). (p. 14 of the Core Set Rulebook, also in the Glossary on p. 31)

5. If that's what it says, then yes, you can lose a random boon card from your hand to defeat the Bandit. (Effectively, you paid it to go away.)

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cartmanbeck wrote:
So, awesome community folks, who wants to be in charge of making updated character sheets for all these characters? *Touches nose*

I was going to ask what folks would prefer as far as my character tents and any future online projects go.

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Before Acting is a specific step during an encounter, before doing the Checks to Defeat or Acquire. (Core Set Rulebook p. 9: Apply Any Effects That Happen Before Acting.) Her base role covers any check that happens during that step.

Her Honor Shield Power Feat expands this to include any non-Combat check against a Monster, regardless of which step of the encounter. For example, if one of the Checks to Defeat was "Stealth 10", she could use Divine instead of Stealth.

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For whatever it's worth...

The Core Rulebook and Core Set FAQs are linked on this page:


But not on these pages: (where the other sets appear)

- In the menus: Store/Pathfinder/Adventure Card Game.

- The "Core Set" link on the Store page, above. The other main sets have their files linked on their Store pages.

- In the menus: Pathfinder/Adventure Card Game/Downloads.

- This is the "Resources and Free Downloads" link on the Store page, above.

There's also a Card Society "Get Started" "Button" on the new card game page that goes nowhere and dumps you on the Paizo home page.

Direct access links: (may break in the future, especially the rulebook one):

Core Set Rulebook

Core Set FAQ

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wkover wrote:
I guess I'm wondering why the new rulebook hasn't been released now that there are copies of the Core set out in the wild.

Perhaps they're waiting for the official street date.

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There's a new general rule that says something like "Cards you Banish that have a During Recovery section are put in a Recovery Pile until Recovery, where you do what they say." It was mentioned in the Core Principles: Rethinking Complexity in the Pathfinder ACG, Part 2 blog.

Old cards with recharge checks would be handled using whatever the conversion rules say.

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Folks, while at the moment I'd also like to stick to the old rules for our existing campaign, I think everyone should take a step back until we have:

- The new rules.
- The new Guide.
- The rules for adapting old cards to the new rules.
- Any updates to the existing Seasons.

At the moment we don't have the whole picture.

(Note that I'm not saying there aren't some valid concerns, just that we're working on partial information.)

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When doing your min-maxing, don't forget that Vic said you get the Blackjack Role instead of one of your other ones, not in addition to it. (Notably, you'll want to be able to handle Combats with just your base skills and powers.)

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Yewstance wrote:
though almost every table I've been a part of has had a partial or heavy 'flavour/roleplay' component to their character turns, which leads to a dramatically different experience in PbP to physical play.

Highly group dependent; I do more in person than I have here in regular forum posts or play-by-post games. It helps when you can tailor your actions to the group and the environment, rather than to a bunch of unknown handles.

wkover wrote:
Not sure I'd want to play without Hangouts, really.

At that point you might as well jettison the play-by-post format and just play whenever everyone can get together.

Hannibal_pjv wrote:
Core box can only hold core box cards. curse needs separate box...

The Core Box is a three-row card box; they said (in the Encouraging Teamwork blog) it'll hold 2500 cards. That's a lot more than Core+Curse, sleeved or not.

ObTopic(Spur): Will Society games be less fun because we're using old cards? I don't think so. I had plenty of fun when I was playing from the first seven decks in later APs with people using newer decks, whether or not I'd seen their deck before. We're all in the same boat as far as not knowing what the adaptations will be, but hopefully no reasonable character build will be affected too badly.

I'm still not looking forward to switching, mostly due to uncertainty and being in the middle of a campaign. It's a big change, and I'd prefer to wait until starting a new campaign. We'll see.

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More anecdotes: in my home campaign of S&S, we gave up at the start of Adventure 2 after my roommate (Alahazra; I was Jirelle) died for the third time and didn't feel like playing any more.

In two full Guild APs and scattered other Guild games I've seen two deaths, a number of failed/aborted Scenarios (five in our Plundered Tombs campaign, IIRC) and a lot of hiding at a closed Location due to not being able to draw safely.

I'm happy when we succeed and get to continue on in the story. That's all the "accomplishment" I need out of this type of game. :)

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Slacker2010 wrote:
Then why do the spells have extensively more room to show the scene?

Because Spell effects (like Locations and Barriers, which also use that framing) are less likely to have a portrait oriented picture in the Paizo art pool that shows them well. Character types (Allies, Monsters, Cohorts) and object types (Weapons, Armors, Items) are good fits for portrait orientation (oval and rectangle, respectively).

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There's no situation to show in most cases. The art still comes from the same pool as the RPG and the RPG uses busts or solo full-body pictures for the NPCs that get a picture.

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The instructions for Role cards include:

Mummy's Mask Rulebook, p. 21 wrote:
Your role card must be placed directly over the Powers section of your character card; thereafter, your character card’s Powers section cannot be modified.

So when you set up the game your Role card covers up your character's original Powers section, but those still have checkboxes on them. When your Role card is buried, the rest of your Character card is revealed and comes back into effect as it was when you got your Role card.

The instructions for Bikendi Otongu and (in the one Scenario) Mnesoset have you replacing your Role card with theirs. It's still covering your original Powers section, so you only have the Powers on the new Role card (which include their Hand Size and Proficiencies). Presumably if you were to lose that Role card during those Scenarios you'd revert to your normal persona and pre-Role Powers block, just like burying your own Role card.

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Morph147 wrote:
Can someone tell me what the number sign on Enhance is suppose to represent?

It's the Scenario's adventure deck number. They talked about it in the Part 1 blog.

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This was another one that took two sessions, but we (Oloch, Damiel, Padring/Balazar, and I as Siwar) defeated it! I thought it was nice to return to a more standard "close the locations" scenario type after the nonsense in the last few Scenarios of the Season of Plundered Tombs. Some highlights:

We found the Villain early on and concentrated on closing other decks while we had time. Thanks to a failed Combat check or two this didn't work out quite as well as we'd hoped, but the decks trickled down with forced examines.

I ran with only the loot substitution damage reduction, having instead tried for a useful Spell and got...a second Symbol of Fortune. While the Symbols didn't get a lot of use, Seek Quarry was helpful and the Candle gave us an extra turn before starting to bury cards.

We tried to set up a location with Allies for Siwar to display, but sadly it got shuffled. Still, she did a lot of schmoozing to get us to the required seven.

After we'd cut down the Locations enough poor Oloch allowed himself to be eaten by the Villain to spring open the extra Location. Everyone except for Siwar went to dig him out and close that place while I hid at the Smoking Den and got rid of an annoying Trigger-for-damage Barrier.

The Villain ended on top of a Location deck, but the next card was an Aghash. This caused all sorts of trouble replacing Blessings with Sandstorms and not letting anyone start a turn at the location with the Villain so we could get rid of the last Conflagration.

The final battle had Damiel and Balazar at the location with the Villain, Oloch at a closed Location, and Siwar temp-closing the open Smoking Den. Damiel and Balazar split the two checks, with Damiel taking the first one as a Constitution check and Padrig fighting the second.

We ended with two cards left in the Blessings deck. I'd buried 7 cards (3 rounds and the Candle.) Thankfully nobody was forced to move before that final fight, as a Sandstorm was the next card in the deck.

We bolstered our final fight resources with card draws from the Retail Incentive program. Support your local venues!

I don't have everyone's builds, but here's what I had going in to 3-P:

Siwar the Manipulator


Strength d4 [ ] +1 [ ] +2
Dexterity d8 [ ] +1 [ ] +2 [ ] +3
Intelligence d8 [X] +1 [X] +2 [X] +3
- Knowledge +2
Wisdom d6 [ ] +1 [ ] +2
Charisma d12 [X] +1 [X] +2 [X] +3 [X] +4
- Arcane +1
- Divine +1
- Diplomacy +3

Weapon - [X] 1 [ ] 2
Spell 3 [X] 4 [X] 5 [X] 6
Armor -
Item 3 [X] 4 [ ] 5
Ally 5 [X] 6 [ ] 7
Blessing 4 [X] 5

Hand Size 5 [X] 6 [X] 7
Proficiencies [ ] Weapons
You may recharge a card to add 1d4 ([X] +1) ([X] +2) to a check by ([X] you or) another character at your location. If the recharged card is an ally, put it on top of your deck instead.
When you attempt to defeat a barrier that has the Skirmish or the Task trait, you may use your Diplomacy skill in place of any listed skill for the check. ([ ] Characters gain this power while at your location.)
[ ] Add 2 to any check to defeat a henchman ([ ] or villian) ([ ] or a check to close a location) by another character at your location.
[X] If there is another character at your location, you may evade a bane; a random other character at your location encounters it instead.
[X] When you play a blessing on another character's check, and that character succeeds, you may recharge the blessing instead of discarding it.

Bard CD + Ultimate Intrigue
Weapon: Seeking Shortbow +2 (UI 4)
Spell: Cure (Bard 1), Scrying (Bard 3), Major Cure (Bard 4), Life Leech (Bard 5), Symbol of Fortune (UI 5), Seek Quarry (UI 6)
Item: Ruby of Charisma (Bard 1), Candle of Comity (UI 2), Headband of Alluring Charisma (Bard 4), Marked Cards (Bard 5)
Ally: Fox (Bard B), Old Salt (Bard B), Valet (Bard 3), Dreamstalker (UI 3), Wayfarer (Bard 4), Fortune-Teller (Bard 6)
Blessing: Blessing of Milani (Bard B), Blessing of Abadar (Bard 1), Blessing of Norgorber (Bard 3), Blessing of Milani (Bard 4), Blessing of the Vaultmaster (UI 4)

Common Substitution Cards: Tetisurah, Khai-Utef, Golden Serpent Armband, the other damage reduction Items, Nefti the Bard, Neferekhu (early on).
Common Trader: Hadden Hoppert (giving up the Marked Cards for anything useful).

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Ah, gotcha. Then yes, you'd get stuck with three of them (or as many as are available).

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While most of the Scourges say that if you have (this Scourge) already displayed you banish the new one, Curse of Poisoning has no such restriction. One character could, if unlucky, have all of the Curses of Poisoning available in the box displayed in front of them.

Note, however, that Poison is just a type of damage like Cold, Force, Combat, and so on. By itself taking a Poison damage and having to discard a card to pay for it doesn't give you a Scourge. Some other game effect would have to do that.

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Set identifiers aren't used much during play, but they do help you know who owns a card after it gets stuck in a deck (Baited Jewel Box, anyone?) or given to another character. (Or, in certain scenarios, when everyone's deck gets mixed together. :(

After the game you use the set identifier to get everyone's cards back to the right owners. As a sorting tool, I'd rather have icons than only small text. (Both would be fine as well, though having an icon and text doesn't free up as much space compared to the current Class Deck icon and text.)

Placement isn't as much of an issue as the text wrapping, regardless of whatever design they eventually use.

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Irgy wrote:
Let's say Collapsed Ceiling is failed and put top of a location deck. Next turn Merisiel comes along, explores, encounters Collapsed Ceiling, and evades it. Where does it go?

The Mummy's Mask rulebook seems to answer this:

MM Rulebook, p. 10, Faceup Cards sidebar wrote:
Sometimes a card is left faceup on the top of the location deck. The card is still in the deck, and it can never leave the top of the deck until it is defeated or the condition that caused it to be left faceup on the deck has been resolved. (Emphasis mine. - P)

Evading it doesn't defeat it or answer a special resolve condition, so it remains on top of the deck.

This wording is different from the ones in the earlier rulebooks, adding the never.

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cartmanbeck wrote:
No one else has mentioned it yet, but I'm absolutely in love with the card redesigns. So much prettier and yet easier to read and understand as well. :-D

I wasn't going to say anything because we have exactly one example which may not be final and may not represent any other type of card, but I think this specific example card is much more difficult to read and interpret when viewed at the proper size. The name merges together with the type and deck number, the skills and traits fade into their background due to being white on two different medium-light blues, and card text that wraps card elements is more difficult to read than text that doesn't need to do so.

I know the design goal is to reduce the power of Blessings so this is unlikely to be a fair comparison to what's in the Core 2.0 and Crimson Throne sets, but imagine putting any of the existing wordier Blessings into this format with an added Hour Power. To pick one I was looking at earlier today: Blessing of Alkenstar. (Alkenstar's Report?)

Things tend to get wordier over time, and there's only so many places for those words to go in this design.

Graphically I guess it's OK. The camoflage background isn't really my thing; I liked the light papery background in the existing cards. The cup symbol is a fine variation on the god symbols we've had for the last 10 years. The check number is a decent size and simpler than the old ones, which I think should have been inverted anyway. There are gradients that should hopefully not interfere with their text when professionally printed.

Mike Selinker wrote:
Elinnea wrote:
I hope there's a clear "Normal" difficulty path set out for a starting default. I could forsee it taking some trial and error to figure out what works well for a given group.
The way to think about this is that "Normal mode" is a deck of 30 blessings, 9-card locations (plus any henchmen or villains), no wildcards, and the adventure number that's on the adventure you're playing. You know, like normal.

Existing players (who have a "normal" already defined) aren't the issue, though. We're just wanting to make sure you make it clear for new players. (Always nice to have a reminder.)

Frencois wrote:
Dear Santa, when can we get all these goodies?

PaizoCon 2019, so perhaps next Christmas? :)

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This was another two session (~4 hour) grind, with Curses a-plenty for our intrepid adventurers making everything more difficult. More than once we finally got rid of a particularly annoying one just to get it right back at the next opportunity. I once again got to enjoy the Curse of Fevered Dreams for most of the game, while Oloch had a bad batch of Poisoning. ::sigh::

We ran into a Living Sandstorm at one point; when we found the resulting Sandstorm later on the Baited Jewel Box was on top of the deck, adding more things to do and causing some of those cards to get banished when the wrong character ran into them later. We hit the Villain twice before getting it and the Jewel Box to the bottom of the deck; thankfully we didn't have to shuffle the deck again.

After all that, though, we'd gotten down to just the Villain remaining with one cycle of turns to go. Damiel distracted a chain-summoned creature while Padrig and his supply of Monsters were able to defeat the main summon and (thanks to a 3 and 1 on the 2d4) the final roll, defeating the Villain! No good upgrades, sadly, but everyone was just happy we finished the AP!

I think we're going to try the capstone next time; the group was mixed on the idea but I'd really like to make an attempt at it.

Looking ahead to next year and a new campaign, we might be taking some of the...less savory characters into Tapestry's Tides. I'm personally looking forward to not playing a pure support character. :)

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Hannibal_pjv wrote:
We have had ultimate decks now some months. I would like to hear peoples opinion how and if They feel that the scenario difficulty levels have changed when They have used ultimate decks Beside their normal character decks.

I'm the only one in our Plundered Tombs group using one, so now I'm playing Siwar (Bard CD, Ultimate Intrigue). I added the new deck for Adventure 6 and since then we've gotten through most of the Adventure. Our next Scenario is 3-6E.

Hannibal_pjv wrote:
For me personally it feels that I now rarely have situation where I feel that there is nothing worth of card upgrades.

So after I decided to pick up the deck I went through and picked out cards that I thought would be good for Siwar, if we were able to get relevant upgrades. I ended up with about 10, a couple from each of the card types Siwar can take scattered throughout the Adventure Deck numbers. Since then I've added 4 cards from UI and one from my CD. If I didn't have UI I would have added 2 or 3 cards.

Even if I'd had it from the beginning, I'd still be using cards from the Bard CD. There's a lot of important staples (Blessings, Spells, Old Salt, Ruby of Charisma, etc.) that aren't in the Ultimate Intrigue deck. My guess would be about half from each.

Hannibal_pjv wrote:
So the general power level of the characters seems to have riced somewhat.

Yup; power creep has been going on throughout the evolution of the game. Suddenly giving all characters an extra ~100 cards built with the most recent design methods in mind is going to make them all more powerful and flexible.

Hannibal_pjv wrote:
I still almost hope that we get new versions of those older 7 deck even we now have these ultimate decks but the need is not too strong as it was before ultimate decks.

I don't think we need new versions of the first seven decks, and I'm sure Paizo would prefer to keep making new products that would appeal to old and new players. The new set and new edition of the RPG gives them a perfect excuse to do it, though.

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The Dominator specifically says it cannot be seized.

How are they handling ship choice in Tapestry's Tides? The Season of the Shackles Scenarios tell you which ship to use or which ones to pick from, so it never matters what ship you were using in a previous Scenario.

When we played Season of the Shackles, we almost never wrecked the ship. We had good amounts of healing available, so nobody was too worried about not getting healed up after we distributed Structural damage. It's hard to remember how that first Adventure went, though, since it's been three years. :)

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Yewstance wrote:
In short "Yes it's written that way and that's dumb", is my opinion.

There's plenty of that to go around the entire industry. :)

Re: other topics, Honaire should have been a Cohort, the paragraph on "remove from game" cards should happen no matter how the card enters into the game, and the Monk deck probably should have two Spells in the B and 1 range. But here we are.

Just remember that by being even semi-regular posters on the forum we are the outliers, the most hardcore of fans, and thus not the primary target for what is a casual version of RPG-style adventuring. In all of these cases most tables would just pick something and move on with no concerns for what any of us think about it. That's a good thing.

To paraphrase MST3K: "...repeat to yourself, 'It's just a game, I should really just relax!'"

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elcoderdude wrote:
(How would Paizo otherwise indicate the spell shouldn't be taken prior to Tier 3? The card feat mechanism has no 'delay this feat until such-a-such a point' feature.)

They would write the instruction at the bottom of the Card Feat box, just like they did with Mummy's Mask Estra and Honaire, the Warpriest CD characters with their Owner Weapons, and the Witch CD Cohorts. Thus my suggestion to restrict them to Monks with Role cards. I think splitting all of the Card Feats into pre- and post-Role would be an interesting design addition, but not one they'd be likely to start doing now.

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The Hierarchy stops at your character's Tier. ("...and so on, up to the adventure deck number of your current tier.", p.7 of the Guide.) Thus there's no legal cards in your card box at Tier 1 or 2. Don't pick things that create an illegal deck or character.

If you did mistakenly pick something that's illegal (or otherwise messed up your deck, like the time I forgot until game time that I'd rebuilt my Bard deck for Lem and in a rush didn't reset it correctly for Siwar) you should fix it when it's found.

I think this just comes from the designers being trickier with the deck types and character build options as they got more experience and ideas and sometimes letting stuff through the cracks. You can pick a Spell whenever you want in non-Guild play.

If I were to redesign/errata this, I'd have the Monk characters with Spells say you can't pick Spells for Card Feats until you have your Role card.

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You can always pick a lower card than the upgrade's AD ("...choose a card from your Class Deck box of the same type with an adventure deck number no higher than that of the chosen card.", also from p. 10) so when your Tier is lower you should pick a legal card. In this case, you should pick an AD 1 or B card to add to your deck instead of an AD 2.

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I played Gronk in Season of the Goblins. He tried to curb their obsession with burning the trees...but wasn't very successful. :)

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So last night was our second attempt. As the group was arriving we spent a bit of time talking strategy and looked to see what our chances were to get a Reveal Armor from the Trader. (~2 of 10 or so?) I ended up taking all three damage reduction items as well as an Elemental Treaty from the substitution pile. Oloch took the Remove Curse and Damiel and Oloch took the curse removal items. (IIRC.) A couple folks went to the Armor trader, but didn't get a reveal Armor. I went to the Spell trader with Balazar and we got nothing too useful (two Attack spells and a Foresight). :(

This time around the group had a much better draw, enabling everyone to mostly avoid the Scourges early on. I started with an Elemental Treaty and a damage reduction item, which helped protect Balazar and Siwar as we worked our way through the Arena. Damiel and Oloch paired up as well, but (IIRC) Damiel had to bury a Blessing for damage reduction/Scourge avoidance. While neither location had the Villain, we were able to get the Arena closed and move on without penalties. I ended up visiting Damiel and Oloch briefly before they finished that spot, leaving four locations for our four adventurers.

When we started working through those, Siwar ran into the Pharasma Armor 6 with "Reveal to reduce damage by 3." We threw a bunch of resources at it and she actually made the roll, giving her a way to avoid the end-of-turn Scourges for the rest of the game! Sadly, she refused to keep it afterwards, saying that not only was it extremely heavy, but it would ruin her reputation to be seen in such an unflattering outfit. Sigh.

The rest of the game went relatively smoothly; we spent some Die Bumps to defeat Monsters, but otherwise we just kept powering through cards and using our Scrying-type things when we could. Siwar ran into two Vanths, annoying her friends by dumping their free Scourge power on them.

The final fight took some doing. I had some bad dice luck with the Acid Pool (even with the upgraded Blessing of Abadar!) but a reroll got us there. Then we used a bunch of resources to pass the before you act checks, but were able to hold off on spending a Blessing of the Gods because the Blessing of Maat was on top of the discard. Damiel and Oloch split the two checks, letting them overkill them both by enough (after using our last reroll) to defeat the Villain and move on!

Even better, we also got very lucky with the end-of-game draw and plenty of AD6 cards were added to the pile! Sadly we didn't have enough good cards to give everyone two great upgrades, but at least everyone got something good. In a somewhat silly moment, Siwar's second pick was a Weapon 4. While she's not great with her new Seeking Shortbow, it's a better number for trading.

Time was less than three hours, some of which was strategizing.

One (or two) Scenarios left!

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